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31P, 13C, and 1H NMR Study of the Direct Interaction of Cocaine HC1 and Magnesium ATP

Bangs, Gene Lee; Hawk, Roger M.; Patangia, Debi      1995, volume 49, p.22 -29

1974 Nonflood-Stage Chemical Loads of the Buffalo River, Arkansas

Steele, Kenneth F.; Wagner, George H.      1976, volume 30, p.86 -87

A Biological Inventory of Meacham Cave (Independence County, Arkansas)

Thomas, D. J.; Boyd, M.; Crowell, K. M.; Curtwright, A. E.; Foll, M. N.; Kuehl, M. M.; McQueen, V. M.; Middaugh, C. R.; Moore, V. M.; Moreno, M.; Morgan, C.; Powers, M.; Robinson, G.; Schram, M. D.; Ward, K.; Ong, H. C.      2011, volume 65, p.126 -132

Abandoned Mine Fauna of the Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas: Vertebrate Taxa

Heath, Darrell R.; Saugey, David A.; Heidt, Gary A.      1986, volume 40, p.33 -36

Abnormalities in the Ozark Hellbender, (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis bishopi)

Wheeler, Benjamin A.; McCallum, Malcolm L.; Trauth, Stanley E.      2002, volume 56, p.250 -252

Abnormalities in the Ozark Hellbender, (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis bishopi) in Arkansas: A Comparison Between Two Rivers with a Historical Perspective

Hiler, Waylon R.; Wheeler, Benjamin A.; Trauth, Stanley E.      2005, volume 59, p.88 -94

Absence of Pasteurella pestis in the Wildlife of Arkansas

Corey, E. Reece; Paulissen, Leo J.; Swartz, Delbert      1963, volume 17, p.31 -33

Abundance and Seasonal Occurrence of Psorophora columbiae in a Northeast Arkansas Ricefield Community

Olson, Larry A.; Huggins, Julia A.      1983, volume 37, p.58 -61

Abundance, Diversity and Distribution of Benthic Macro-Invertebrates in the Flat Bayou Drainage Area, Jefferson County, Arkansas

Rickett, John D.      1979, volume 33, p.67 -70

Academy Since 1946

      1950, volume 3, p.3

Acanthocephalan Parasites (Echinorhynchida: Heteracanthocephalidae; Pomphorhynchidae) from the Pirate Perch (Percopsiformes: Aphredoderidae), from the Caddo River, Arkansas

McAllister, Chris T.; Amin, O.      2008, volume 62, p.151 -152

Acanthocephalan Parasites of Select Fishes (Catostomidae, Centrarchidae, Cyprinidae, Ictaluridae), from the Arkansas and White River Drainages, Arkansas

Mcallister, C.T.; Barger, M.A.; Fayton, T.J.; Connior, M.B.; Neely, D.A.; Robison, H.W.      2015, volume 69, p.132 -134

Accuracy and User Variation Associated with Slope Measurement Using a Laser Hypsometer

Hastings, C.; Weih Jr., R. C.; Liechty, H. O.; Harris, R.      2011, volume 65, p.49 -53

Accuracy Assessment of Recreational and Mapping Grade GPS Receivers

Weih, Robert C. Jr.; Gilbert, M.; Cross, J.; Freeman, D.      2009, volume 63, p.163 -168

Accuracy Assessment of the 2006 National Land Cover Database Percent Impervious Dataset

Long, D. E. II; Carr, J. D; Liechty, Hal O.; Stuhlinger, Chris      2013, volume 67, p.81 -86

Acidity Studies of Deuterated Acids and Bases Commonly Used as Buffers in NMR Studies

McConnell, Rose M.; Godwin, Walter E.; Stanley, Brant; Green, M. Shane      1997, volume 51, p.135 -140

Acknowledgment of the major sponsors of the Academy: Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission; Ouachita National Forest

      2014, volume 68, p.14

Acknowledgment of the major sponsors of the Academy: Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission; Ouachita National Forest

      2015, volume 69, p.15

Acknowledgment of the major sponsors of the Academy: Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission; Ouachita National Forest

      2013, volume 67, p.15

Acknowledgment of the major sponsors of the Academy: Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission; Ouachita National Forest

      2012, volume 66, p.16


Moore, Dwight M.      1951, volume 4, p.2

Acoustic Mapping of Aquatic Vegetation in Lakes: An Example from Northwest Arkansas

Polly, Angela M.; Boss, Stephen K.      2003, volume 57, p.221 -225

Activation of Long Descending Propriospinal Neurons in Cat Spinal Cord

Adams, Robert J.; Skinner, Robert D.; Remmel, Ronald S.      1980, volume 34, p.13 -15

Acute Effects of Exercise on Cognitive Performances of Older Adults

Pennington, R.; Hanna, S.      2013, volume 67, p.109 -114

Addendum to "Fishes of the Fourche River" in North Central Arkansas

Bounds, Steve M.      1977, volume 31, p.112

Addition to the List of Spiders Collected in Clark County, Arkansas

Dorris, Peggy Rae      1969, volume 23, p.91 -93

Additional Geographic Records for the Goldstripe Darter, Etheostoma parvipinne (Perciformes: Percidae), from Arkansas

McAllister, Chris T.; Robison, Henry W.; Tumlison, C. Renn      2007, volume 61, p.125 -127

Additional Information on Basicladia crassa Hoffmann and Tilden

Anderson, Robert G.; Sinclair, Clarence B.      1966, volume 20, p.25 -31

Additional Occurrences of the Bog Clubmosses in Southern Arkansas

Bray, James R.; Marsh, Daniel L.      1993, volume 47, p.131 -132

Additional Records and Updates on the Arkansas Flora

Davis, Richard      1981, volume 35, p.84

Additional Records of Arkansas Earthworms

Causey, David      1953, volume 6, p.47 -48

Additional Records of Distribution and Hosts for the Bat Bug, Cimex pilosellus in Arkansas

Steward, Tim W.; McDaniel, V. Rick; England, Daniel R.      1986, volume 40, p.95 -96

Additional Records of Terrestrial Isopods in Arkansas

Causey, David      1953, volume 6, p.49 -50

Additional Vertebrate Records and Natural History Notes from Arkansas

Connior, M. B.; Tumlison, C. Renn; Robison, H. W.; Placyk, J. S., Jr.; McAllister, C. T.      2013, volume 67, p.168 -172

Additions to the Aquatic Diptera (Chaoboridae, Chironomidae, Tabanidae, Tipulidae) Fauna of the White River National Wildlife Refuge, Arkansas

Chordas, Stephen W. III; Hudson, Patrick L.; Chapman, Eric G.      2004, volume 58, p.37 -45

Additions to the Arkansas Flora

Smith, Edwin B.      1970, volume 24, p.37 -39

Additions to the Fish Fauna of Piney Creek, Arkansas

Matthews, William J.      1978, volume 32, p.92

Additions to the Known Endemic Flora and Fauna of Arkansas

Allen, Robert T.      1988, volume 42, p.18 -21

Additions to the List of Schizocosa (Family Lycosidae) for Arkansas

Parker, Risa; Dorris, Peggy Rae      1995, volume 49, p.127 -129

Additions to the Strawberry River Ichthyofauna

Robison, Henry W.      1979, volume 33, p.89 -90

Additions, Deletions, and Corrections for the Atlas and Annotated List of the Vascular Plants of Arkansas

Smith, Edwin B.; Barber, M. Gwen      1979, volume 33, p.91 -92

Additonal New Records for the Arkansas Flora, II

Moore, Dwight M.      1952, volume 5, p.91 -94

Aeration, Phosphorous, and Lime Affect Nitrogen Mineralization in Imperfectly Drained Forest Soils

Bhangoo, M.S.; Albritton, D.J.; Shoulders, Eugene      1976, volume 30, p.16 -18

Age and Growth of Bluegill, Lepomis macrochirus Rafinesque, from Lake Fort Smith, Arkansas

Hogue, Jacob J.; Kilambi, Raj V.      1975, volume 29, p.43 -46

Age and Growth of Carp from Beaver Resevoir, Arkansas

Kilambi, Raj V.; Robison, Walter R.      1978, volume 32, p.91 -92

Age and Growth of Redear Sunfish Lepomis microlophus (Gunthur), from Bob Kidd Lake

Roberg, Rex R.; Prabhakaran, Thoniot T.; Kilambi, Raj V.      1986, volume 40, p.40 -41

Age and Growth of the Blue Catfish, Ictalurus furcatus, in the Arkansas River

Gray, D. Leroy      1970, volume 24, p.62 -65

Age and Growth of the Bluegill Lepomis macrochrius Rafinesque From an Unmanaged Watershed Lake in Northeast Arkansas with Observations on Lake Ecology

Sewell, Stephen A.      1985, volume 39, p.103 -106

Age and Growth of White Crappie, Pomoxis annularis Refinesque, from a Flood-Created Pond in Mississippi County, Arkansas

Sewell, Stephen A.      1979, volume 33, p.90 -91

Age and Huddling as Determinants of Metabolic Rate in Grasshopper Mice (Onychomys leucogaster)

Bailey, Meredith; Baeyens, Dennis A.; Mann, Lana      1979, volume 33, p.19 -21

Age Assessment of White Bass from Otoliths, Dorsal Spines and Scales

Kilambi, Raj V.; Prabhakaran, Thoniot T.      1989, volume 43, p.46 -48

Age Specific Analysis of Food Habits for Arkansas Raccoons (Procyon lotor)

Wilhide, J.D.; McDaniel, V. Rick; Tumlison, C. Renn      1992, volume 46, p.112 -113

Age, Growth and Condition of Largemouth Bass, Micropterus salmoides, of Lake Ashbaugh, Arkansas

Johnson, Ronald L.; Davis, Rosalyne M.      1997, volume 51, p.95 -102

Aggressive Interactions Between Male Cotton Mice (Peromyscus gossypinus) and Male Texas Mice (P. attwateri)

Peppers, John A.; Royal, David W.; Heidt, Gary A.      1991, volume 45, p.131 -133

Agronomic Evaluations of an Arkansas Rock Phosphate

Thompson, Lyell      1966, volume 20, p.11 -16

Al/PANI-MWNT/Au-Plastic Schottky Diode Solar Cells

AbdulAlmohsin, S.; AL-Mutoki, S. M.; Li, Z.      2012, volume 66, p.36 -40

Alcohol Increases Microglial Expression of Chemokine MIP-1 and MCP-1 mRNA

Kossover, Catherine L.; Kane, Cynthia J.M.      2004, volume 58, p.74 -83

Algae in Agricultural Fields from St. Francis County, Arkansas

Smith, T.      2008, volume 62, p.97 -102

Algal Assemblage Distribuation as Related to Seasonal Fluctuations of Selected Metal Concentrations

Rice, Ramona G.; Meyer, Richard L.      1977, volume 31, p.90 -91

Algal-Bryozoan Carbonate Buildups Within the Pitkin Limestone (Mississippian-Chesterian), Northwest Arkansas

Warmath, Alex T.      1976, volume 30, p.93 -94

Algebraic Relations for Property-Composition Curves of Binary Mixtures

Frank, Louis      1955, volume 8, p.165 -167

Allelopathic Observations in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) to Ducksalad (Heteranthera limosa)

Dilday, R.H.; Nastasi, Paolo; Smith, Roy J. Jr.      1989, volume 43, p.21 -22

Alumina and Synthesis Intermediates Derived from Diethylkaluminum Amide, Benzaldehyde and Water

Hall, Stephen E.; Wilcox, Lize; Tyree, William S.; Lindquist, David A.; Mazumder, Malay K.      2002, volume 56, p.69 -74

American Negro in 1901

Walker, Kenneth R.      1963, volume 17, p.56 -67

Amphibian, Reptile, and Small Mammal Associates of Ozark Pocket Gopher Habitat in Izard County, Arkansas

Connior, M.; Guenther, I.; Risch, Thomas S.; Trauth, Stanley E.      2008, volume 62, p.45 -51

An Analysis of Stomach Contents of the Ouachita Madtom in Three Streams of the Upper Saline River Drainage, Arkansas

Patton, Tom M.; Zornes, Mark L.      1991, volume 45, p.78 -80

An Infestation of the Bat Bug Cimex pilosellus on an Arkansas Population of Big Brown Bats (Eptesicus fuscus)

Price, Alan D.; McDaniel, V. Rick; Tumlison, C. Renn      1982, volume 36, p.98

Analysis of a Mixture of Several Dihalonicotinic Acids by Gas Chromotography and Gas Chromotography-Mass Spectrometry

Fossler, Cheryl L.; Setliff, Frank L.; Shaikh, Ali U.      1998, volume 52, p.46 -52

Analysis of Ammunition by X-Ray Fluorescence

Rapp, Michael W.; Townsend, Teddy L.      1994, volume 48, p.140 -143

Analysis of Arkansas Fur Harvest Records - 1942-1984: I. State and Regional Accounts

Heidt, Gary A.; Peck, James H.; Sheldon, Tiny; Clark, Joseph D.      1985, volume 39, p.80 -83

Analysis of Arkansas Fur Harvest Records - 1942-1984: II. Species Accounts

Peck, James H.; Clark, Joseph D.; Sheldon, Tiny;Heidt, Gary A.      1985, volume 39, p.84 -88

Analysis of Arkansas Fur Harvest Records - 1942-1984: III. Harvest-Price Relationships

Clark, Joseph D.; Heidt, Gary A.; Sheldon, Tiny; Peck, James H.      1985, volume 39, p.89 -91

Analysis of Gamma Rays and Cosmic Muons with a Single Detector

Bachri, A.; Grant, P.C.; Goldschmidt, A.      2010, volume 64, p.27 -32

Analysis of Gray Fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) Fur Harvests in Arkansas

Heidt, Gary A.; Peck, James H.; Johnston, Lew      1984, volume 38, p.49 -52

Analysis of Human TACC3 in Cellular Responses to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Still, I. H.; Lauffart, B.      2012, volume 66, p.150 -157

Analysis of Phytoestrogens by High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Grippo, Anne A.; Xie, Yan; Rougeau, L.; Wyatt, William V.      1999, volume 53, p.61 -66

Analysis of Regurgutated Short-Eared Owl (Asio flammeus) Pellets from the Roth Prairie, Arkansas County Arkansas

Smith, Ronald A.; Hanebrink, Earl L.      1982, volume 36, p.106 -108

Analysis of Solar Collector Surface to Air Flow Thermal Transfer Using Solid State Sensors and Microcomputer Interfacing

Eichenberger, Rudolph J.      1985, volume 39, p.121 -123

Analysis of the Fall and Winter Diet of the Bobcat in Eastern Arkansas

Tumlison, C. Renn; McDaniel, V. Rick      1990, volume 44, p.114 -117

Analysis of Wildfire Occurrence in Southeastern Arkansas, 1984-1987

Kluender, Richard A.; Thompson, Lynne C.; Callahan, G.W.      1988, volume 42, p.41 -44

Anatomical and Behavioral Aspects of Killing and Feeding by the Least Weasel, Mustela nivalis L.

Heidt, Gary A.      1972, volume 26, p.43 -54

Ann: A Set of Educational Neural Net Simulators

Malasri, Siripong; Franklin, Stanley P.      1991, volume 45, p.57 -60

Annotated Checklist of the Amphipoda of Arkansas with Emphasis upon Groundwater Habitats

Graening, G.O.; Slay, Michael E.; Holsinger, John R.      2005, volume 59, p.80 -87

Annual Temperature Study of Five Northwest Arkansas Lakes

Hoffman, Carl E.; Hulsey, Andrew H.; Nelson, Charles; Owen, Bobby; Tatum, Buford      1955, volume 8, p.144 -148

Anomalies of Limb Regeneration in the Adult Salamander, Ambystoma annulatum

Young, Henry E.      1977, volume 31, p.110 -111

Anomalous Concentrations of 58Co2 and 137Cs in Dardanelle Reservoir

Chittenden, David M. II      1986, volume 40, p.22 -23

Anomolies of Bobcat Skulls (Felis rufus) in Arkansas

Tumlison, C. Renn; McDaniel, V. Rick      1981, volume 35, p.94 -96

Anthropology and the Academy of Science: The Need for a New Role

Klinger, Timothy C.      1975, volume 29, p.75

Antibiotic Substance Produced by Rhizopus Nigricans Ehrenberg

Williams, Billy Joe      1954, volume 7, p.12 -13

Antiforce Wave Profile for Quasi-Neutral Region

Hemmati, Mostafa; Adhikari, Pashupati; Eckart, Jeremy; Ilbara, Marcus      2003, volume 57, p.76 -80

Antiques - Objects of Lateral Cycling?

Claassen, Cheryl      1975, volume 29, p.36

Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of Arkansas Post National Memorial

General, David M.; Thompson, Lynne C.      2007, volume 61, p.59 -64

Ants of Arkansas Post National Memorial: How and Where Collected

General, David M.; Thompson, Lynne C.      2008, volume 62, p.52 -60

Apparatus for Dielectric Constatn Measurements and Measurements for Water-Methanol Mixtures

Wear, James O.      1970, volume 24, p.80 -83

Apparatus for the Measurement of Atmospheric Attenuation of Light

Lyon, John E.; Woosley, Robert D.      1953, volume 6, p.79 -80

Application of a Modified Ziehl-Neelsen's Carbol-Fuchsin Stain for Observing Nuclei in Vegetative Hyphae of the Puffball Species Lycoperdon pyriforme

Huss, Martin J.      1996, volume 50, p.70 -74

Application of Geligam Software to the Analysis of X-ray Spectra

Saunders, R.S.; Pray, Harold L.; Eldridge, H.B.      1987, volume 41, p.115

Application of Machine Learning Principles to Modeling of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems

Clark, Murray R.      1994, volume 48, p.36 -40

Application of Palynology to the Study of Tertiary Rocks of the Coastal Plain of Arkansas

Jones, Eugene L.      1960, volume 14, p.38 -47

Application of Stable Operating Criterion to Grating Tuned Strong External Feedback Semiconductor Lasers

Sun, Haiyin; Mazumder, Malay K.      1992, volume 46, p.75 -76

Application of the Theory of Social Mobilization to Arkansas

Rainey, Gene E.      1961, volume 15, p.76 -86

Applying Binomial Statistics to Weighted Monte Carlo

McCloskey, Sue Ellen; Hall, William C.; Braithwaite, Wilfred J.      1998, volume 52, p.67 -72

Aquaculture Industry of Arkansas in 1979-1980

Fiegel, Donal H.; Freeze, Mike      1981, volume 35, p.40 -42

Aquatic Effects of a Localized Oil Spill on Lake Conway, AR and Its Tributaries

Kennon, M.E.; Bouldin, J.L.      2015, volume 69, p.60 -67

Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Fauna of an Ozark and a Deltaic Stream

Cather, Mary R.; Harp, George L.      1975, volume 29, p.30 -35

Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Taxa Present in Two Ozark Springs in Randolph County, Arkansas

Guntharp, G. Randall; Harp, George L.      1982, volume 36, p.88 -89

Aquatic Macroinvertebrates Collected from Thirty-two Missouri Ozark Streams

Harp. George L.; Harp, Phoebe A.; McCord, Samuel B.      2008, volume 62, p.61 -74

Aquatic Macroinvertebrates of the Hiatt Prairie Region, Frankilin County, Arkansas

Huggins, Julia A.; Harp, George L.      1983, volume 37, p.92 -94

Aquatic Macroinvertebrates of the St. Francis Sunken Lands in Northeast Arkansas

Cochran, Betty G.; Harp, George L.      1990, volume 44, p.23 -27

Aquatic Macroinvertebrates of the Strawberry River System in North-Central Arkansas

Harp, George L.; Robison, Henry W.      2006, volume 60, p.46 -61

Aquatic Macroinvertebrates of the White River National Wildlife Refuge, Arkansas

Chordas, Stephen W. III; Harp, George L.; Wolfe, G.W.      1996, volume 50, p.42 -51

Aquatic Macroinvertebrates of Three Acid Bogs on Crowley's Ridge in Northeast Arkansas

Farris, Jerry L.; Harp, George L.      1982, volume 36, p.23 -27

Aquatic Macroinvertebrates of Wapanocca National Wildlife Refuge

Harp, George L.; Harp, Phoebe A.      1980, volume 34, p.115 -117

Aquatic Macrophytes of Two Small Northwest Arkansas Reservoirs

Sullivan, John J.; Brown, Arthur V.      1994, volume 48, p.186 -191

Archaeological Investigation of Bayou Bartholomew, 1969

Rolingson, Martha Ann      1970, volume 24, p.13 -16

Area Course in Action

Claiborne, Elizabeth; Beach, Irving T.      1952, volume 5, p.155 -162

Arkansas Avifauna: Some Significant Findings, 1960-1964.

James, Douglas A.      1964, volume 18, p.50 -54

Arkansas Butterflies and Skippers

Paulissen, Leo J.      1975, volume 29, p.57 -61

Arkansas Endemic Biota: An Update with Additions and Deletions

Robison, Henry W.; McAllister, Chris T.; Carlton, Christopher; Tucker, Gary E.      2008, volume 62, p.84 -96

Arkansas Endemic Flora and Fauna An Update with 13 Additional Species

Robison, H.W.; Mcallister, C.T.      2015, volume 69, p.78 -82

Arkansas Field Botany (Flora and Vegetation) Bibliography (1988-2000)

Peck, James H.; Witsell, Theo; Foti, Thomas L.      2001, volume 55, p.104 -114

Arkansas Gray Fox Fur Price-Harvest Model Revisited

Elsken-Lacy, Peta; Wilson, Amy M.; Heidt, Gary A.; Peck, James H.      1999, volume 53, p.50 -54

Arkansas' Incendiary Wildfire Record: 1983-1987

Kluender, Richard A.; Thompson, Lynne C.; McFarland, R.J.; Steigerwald, D.M.      1989, volume 43, p.49 -51

Arkansas Lepidoptera Survey: A Preliminary Check List of Arkansas Species

Lovely, E. C.; Ettman, J. K.      2013, volume 67, p.180 -196

Arkansas' Position in Eastern United States Archaeology

Howard, Lynn E.      1951, volume 4, p.189 -196

Arkansas Pteridophyte Flora Update: A New Checklist and Additional County-level Occurrence Records

Pack, James H.; Peck, Carol J.; Taylor, W. Carl      1987, volume 41, p.113 -114

Arkansas Range Extension fo the Seminole Bat (Lasiurus seminolus)

Wilhide, J.D.; Baker, Brady; Saugey, David A.      1998, volume 52, p.140 -141

Arkansas Range Extensions of the Eastern Samll-footed Bat (Myotis leibii) and Northern Long-Eared Bat (Myotis septentrionalis) and Additional County Records for the Silver-Haired Bat (Lasionycteris noctivagans), Hoary Bat...

Saugey, David A.; McDaniel, V. Rick; England, Daniel R.; Rowe, Marsha C.; Chandler-Mozisek, Laura R.; Cochran, Betty G.      1993, volume 47, p.102 -106

Arkansas Range Extensions of the Seminole Bat (Lasarius seminolus) and Eastern Big-eared Bat (Plecotus rafinesquii) and Additional County Records for the Hoary Bat (Lasiurus cinreus), Silver-Haired Bat (Lasionycteris noctivagans) and Evening Bat...

Heath, Darrell R.; Heidt, Gary A.; Saugey, David A.; McDaniel, V. Rick      1983, volume 37, p.90 -91

Arkansas' Timber Resource: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Kluender, Richard A.; Willett, R.L.      1988, volume 42, p.48 -51

Arkansas Trilobite from Lower Ordovician Rocks

Taylor, John D.      1968, volume 22, p.107 -108

Arkansas' Wellhead Protection Program, with Discussion of Delineation Methodology

Cordova, Robert; Makin, Bobby      1995, volume 49, p.41 -44

Art and Culture Among the Ashanti of Ghana

Johnson, Charles E.      1970, volume 24, p.18 -24

Art, Science, or Trade

Green, Robert A.      1990, volume 44, p.49 -52

Artificial Neural Networks Used to Predict Electrical Properties of Polymers

Mitra, Sanjay K.; Luo, Qing; Darsey, Jerry A.      1997, volume 51, p.141 -143

Assault by Test and Battery

Fields, Sidney J.      1957, volume 10, p.21 -26

Assessing the Cost of Best Management Practices in Arkansas

Kluender, Richard A.; Weih, Robert C. Jr.; Corrigan, M.; Pickett, J.      1997, volume 51, p.103 -108

Assessing the Spatial Accuracy of Applanix DSSTM Model-301 Sensor Stereo Imagery using a Survey GPS Ground Control Network

Weih, Robert C. Jr.; Rowton, David W.      2007, volume 61, p.113 -119

Assessing the Vertical Accuracy of Arkansas Five-Meter Digital Elevation Model for Different Physiographic Regions

Weih, Robert C. Jr.      2010, volume 64, p.123 -128

Assessment and Characterization of Physical Habitat, Water Quality, and Biotic Assemblages of the Tyronza River, Arkansas

Wentz, N. J.; Henderson, N. D.; Christian, A.D.      2011, volume 65, p.143 -152

Assessment of the Modern Fish Assemblage in Mound Pond (Lonoke County) and Comparison with the Archeological Record

Fernando, A. V.; Eggleton, M. A.      2013, volume 67, p.46 -52

Assessment of Thermal Infrared Detection Rates Using White-Tailed Deer Surrogates

Kissell, Robert E. Jr.; Tappe, Philip A.      2004, volume 58, p.70 -73

Assessment of Timber Resource Values in Arkansas

Williams, Richard A.; Kluender, Richard A.      1992, volume 46, p.91 -95

Association of Mesocotyl and Coleptile Elongation with Seeding Vigor in Rice

Mgonja, M.A.; Dilday, R.H.; Skinner, S.L.; Collins, F.C.      1988, volume 42, p.52 -55

Attitude Changes Toward Mental Health as Related to a College Course in Abnormal Psychology

Trapp, E. Philip      1957, volume 10, p.30 -37

Attraction of Aerial Insects as a Fish Food Supplement

Merkowsky, Andrew J.; Handcock, Ambus J.; Newton, Scott H.      1977, volume 31, p.75 -76

Atypical Head Markings of the Ouachita Map turtle (Graptemys ouachitensis) in the Upper Ouachita River of Arkansas

Tumlison, R.; Surf, A.      2015, volume 69, p.157 -160

Automatic Still from Stock Glassware

Roberts, L.B.      1941, volume 1, p.69 -70

Autumn Foods of White-Tailed Deer in Arkansas

Nelson, Thomas A.; Eggering, Luke; Adams, Danny      1988, volume 42, p.56 -57


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