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Ledgers, newspaper scrapbooks, clippings, photographs, and other papers, ca. 1861-1912
Manuscript Collection MC 1200
The collection was donated to the Special Collections Division by Walter Lee Brown, University of Arkansas history professor.

Processed by Vera Ekechukwu, April 1996. Special Collections Division, University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Contents of Collection (1 container)

It contains papers of the P.G. Henry family, ca. 1861-1892 (store ledger, receipts, letters, special orders, appointment papers signed by the then Governor of Arkansas, Isaac Murphy, and a recipe for magic soap); papers of the Ward, Jones, and Earle Families, ca. 1862-1879 (family letters with typewritten transcripts, last will, bills of sale, receipts, and other papers); papers of Hal L. Norwood, Arkansas Attorney General in the early 1900s, ca. 1896-1915 (correspondence, newspaper scrapbooks, and an incomplete issue of The Arkansas Gazette, July 19, 1899); miscellaneous papers, ca. 1872-1928 (newspaper and magazine articles, non-postal Arkansas stamps, published poem Arkansas by Blanche Chenault Junkin, reunion program, a booklet of admission tickets to the Democratic National Convention, Houston, Texas, June, 1928, and other papers); picture postcards (New Orleans, Louisiana, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, World's Fair 1933 in Chicago, Illinois, San Antonio, Texas, and others), twenty-three photographs (only ten pictures could be identified as Arkansas related: e.g., pictures of flooded Court House in Clarendon, Monroe County, Arkansas, 1927, a river terminal at West Memphis, Arkansas, ca. 1890, and a Conway-Bradley Grave Yard at Walnut Hill, Arkansas, the burial place of James S. Conway, first Governor of Arkansas; the rest of the photographs are either not identified or contain insufficient information to determine their origin); and slides of menus from Arlington and Eastman Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas. A special publication, "Centennial: Faulkner County & Conway, 1873-1973" by The Log Cabin Democrat, April 21, 1973, was removed from the collection to the vertical file in Special Collections. A microfilm is available in the Audio Visual Department.
Box 1
  1. P.G. Henry family, 1861-1892.
  2. Ward, Jones, and Earle families, 1862-1879.
  3. Hal L. Norwood, ca. 1896-1915.
  4. Miscellaneous papers and clippings, ca. 1872-1928.
  5. Photographs and slides.
  6. Postcards.
  7. Newspaper scrapbooks.

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