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Earl Lee Hanebrink: In Memorium

Robison, Henry W.      2004, volume 58, p.142 -143

Early History of the Arkansas Academy of Science

Ham, L.B.      1941, volume 1, p.3 -6

Early History of the Wolf, Black Bear, and Mountain Lion in Arkansas

Bowers, Annalea K.; Lucio, Leah D.; Clark, David W.; Rakow, Susan P.; Heidt, Gary A.      2001, volume 55, p.22 -27

Early Pennsylvanian Conodont-Ammonoid Biostratigraphy and the Witts Springs Problem, North-Central Arkansas

Eccher, Mary Ann; Murdaugh, Daniel J.; Hawkins, Wildon D.      1983, volume 37, p.22 -24

Early Stages of Prairie Restoration on a 1.5 Hectare Field in Faulkner County, Arkansas

Wright, Robert D.; Culwell, Donald E.      1982, volume 36, p.80 -81

Earthworms of Arkansas

Causey, David      1952, volume 5, p.31 -42

Eastern Boxelder Bug, Boisea trivittata (Hemiptera: Rhopalidae) Confirmation in Arkansas

Chordas, S.W., III; Mcallister, C.T.      2015, volume 69, p.130 -131

Eastern Spotted Skunk (Spilogale putorius) at the Ouachita Mountains Biological Station, Polk County, Arkansas

Hardy, L. M.      2013, volume 67, p.59 -65

Ecological Relationship Between the Occurrence of Squirrel Leaf-Nests in Different Types of Oak Forest Habitats

Fogel, Ned E.; Fogel, Chad L.      1959, volume 13, p.75 -82

Ecology of the Squirrel Treefrog (Hyla squirella) in Southern Arkansas

Connior, M.B.; Fulmer,T.; Mcallister, C. T.; Trauth, S. E.; Bursey, C. R.      2014, volume 68, p.52 -56

Economic Contradictions in eh Process of Western European Integration

Piotrowski, Marion L.      1963, volume 17, p.78 -87

Economic Impacts of Future Biorefineries in the State of Arkansas: An Input-output Analysis

Mehmood, Sayeed R.; Pelkki, M.H.      2009, volume 63, p.195 -197

Economic Importance of the Arkansas Deer Herd

Wood, Roy K.      1947, volume 2, p.65 -68

Economics of Rainbow Trout Production in Arkansas

Robison, Walter R.; Newton, Scott H.      1981, volume 35, p.90 -91

Ectoparasites of Sciurid Rodents in Arkansas, Including New State Records for Neohaematopinus spp. (Phthiraptera: Anoplura: Polyplacidae)

McAllister, C. T.; Connior, M. B.; Durden, L. A.      2013, volume 67, p.197 -199

Eddy Bluff Shelter of Beaver Resevoir of Northwest Arkansas

Morrison, James D.      1970, volume 24, p.85 -91


Moore, Dwight M.      1950, volume 3, p.2


Moore, Dwight M.      1947, volume 2, p.2


Moore, Dwight M.      1941, volume 1, p.2

Editorial Comments

Heidt, Gary A.      1981, volume 35, p.5

Educational Software Development Using Hypertext and Expert System Software Concepts

Malasri, Siripong; Easson, Roger R.      1990, volume 44, p.79 -82

Effect of Aerosols on Climate Change

Sun, Haiyin; Mazumder, Malay K.      1992, volume 46, p.77 -79

Effect of Bacterial Lipopolysaccharide-induced Fever on the Humoral Response of New Zealand White Rabbits

Hinck, Lawrence W.; David, Stanley N.      1992, volume 46, p.102 -103

Effect of Charge on the Depostion of Electrostatically Charged Inhalable Aerosol in Lung Model

Saini, Divey; Yurteri, C.U.; Grable, N.; Sims, Robert A.; Mazumder, Malay K.      2002, volume 56, p.146 -152

Effect of City Effluent on the Diversity of Aquatic macroinvertabrates of Sugar Creek, Clay County, Arkansas

Cargill, Kay; Harp, George L.      1987, volume 41, p.100 -102

Effect of Cold Shock on the Metabolism of Trichomonas Gallinae

Daly, James J.      1980, volume 34, p.45 -48

Effect of Culture Environment Upon Sporangium and Zoospore Production of Three Species of Phytophthora

Dale, J.L.; Jones, J.P.      1969, volume 23, p.136 -141

Effect of Dietary Galactose vs. Glucose with Corn Oil and with Hydrogenated Coconut Oil on Various Metabolic Functions in Rats

Coleman, Mabel R.; Carroll, Catherine      1965, volume 19, p.54 -58

Effect of Different Ionic Ratios of Nutrients on the Growth Response of Young Cotton Plants

Snyder, Freeman W.      1952, volume 5, p.79 -82

Effect of Domestic Effluent on Two Spring Surveys of Fishes in Lost Creek, Craighead County, Arkansas

Beadles, John K.      1970, volume 24, p.74 -75

Effect of Edwardsiella ictaluri Infection on Plasma Corticosterone Levels in Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus)

Cooper, Janice L.; David, Stanley N.; Beadles, John K.      1984, volume 38, p.23 -26

Effect of Estrogen and/or Supplemental Substrates on Uterine Utilization of Pyruvate for Lipid Synthesis

Harris, Julie W.      1976, volume 30, p.47 -49

Effect of Growth Substances on Phenotypic Expressions of the Knotted (Kn) Gene of Zea mays

Myers, Oval Jr.; Rhodea, Billy B.      1966, volume 20, p.32 -38

Effect of Insufficient Nutrients During the Seedling Stage on Growth and Yield of Cotton Plants

Snyder, Freeman W.; Riggs, Robert D.      1954, volume 7, p.36 -38

Effect of Ionizing Radiation on Trichomonas vaginalis: Increase in Red Pigmented Intracellular Bodies Associated with Irradiated Cells

Daly, James J. Sr.; Hostetler, Terryl L.; Baker, Max L.      2005, volume 59, p.196 -198

Effect of Light, Nitrogen, and Water Management on Rice (Oryza sativa) Tolerence to Fenoxaprop

Smith, Roy J. Jr.; Baltazar, Aurora M.;Nastasi, Paolo      1993, volume 47, p.116 -122

Effect of Limestone on Spring Weed Populations in a Fertilized Coastal Bermudagrass Sod

Fulcher, H.C.; Thompson, Lyell F.      1978, volume 32, p.88 -89

Effect of Media Constituents on In Vitro Culturing of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) Shoot Tip and Leaf Disk Explants

Brar, Mohanjeet, S.: Anderson, Edwin J. ; Morelock, Teddy, E.; McNew, Ronald W.      1997, volume 51, p.41 -47

Effect of Nitrogen Fertilizer on Milling Quality of Rice (Oryza sativa)

Dilday, R.H.      1988, volume 42, p.26 -27

Effect of Product Price, Interest Rates and Forestry Incentives on Financial Returns from Arkansas' Nonindustrial Private Forests

Jolley, James R.; Kluender, Richard A.      1994, volume 48, p.75 -82

Effect of Sodium Azide on Water Transfer in Root Tissue

Rachaner, Germaine      1951, volume 4, p.43 -56

Effect of Soil Buffer Capacity on Soil Reaction (pH) Modification and Subsequent Effects on Growth and Nutrient Uptake of Plantanus occidentalis L. Seedlings

Pope, P.E.; Vasey, R.B.      1976, volume 30, p.67 -70

Effect of Stocking Density on Channel Catfish Growth, Survival and Food Conservation Efficiency in Cages

Robison, Walter R.; Newton, Scott H.      1982, volume 36, p.101 -102

Effect of Stunting on the Growth of Blue Tilapia (Tilapia aurea, Cichlidae)

Torrans, Les; Lowell, Fran      1986, volume 40, p.98

Effect of the Payment-In-Kind (PIK) Program on the Psorophora columbiae Mosquito Population of a Northeast Arkansas Ricefield Community

Olson, Larry A.; Reid, Julia L.      1984, volume 38, p.93 -94

Effect of Thidiazuron and Benzylaminopurine on In vitro Shoot Proliferation of Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.)

Brar, Mohanjeet, S.; Al-Khayri, Jameel M.; Klingaman, Gerald L.;      1995, volume 49, p.30 -33

Effect of Tillage and Herbicide Treatments on Redvine (Brunnichia ovata) Subterranean Morphology

Gordon, E.C.; Keisling, T.C.; Oliver, L.R.; Castillo, T.A.      2002, volume 56, p.61 -68

Effect of Turf Fungicides on Earthworms

Roark, J.H.; Dale, J.L.      1979, volume 33, p.71 -74

Effective, Reliable, Inexpensive Cryofixation Device

Mink, Lawrence A.; Buchanan, Roger A.      1994, volume 48, p.257 -258

Effectiveness of Weight Control through Weight Watch Programs

Black, V.A.; Boumtje, P.      2010, volume 64, p.41 -49

Effects of 2, 4, 5-Trichlorophenoxyacetic Acid on Swiss-Webster Mice

Greer, Gerald S.      1977, volume 31, p.46

Effects of Agricultural Practices on Nutrient Concentrations and Loads in Two Small Watersheds, Northwestern Arkansas

Roggio, Robin G.; Steele, Kenneth F.; Vendrell, P.F.; Nelson, M.A.      1998, volume 52, p.85 -91

Effects of Annealing on the Electronic Transitions of ZnS Thin Films

Chiad, S. S.; Jabbar, W. A.; Habubi, N. F.      2011, volume 65, p.39 -42

Effects of Bacterial Lipopolysaccharide on Plasma Corticosterone Concentrations and Body Temperatures of New Zealand Rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

Wilkins, Phillip Keith; David, Stanley N.; Hinck, Lawrence W.      1992, volume 46, p.87 -90

Effects of Blue Tilapia/Channel Catfish Polyculture on Production, Food Conversion, Water Quality and Channel Catfish Off-flavor

Torrans, Les; Lowell, Fran      1987, volume 41, p.82 -86

Effects of Bridge Design on Placement and Shape of Cliff Swallow (Petrochelidon pyrrhonota) Nests in Southern Arkansas

Tumlison, R.; Kendall, K.      2013, volume 67, p.221 -224

Effects of Certain Cotton Insecticides on the Mourning Dove

Young, Howard; Hulsey, Andrew H.; Moe, Robert      1953, volume 6, p.43 -46

Effects of Channelization on Fish Populations of the Cache River and Bayou DeView

Mauney, Morris; Harp, George L.      1979, volume 33, p.51 -54

Effects of Commercial Fish Removal on Sport Fish Populations in Two Arkansas Reservoirs

Crawford, Tommie      1984, volume 38, p.30 -35

Effects of Domestic Wastewater Effluent on the Water Quality and Aquatic Macroinvertebrates in a Sharp County, Arkansas Stream

Moss, Linda E.; Harp, George L.      1993, volume 47, p.82 -85

Effects of Drosophila Ribosomal Protein S6 Kinase on Wing Growth

Stewart, M.J.; Hunt, J. L.      2012, volume 66, p.141 -149

Effects of Gamma Radiation on Salix nigra Marsh Cuttings

Gehring, Roy Z.      1985, volume 39, p.40 -43

Effects of Growth Temeperatures on the Fatty Acid Compostition of Isolated Chloroplasts From Two Species Differing in Heat Sensitivity

Gehring, Roy Z.; Todd, Glenn W.      1985, volume 39, p.44 -49

Effects of Herbicide Application of Foliar Morphology and Nutrient Concentrations in Mid-Rotation Pine Plantations

Dahal, Prabudhda; Liechty, Hal O.      2005, volume 59, p.51 -55

Effects of Hydroxyurea on Cultured Somatic Cells of the Chinese Hamster, Cricetulus Griseus

Neill, Charlotte; Guest, William C.      1967, volume 21, p.59 -63

Effects of Hyperbaric Hypoxia on Some Enzyme Systems in the Mammalian Liver

Baeyens, Dennis A.; Meier, M.J.      1978, volume 32, p.22 -24

Effects of Intensive N-K Fertilization on Exchangeable Ca and K in a Soil Profile

Allured, R.A.; Thompson, Lyell F.      1973, volume 27, p.13 -15

Effects of Juglone (5'-Hydroxy-1, 4-Naphthoquinone) on the Algae Anabaena flos-aquae, Nostoc commune, and Scenedesmus acuminatus

Randall, V. Diane; Bragg, Jimmy D.      1986, volume 40, p.52 -55

Effects of Light Regime and Season of Clipping on the Growth of Cherrybark Oak, White Oak, Persimmon, and Sweetgum Sprouts

Ficklin, Robert L.; Shelton, Michael G.      2007, volume 61, p.51 -58

Effects of Litter on Aquatic Macrophyte Germination and Growth

Carter, Mark F.' Lane, Forrest E.; Grace, James B.      1985, volume 39, p.29 -33

Effects of Low pH on Lactate Dehydrogenase Kinetics of Diving and Nondiving Reptiles

Baeyens, Dennis A.; Hurley, Salim R.      1986, volume 40, p.13 -16

Effects of Mississippi Delta Flooding on Spider Populations

Dorris, Peggy Rae      1974, volume 28, p.12

Effects of Predation on Two Species of Stream-Dwelling Crayfish (Orconectes marchandi and Cambarus hubbsi) in Pool and Riffle Microhabitats

Dukat, Heidi; Magoulick, Daniel D.      1999, volume 53, p.45 -49

Effects of Purified Salmonella enteritidis Endotoxin on the Immune Response of Balb/c Mice

Barnett, John B.; Jutila, John W.      1981, volume 35, p.15 -19

Effects of Retained Pine and Hardwood Basal Areas on Percent Cover of Plants Utilized by Bobwhite Quail

Peitz, David G.; Tappe, Philip A.; Shelton, Michael G.      1997, volume 51, p.144 -149

Effects of Saturated and Unsaturated Long Chain Fatty Acids on Various Components of Lipid and Carbohydrate Metabolism

Burgess, Joyce T.      1965, volume 19, p.59 -65

Effects of Science Crusade in Arkansas

Hemmati, Mostafa; Spillers, Heath      1999, volume 53, p.76 -79

Effects of Sewage Pollution in the White River, Arkansas

Brown, Arthur V.; Willis, Lawrence D.; Brussock, Peter P.      1983, volume 37, p.13 -18

Effects of Stock Type and Planter Experience on the Time Required to Plant Loblolly Pine Seddlings

Kluender, Richard A.; Yeiser, Jimmie L.      1987, volume 41, p.61 -62

Effects of Temperature and Crowding on the Pathogenicity of Edwardsiella ictaluri in Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus)

Johnson, Sharon L.; Hinck, Lawrence W.      1985, volume 39, p.55 -58

Effects of Urethan on Fish Epethelical and Fibroblast Cells in Vitro

Morgans, Leland F.      1971, volume 25, p.52 -55

Effects of Varied Intensity Resistance Training in Combination with Extra Mass-bearing Exercise on Bone Adaptations in Ovariectomized and Sham Operated Sprague Dawley Rats

Quimby, Donna; Hall, Kathy      1999, volume 53, p.94 -100

Effects of Various Treatments on the Distribution in Rats of Immune Complexes Containing Antigens of MuLV Leukemia Virus

Siag, Wail M.; Matchett, Jean; Jones, Joe M.      1982, volume 36, p.62 -64

Effects of Water Released From Stratified and Unstratified Reservoirs on the Downstream Water Quality

Smith, Stephen B.      1982, volume 36, p.65 -68

Effects of Welding Electropolished Stainless Steel as Used in Ultra-Pure Fluid Delivery Systems for the Semiconductor and Pharmaceutical Industries

Trigwell, Steve; Selvaduray, Guna      2002, volume 56, p.198 -205

Efficiency in Collecting Fossils

Ball, Kenneth M.; Davis, Leo Carson      1990, volume 44, p.13 -15

Efficiency of Different Storage Methods for Preserving Lake Trout (Salvelinus namacush) Eye Tissue

Joiner, Basil L.; Sylvester, Joseph R.; Kincard, Harold L.      1987, volume 41, p.109 -110

Egg Mass Characteristics of Terrestrial Morphs of the Mole Salamander, Ambystoma talpoideum (Caudata:Ambystomatidae), from Northeastern Arkansas and Clutch Comparisons with Other Ambystoma Species

Trauth, Stanley E.; Cox, Robert L. Jr.; Wilhide, J.D.; Worley, Hilary J.      1995, volume 49, p.193 -196

Eggtooth Development and Morphology in the Six-lined Racerunner Cnemidophorus sexlineatus (Sauria: Teiidiae) Using Scanning Eletron Microscopy

Trauth, Stanley E.      1988, volume 42, p.84 -85

Eimeria wenrichi (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) from the Woodland Vole, Microtus pinetorum (Rodentia: Cricetidae), in Central Arkansas: A New Host and Geographic Record

McAllister, Chris T.; Seville, R.; Upton, Steve J.      2008, volume 62, p.153 -154

Electric Discharge: Boundary Conditions

Hemmati, Mostafa; Justice, Chris      2004, volume 58, p.65 -69

Electrochemical Polymerization of PPy-MWCNT composite as a Counter Electrode for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

AbdulAlmohsin, S.; AL-Mutoki, S. M.; Li, Z.      2012, volume 66, p.31 -35

Electrochemistry of Dihalogenated Nicotonic Acids in Aqueous and Aprotic Media

Shaikh, Ali U.; Dixon, Tappi A.; Battles, Lourie A.; Setliff, Frank L.      1986, volume 40, p.59 -61

Electrodeposition of Copper Indium Sulfide Films from Organic Solutions

Raza, Arif; Engelken, Robert; Kemp, Brandon; Khan, Imran; Aleem, Wasim; Barber, Chris      1996, volume 50, p.99 -104

Electron Shock Waves

Terry, Frances; Hemmati, Mostafa      1999, volume 53, p.154 -155

Electron Shock Waves

Hemmati, Mostafa; Weller, Michael; Duncan, Taylor      2006, volume 60, p.62 -66

Electron Shock Waves: Effect of Current on Electron Temperature and Density

Hemmati, Mostafa; Doss, Mathues Shane      1997, volume 51, p.90 -94

Electron Shock Waves: Ionization Rate and Solutions to the EFD Equations

Hemmati, Mostafa; Summers, Steven; Weller, Michael      2007, volume 61, p.65 -70

Electrophoretic Analysis of Blood Serum Protiens in Three Species of Water Snakes (Genus Nerodia)

Garnett, Phyllis J.      1979, volume 33, p.32 -34

Electrophoretic Patterns of Plasma Proteins and Hemoglobin of the Pigeon Columba liva domestica

Snow, Lloyd D.; Hanebrink, Earl L.; Johnson, Bob D.      1969, volume 23, p.80 -87

Electrophoretic Patterns of Serum Proteins in Two Subspecies of Odocoileus virginianus

Jackman, Greg S.; Garnett, Phyllis J.      1976, volume 30, p.50 -51

Electrostatic Charge Polarity Effect on Respiratory Deposition in the Glass Bead Tracheobronchial Airways Model

Ali, Mohammed; Mazumder, Malay K.; Reddy, Rama N.; Mariofanna, Milanova; Zhang, Jing; Biris, Alexandru S.      2007, volume 61, p.20 -26

Electrostatic Microencapsulation of Composite Particulate Materials for Manufacturing and Environmental Applications

De, S.; Pritchett, M.; Mazumder, Malay K.; Sims, Robert A.; Yurteri, C.U.; Biris, Alexandru S.; Rego. A.      2002, volume 56, p.47 -51

Elementary Chemical Calculations

Amis, Edward.S.      1955, volume 8, p.170 -172

Elements Delimiting the Boston Mountains of Arkansas as a Geographic Region

Maxfield, O. Orland      1951, volume 4, p.149 -154

Empirical Model for the Variarion in Concentration of Metal Ions During a Precipitation Event

Chittenden, David M. II; Chittenden, Julie D.      2001, volume 55, p.28 -31

Endemic Flora and Fauna of Arkansas

Robison, Henry W.; Smith, Kenneth L.      1982, volume 36, p.52 -57

Energy-Loss Particle Identification in 2-D Silicon Drift Detectors

Maudlin, G. Douglas; Rollefson, A.A.; Braithwaite, Wilfred J.      1995, volume 49, p.104 -108

Enhanced Phagocytosis of Salmonella enteritidis with Hypoagglutinating Mouse Antisera

Lockhardt, Jack; Paulissen, Leo J.      1966, volume 20, p.85 -94

Enhancing an Engineering Learning Environment

Palazolo, Paul J.; Brackin, Patricia      1990, volume 44, p.132 -133

Enigma of Penstemon Tenius Small (Scrophulariceae)

McWilliam, Aileen L.      1968, volume 22, p.57 -61

Enlarged Posterior Maxillary Teeth in the Scarlet Snake, Cemophora coccinea (Serpentes:Colubridae), Using Scanning Electron Microscopy

Trauth, Stanley E.      1993, volume 47, p.157 -160

Environmental Adaptation: The Otomi Indians of the Mezquital Valley

Young, Gloria A.      1971, volume 25, p.20 -23

Environmental Analysis of the Caddo River and its Tributaries: Comparison of Water Quality During 1992 with 1974-75

House, Kelly L.; Bragg, Jimmy D.; Kuyper, Clark; Thomas, T. Kent; Tumlison, C. Renn      1993, volume 47, p.61 -63

Enzymatic Evidence that Leucine from Tentoxin in Levorotatory

Daniel, J.T.; Templeton, George E.      1970, volume 24, p.47 -48

Enzymes in Heloderma horridum Venom

Murphy, S.A.; Johnson, Bob D.; Sifford, D.H.      1976, volume 30, p.61 -63

Eocene Flora of Northern Crowley's Ridge, Arkansas

Herron, Ellis Doyle      1953, volume 6, p.65 -66

Epidermal Papilloma in an Ozark Hellbender (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis bishopi) from the Spring River of Northwest Arkansas

Trauth, Stanley E.; Harshbarger, John C.; Daniel, Patrick      2002, volume 56, p.190 -197

Epidermal Pore of Oxcymitra Paleacea Bischoff

Wittlake, Eugene B.      1958, volume 11, p.11 -14

Epidermal Ridge Formation During Limb Regeneration in the Adult Salamander, Ambystoma annulatum

Young, Henry E.      1977, volume 31, p.107 -109

Equations of Variation for Ordinary Differential Equations on Manifolds

Bennett, J.B.      1988, volume 42, p.109 -110

Establishing Baseline Nutrient and Sediment Input in the Lower Cache River Watershed, AR

Gilmer, A. M.; Rosado-Berrios, C. A.; Bouldin, J. L.      2012, volume 66, p.62 -66

Establishment of a Dictatorship in Florence in 1342

Becker, Marvin B.      1952, volume 5, p.121 -126

Estimated Growth and Standing Crop of Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) from Lake Elmdale

Zdinak, Alex Jr.; Kilambi, Raj V.; Galloway, Marvin L.      1980, volume 34, p.101 -103

Estimates of Error in Numerical Integration

Hoover, Dorothy M.      1955, volume 8, p.204 -207

Estimating Milky-Way Dark Matter: Its Amount and Distribution

Clayton, Jeffery E.; McCloskey, Sue Ellen; Braithwaite, Wilfred J.      1996, volume 50, p.115 -119

Evaluation of a Fin Ray Scarring Technique for Individually Marking Fish

Torrans, Les; Lowell, Fran; Clemens, Howard      1986, volume 40, p.96 -97

Evaluation of a Frame Trawl and Tucker Trawl for Sampling Young-of-the-Year Fish

Dewey, Michael R.; Moen, Thomas E.      1983, volume 37, p.19 -21

Evaluation of a Full-Fat Soybean Ration for Channel Catfish Production in Cages

Newton, Scott H.; Robison, Walter R.; Haskins, Calvin J.      1980, volume 34, p.84 -85

Evaluation of Apohspaeria amaranthi as a Bioherbicide for Pigweed (Amaranthus Spp.)

Mintz, A.S.; Weidmann, G.J.      1991, volume 45, p.66 -67

Evaluation of Cross Pollination of Zephyranthes and Habranthus Species and Hybrids

Chowdhury, Moytri Roy; Hubstenberger, John      2006, volume 60, p.113 -118

Evaluation of Particulate Air Filters for Indoor Air Cleaning

Clark, Murray R.; Tennal, Kevin; Rimmer, Thomas; Mazumder, Malay K.      1991, volume 45, p.119 -121

Evaluation of Photodiode Arrays for Use in Rocket Plume Monitering and Diagnostics

Snider, Dallas; Hudson, M. Keith; Shanks, Robert B.; Cole, Reagan      1994, volume 48, p.174 -180

Evaluation of Plantings for Wildlife on a Power Line Right of Way in Southern Arkansas

Pierce, Robert A.; Kirkwood, Robert T.      1977, volume 31, p.83 -89

Evaluation of Striped Bass (Morone saxatillis) Age from Body Scales, Opercles, and Dorsal Spines

Kilambi, Raj V.; Prabhakaran, Thoniot T.      1987, volume 41, p.110 -111

Evaluation of Sugar Cane Bagasse and Rice Straw as Process Substrates for the Production of Ethyl Alcohol

Rivers, Douglas B.; Zanin, Gisella M.; Emert, George H.      1984, volume 38, p.95 -96

Evaluation of Three Types of Forest Openings as Habitat for Wild Turkeys

Nelson, Thomas A.      1999, volume 53, p.150 -153

Evaluation of Undergraduate Courses Taught by Biology Teachers

Moore, Jewel E.; Kirkwood, Robert T.      1979, volume 33, p.87 -88

Evolution of the Missouri System

Collett, Kay G.      1965, volume 19, p.105 -112

Exact Test for Simple Correlation In Analysis of Dispersion

Dunn, James E.      1969, volume 23, p.209 -212

Examination of the Cell Wall of Micrasterias Radiosa Var radiosa (Conjugatophyceae) by Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy

Akin, Jennifer A.; Meyer, Richard L.      1996, volume 50, p.17 -21

Exceptional Decision: The Trial of Professor Richard T. Ely by the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin, 1894

Rolnick, Stanley R.      1955, volume 8, p.198 -203

Excerpts of Governor Bill Clinton's Address to the Arkansas Academy of Sciences

Clinton, Bill      1979, volume 33, p.12

Existentialist Philosophies and Political Decline

Bultmann, William A.      1954, volume 7, p.87 -90

Experimental Channel Catfish Virus Infection Mimics Natural Infection of Channel Catfish

Stingley, Robin L.; Gray, Wayne L.; Griffin, Billy R.; Landes, Reid      2003, volume 57, p.181 -186

Experimental Testing Program in Elementary Chemistry: A Preliminary Report

Broach, Billie G.; Hodges Howard L.      1976, volume 30, p.27 -29

Experiments in Aerial Photography

Printup, Dan      1969, volume 23, p.24 -28

Extracellular Phosphodiesterase from the Growth Medium of the Myxomycete Physarum flavicomum

Lunch, Thomas J.; Farrell, Mary E.      1984, volume 38, p.60 -63

Extractable Nutrients and pH Values from Nine Soil Associations of Arkansas

Tennille, A.W.      1973, volume 27, p.47 -48

Extralimital Hummingbirds in Arkansas

Shepherd, William M.; Neal, Joseph C.; Foti, Thomas L.; James, Douglas A.      1988, volume 42, p.113 -115


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