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Merck Index - 14th edition

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Dates: 14th edition
Full-Text: Yes
Operators: Connectors: NEAR, OR, AND NOt
Wildcrds: automatic stemming
Adjacency: place phrases in quotes.
Description: Describes significant chemicals, drugs, and biological substances. Search or browse by compound name or reaction.
The ChemDraw browser plugin is required for structure searches. The University of Arkansas has a site license for ChemDraw, current students, faculty, and staff may download it at the UA downloads page. Instructions:
  1. Go to (you need to register only if you have not registered before. Registered users can start the process from point 3 onwards)
  2. Register with your uark email address
  3. Go to
  4. Enter your user name (your institutional email id is your user name) and password.
  5. Go to 'My Site Subscription' on the right panel.
  6. Click on 'Download Site Subscription Software'.
  7. Continue with the process and the Serial number will be emailed to you with important information.
In case you do not receive an email with your codes, please check your spam filters or visit, log in with your email ID & Password, click on 'My Downloads'. You will be able to see the details and the serial number.
Help: User Manual
Note: Requires ChemDraw browser plugin for structure searching.
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