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Folklore Class Reports, 1958-1999

MS F.16

Contents: 820 items

Mary Celestia Parler's students wrote class reports on an extensive range of topics in folk and popular culture. Some are based on field interviews and personal contact and others on research in primary and secondary sources. The range of topics is broad, from traditional subjects like folk medicine and superstitions to histories of small towns in Arkansas and urban and campus lore. Produced before the advent of copying machines, the papers sometimes contain original photographs or other documents, including material craft objects and sound recordings. Additions to MS F.16 were made by Dr. Robert Cochran, professor of English, 1976- .

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Student Title Date Pages Location Formats Subjects
Abington, Eugene My Grandfather, Dr. E.H. Abington and Abington Homestead 1960, Summer. 33 Loc. 488 MS F.16 6.1-1960 paper, photographs, drawings Abington Homestead, Prairie County, Arkansas, buildings, Beebe, family histories, architecture, letters, Reconstruction, oral histories, work, banking, medicine, farming, Augusta, Back Roads and Bicarbonate, hunting
Abney, Carol Ann Tales of Old Southern Negro Folkways 1968, Fall. 27 Loc. 520 MS F.16 6.23-1968 paper African American, customs, beliefs, superstitions, churches, religion, dialects, marriage, tales
Abney, Lavada Threshing in the Ozarks 1958, Summer. 19 Loc. 475 MS F.16 6.23-1958 paper, photographs, clippings farming, machinery, threshing, oral histories
Adams, John B. The Whittling of Peach Seeds and Chains 1979, [n.d.] 22 Loc. B1039 MS F.16 1979-1 paper, photographs Kivel Weaver, peaches, whittling, crafts, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Adamson, John W. A Portrait of Duck Hunting 1963, Fall. 19 Loc. 503 MS F.16 6.11-1963 paper, photographs Stuttgart, Arkansas, ducks, hunting
Aist, John E. Log Structures of Northwest Arkansas 1963, Fall. 30 Loc. 503 MS F.16 6.10-1963 paper, photographs, drawings buildings, vernacular architecture, barns
Akers, Richard M. Hogscald Hollow to Evening Shade 1958, Summer. 27 Loc. 475 MS F.16 6.24-1958 paper, photographs geography, names, anecdotes
Albert, David Pioneering in 1964 1965, Summer. 17 Loc. 511 MS F.16 6.11-1965 paper, photographs, drawings architecture, buildings, Alaska
Alberty, Don Folk Stories 1977, Fall. 7 Loc. B1034 MS F.16 F1977-1 paper, audio cassette tape Clifford Haynes, tales, ghost stories, supernatural, Civil War, fires, Oklahoma, Arkansas
Alberty, Don El Corrido--The Mexican Ballad 1979, Spring. 25 Loc. B1037 MS F.16 Sp1979-1 paper music, songs, Mexico, corrido, history, ballads
Allen, Cindy A Man of the Ozarks 1976, Fall. 10 Loc. B1034 MS F.16 F1976-1 paper Robert Barnes, Greenland, Arkansas, art, newspapers, College of the Ozarks, work, teaching, painting
Alter, Dena Folklore of Arkansas County 1974, Spring. 21 Loc. 533 MS F.16 6.1-1974 paper Arkansas County, Arkansas, beliefs, superstitions, remedies, tales, recreation, entertainment, games
Alvarez, Gilberto Collection of Recipes 1959, Fall. 15 Loc. 482 MS F.16 6.29-1959 paper recipes, Panama
Anderson, Pia The Shortest and Longest of Swedish Nights 1982, Fall. 11 Loc. B1045 MS F.16 F1982-1 paper, audio cassette tape holidays, customs, Sweden, Lucia, celebrations, saints, religion, Midsummer's Eve, superstitions, beliefs, tales
Anderson, W.C. Brush Arbor Music 1960, Fall. 131 Loc. B1043 MS F. 16 F1960 paper songs, Brush Arbor, hymns, gospel, music
Anderson, W.C. From Trees to Towns 1960, Fall. 57 Loc. 491 MS F.16 6.25-1960 paper, photographs, clippings, manuscript materials place names, Lum and Abner, questionnaires
Armstrong, Judy Ghost Stories 1962, Summer. 19 Loc. 499 MS F.16 6.28-1962 paper tales, legends, ghost stories
Ashbridge, Sydney Stories of Fayetteville and the University of Arkansas 1959, Summer. 25 Loc. 479 MS F.16 6.1-1959 paper, photographs, drawings University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, legends, superstitions, tales, customs
Asselin, Sandra Kay Remedies of the Hillfolk 1970, Fall. 17 Loc. 527 MS F.16 6.16-1970 paper remedies, herbs
Austin, Linda J. Folk Games 1958, Spring. 24 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 3 paper, drawings games, children
Austin, Norma Gay Family Quilts 1972, Spring. 26 Loc. 530 MS F.16 6.1-1972 paper, photographs, drawings quilts, crafts
Baggett, Doris Ann Old Recipes, Cures, and Remedies 1958, Spring. 26 Loc. 473 MS F.16 6.1-1958 paper, manuscript materials recipes, remedies, herbs
Baird, Rebecca L. Russell The Animal Call as the Origin of Music 1979, Spring. 17 Loc. B1037 MS F.16 Sp1979-2 paper, photographs, audio cassette tape customs, animal calls, hunting, entertainment, work, jokes, tales, bull dumb, Searcy County, Arkansas
Balagamwala, Ashfaq Mary Jo Davis 1988, Spring. 15 Room 186 24.9.5 paper Mary Jo Davis, performers, music, T.M. Davis, Lula Davis, customs, ballads
Baldwin, Cinda The Planting Lore: The Folklore of Farming (photos) 1980, Fall. 15 Loc. B1040 MS F.16 F1980-1 paper, photographs planting, farming, superstitions, beliefs, astrology, weather, oral histories
Ball, David E. Legends of Dehorn 1980, Fall. 20 Loc. B1040 MS F.16 F1980-2 paper, photographs gravestones, tombstones, William M. Dehorn, supernatural, healers, tales, legends, psychics, oral histories
Banfield, Robert The Professor of Rhythm and Blues 1979, Spring. 12 Loc. B1037 MS F.16 Sp1979-3 paper, manipulated duplicate, xerograph Professor Longhair, Henry Roeland Byrd, New Orleans, Louisiana, music, jazz, blues, industry
Banks, John G. William Johnson Myers: The Man Who Shot Henry Starr 1963, Fall. 18 Loc. 503 MS F.16 6.12-1963 paper, photographs outlaws, Henry Starr, justice, tales, William Johnson Myers, biographies, Troy, Arkansas, Forrest City, commerce, mills, wool, bank robbers, Harrison
Barker, Pat The Amish People 1977, [n.d.] 12 Loc. B1034 MS F.16 1977-1 paper Amish, religion, customs
Barnett, Tom Children's Table Graces 1968, Fall. 21 Loc. 520 MS F.16 6.24-1968 paper children, customs, prayers, religion
Bartholomew, Candice The Evolution of Raising Turkeys 1998, Spring. 23 Room 186 24.9.5 paper, photographs poultry, turkeys, farming, industry, family histories, Campbell Soup Company, technology, Cargill Inc., commerce, equipment, Hog Eye, Arkansas
Bartlett, Pamela William Henry Taylor: An Insight Into a Rural Justice of the Peace (photos, duplicates of manuscript material) 1982, Fall. 12 Loc. B1045 MS F.16 F1982-2 paper, photographs, duplicates of manuscript materials William Henry Taylor, politics, family histories, Washburn Township, Arkansas, Logan County, churches, tales, duties, Belle Starr, outlaws
Bassham, Lois B. Folk Remedies from Mountainburg 1961, Summer. 46 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 12 paper remedies, cures, superstitions, beliefs, herbs
Bauer, June Negro Legends and Sure Cures 1960, Fall. 25 Loc. 491 MS F.16 6.26-1960 paper African American, superstitions, beliefs, tales, legends, remedies
Baumgartner, Theodora Folklore Concerning Babies, Before and After They're Born 1971, Fall. 24 Loc. 529 MS F.16 6.1-1971 paper superstitions, beliefs, babies, jokes, sayings, riddles, verse, pregnancy, birth
Bays, Catherine Muzzleloading and Black Powder Shooting in Arkansas 1981, Fall. 11 Loc. B1041 MS F.16 F1981-1 paper, photographs, brochures, catalogs guns, muzzleloading, history, black powder, museums, Berryville, Arkansas, competition, catalogs
Beaman, Jean E. Indian Folklore 1968, Summer. 36 Loc. 518 MS F.16 6.8-1968 paper, drawings Native American, customs, superstitions, beliefs, death, legends, tales, Zeke Proctor, Cherokee, Choctaw, outlaws, Ned Christie, Belle Starr, Navajo, dances, ceremonies, rituals, Siloam Springs, Arkansas
Beard, Jerry Ballad Book of Ruby Williams 1968, Summer. 28 Loc. 518 MS F.16 6.12-1968 paper songs, ballads, music
Beard, Jerry Ballad Book of Gladys Combs 1968, Summer. 73 Loc. 518 MS F.16 6.9-1968 paper, duplicates of manuscript materials songs, ballads, music
Beard, Jerry Ballad Book of Nora Bell Qualls 1968, Summer. 20 Loc. 518 MS F.16 6.10-1968 paper songs, verse, ballads, music
Beard, Jerry Ballad Book of Nora Bell Qualls 1968, Summer. 39 Loc. 518 MS F.16 6.11-1968 paper songs, ballads, music
Beaty, Rita Ways to Tell Fortunes 1958, Spring. 22 Loc. 473 MS F.16 6.2-1958 paper, drawings supernatural
Beaver, Bill R. A Short Sketch of Whistlin' Bill Fryar 1958, Fall. 14 Loc. 477 MS F.16 6.47-1958 paper Bill Fryer, Mt. Ida, Arkansas, Hogjaw, biographies, whistling, tales, fiddle, Texas, Oklahoma
Beaver, Linda Folk Medicine of the People of Vermont 1980, Fall. 9 Loc. B1040 MS F.16 F1980-3 paper, photographs Dr. Deforest Clinton Jarvis, medicine, remedies, Vermont, potassium, apple cider vinegar
Been, Michael D. Crow-lore: A Comparison of the Folklore and the Mythology of Crows 1979, Fall. 10 Loc. B1038 MS F.16 F1979-1 paper crows, mythology, superstitions, legends, beliefs, birds, weather, death, literature
Bell, Evelyn The Old Brick 1961, Summer. 25 Loc. 494 MS F.16 6.10-1961 paper, photographs schools, Wesley School, Old Brick, Masons, Wesley, Arkansas, buildings, work, teaching, oral histories, holidays, customs, verse
Bennett, Charlene Hard Times- The Civil War 1969, Summer. 21 Loc. 522 MS F.16 6.12-1969 paper Civil War, tales, Emmaline Selby McCullough, customs, death, food, remedies, Droucilla Taylor, Will Selby, family histories, bushwhackers
Bernard, Steve History Behind Arkansas Towns (Rogers, Cane Hill, Lonoke, Forrest City, Casscoe, Malvern, Monticello) 1959, Fall. 12 Loc. 482 MS F.16 6.30-1959 paper, drawings Cane Hill, Arkansas, Casscoe, Forrest City, Lonoke, Malvern, Monticello, Rogers, Daniel Boone, Native American, Civil War, General Nathan Bedford Forrest, tales, legends, railroad
Bevis, Jim Marion Tales and Legends of the Bevis Family 1964, Fall. 25 Loc. 508 MS F.16 6.14-1964 paper tales
Bibbins, K.G. Old Time Witching in Mountainburg, Arkansas (photos) 1979, Summer. 9 Loc. B1038 MS F.16 Su1979-1 paper, photographs Mountainburg, Arkansas, witching, Floyd Osberne, wells, superstitions, customs
Bibby, Lisa How and When the World Will End 1973, Spring. 31 Loc. 531 MS F.16 6.1-1973 paper, drawings, beliefs, superstitions, religion, science
Binion, May Historical Interests- Rogers, Arkansas 1959, Summer. 17 Loc. 479 MS F.16 6.2-1959 paper, photographs Rogers, Arkansas, railroads, lumber, buildings, schools, Civil War, Will Rogers, Monte Ne, Benton County Historical Society, churches, Van Winkle
Bird, Carolyn Jean Mrs. McKnight's Memories 1959, Fall. 14 Loc. 482 MS F.16 6.31-1959 paper, photographs Mabel McKnight, Prairie Grove, Arkansas, biographies, family history, Belle Starr, Morton Hotel, cemeteries, churches
Black, Glenn Durham Quilts Made By My Grandmother 1967, Fall. 33 Loc. 515 MS F.16 6.1-1967 paper, photographs quilts, crafts
Blake, John H. Watch That Foot (Working With Timber Without Machines) 1960, Fall. 19 Loc. 491 MS F.16 6.27-1960 paper, photographs lumber, tools, work, timber
Blass, Gus The Horse and Its Contribution to Folklore 1973, Spring. 27 Loc. 531 MS F.16 6.2-1973 paper, clippings horses, superstitions, beliefs, proverbs, weather, races, names
Boatman, Bobby R. Life in North Arkansas for a Boy at the Turn of the Century 1959, Summer. 8 Loc. 479 MS F.16 6.3-1959 paper Andrew Grover Boatman, biographies, family histories, Civil War, farming, work, agriculture, sugar, molasses, games, children, songs, Izard County, Arkansas
Boland, Katherine Scary Stories 1969, Summer. 26 Loc. 522 MS F.16 6.13-1969 paper tales, ghost stories, legends, supernatural
Bolin, Jim B. Miss Ted, Teacher Extraordinary 1958, Summer. 27 Loc. 475 MS F.16 6.25-1958 paper, photographs Mary Estella Wright, teaching, work
Bolinger, Bonnie May Folk Sayings From the Huntsville School 1961, Summer. 58 Loc. 494 MS F.16 6.11-1961 paper, photographs Huntsville, Arkansas, Madison County, schools, Huntsville School, superstitions, beliefs, remedies, proverbs, verse
Bolinger, Bonnie May The Mountain Meadows Massacre 1961, Summer. 37 Loc. 494 MS F.16 6.12-1961 paper, clippings Mountain Meadows Massacre, Fancher Wagon Train, family histories, Madison County, Arkansas, Cedar City, Utah, Mormons, Carroll County, gold, travel, The Missouri Wild Cats, Native American, Piaute Indians, punishment, legends, tales, Brigham Young, John D. Lee, letters, reunions, Boone County, memorials, monuments, Marion County, Johnson County
Bond, Earl G. Judge Parker 1958, Fall. 18 Loc. 477 MS F.16 6.48-1958 paper, clippings Judge Isaac Parker, Fort Smith, Arkansas, hanging, punishment
Bonnell, Marie Customs and Traditions of Unique Fredericksburg 1964, Fall. 32 Loc. 508 MS F.16 6.15-1964 paper, clippings, postcards customs, Fredericksburg, Arkansas, newspapers, slavery, immigrants, holidays, celebrations, Christmas
Bostic, Nancy Old Recipes 1959, Fall. 30 Loc. 482 MS F.16 6.32-1959 paper, manuscript materials recipes, remedies, canning
Bowe, Ed Ernie Deane 1969, Summer. 38 Loc. 522 MS F.16 6.14-1969 paper Ernie Deane, biographies, games, sayings, railroads, military, verse, limerick, tales, superstitions, beliefs
Bowers, Sandra News Bits From the Clay County Courier 1959, Fall. 18 Loc. 482 MS F.16 6.33-1959 paper Clay County Courier, advertising, Corning Public School, Obituaries, verse, news, lynching, dances, politics, Corning Culture Club, violence
Bowie, Paul Ante Bellum Homes of Helena, Arkansas 1960, Fall. 15 Loc. 491 MS F.16 6.28-1960 paper, photographs architecture, Helena, Arkansas, antebellum, Estavan Hall, Hornor House, Tappan House
Bowls, Geraldine Autograph Albums 1958, [n.d.] 17 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 11 paper autographs, verse
Bowman, Lee and Sharon Foster Washington, Arkansas 1963, Fall. 44 Loc. 503 MS F.16 6.13-1963 paper, photographs, clippings, post cards Washington, Arkansas, Mamie Bell Holt, Trimble Home, Old Military Road, Texas Revolution, Trail of Tears, Jim Bowie, Bowie Knife, Davy Crockett, Albert Pike, Civil War, newspapers, fires, railroads, Missouri Pacific Railroad, Block -Catt House, cemeteries, African American, plantations, celebrations, recreation, dances, holidays, schools, commerce, churches
Boyd, Amy It's Worth 100 Dollars a Day to be Your Own Boss (photos) 1980, Fall. 7 Loc. B1040 MS F.16 F1980-4 paper, photographs Orville Moorehead, Jennie, Arkansas, work, fishing, Mississippi River
Boyer, Irma Little The Country Store 1958, Spring. 40 Loc. 473 MS F.16 6.3-1958 paper economic, Abbott, Arkansas
Braly, Barbara Folklore Superstitions Concerning Love and Weddings, etc. 1958, Spring. 15 Loc. 473 MS F.16 6.4-1958 paper superstitions, love, marriage
Brand, Rodney Strange Tales 1967, Fall. 16 Loc. 515 MS F.16 6.2-1967 paper tales, legends
Brannan, Charles H. Folk Recipes 1968, Spring. 30 Loc. 517 MS F.16 6.1-1968 paper recipes
Brashears, Geneva Recipes 1959, Summer. 49 Loc. 479 MS F.16 6.4-1959 paper recipes
Brashears, Geneva Price's Store- Sulphur City, Arkansas 1959, Summer. 10 Loc. 479 MS F.16 6.5-1959 paper, photographs Sulphur City, Arkansas, commerce, Price's Store, work, remedies, schools
Bratton, Donald The Two R's--- Recipes & Remedies - 1958, Summer. 35 Loc. 475 MS F.16 6.26-1958 paper recipes, remedies
Brazil, Bill and Bill Gunderman Methods of Hog Killing 1963, Fall. 17 Loc. 503 MS F.16 6.14-1963 paper, photographs livestock, work, tools
Brewer, Cassandra S. Free Negro/Free Slave 1980, Fall. 13 Loc. B1040 MS F.16 F1980-5 paper African American, Carlisle, Arkansas, beliefs, customs, superstitions, weather, snakes, marriage, verse, remedies, tales
Brewer, Nell W. Proverbs 1959, Fall. 7 Loc. 482 MS F.16 6.34-1959 paper proverbs
Brewer, Sarah F. Miscellaneous Quilt Patterns 1974, Fall. 21 Loc. 534 MS F.16 6.8-1974 paper, drawings quilts, patterns, crafts
Brewster, Jimmie Wild Plants and Fruits Eaten in the Ozarks 1961, Spring. 17 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 10 paper, material artifacts remedies, recipes, herbs, plants
Bridgforth, Sallie Love Charms 1972, Spring. 28 Loc. 530 MS F.16 6.2-1972 paper superstitions, beliefs, courting, marriage, customs
Brigance, Jimmie Lou A Family History 1960, Fall. 21 Loc. 491 MS F.16 6.29-1960 paper, photographs family histories, Brigance, Ozark, Arkansas, Franklin County, tales, superstitions, games, customs, letters, gold rush, Civil War, travel, buildings, holidays, celebrations, quilts, dyes, crafts
Briggs, Porter Crap Shooting in Arkansas 1960, Summer. 5 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 4 paper games, gambling, dice, craps
Brooks, Gene H. Tales from Fred Starr 1959, Summer. 18 Loc. 479 MS F.16 6.6-1959 paper Fred Starr, biographies, work, teaching, games, beliefs, remedies, superstitions, tales
Brooks, Nelson L. Bradley County 1958, Spring. 8 Loc. 473 MS F.16 6.4a-1958 paper Bradley County, Arkansas, oral histories
Brown, Glenda A Roadside Whittler 1978, Spring. 20 Loc. B1036 MS F.16 Sp1978-1 paper whittling, wood work, Mitchell Cogburn, Polk County, Arkansas, knives, customs, John Arnold, Monticello, Ivan Denton, Mountainburg
Brown, Jackie R. The Life of Mrs. Cleve Ross 1959, Fall. 10 Loc. 482 MS F.16 6.35-1959 paper Harrisburg, Arkansas, Rohwer, Japanese, tales, family histories
Brown, Mike The Fouke Monster 1976, Fall. 8 Loc. B1034 MS F.16 F1976-2 paper, maps Texarkana, Arkansas, Fouke Monster, legends, tales, monsters, Boggy Creek
Brown, Sam Popular Tales and Legends of Conway County 1968, Fall. 25 Loc. 520 MS F.16 6.25-1968 paper Conway County, Arkansas, tales, legends, place names, assassination, violence, supernatural, ghost stories, hunting, Petit Jean, politics, Samuel Plummer, hangings
Brumm, Mary Katherine Memories of Jacksonport 1963, Fall. 18 Loc. 503 MS F.16 6.15-1963 paper, photographs Jacksonport, Arkansas, ghost towns, commerce, industry, steamboats, saloons, Pete Bach's Saloon, Civil War, buildings, festivals, Grand Fair, celebrations, fires
Bryan, Linda Place Names 1958, Spring. 10 Loc. 473 MS F.16 6.4b-1958 paper geography, anecdotes
Bryant, Charles W. A History of Sulphur City, Arkansas 1963, Summer. 22 Loc. 502 MS F.16 6.1-1963 paper, photographs Sulphur City, Arkansas, cemeteries, churches, schools, recreation, bridges, commerce, Mankins, hotels, vernacular architecture
Bryant, James W. Quilt Patterns 1958, Spring. 23 Loc. 473 MS F.16 6.5a-1958 paper, drawings quilts, material culture, crafts
Bryant, James Ramon James Black and the Bowie Knife 1958, Spring. 13 Loc. 473 MS F.16 6.5-1958 paper, photographs James Black, Bowie knife, tales
Buchanan, Ann Early Day History of Fort Smith, Arkansas 1958, Fall. 26 Loc. 477 MS F.16 6.49-1958 paper, photographs Fort Smith, Arkansas, history, Emanuel Goldman
Bullard, George & Betsy Jones Recipes & Household Hints 1958, Summer. 53 Loc. 475 MS F.16 6.26a-1958 paper recipes, housekeeping
Bullion, Bruce T. Arkansas Home Remedies 1970, Fall. 62 Loc. 527 MS F.16 6.17-1970 paper remedies, Arkansas, superstitions, beliefs, herbs
Bunch, Charles R. My Great Grandfather's General Store 1958, Summer. 10 Loc. 475 MS F.16 6.27-1958 paper, photographs Kingston, Arkansas, commerce, general stores
Bunch, Pauline Mrs. Maple Sugar Days in Madison County 1963, Summer. 13 Loc. 502 MS F.16 6.2-1963 paper, photographs Madison County, Arkansas, maple sugar, Kingston, honey, work, maple syrup, tools
Burchfield, Joyce Games 1960, Summer. 23 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 2 paper, photographs games, children
Burgess, Edward L. Games: Three Generations 1961, Spring. 47 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 2 paper, drawings games, play parties, children, verse
Burgess, Melissa A. A Celebration in the Life of the University of Arkansas 1990, Spring. 10 Room 186 24.9.5 paper University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, celebrations, pageants, centennials, Jobelle Holcombe, Henry D. Tovey, parades, Sigma Phi Epsilon
Burnside, Margaret Magnolia Farm (Craighead County) 1959, Fall. 18 Loc. 482 MS F.16 6.36-1959 paper, photographs Magnolia Farm, Craighead County, Arkansas, period room, décor, recipes
Bush, Herman Farming Beliefs and Ideas 1962, Spring. 11 Loc. 496 MS F.16 6.1-1962 paper, photographs farming, work, beliefs, superstitions, remedies
Butler, Frank Civil War Stories and Tales 1968, Fall. 35 Loc. 520 MS F.16 6.26-1968 paper, duplicates of manuscript materials Civil War, tales
Cahan, Cathy Gravestone Art in the Cemetery (illustrations) 1980, Fall. 10 Loc. B1040 MS F.16 F1980-6 paper, prints gravestones, tombstones, New England
Cain, Pauline Weatherlore of Mountainburg 1961, Summer. 24 Loc. 494 MS F.16 6.13-1961 paper Mountainburg, Arkansas, superstitions, beliefs, weather, verse
Caldwell, Randall and Terry McFarland The Wit and Wisdom of Graffiti at the University of Arkansas 1973, Spring. 23 Loc. 531 MS F.16 6.5-1973 paper humor, graffiti, verse
Calhoon, Jan Ghost Stories and Tales of Violence From South Arkansas 1962, Spring. 14 Loc. 496 MS F.16 6.2-1962 paper tales, ghost stories, violence
Calico, Zula The Story of Huntsville 1958, Summer. 25 Loc. 475 MS F.16 6.28-1958 paper, photographs, clippings, manuscript materials Huntsville, Arkansas, Orval Faubus, Old Hawkins Mill
Campbell, Henria Williams The Vinson Family 1959, Summer. 20 Loc. 480 MS F.16 6.7-1959 paper Vinson family, tobacco, farming, Civil War, Cumberland Gap, KY, Bebee, Arkansas, family history, depression, songs, letters, verses, recipes
Carbone, Michael X. Italian Food Associated With Customs, Festivals, and Holidays 1969, Summer. 26 Loc. 522 MS F.16 6.15-1969 paper customs, festivals, holidays, food, Italian, herbs, wine, menus, recipes
Carder, David Games of My Youth 1959, Fall. 32 Loc. 482 MS F.16 6.37-1959 paper, drawings games, children, toys
Cardwell, Michael D. Stone Structure of Mr. Brown 1978, [n.d.] 19 Loc. B1037 MS F.16 1978-1 paper, slides, drawings architecture, vernacular architecture, stone, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, buildings, maps
Carlisle, Sandy Exorcism 1979, Fall. 20 Loc. B1038 MS F.16 F1979-2 paper exorcism, history, ceremonies, customs, rites, Catholicism, techniques, religion, beliefs, mental illness, superstitions
Carmack, John A. Legends Lead to Adventure 1960, Summer. 19 Loc. 488 MS F.16 6.2-1960 paper, photographs legends, tales, caverns, spelunking
Carter, Abe The Muzzle-Loader's Lifestyle: a Portrait of Charles Caywood 1979, [n.d.] 6 Loc. B1039 MS F.16 1979-2 paper guns, gunsmithing, Charles Caywood, muzzle-loaders, techniques, tools, reenactments
Carter, Annette Games in the Life of a City Girl 1956, Fall. 31 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 3 paper, drawings games, children, superstitions, magic
Carter, Bill Games I've Played 1959, Fall. 20 Loc. 482 MS F.16 6.38-1959 paper games, children
Carter, Carolyn Collector of Recipes 1959, Fall. 16 Loc. 482 MS F.16 6.39-1959 paper recipes
Carter, Mary Jean Riddles 1962, Spring. 9 Loc. 496 MS F.16 6.3-1962 paper riddles
Cartwright, Ginny Recollection of David Earl Cartwright and Mary Lovina Cartwright (photos, Maps) 1982, Fall. 38 Loc. B1045 MS F.16 F1982-3 paper, photographs, maps David Earl Cartwright, Mary Lovina Turner , Cartwright, biographies, family histories, Missouri, work, livestock, travel, trains, World War I, France, war, oral histories, Iowa, schools, music, farming, food, customs, soap, buildings, houses, suicide, Depression, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, politics
Casto, Juanita Folktales of Different Countries 1979, Fall. 15 Loc. B1038 MS F.16 F1979-3 paper tales, legends, Hausas, Nigeria, Germany, Brothers Grimm, Greece, fables, France, Russia, Native American
Cate, Mike and Judy Tall Tales 1968, Fall. 40 Loc. 520 MS F.16 6.27-1968 paper tales, hunting, fishing, weather
Cavanaugh, Stephanie L. The Cajun Waltz and Two-Step 1980, Fall. 9 Loc. B1040 MS F.16 F1980-7 paper Cajun, Acadians, music, dances
Cazort, J. Lee Things My Grandmother Told Me 1965, Fall. 64 Loc. 513 MS F.16 6.30-1965 paper songs, tales, ghost stories, remedies, jokes, humor, literature, ballads
Cearley, Carolyn Folk Remedies 1960, Fall. 42 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 9 paper remedies, herbs, superstitions, beliefs
Cearley, Sarah Teague Games 1968, Summer. 61 Loc. 518 MS F.16 6.13-1968 paper games, children
Chance, Cathy Hog Killing in Wells Bayou, Arkansas 1963, Fall. 7 Loc. 503 MS F.16 6.16-1963 paper livestock, tools, work
Chappell, Charles The Supernatural Element in Representative English and Scottish Traditional Ballads and Their American Variants 1964, Spring. Loc. B1043 MS F.16 Sp1964 paper supernatural, songs, Irish, Scottish, scholarship, English, ballads
Chausteur, Vicki Practical Jokes 1968, Fall. 44 Loc. 520 MS F.16 6.28-1968 paper jokes, humor
Cherry, Charlotte Family Folklore 1963, Fall. 28 Loc. 503 MS F.16 6.17-1963 paper family histories, tales, songs, Jonesboro, Arkansas, Charles Davis, politics, baseball, Fayetteville, Civil War, schools, Charolette Galloway, recipes, play parties, verse, ballads
Cherry, Gene and Don Timberlake Cave Tales of the Ozarks 1961, Spring. 35 Loc. 493 MS F.16 6.1-1961 paper caverns, tales, outlaws, Jesse James, oral histories, mines, silver, Civil War, treasure, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Sulphur Springs, Belle Starr
Childers, Lynda and Buford Suffridge Sign Language 1962, Fall. 144 Loc. 500 MS F.16 6.35-1962 paper, photographs non verbal communication, body language, humor, gestures
Clark, Donna Forney Jump Rope Rhymes 1964, Fall. 33 Loc. 508 MS F.16 6.16-1964 paper, photographs verse, games
Clough, Deborah A Short Biography and Songs of Mr. Frank Pool 1958, Spring. 30 Loc. 473 MS F.16 6.6-1958 paper, photographs Frank Pool, songs, oral history, ballads
Cluck, Eutonia Seeing the Past 1959, Fall. 24 Loc. 482 MS F.16 6.39a-1959 paper, photographs Van Buren, Arkansas, Frisco Bridge
Clulow, Connie Games-Folklore Along the Highway 1959, Fall. 50 Loc. 482 MS F.16 6.39b-1959 paper games, travel, children
Coker, William F. Ghost Stories 1968, Fall. 57 Loc. 520 MS F.16 6.29-1968 paper, drawings tales, ghost stories, supernatural, humor, buildings
Cole, Nancy Lee The Play Party in Fayetteville, Arkansas 1958, Fall. 27 Loc. 477 MS F.16 6.50-1958 paper play parties, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Coleman, Barbara Allen Recipe Collection 1960, Fall. 37 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 7 paper recipes
Coleman, Jessica & Patsy Harrison Old Recipes 1958, Spring. 86 Loc. 473 MS F.16 6.7-1958 paper, drawings recipes
Coleman, Mary Helen A History of Alma, Arkansas 1960, Summer. 33 Loc. 488 MS F.16 6.3-1960 paper, photographs, maps Alma, Arkansas, Crawford County, history, Civil War, lumber, industry, sawmills, railroad, agriculture, farming, livestock, tales, work, medicine, Howell House, churches, newspapers, utilities, schools, Masons, The Alma Canning Company, commerce, orchards
Collins, Jodie A. Plants, Flowers, Bark and Other Curatives Used By the Ozark People 1978, Spring. 11 Loc. B1036 MS F.16 Sp1978-2 paper remedies, herbs
Conine, Charles B. and James M. Davis Antique Guns of Early America 1964, Fall. 46 Loc. 508 MS F.16 6.17-1964 paper, photographs, drawings guns
Connell, Marilyn Marchen 1968, Fall. 3 Loc. 520 MS F.16 6.30-1968 paper tales, legends, Marchen
Connell, William J. Description of a Blacksmith 1969, Summer. 31 Loc. 522 MS F.16 6.16-1969 paper, photographs work, blacksmithing, tools
Conner, Jennifer Moving Forward and Gaining Character [n.d.] 26 Room 186 24.9.5 photographs, duplicates of manuscript materials biographies, family histories, Norma Welborn Connor, Arkansas College, work, newspapers, music, churches, revivals, instruments, Newark, Harrison, Arkansas, courting, marriage, death, customs, funerals, ceremonies
Connor, John Louis, Jr. The Origin of Place Names in Jackson County, Arkansas 1969, Fall. 56 Loc. 524 MS F.16 6.26-1969 paper place names, Jackson County, Arkansas, maps, tales
Cook, Tina Private Journal of Mary Owen Sims 1963, Fall. 13 Loc. 503 MS F.16 6.18-1963 paper Camden, Arkansas, diaries, Mary Owen Sims, family histories, politics, courting, Mexican War
Coppock, Miriam Old Folks Singing 1980, Fall. 50 Loc. B1040 MS F.16 F1980-8 paper, photographs, duplicates of manuscript materials, audio cassette tape Tull, Arkansas, customs, celebrations, homecomings, music, hymns, Gladys Zahringer Jacobs, records, letters, Old Folks Singing
Cowart, Dixon Old Bess and Jeff 1960, Summer. 20 Loc. 488 MS F.16 6.4-1960 paper, photographs mules, Alma, Arkansas, family histories
Cox, Carolyn The Prow House in the Elkins Area 1978, Spring. 26 Loc. B1036 MS F.16 Sp1978-3 paper, photographs, drawings, maps Elkins, Arkansas, vernacular architecture
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Cross, Connie Children's Games 1970, Fall. 65 Loc. 527 MS F.16 6.18-1970 paper games, children
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Currence, Jerry The Barn in North America 1979, [n.d.] 13 Loc. B1039 MS F.16 1979-3 paper, drawings barns, buildings
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Cypert, Donna Yesterday's Game Parties 1960, Fall. 22 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 6 paper games, children, verse, play parties, songs
Damon, Emily A Collection of Wedding Folklore 1959, Fall. 9 Loc. 483 MS F.16 6.44-1959 paper weddings, superstitions, beliefs, traditions
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De Leon, Manuel Panama and Some of its Original Recipes 1959, Summer. 31 Loc. 480 MS F.16 6.8a-1959 paper, drawings, post cards Panama, recipes
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Douthit, Lana Receipts from Handwritten Receipt Books 1958, Fall. 19 Loc. 477 MS F.16 6.50b-1958 paper recipes, remedies
Dunaway, Louis Central Baptist College 1958, Summer. 16 Loc. 475 MS F.16 6.29-1958 paper, photographs, drawings Central Baptist College, Conway, Arkansas, Little Rock, songs, poetry
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Duncan, William H. A Brief Account of the Life of Martha Trimble Greenlee Davis 1979, Fall. 19 Loc. B1038 MS F.16 F1979-4 paper Martha Trimble Greenlee Davis, biographies, Virginia, Mississippi, plantations, Civil War, Reconstruction
Dunlavy, Sue Shuler Town 1962, Spring. 20 Loc. 496 MS F.16 6.7-1962 paper, photographs, drawings Shuler Town, Dickson Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas, Washington County, tales, railroads, commerce, Fred Shuler, strikes, fires, University of Arkansas, parades
Dunn, Ann Gardner Child Lore- Riddles, Jokes, Games, Taunts, Rhymes Used By Children 1961, Summer. 20 Loc. 494 MS F.16 6.15-1961 paper children, games, verse, riddles, humor
Dunn, Deborah Quilt Patterns 1973, Fall. 41 Loc. 532 MS F.16 6.10-1973 paper, drawings quilts, patterns, crafts
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Edith Walker Recipes 1968, Summer. 13 Loc. 519 MS F.16 6.18-1968 paper recipes
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Edrington, Jean W. A Short History of Turrell 1960, Summer. 16 Loc. 488 MS F.16 6.6-1960 paper, manuscript materials Turrell, Arkansas, tales, Crittenden County, railroads, St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad, industry, lumber, sawmills, Baker Lumber Company, work, farming, hunting, fishing, burial mounds, Native American, trapping, letters
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Elliot, Steve J. The Rambos (photos) 1979, Spring. 16 Loc. B1037 MS F.16 Sp1979-5 paper, duplicates of manuscript materials music, work, evangelists, Buck Rambo, Reba Rambo, Dottie Rambo, gospel, Pentecostal, churches, The Singing Rambos, Andre Crouch
Ellis, Cynthia Unaccountable Happenings 1968, Fall. 30 Loc. 520 MS F.16 6.32-1968 paper tales, legends, ghost stories, supernatural
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Eppler, Mary The Trimble Home in Washington County 1959, Fall. 16 Loc. 483 MS F.16 6.48-1959 paper, photographs, clippings, drawings Washington, Arkansas, Hempstead County, Civil War, legends, tales, Catts-Block House, Trimble House, furniture, furnishings, art
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Ethridge, Georgia H. Charivari 1961, Summer. 71 Loc. 494 MS F.16 6.18-1961 paper, drawings charivaris, celebrations, weddings, customs, tales
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Farmer, Henrietta Stories of the Depression 1961, Summer. 17 Loc. 494 MS F.16 6.19-1961 paper Depression, tales, oral histories, cotton, share cropping, Fouke, Arkansas, railroads, Texas, Texarkana, Oklahoma, livestock, hunting, travel, Fayetteville, W.P.A. , Arizona
Faubus, Jerry W. An Early History of St. Paul, Arkansas 1962, Spring. 17 Loc. 496 MS F.16 6.8-1962 paper, musical notation St. Paul, Arkansas, Fielding Salyer, railroads, boom town, commerce, industry, history, lumber, parades, celebrations
Feathers, Tomi E. Legend of the Diggings in Hot Springs and Old Stills in Washington County 1959, Summer. 12 Loc. 480 MS F.16 6.9-1959 paper, photographs legends, Hot Springs, Arkansas, stills, moonshine, Washington County, supernatural, treasure
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Fetherolf, Daniel Clayton Place Names of Arkansas 1970, Spring. 21 Loc. 525 MS F.16 6.2-1970 paper place names, Arkansas, tales
Fincher, Timothy R. Alpha Omega: Praising Not Performing 1991, Spring. 19 Room 186 24.9.5 paper, audio cassette tape, VHS videocassette, photographs music, gospel, performers, Alpha Omega, Paul Harris, Jason Jones, Freddy Ward, Tim Jones, baptists
Finley, Michelle L. Hand-Made Dolls 1972, Spring. 17 Loc. 530 MS F.16 6.3-1972 paper, photographs, drawings superstitions, beliefs, courting, marriage, customs
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Fletcher, William T. Plantation Museum 1970, Spring. 32 Loc. 525 MS F.16 6.4-1970 paper, photographs plantations, museums, Scott, Arkansas, tools, relics
Foley, Don G. Bob Burns Hero or Boob 1958, Spring. 22 Loc. 473 MS F.16 6.10-1958 paper, photographs, manuscript materials, duplicates of manuscript materials Van Buren, Arkansas, Bob Burns, stereotypes, biographies
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Ford, Roy Molitor and Frances Hornor Curtis Folklore of Phillips County 1958, Spring. 56 Loc. 473 MS F.16 6.8-1958 paper, photographs, drawings, clippings, manuscript materials Native American, Helena, Arkansas, Marvell, Phillips County, race riots, oral histories
Ford, Seth Life During the Depression in Little River County, Arkansas 1993, Spring. 16 Room 186 24.9.5 paper, duplicates of manuscript materials Little River County, Arkansas, schools, transportation, work, religion, courting, sports, Little River County, agriculture, hunting, commerce, general stores, mercantiles, New Deal, Ashdown, clothing, Depression, education, clubs, organizations, quilting, hogs, protracted meetings, cotton
Fordyce, Ross L. Integration Jokes and Stories 1962, Fall. 17 Loc. 500 MS F.16 6.37-1962 paper integration, tales, verse, racism, African American
Forester, Samuel J. The Folk History of Place Names in Southern Arkansas 1970, Spring. 37 Loc. 525 MS F.16 6.5-1970 paper place names, Arkansas, tales
Forrest, Dorothea J. Rogers Whittlers 1973, Fall. 29 Loc. 532 MS F.16 6.11-1973 paper, photographs, clippings Rogers, Arkansas, whittling, wood work, buildings, tales, remedies, fishing, farming, sayings, proverbs, Monte Ne, superstitions, beliefs, weather
Foster, Sharon and Lee Bowman Washington, Arkansas 1963, Fall. 44 Loc. 503 MS F.16 6.13-1963 paper, photographs Washington, Arkansas, Mamie Bell Holt, Trimble Home, Old Military Road, Texas Revolution, Trail of Tears, Jim Bowie, Bowie Knife, Davy Crockett, Albert Pike, Civil War, newspapers, fires, railroads, Missouri Pacific Railroad, Block-Catt House, cemeteries, African American, plantations, celebrations, recreation, dances, holidays, schools, commerce, churches
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Fowler, Susan Ghost Stories 1972, Spring. 18 Loc. 530 MS F.16 6.4-1972 paper tales, legends, ghost stories, supernatural
Frazier, David Fun With Jokes 1964, Spring. 37 Loc. 506 MS F.16 6.1-1964 paper humor
Freeman, Gewn and Barbara Doherty A Little Too Short 1968, Spring. 100 Loc. B1044 MS F.16 Sp1968 paper, magnetic tape, (acetate)-audio songs, ballads, Mabel Daugherty, Fred Smith, Floyd McGinnis
Freeman, Joann Life in the Hills of Sharp County 1959, Summer. 12 Loc. 480 MS F.16 6.11-1959 paper, photographs Sharp County, Arkansas, Homer Anderson Freeman, family history, work, recipes, school, marriage, baptisms, buildings, farming, W.P.A., out houses, tales
Frese, Sara F. Autograph Book of Josie McConnico & Medicine Book of Dr. J.G. Lee 1958, Fall. 50 Loc. 477 MS F.16 6.50c-1958 paper autographs, Jessie McConnico, medicine, Murray County, Tennessee, remedies, commerce
Frese, Sara F. Games for All 1958, Fall. 29 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 3 paper, drawings games, children
Fronabarger, S. Violence!! 1961, Spring. 16 Loc. 493 MS F.16 6.3-1961 paper Native American, outlaws, Tennessee Land Company, Night Riders, hangings, punishment, violence, Wynne, Arkansas, Hickory Ridge, riots, Elaine, African American, duels, Parkin, tales, NAACP, oral histories, racism
Fry, Marie My 100 Years Old Grandmother--Osage, Arkansas 1963, Summer. 31 Loc. 502 MS F.16 6.3-1963 paper, photographs, clippings Elizabeth Reeves Bunch, biographies, family histories, Madison County, Arkansas, religion, housework, holidays, wool, dyes, tools, apples, molasses, customs, proverbs, beliefs, superstitions, remedies, documents, letters
Fulmer, Doyle People in Folklore, Old Tools, Outhouses 1958, Summer. 32 Loc. 475 MS F.16 6.30a-1958 paper, photographs Harrison Burnett, Lula Davis, T.M. Davis, Oliva Houser, Mary Jo Davis Henderson, Isabell France, Doney Hammontree, Max Hunter, Joanie O'Bryant, Laura McDonald, Reba Glaze, John Pennington, Aunt Fanny Prickett, Vance Randolph, Mary Celestia Parler, Otto Ernest Rayburn, Fred Smith, tools, outhouses
Fussel, Alston R. Waverly, A Clay County Historical Landmark 1960, Fall. 55 Loc. 491 MS F.16 6.30-1960 paper, photographs, clippings, drawings Clay County, Mississippi, Columbus, plantations, Waverly, Native American, Choctaw, buildings, slavery, work, celebrations, weddings, Civil War, railroads, M & O Railroad, hunting
Gallman, Judy Alleygators, Coyotes, Boars, Snipes, Tires, and Robbers 1982, Fall. 6 Loc. B1045 MS F.16 F1982-5 paper family histories, Alston Benton Fuller, oral histories, tales, snipe
Galyean, Susan Burch Folklore About Pregnancy 1971, Fall. 30 Loc. 529 MS F.16 6.4-1971 paper pregnancy, beliefs, superstitions, death, childbirth
Gardner, Scott David Rose, Arkansas Gunsmith 1978, Fall 10 Loc. B1036 MS F.16 F1978-1 paper, audio cassette tape guns, gunsmithing, David Rose, Farmington, Arkansas, dueling
Garman, George W. Jr. Folk Sayings 1968, Spring. 88 Loc. 517 MS F.16 6.4-1968 paper sayings, proverbs
Garman, Gregg Selected Negro Folklore 1968, Spring. 14 Loc. 517 MS F.16 6.5-1968 paper African American, Texas, Coats-McCain Lumber Company, sayings, beliefs, superstitions, Courtney Beck, Bob Francis, riddles, jokes, humor, Willie Fields, tales
Garner, Betsy A Log House Near Fayetteville 1959, Fall. 10 Loc. 483 MS F.16 6.50-1959 paper, photographs Arkansas Territory, Fordyce, Arkansas, New Edinburg, houses, vernacular architecture
Garner, Brenda Wister Memories (map, photos) 1981, Fall. 17 Loc. B1041 MS F.16 F1981-2 paper, duplicates of manuscript materials Wister, Oklahoma, Le Flore County, family histories, Rock Island Railroad, railroads, hotels, schools, games, recreation, floods, violence, Depression, nicknames, maps
Garner, Pat Superstitions and Beliefs 1964, Spring. 21 Loc. 506 MS F.16 6.2-1964 paper superstitions, beliefs, courting, marriage, death, weather, customs
Garren, Virginia Where Babies Come From 1970, Spring. 28 Loc. 525 MS F.16 6.6-1970 paper tales, babies, children, pregnancy, beliefs, superstitions
Garton, Nancy Grandma Garton's Memories in Verse 1977, Fall. 41 Loc. B1034 MS F.16 F1977-2 paper, duplicates of manuscript materials Sara Garton, biographies, verse, Kingston, Arkansas, customs, Christmas, holidays, family histories
Gentry, Mark Unusual and Fantastic Tales 1970, Spring. 39 Loc. 525 MS F.16 6.7-1970 paper tales, legends, jokes, humor, supernatural, ghost stories
Gheen, Thomas E. How My Grandpa Made His Own Ropes 1979, Fall. 22 Loc. B1038 MS F.16 F1979-5 paper, photographs Thomas Eward Gheen, tools, ropes
Gibbs, Robert E. Grandma's Recipes 1960, Fall. 159 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 8 paper, drawings recipes, technique, wine, housekeeping, menus, etiquette, tools, remedies
Gibson, Bobby Contemporary Gospel Music in St. Paul A.M.E. Church, Jonesboro, Arkansas, With a Short History of Black Gospel [n.d.] 13 Room 186 24.9.5 paper, photographs music, gospel, churches, St. Paul A.M.E. , African American, religion, blues, R. Leon Walker
Gilbrech, Raymond C., Jr. Gospel Singing 1969, Spring. 14 Loc. 521 MS F.16 6.1-1969 paper African American, songs, gospel, music
Gilliland, Becky Singing Games 1962, Spring. 22 Loc. 496 MS F.16 6.9-1962 paper, photographs games, play parties
Gillis, Ginger Gail Children's Autograph Rhymes 1968, Spring. 62 Loc. 517 MS F.16 6.6-1968 paper verse, autographs, children, riddles
Ginnaven, Elizabeth A Trip to Northwest Arkansas 1982, Fall. 8 Loc. B1045 MS F.16 F1982-6 paper Marion Angeline Davis Crews, Osceola, Arkansas, biographies, music, tales, murder, fires, Lepanto, African American, revivals, family histories
Ginnaven, Robert A., III The Garden Spot of the Mississippi Valley 1981, Fall. 8 Loc. B1041 MS F.16 F1981-3 paper, duplicates of manuscript materials Saint Francis Basin, Mississippi County, Arkansas, farming, logging, work, cotton, Osceola
Gitelman, Neil The Evolution of the Dickson Street Scene 1993, Spring. 13 Room 186 24.9.5 paper Fayetteville, Arkansas, Dickson Street, railroads, Fred Shuler, George's Majestic Lounge, Marlene Vestal, Bank of Fayetteville, Tuxedo Shop, Bancroft & Tabor, Flying Possum Leather, Shipley Baking Company, 1936 Club, saloons, Bill's Recreation Club, Rogers Recreation Hall, Dream Merchant, violence, fighting, Speakeasy, Ken's Pizza Pub, Walton Arts Center, Lilly's Cafe, sub-cultures
Givers, David Nicknames 1962, Fall. 18 Loc. 500 MS F.16 6.38-1962 paper nicknames
Goldsby, Tommy Chism's House 1960, Fall. 11 Loc. 491 MS F.16 6.31-1960 paper, photographs Boonville, Arkansas, Chism's House, buildings, tales, outlaws, Belle Starr
Goldthwaite, Lynn Games 1959, Fall. 20 Loc. 483 MS F.16 6.51-1959 paper games, toys, children
Goodrich, Jan Black Folklore 1969, Spring. 27 Loc. 521 MS F.16 6.2-1969 paper African American, customs, children, games, verse, jokes, songs, tales, superstitions, beliefs, remedies, supernatural, dialects, sayings
Gordon, Nancy Folktoys- The Genius of "Make Do" 1965, Summer. 21 Loc. 511 MS F.16 6.12-1965 paper, photographs, drawings toys, customs, wood work
Goss, Becky Incidents in the Life of John E. Proctor, Gambler and Railroadman 1959, Fall. 37 Loc. 483 MS F.16 6.52-1959 paper, photographs, post cards John E. Proctor, biographies, work, railroad, gambling, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, games, schools, courting, hobos, travel, Illinois, stables, horses, saloons, government claims, Geranamo, Native American, Quana Parker
Gould, Martha Pyeatt-Moore- Buchanan Mill 1959, Summer. 18 Loc. 480 MS F.16 6.12-1959 paper, photographs, manuscript materials Cane Hill, Arkansas, Native Americans, John Pyeatt, work, mill, letters, flour, feed, corn meal, buildings
Gover, Dave Tales of the Law and the Lawless 1962, Summer. 17 Loc. 499 MS F.16 6.30-1962 paper tales, legends, outlaws, Jesse James, Cole Younger, Malvern, Arkansas, treasure, punishment, hangings, Saline County, Fort Smith, Belle Starr, Judge Isaac Parker, gambling, Cherokee Bill, E.E. Goldman
Goyne, Laura Lou An Interview with a Forgotten Culture 1958, Spring. 17 Loc. 473 MS F.16 6.11-1958 paper, photographs "Red" Weddington, Frank Weddington, remedies, songs, Lundy, ballads
Graham, Patricia Weatherlore and Planting Signs 1961, Summer. 23 Loc. 494 MS F.16 6.20-1961 paper superstitions, beliefs, weather, farming, gardening
Grano, Stella & Nancy Grimes Graves and Graveyards 1958, Fall. 25 Loc. 477 MS F.16 6.50d-1958 paper, photographs graves, graveyards, tombstones, epitaphs, tales, superstitions, indian mounds, Russellville, Arkansas, Fayetteville, Crossett
Green, Dixie The Oldest Town in Arkansas 1960, Fall. 28 Loc. 491 MS F.16 6.32-1960 paper, photographs Fulton, Arkansas, cemeteries, African American, Mexican War, Civil War, history, steamboats, farming, railroad, industry, Hempstead County, Arkansas, fires, recreation, games, celebrations, schools, churches, holidays, agriculture, cotton, commerce
Green, Elaine Growth and Decline of Carrollton, Arkansas 1959, Summer. 17 Loc. 480 MS F.16 6.13-1959 paper, photographs Carrollton, Arkansas, Carroll County, schools, buildings, Carrollton Academy, politics, Mountain Meadow Massacre, Civil War, consolidation
Green, Jerry L. Toys of My Grandfather 1959, Fall. 15 Loc. 483 MS F.16 6.53-1959 paper, drawings toys, children
Greenwell, Albert Lynn Hunting and Fishing Tales 1968, Spring. 24 Loc. 517 MS F.16 6.7-1968 paper tales, hunting, fishing,
Greer, John The Butterfield Stage Route Through Arkansas 1958, Fall. 16 Loc. 477 MS F.16 6.51-1958 paper, drawings, clippings stage coaches, mail service, Butterfield route, Fayetteville, Arkansas, Overland Mail
Gregory, Norma Gail Games 1970, Spring. 63 Loc. 526 MS F.16 6.8-1970 paper, drawings games, children, verse
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Griffith, Charles [Untitled Anecdotes] 1977, [n.d.] 17 Loc. B1034 MS F.16 1977-3 paper tales, West Virginia, whiskey, moonshine, murder, coal mines, Depression, revenuers, Prohibition, punishment, violence, celebrations, reunions
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Jones, Luellen Two Grandmothers Life in the Plantation and Log Cabin Days 1959, Fall. 40 Loc. 484 MS F.16 6.65-1959 paper, clippings plantation, family histories, Noble Lake, Arkansas, obituaries, verse, slavery, work, tales, songs, games, courting, marriage, religion, celebrations, holidays, Civil War, confederate quilt, churches, Rose Parnell, Parnell Springs, pound parties, recipes, customs
Jones, Suzanne Saracen 1962, Spring. 22 Loc. 497 MS F.16 6.12-1962 paper, photographs, brochures Native American, Saracen, verse, Quapaw, epitaphs, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Chickasaw, treaties, history, religion, Catholicism
Jordan, Robin A Collection of Mr. Lee Parker's Tales and Short Stories 1964, Spring. 29 Loc. 507 MS F.16 6.6-1964 paper, photographs tales, legends, literature, Lee Parker
Judkins, Hunter Arkansas Knifesmiths 1977, Fall. 28 Loc. B1034 MS F.16 F1977-3 paper, periodicals, audio cassette tape work, knifesmiths, Jimmy Lile, James Kirk, knifes, tools, Bowie Knife, Civil War, blacksmithing, sayings, tales, legends
Junkersfeld, Tom Telephone Gags 1963, Summer. 9 Loc. 502 MS F.16 6.4-1963 paper telephones, humor
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Keeter, Connis Games 1962, Spring. 25 Loc. 497 MS F.16 6.13-1962 paper, drawings games, children, play parties
Keeter, Connis Remedies 1962, Spring. 11 Loc. 497 MS F.16 6.14-1962 paper, drawings remedies
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King, Carl L. Jr. Observation of an American Folk Culture: The Modern Deer Camp 1988, Fall. 17 Room 186 24.9.5 paper, photographs hunting, customs, deer, camps, work, receation
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Lancaster, Lynda Ann Superstitions About Babies 1965, Fall. 20 Loc. 513 MS F.16 6.38-1965 paper superstitions, beliefs, children, pregnancy, birth
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Lauderdale, Bertha From Leprechaun to Red Mule (Mulvagh Family) 1959, Summer. 24 Loc. 481 MS F.16 6.18-1959 paper, photographs Mulvagh family, immigration, Irish, lumber, work, songs, tales, legends, railroad, superstitions, ballads
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Leverette, Betty Home Remedies 1962, Spring. 19 Loc. 497 MS F.16 6.17-1962 paper remedies, herbs
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Lewis, Charlotte The Story: A Lewis History 1993, Spring. 13 Room 186 24.9.5 paper, duplicates of manuscript materials family histories, tales, anecdotes, treasure, Lewis, Breeden, Cabbell Lewis, Walter Lewis, Texas Rangers, Van Buren, Arkansas, mills, sorghum, Owen Breeden, agriculture, Lester Breeden, moonshine, whiskey, marriage
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Lewis, Thomas C. Children's Games 1964, Fall. 24 Loc. 508 MS F.16 6.22-1964 paper games, children
Lindsay, Jean Games 1959, Fall. 22 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 3 paper games, play parties, children, verse
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Lindsey, Joe My Father's Folklore 1971, Fall. 26 Loc. 529 MS F.16 6.7-1971 paper tales, recipes
Lisman, Elizabeth Diane Anecdotes About the Oil Business 1973, Spring. 28 Loc. 531 MS F.16 6.3-1973 paper industry, oil, tales
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L'Moore, Alford Children's Folklore 1961, Spring. 51 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 2 paper, clippings verse, games, children, jokes, humor, riddles, superstitions, beliefs
Logan, Nancy L. The Old Pioneer Young Thomas Logan and Descendants 1812-1960 1960, Summer. 30 Loc. 488 MS F.16 6.10-1960 paper, photographs, clippings family histories, Kingston, Arkansas, Madison County, feuds, buildings, Civil War, bushwhackers, tales, Uncle Bob, Logan family
Long, Terry Jodie Calls 1974, Fall. 38 Loc. 534 MS F.16 6.10-1974 paper Jodie calls, military, humor, verse, cadences
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Pearcy, Ervin E. Henry's Fabulous Model-T Ford 1958, Fall. 66 Loc. 478 MS F.16 6.64-1958 paper, photographs, clippings cars, Model-T Ford, tales
Peck, Julia Burton Legends and Stories of Hempstead County 1964, Spring. 18 Loc. 507 MS F.16 6.9-1964 paper tales, legends, Hempstead County, Arkansas, agriculture, watermelons, festivals, Hope, railroads, Cairo and Fulton Railroad, politics, violence, hangings, lynching, Mark Twain, Shover Springs, Guernsey, Rocky Mound
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Phillips, Mary A Collection of Jump Rope Rhymes 1971, Fall. 12 Loc. 529 MS F.16 6.8-1971 paper verse, games
Pickens, Bill Drinking Games 1960, Fall. 9 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 5 paper games, liquor, alcohol
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Pipkin, Daniel J. Jokes Passed On 1965, Summer. 26 Loc. 512 MS F.16 6.21-1965 paper jokes, humor
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Putman, Bill Darts! A Brief but Useful Guide to the Sport of Beer Drinkers 1979, Summer. 18 Loc. B1038 MS F.16 Su1979-6 paper games, darts, contests, history, Northwest Arkansas Dart Association, technique, language, customs
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Ray, Margaret E. Picture of a Still in Arkansas 1965, Summer. 4 Loc. 512 MS F.16 6.24-1965 paper, photographs, manuscript materials stills
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Reed, Leonette Children's Games 1969, Summer. 48 Loc. 523 MS F.16 6.20-1969 paper games, children, play parties
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Richmond, Patti Cooking with Friends and Relatives 1960, Fall. 27 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 7 paper recipes, technique
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Robinette, Ruthanne Playground Games at Leverett Elementary School 1979, [n.d.] 29 Loc. B1039 MS F.16 1979-8 paper games, children, verse
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Royce, Shirley Children's Games 1965, Spring. 44 Loc. 510 MS F.16 6.8-1965 paper children, games
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Rushing, Parker David 1958 Prairie Grove Folklore Convention 1960, Fall. 11 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 15 paper, photographs music, Prairie Grove, Arkansas, Max Hunter, University of Arkansas Music Department, Joan O'Bryant, William Harrison Burnett, Doney Hammontree, Fred High, Vance Randolph, May Kennedy McCord
Russ, George Paul Songs of the Civil War 1965, Summer. 64 Loc. 512 MS F.16 6.25-1965 paper, duplicates of manuscript materials, photostatic copies Colonel John R. Gibbons, Civil War, songs, Bauxite, Arkansas
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Sallee, Diane Through the Years With Mrs. D.J. Rutledge 1959, Fall. 11 Loc. 486 MS F.16 6.85-1959 paper Native American, Osage, cooking, politics, dances, religion, marriage, death, superstitions, beliefs, recipes
Sample, James G. & John M. Sheehan Boom Town Stories (El Dorado) 1959, Fall. 38 Loc. 486 MS F.16 6.86-1959 paper, photographs El Dorado, Arkansas, boom, oil, tales, Snow Hill Baptist Church, Zeke Morgan, Charlie Chapman, outlaws, cemeteries, Champagnolle Landing, relics, Boggs Well No. 1, schools, vernacular architecture
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Schnipper, Travis The Gesture Language 1962, Fall. 32 Loc. 501 MS F.16 6.43-1962 paper, photographs non verbal communication, body language, humor, gestures
Schulz, Elizabeth Games Played by Children Between the Ages of Five and Ten 1961, Spring. 35 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 2 paper games, children
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Sharpe, Charles Everette, Jr. Children's Riddles From Arkansas 1965, Spring. 62 Loc. 510 MS F.16 6.9-1965 paper riddles, children
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Sheehan, John M. & James G. Sample Boom Town Stories (El Dorado) 1959, Fall. 38 Loc. 486 MS F.16 6.86-1959 paper, photographs El Dorado, Arkansas, boom, oil, tales, Snow Hill Baptist Church, Zeke Morgan, Charlie Chapman, outlaws, cemeteries, Champagnolle Landing, relics, Boggs Well No. 1, schools, vernacular architecture
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Shollmier, Kenneth Old Recipes 1960, Fall. 16 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 7 paper recipes
Shorter, Nolan Lee Children's Games 1965, Spring. 24 Loc. 510 MS F.16 6.10-1965 paper children, games, play parties
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Simpson, Beulah D. Remedies 1965, Summer. 33 Loc. 512 MS F.16 6.26-1965 paper remedies, herbs
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Skaggs, Hazel Old Barns of the Ozarks 1963, Fall. 40 Loc. 505 MS F.16 6.32-1963 papers, photographs, drawings buildings, barns, vernacular architecture, Missouri, verse
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Smith, Teresa Lewis Quilt Patterns 1967, Fall. 77 Loc. 516 MS F.16 6.15-1967 paper, photographs, drawings quilts, patterns
Smith, Violet Rev. W.H. Smith Was Elected Arkansas State Representative in 1911 and 1913 1959, Summer. 15 Loc. 481 MS F.16 6.25-1959 paper, photographs Rev. Wilson Harvy Smith, biographies, work, railroad, preacher, Methodist, Washington County, Arkansas, Crawford County, baptism, revival, sermons, law, politics, farming, orchards, agriculture, livestock, horses, mills
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Steelman, Robert Bob Wills is Still the King; A Brief Look At the Life of the Father of Western Swing 1979, Spring. 13 Loc. B1038 MS F.16 Sp1979-10 paper Bob Wills, music, western swing, fiddle, biographies
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Stewart, W. Gene Card Games 1958, Fall. 29 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 3 paper games, cards
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Swearingen, Elizabeth Quilting as it Effected [sic] the Life of My Grandmother, Cora Montgomery Swearingen (photos) 1981, Fall. 12 Loc. B1041 MS F.16 F1981-10 paper, photographs quilts, quilting, crafts, family histories, customs
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Tabor, Sharon Nicknames 1963, Fall. 41 Loc. 505 MS F.16 6.33-1963 paper nicknames
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Taylor, Arthur Practices and People of Early Southern Timber Industry (1890's-1940's) 1990, Spring. 29 Room 186 24.9.5 paper, duplicates of manuscript materials industry, timber, Grant County, Arkansas, work, railroads, techniques, Lewis Taylor, camps, customs, lumber, machinery, tools, mills, sawmills, millponds
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Taylor, Marin Superstitions Related by Actors in Springfield, Missouri and Fayetteville, Arkansas 1979, Fall. 51 Loc. B1039 MS F.16 F1979-10 paper superstitions, beliefs, acting, Springfield, Missouri, Fayetteville, Arkansas, ghosts, ghost stories
Taylor, Martha Folk Tales 1963, Fall. 24 Loc. 505 MS F.16 6.34-1963 paper tales, ghost stories, Civil War
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Terrill, Clara Doss Miss Susie: Past and Present, Reminiscences of Mrs. Susan Burnett Doss 1959, Summer. 20 Loc. 481 MS F.16 6.28-1959 paper, photographs Susan Burnett Doss, biographies, work, nanny, remedies, dyes, quilts, sewing, astrology, gardening, flowers, decorations, songs, ballads
Thomas, Ann Dawes Weather Signs 1977, [n.d] 22 Loc. B1036 MS F.16 1977-8 paper, clippings superstitions, beliefs, weather
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Thomason, Scott Fiddle Making 1979, [n.d.] 5 Loc. B1040 MS F.16 1979-13 paper, photographs, audio cassette tape, drawings Violet Hensley, Missouri, fiddles, Yellville, Arkansas, tools, technique, fiddle making, oral histories
Thompson, Betty Personal Memorates and Premonitions and Legends 1969, Spring. 24 Loc. 521 MS F.16 6.10-1969 paper tales, legends, superstitions, premonitions, Civil War, ghost stories
Thompson, Franklin V. III El Dorado--Boom Town 1975, Spring. 35 Loc. B1034 MS F.16 Sp1975-1 paper, duplicates of manuscript materials, audio cassette tape El Dorado, Arkansas, booms, oil, industry, Union County, history, railroads, Constantin Refining Company, commerce, barrelhouses, Tommy Reeves, Sam Babb, Annie Laurie Spencer Dickinson, oral histories
Thompson, Harry Games 1959, Fall. 29 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 3 paper, drawings games, children
Thompson, Michael G. Folk Recipes 1959, Fall. 35 Loc. 487 MS F.16 6.94-1959 paper recipes, remedies
Thorn, Katy Folks and their Front Porches: Vernacular Architecture in the Ozarks 1998, Spring. 31 Room 186 24.9.5 paper, duplicates of manuscript materials vernacular architecture, Ozarks, Arkansas, saddlebag house, central hall cottage, dogtrot house, I-house, bent house, prow house, pyramid roof house, double-pile house, tales, Tebbett's House, Civil War, Prairie Grove Battlefield, customs, buildings, single pen house, double pen house
Timberlake, Don and Gene Cherry Cave Tales of the Ozarks 1961, Spring. 35 Loc. 493 MS F.16 6.1-1961 paper caverns, tales, outlaws, Jesse James, oral histories, mines, silver, Civil War, treasure, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Sulphur Springs, Belle Starr
Todd, Molly Fraternity Songs 1965, Fall. 45 Loc. 514 MS F.16 6.49-1965 paper songs, fraternities
Todd, Patrick A. Recipes, Food and Fiddle Faddle 1959, Fall. 23 Loc. 487 MS F.16 6.95-1959 paper recipes, tales, celebrations
Treadway, Ted Slave Owners in Pulaski County 1961, Spring. 9 Loc. 493 MS F.16 6.9-1961 paper Pulaski County, Arkansas, slavery, African American, records
Treadway, Tyler Queen Anne Houses in Little Rock's Quapaw Quarter (photos, map) 1981, Fall. 29 Loc. B1044 MS F.16 F1981 paper houses, buildings, Little Rock, Arkansas, Quapaw Quarter, Queen Anne style, customs, architecture, Frederick Hanger, maps
Tucker, Rick The Black Preacher: the Development of a Man Through Time 1979, Summer. 10 Loc. B1038 MS F.16 Su1979-8 paper African American, work, preachers, religion, slavery, customs
Turner, Cathy Autograph Verses 1970, Fall. 47 Loc. 528 MS F.16 6.32-1970 paper, drawings autographs, verse
Turner, Herman Arkansas Farming 1958, Summer. 22 Loc. 476 MS F.16 6.44-1958 paper farming, work, recipes, tanning, milking
Tyler, Ann Beatrice How Children Used to Play 1960, Summer. 17 Loc. 489 MS F.16 6.19-1960 paper Mary Celestia Parler, children, games, toys, recreation, biographies, Oza Louella Brown, Olga Kenney, Dora Lucille Patton, Mary Morse
Tyndall, Mrs. Virginia Sketches of the Life of Great-Grandmother Walker 1958, Summer. 9 Loc. 476 MS F.16 6.45-1958 paper, manuscript materials Stephens, Arkansas, biographies, Major John Wesley Walker
Ulick, Chris Bluegrass and the Bluegrass Mandolin 1979, Spring. 14 Loc. B1038 MS F.16 Sp1979-12 paper, audio cassette tape music, bluegrass, mandolin, Blue Sky Boys, Monroe Brothers, Bluegrass Boys, Bobby Osborne, Jessie McReynolds, Frank Wakefield, Greenbrier Boys, Country Gentlemen, folk revival
unidentified Games [n.d.] 38 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 3 paper, photographs, clippings, drawings games, children, verse
Upton, Virginia Some Customs Pertaining to Preachers and Churches 1962, Summer. 27 Loc. 499 MS F.16 6.33-1962 paper, photographs religion, churches, work, preachers, customs, weddings, celebrations, funerals, holidays, quilts
Van Scyoc, Eric The Bad Old Days-- You Can Have 'em 1975, Spring. 41 Loc. B1034 MS F.16 Sp1975-2 paper Dock Henson, customs, Springdale, Arkansas, work, murder, railroads, travel, mascots, football, whiskey, moonshine, work, tales, Wyoming, fighting, punishment, Fayetteville, Hindsville, bushwhackers, Civil War, ghost stories, remedies, superstitions, beliefs, games, ranching
Van Sickle, Jackie Legends and Tales of the Supernatural 1962, Fall. 45 Loc. 501 MS F.16 6.45-1962 paper tales, legends, supernatural, ghost stories
Vance, Timothy Give Me That Old Time Religion [n.d.] 16 Room 186 24.9.5 paper, duplicates of manuscript materials brush arbor, preachers, Jeff Yount, Missouri, biographies, highways, W.P.A., Depression, lumber, sawmills, commerce, revivals, religion
Vance, Timothy Give Me That Old Time Religion [n.d.] 15 Room 186 24.9.5 paper work, preaching, Rev. Jeff Yount, revivals, religion, Missouri, highways, travel, transportation, methodist, industry, commerce, lumber, campfire meetings, brush arbor, customs
VanHook, George Ellis, Jr. Folk Tales and Jokes 1969, Summer. 12 Loc. 523 MS F.16 6.23-1969 paper tales, jokes, humor, African American
Vanlandingham, Carl E. Names of Places in the Upper White River Valley 1961, Summer. 14 Loc. 495 MS F.16 6.31-1961 paper place names, White River Valley
Vaughn, Philip Lepanto's Terrapin Derby (news clips) 1981, Fall. 11 Loc. B1041 MS F.16 F1981-11 paper, duplicates of manuscript materials competition, Terrapin Derby, contests, celebrations, Lepanto, Arkansas, rules, parades, nicknames, newspapers
Velvin, Drew Tales of Lewisville 1959, Fall. 30 Loc. 487 MS F.16 6.96-1959 paper, photographs Lewisburg, Arkansas, Lafayette County, cotton, farming, Ethan Allen Murphy, Spirit Lake, buildings, Pebble Hill Female Institute, silent film, slavery, tales, ghost stories, Civil War, automobiles, murder, African American, punishment, hanging, lynching, saloons, commerce, outlaws, duals, churches
Velvin, Drew Jr. Jossie McConnico's Album [n.d.] 14 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 18 paper autographs, verse
Vervack, Emogene K. Old Remedies 1965, Summer. 26 Loc. 512 MS F.16 6.28-1965 paper remedies, herbs
Vines, Jimmy C. Historical Landmark Will House Museum 1965, Fall. 14 Loc. 514 MS F.16 6.5-1965 paper, photographs Will House Museum, Greenwood, Arkansas, jails, history, buildings, Sebastian County, relics, tools
Walker, Carolyn Beliefs About Where Babies Come From 1970, Fall. 30 Loc. 528 MS F.16 6.33-1970 paper babies, superstitions, beliefs
Walker, Ellen E. A Collection of Children's Games 1970, Fall. 35 Loc. 528 MS F.16 6.34-1970 paper, drawings games, children
Walker, John Tall Tales from the Southwest 1971, Fall. 32 Loc. 529 MS F.16 6.9-1971 paper tales, work, ranching, Southwest, legends, supernatural, ghost stories
Walker, Marjorie Lewisville, Arkansas in the 1920's 1973, Fall. 35 Loc. 532 MS F.16 6.15-1973 paper, drawings Lewisville, Arkansas, customs, games, Lafayette County, recreation, entertainment, commerce, holidays, tales, African American, superstitions, Ernie Deane
Walker, May and Diana Hockman The Rise and Fall of Carrollton, Arkansas 1958, Summer. 23 Loc. 475 MS F.16 6.33-1958 paper, photographs Carrollton, Arkansas, Charles Carroll, Native American, Mountain Meadow Massacre, Civil War, letters, Jay Hawkers, Carroll County Bowlder, Masonic Temple, Masons, songs, Carrollton Academy, Floyd Eddings, agriculture, ballads
Walker, Yugonda Folksongs 1969, Spring. 41 Loc. 521 MS F.16 6.11-1969 paper songs, ballads
Wallace, Willie Jean Legends of Madison County 1962, Summer. 34 Loc. 499 MS F.16 6.34-1962 paper tales, legends, Madison County, Arkansas
Wallis, Inez A Biography of Amanda Doss 1960, Fall. 9 Loc. 492 MS F.16 6.44-1960 paper, photographs, drawings Amanda Doss, biographies, Civil War, plantation, Civil War, Mississippi, family histories, work, bushwhackers, slavery, African American, Clarksville, Arkansas
Wallis, Inez Home Remedies 1960, Fall. 10 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 9 paper, drawings remedies, herbs, superstitions, beliefs, tales, cures, magic
Ward, Betty Lou Walk in the Land of My Fathers 1958, Fall. 19 Loc. 479 MS F.16 6.67a-1958 paper, photographs, manuscript materials family histories, farming, work, agriculture, depression, livestock
Ward, Edna Sketches From the Life of Mr. Jim Haywood 1960, Summer. 16 Loc. 489 MS F.16 6.20-1960 paper, photographs Jim Haywood, biographies, Mansfield, Arkansas, Bates, work, sawmills, lumber, dyes, recreation, commerce, mining, coal, mercantile, Cimarron Lumber Company, Scott County
Ward, Willene Watson No Great Soldier 1960, Summer. 46 Loc. 490 MS F.16 6.21-1960 paper, photographs family histories, James T. Ward, Lamar, Missouri, Barton County, George Edward Ward, travel, Civil War, songs, marriage, spies, Mexico, manganese, mining, Sugar Loaf, Arkansas, literature, Mena, Polk County, AR, outlaws, Belle Starr, obituaries, verse
Warr, Mike Tales, Legends, and Cures of the American Indian 1969, Summer. Loc. 523 MS F.16 6.24-1969 paper tales, legends, remedies, Native American, beliefs, superstitions, customs, religion, supernatural, burial, death
Warren, Robert L. The Folklore of Birth 1974, Fall. 30 Loc. 534 MS F.16 6.17-1974 paper children, babies, pregnancy, birth, superstitions, beliefs, remedies
Washburn, R.R., II University of Arkansas Slang Words 1968, Summer. 13 Loc. 519 MS F.16 6.20-1968 paper place names, University of Arkansas, sayings, slang
Wassell, Gayle Aggie Jokes 1973, Fall. 30 Loc. 532 MS F.16 6.16-1973 paper jokes, humor, riddles, Texas, Texas A & M
Watkins, Guy Folk Games of Hempstead County 1965, Fall. 40 Loc. 514 MS F.16 6.51-1965 paper games, Hempstead County, Arkansas
Watson, Carl D. Children's Games 1963, Summer. 17 Loc. 502 MS F.16 6.7-1963 paper games, children
Watson, Janet A Collection of Epitaphs 1963, Summer. 81 Loc. 502 MS F.16 6.8-1963 paper, photographs tombstones, cemeteries, epitaphs, gravestones, verse
Wax, Ada Wax General Store 1978, Fall. 27 Loc. B1037 MS F.16 F1978-7 paper, photographs, audio cassette tape Wax General Store, commerce, Gillham, Arkansas, general stores, Polk County, customs
Wear, Judy Curtis Country Funerals 1959, Fall. 10 Loc. 487 MS F.16 6.97-1959 paper, drawings death, customs, Branch, Arkansas, Witcherville, coffins, superstitions, beliefs
Weatherall, Auvergne Ghost Stories 1965, Summer. 26 Loc. 512 MS F.16 6.29-1965 paper tales, ghost stories, supernatural
Weatherton, George Ghost Stories 1963, Summer. 36 Loc. 502 MS F.16 6.9-1963 paper tales, legends, supernatural, ghost stories, Ku Klux Klan
West, Jack David Weather Indicators of the Ozarks 1970, Fall. 26 Loc. 528 MS F.16 6.35-1970 paper superstitions, beliefs, weather
Westervelt, Ann The Story of Bear, Arkansas 1958, Spring. 24 Loc. 474 MS F.16 6.21-1958 paper, photographs Bear, Arkansas, Mary Hudgins, Lost Louisiana Mine, economy, mining
Whelan, Arlene Ballet Book Collected Circa 1893 by Lucy Ann Daymude (1875-1937) and Effie Pearl Daymude (1875--), Near Columbus, Ohio 1954, Fall. 42 Loc. B1043 MS F.16 F1954 paper songs, Lucy Ann Daymude, Effie Pearl Daymude, ballads
White, Joyce Ellen Fortune Telling 1960, Fall. 30 Loc. 492 MS F.16 6.45-1960 paper, photographs, drawings, material artifacts superstitions, beliefs, supernatural, fortune telling, games
White, Kay How the Towns in Johnson County Acquired Their Names 1962, Spring. 7 Loc. 498 MS F.16 6.26-1962 paper place names, Johnson County, Arkansas
Wiehl, Dennis 19th Century Farm Plans of the Upper White River Valley (Drawings & Photos) 1979, [n.d.] 24 Loc. B1040 MS F.16 1979-14 paper, photographs, drawings architecture, technology, Washington County, Madison County, Arkansas, farms, vernacular architecture
Wilbourn, Jo A Collection of Autograph Verses and Sayings 1958, Spring. 32 Loc. 474 MS F.16 6.22-1958 paper autograph albums, proverbs
Wilcox, Robert C., Jr. A Thumbnail History of My Heritage 1960, Summer. 18 Loc. 490 MS F.16 6.22-1960 paper, photographs Bald Knob, Arkansas, travel, LaRenzo Steward, family histories, tales, hunting, Civil War, work, railroads, Iron Mountain Railroad, lumber, place names, farming, Marshall, dairy, tornados
Willett, Bill Sayings 1970, Fall. 29 Loc. 528 MS F.16 6.36-1970 paper sayings, proverbs
Williams, Christie The Life of Franklin Williams 1993, Spring. 11 Room 186 24.9.5 paper, photographs Franklin Williams, customs, hunting, calls, turkey, duck, quail, family histories, Beech Grove, Arkansas, Tyler Williams, Jerry Winn, agriculture, work, cotton, rice, soybeans, technique
Williams, Gary L. Quilt Patterns 1973, Spring. 49 Loc. 531 MS F.16 6.6-1973 paper, drawings quilts, patterns
Williams, Jackye Billy Joe Tatum: Wild Foods 1980, Fall. 10 Loc. B1040 MS F.16 F1980-15 paper, audio cassette tape food, customs, Billy Joe Tatum, recipes, herbs, plants
Williams, Kay Family Recipes & Remedies 1959, Fall. 19 Loc. 487 MS F.16 6.98-1959 paper recipes, remedies, herbs
Williams, Marci and Linda Lou Evans Traditional Neighborhood Games 1963, Fall. 19 Loc. 504 MS F.16 6.22-1963 paper games, verse, children
Williams, Mark Lost Bridge: Fact and Fancy 1978, [n.d.] 10 Loc. B1037 MS F.16 1978-6 paper, note cards Garfield, Arkansas, Lost Bridge, tales, legends, bridges
Williams, Paul X. & Robert E. Remy . A Brief History of Booneville and Mulberry and its Schools 1958, Fall. 16 Loc. 479 MS F.16 6.68-1958 paper, photographs, maps Booneville, Arkansas, railroads, banking, economy, roads, schools, Ace comb factory, Wagoner Bros. Manufacturing Company
Williams, William Hale Civil War Stories and Letters 1963, Fall. 30 Loc. 505 MS F.16 6.35-1963 paper, duplicates of manuscript materials, photostatic copies Civil War, tales, letters, songs, slavery
Williamson, Mark An Old Time Pastime, Hunkering 1959, Fall. 15 Loc. 487 MS F.16 6.99-1959 paper, clippings customs, hunkering, University of Arkansas, policy
Willis, Carl G. Some Foods and Medicines that Grow in Northwest Arkansas 1961, Spring. 20 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 12 paper, material artifacts remedies, food, plants, herbs
Willroth, Madelyn Hand-Me-Down Recipes 1960, Summer. 36 Loc. 490 MS F.16 6.23-1960 paper recipes
Wilmans, Jimmy Jackson County Folklore 1959, Fall. 41 Loc. 487 MS F.16 6.100-1959 paper Jackson County, Arkansas, Andrew Jackson, history, Louisiana Purchase, travel, transportation, family histories, Mildred A. Dorsey, Jacksonport, floods, plantations, schools, Devall's Bluff, Civil War, Reconstruction, verse, Mill Creek, Jim Andrix, tales, commerce, industry, sawmills, lumber, stills, moonshine, snakes, remedies, Mason's Bend, White River, Civil War, Reconstruction, Ku Klux Klan, railroads, Iron Mountain Railroad, Newport, ghost towns, politics, fires, Rock Island Railroad
Wilson, Linda Kay Letters to Miss Rhoda and Mary Jane Thomas and Lydia Neal 1962, Spring. 55 Loc. 498 MS F.16 6.27-1962 paper letters, Texas, Drakes Creek, Arkansas, Arizona, Native American, violence, punishment, verse, work
Wilson, Patricia Sue Folk Remedies 1960, Fall. 31 MC 1501 Box 4 Folder 9 paper remedies, herbs, superstitions, beliefs
Wilson, Richard Negroes in Mississippi County 1959, Fall. 10 Loc. 487 MS F.16 6.101-1959 paper, photographs Mississippi County, Arkansas, cotton, farming, agriculture, superstitions, beliefs, customs, work, labor, African American, sharecropping, honky-tonks, recreation
Wilson, Tom & Mebane Harrison Merriment for Children 1959, Fall. 42 Loc. 484 MS F.16 6.57-1959 paper, drawings games, children, songs, jokes, verse
Wilson, Tom & Mebane Harrison Sugar & Spice 1959, Fall. 30 Loc. 484 MS F.16 6.58-1959 paper, photographs recipes
Wilson, William Ingram The Kans Wilson Light 1968, Summer. 12 Loc. 519 MS F.16 6.21-1968 paper legends, tales, supernatural, Kans Wilson Light, Farmington, Arkansas
Winborn, Dena Mcllroy The Mcllroy Family 1960, Fall. 23 Loc. 492 MS F.16 6.46-1960 paper, photographs, manuscript materials oral histories, family histories, Mcllroy, St. Paul, Arkansas, Madison County, mercantile, commerce, Fayetteville, Washington County, Mcllroy Bank, University of Arkansas, Civil War, banking, railroads
Winborn, Dwight M. Old Ozark Liquor 1960, Fall. 24 Loc. 492 MS F.16 6.47-1960 paper, photographs, drawings recipes, liquor, moonshine, stills
Wing, Lisa Grandma's Cures and Remedies 1975, Spring. 6 Loc. B1034 MS F.16 Sp1975-3 paper remedies, herbs
Winn, Sue Quinn Old Journals and Letters 1963, Fall. 48 Loc. 505 MS F.16 6.36-1963 paper, duplicates of manuscript materials, photostatic copies diaries, letters, courting, Civil War, Camden, Arkansas, Mary Owen Sims, family histories, politics, Mexican War
Winn, Wilson Early History of Mississippi County 1982, Fall. 9 Loc. B1045 MS F.16 F1982-15 paper family histories, Mississippi County, Osceola, Arkansas, Robert Wilson, mercantile, commerce, farming, agriculture, J.W. Quinn, plantations, livestock, William P. Hale
Witherspoon, Jim The Polk County Possum Club 1958, Fall. 36 Loc. 479 MS F.16 6.69-1958 paper, clippings, drawings Polk County, Arkansas, Possum Club, jokes, symbols, initiation rites, Mena, feasts
Witherspoon, Judy Philpot Sketches of the Life of Fred Philpot 1959, Fall. 29 Loc. 487 MS F.16 6.10a-1959 paper, photographs, clippings, manuscript materials Fred Philpot, biographies, family histories, Mena, Arkansas, Polk County, tales, railroads, commerce, work, labor, Iron Range Company, saloons, P&M Chevrolet Company, Polk County Possum Club, Lum and Abner, Albert Middleton
Witte, Becky Children's Imaginative Play 1971, Fall. 30 Loc. 529 MS F.16 6.10-1971 paper games, children
Wittorff, Dorothy Scottish Highland Folktales 1979, Fall. 15 Loc. B1039 MS F.16 F1979-11 paper tales, legends, Scotland, clans, witches, superstitions, beliefs, monsters, fairies
Wommack, Dick The Woodcrafters of Brentwood 1958, Summer. 13 Loc. 476 MS F.16 6.46-1958 paper, clippings work, Brentwood, Arkansas, woodcarving, dolls, dancing dolls, Boston Mountaineers, Dorothy Cuneo, Edna Schupbach
Wood, Elizabeth (Smith) Early History of St. Paul, Arkansas-- including tales and songs of that era 1960, Summer. 35 Loc. 490 MS F.16 6.24-1960 paper, photographs, clippings St. Paul, Arkansas, history, railroads, St. Louis and San Francisco Railroads, commerce, industry, newspapers, baseball, tales, songs, ballads
Wood, Joel G. Moonshine 1972, Spring. 13 Loc. 530 MS F.16 6.13-1972 paper, clippings moonshine, whiskey, stills, punishment, tales, raids
Wood, Linda Diane A Study of Quilts 1973, Spring. 29 Loc. 531 MS F.16 6.7-1973 paper, drawings quilts, patterns
Woodson, Lesa Snake Tales and Goolie Young 1977, Fall. 9 Loc. B1034 MS F.16 F1977-7 paper tales, legends, snakes, Goolie Young
Woodward, Debby Sorority and Fraternity Songs 1969, Fall. 29 Loc. 524 MS F.16 6.31-1969 paper songs, sororities, fraternities
Worley, Martha Jane Recipes 1959, Fall. 21 Loc. 487 MS F.16 6.102-1959 paper recipes
Worthy, Susan Children's Games With Words 1970, Fall. 27 Loc. 528 MS F.16 6.37-1970 paper games, children, verse
Wray, Bige Riddles 1968, Fall. 36 Loc. 520 MS F.16 6.35-1968 paper riddles
Wright, Emma Children's Games 1969, Summer. 44 Loc. 523 MS F.16 6.25-1969 paper, drawings games, children
Wright, Ethel Holcomb Home Remedies 1968, Summer. 47 Loc. 519 MS F.16 6.22-1968 paper remedies, herbs
Wuest, Catherine Ann Life at Pea Ridge 1964, Fall. 21 Loc. 509 MS F.16 6.34-1964 paper, photographs Pea Ridge, Arkansas, Civil War, tales, Elkhorn Tavern, African American, slavery, bushwhackers
Yamakita, Mika Parodied Folklore of Japan 1982, Fall. 18 Loc. B1045 MS F.16 F1982-16 paper Japan, parodies, television, Momotaro, tales
Yates, Sandra Excerpts From the Early Life of My Grandparents 1960, Fall. 28 Loc. 492 MS F.16 6.48-1960 paper, photographs, clippings, drawings family histories, food, work, housekeeping, spinning, carpet, wells, molasses, Tennessee, Gibson County, soap
Young, Gina The Fayetteville Centennial Pageant of Jobelle Holcombe [n.d.] 13 Room 186 24.9.5 paper celebrations, centennials, pageants, Jobelle Holcombe, Fayetteville, Arkansas, University of Arkansas, drama
Young, Michael P. Two Brick I-Houses of Benton County, Arkansas 1978, Fall. 11 Loc. B1037 MS F.16 F1978-8 paper, photographs vernacular architecture, Benton County, Arkansas
Young, Rebecca Folk Recipes 1970, Fall. 62 Loc. 528 MS F.16 6.38-1970 paper recipes
Zotti, Wanda Lee Some of My Favorite People Are Italians 1958, Fall. 21 Loc. 479 MS F.16 6.70-1958 paper customs, beliefs, Italians, sayings, remedies, tales, recipes
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