Past Exhibits at David W. Mullins Library

From <i>Let There Be Light, 100 Black Men</i> by Andrew Kilgore

Let There Be Light, 100 Black Men
(August-October, 2016)

Image of Vineyard Community Church by Cathy Padgett


People, Places, and Thinks
(September-November, 2015)

image of Beautifully Torn Garment

black lace.arrangements
(May-August, 2015)

Politics Past in Arkansas Exhibit

Politics Past in Arkansas
(October-February, 2015)

He Who Scratches With His Hands, Lost Cat Series

Reclaimed Surfaces by Gregory Moore
(September-October, 2013)

Exhibit image for Out of the Closet.

Out of the Closet
(May-September, 2013)

Friedrich Gerstäcker and an alligator on an Arkansas river.

Gerstaecker's Arkansas
(October-December, 2012)

Alice Ghostley appearing on the Merv Griffin Show, 1970.

John Paul Hammerschmidt in the Army Air Corps.

Congressman John Paul Hammerschmidt
(September-November, 2011)

Illusory II


Beauty and Identity by LaToya Hobbs
(January-February, 2011)

Senator David Pryor at Desk

Vampires of Argentina

Works by Matthew Lyman
(September-November, 2010)

Diane Divers Blair 1938-2000

Diane Blair Papers
(March-August, 2010)

J. W. Fulbright at desk, University of Arkansas

Highlights from the Collections
(January-April, 2010)

Charles Darwin: Richmond portrait

Charles Darwin Anniversary
(June-April, 2010)

Adara (ah DAH rah): Exalted One

"She Who Is Brown" by Delita Martin
(January-February, 2010)

Moon Tree #7

"Works" by Michael J. Riha
(November-December, 2009)


Crazy Horse Monument, Custer, S.D. 2003

Fine Arts Library: Michael Peven
(October-December, 2008)

The Bridge--Spoor's, circa 1923.

Caretakers by John L. Newman.

Caretakers by John L. Newman
(May-September, 2008)

Special Collections staff celebrate forty years

Picnic Island, oil on board, 2000

Kristin Musgnug
(December-May, 2008)

Waders 1

Edward Wade, Jr.
(March-May, 2008)

Madame Queen.

George Hunt
(January-February, 2008)

Celtic Fabric

Kate Venus
(December-February, 2008)

Those Drafting Blues, a World War I era sheet music published in Chicago by Griffin Music House, with words and music by Maceo Pinkard.

My America: Blues in Arkansas
(October-November, 2007)

Daffodils at Garvan Woodland Gardens

Beauty and the Brush
(May-June, 2006)

Mom at the old home place

Family Photo Album by Bobby C. Martin
(November-December, 2005)


East Texas Playground

The Artistic Legacy of John Biggers
(January-February, 2005)

Adagio #1 (graphite) - Marjorie Williams-Smith, 1990 (17” X 13”)

Drawings by Marjorie and Aj
(January-March, 2004)

“Afternoon, Boboli” (oil on board) 2002

Small Works by Jacqueline Golden
(October-November, 2003)

“Red Dog” (design by Karen Kluttz) - Kate Kluttz

Library Staff Exhibit, 2003
(July-August, 2003)

“Portence Pigeon”

Works on Paper by Steven Wise
(October-November, 2002)

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