Library Storage Annex (LISA)

Book storage, LISAThe Library Storage Annex (LISA) is an insulated, climate-controlled metal building of 13,500 square feet that was completed in 2005.  LISA is outfitted with 15-feet high mobile shelving in two bays.  One bay contains 30,500 linear feet of shelving for volumes, and the second bay has 12,500 linear feet of shelving for manuscript boxes and large items such as rolled architectural files.  In addition, several large cabinets house flat files, such as maps or architectural drawings, and two art racks store framed works such as photographs or paintings.

Staff periodically work in the facility maintaining the collections or processing manuscript collections.  The facility also includes an office, a large workroom with a fume hood, a smaller work area, a restroom, store room, and custodial closet.

Art racks, LISAThe storage facility is located on university property near the campus Physical Plant facility and is approximately .9 mile from the main library.  Library materials requested by users are retrieved twice per day Monday through Friday and delivered to the main library. Requests to retrieve materials may be made by library patrons by clicking the "Request this item" link in the library catalog for entire volumes or by using the RazorRush Document Delivery service for article scans. Users will be notified by email when their items are ready for pickup.

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