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James J. Hudson Papers

Teaching and research papers, 1913-1990

Manuscript Collection 1118


James J. Hudson (1919-1991) was a historian, World War II fighter pilot, and University of Arkansas Graduate School dean.  Born in Lavaca, Arkansas, Hudson attended the University of Arkansas during the 1940s where he earned his bachelor and master's degrees in history.  He received a doctorate from the University of California at Berkeley in 1952.  During World War II, Hudson served in the United States Army Air Corps as a fighter pilot in the European theater and was decorated for bravery in combat.  He began teaching at the University of Arkansas in 1952, specializing in military and Civil War history, and became dean of the Graduate School in 1972.  His writing and research interests centered mainly on military aviation and the Civil War.  Hudson published two books on World War I flyers, Hostile Skies: A Combat History of the American Air Service in World War I (1968) and In Clouds of Glory: American Airmen Who Flew With the British During the Great War (1990).


The bulk of Hudson's research papers on military aviation history, including the drafts of his second book, have been donated to the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The materials remaining in this collection represent a selection of documents pertaining to Hudson's career as a scholar and historian; teaching materials used by Hudson while conducting classes at the University of Arkansas, including a selection of student papers written by participants in Hudson's classes; Hudson's research materials and writings pertaining to the American Civil War and general military history; research papers collected or created by Hudson pertaining to Captain Field E. Kindley, a World War I ace. The folders in each series have been topically labeled.

Class lecture notes, research materials, student essays, and personal documents pertaining to James J. Hudson were donated to Special Collections, May 8, 1991, by Mabel Hudson of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

RESTRICTIONS:  The student essays and research papers are available for research use only.  The copyright remains with the individual authors.  Permission to quote for publication sections from any of the student papers must be obtained from the individual authors.

Processed by Kim Allen Scott, Special Collections Division, University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville, Arkansas in January, 1992.

 1.8 linear feet (5 containers)

Series 1.  Selected career documents, 1944-1990 (Box 1)
Series 2.  Teaching materials, ca. 1960-1989 (Boxes 1-2)
Series 3.  Writing and research files, ca. 1960-1989 (Boxes 3-4)
Series 4.  Field E. Kindley materials, 1913-ca. 1959 (Box 5)

Series 1.  Selected career documents, 1944-1990 (Box 1)

Letters, commissions, photographs, and other papers pertaining to Hudson's early academic and military career, membership in historical associations, and professional activities.

Box 1

 1. Early career, 1944-1962
 2. Newspaper clippings
 3. Organization of American Historians
 4. Prairie Grove Battlefield Commission
 5. Other organizations
 6. Commencement address, no date
 7. Photographs, ca. 1940

Series 2.  Teaching materials, ca. 1960-1989 (Boxes 1-2)

Classroom lecture notes, syllabi, tests, and student essays created or collected by Hudson while teaching Civil War history, military history, and general United States history at the University of Arkansas.  Folders 8-22 of Box 1 are lecture notes and classroom materials.  Folders 1-23 of Box 2 are student papers created under the direction of Hudson by participants in his regular classes and special seminars.  The author's name and a shortened form of the title has been indicated for each student paper.  Folder 24 of Box 2 contains autographed copies of reprinted articles by Hudson's colleagues, also used in his lectures.

Box 1 (cont'd)

 8. General military history
 9. General United States history
 10. Ancient war
 11. Napoleon
 12. Revolutionary war
 13. Civil War
 14. Populism and the 1890s
 15. Spanish American war
 16. T.R. and the Progressives
 17. World War I
 18. 1920s
 19. World War II
 20. World War II
 21. Korea
 22. 1960s

Box 2

 1. Military history seminar
 2. Algee, Harold. "Minos Miller".
 3. Algee, Harold. "Union Navy."
 4. Arrington, Mike, "Fort Pillow."
 5. Arrington, Mike, "Thomas A. Cardwell."
 6. Carver, John G., "Study of War."
 7. Covington, Samuel A., "First Kansas Colored."
 8. Gill, Esther, "Indian Troops."
 9. Gill, Esther, "William Ward Orme."
 10. Heerwagen, Louie M., "The First and the Last."
 11. Kinzer, Calvin C., "Election of 1860."
 12. Kinzer, Calvin C., "Prairie Grove."
 13. Kinzer, Calvin C., "Fun and Games."
 14. Morgan, William D., "First Arkansas Mounted."
 15. Morgan, William D., "Frederick William Bush."
 16. Sharp, Louis K., "Confederate States Ram Arkansas."
 17. Sharp, Louis K., "John Rison Gibbons."
 18. Williams, Charles G., "113th U.S. Colored Infantry."
 19. Williams, Charles G., "Francis M. Drake."
 20. Williams, Charles G., "Henry M. Newall."
 21. Williams, Charles G., "William A. Crawford."
 22. Witter, Robert, "Rudolph Salvermoser."
 23. Zeller, J. Terry, book reviews.
 24. Autographed printed articles.

Series 3.  Writing and research files, ca. 1960-1989 (Boxes 3-4)

Files containing primary source materials, notes, manuscript drafts, and printed articles created or collected by Hudson.  Most of the material is Civil War or military related, including documents pertaining to: Sergeant John G. Marsh, 29th Ohio Infantry (Box 3, folders 1-9); Hudson's contributions to the Biographical Directory of the Union (Box 3, folders 10-16); John R. Gibbons, 1st Virginia Cavalry (Box 4, folders 1-3);  William F. Allen, Western Sanitary Commission (Box 4, folders 4-5).  Completing this series are manuscript drafts of articles written by Hudson and a selection of reprints of his work.

Box 3

 1. Marsh manuscript, typed
 2. Marsh manuscript, handwritten
 3. Marsh manuscript, typed, Hudson
 4. Marsh manuscript, preliminary, Hudson
 5. Marsh photocopied letters
 6. Marsh handwritten transcriptions
 7. Marsh service and pension records
 8. Marsh research notes and letters
 9. Marsh printed materials
 10. Biographical directory of the Union
 11. Eugene Asa Carr
 12. John W. Davidson
 13. Peter Joseph Osterhaus
 14. Samuel Allen Rice
 15. Frederick Sigel Salomon
 16. John Milton Thayer

Box 4

 1. John R. Gibbons letters, photocopies
 2. John R. Gibbons letters, typed transcripts
 3. John R. Gibbons letters, notes
 4. William F. Allen, notes
 5. William F. Allen, typed diary transcript
 6. George King Covert, typed diary transcript
 7. W. H. Cross, photocopied letters
 8. Arkansas Post
 9. St. John de Crevecoeur
 10. "Role of the California National Guard During the San Francisco General Strike of 1934"
 11. "Role of the California National Guard During the San Francisco General Strike of 1934", notes
 12. "Future of Military History at the University of Arkansas"
 13. Book reviews
 14. Articles and reprints

Series 4.  Field E. Kindley materials, 1913-ca. 1959 (Box 5)

Letters, military forms, printed materials, manuscript drafts, and memorabilia pertaining to Captain Field E. Kindley collected or created by Hudson.  Included are: letters from Kindley, his father, and his friends which were received by his cousins and aunt in Gravette, Arkansas; original and photocopied military forms documenting Kindley's World War I service; newspaper clippings other printed materials about Kindley; a manuscript draft of Hudson's article on Kindley; memorabilia concerning Kindley including his 1913 school report card and photographs of his funeral at Gravette, Arkansas, on February 5, 1920.

Box 5

 1. Letters, 1913-1919
 2. Letters, 1920
 3. Telegrams, 1920
 4. Letters, 1931
 5. Obituaries and death investigation report
 6. Military forms, 1918-1919
 7. Printed materials
 8. Manuscript draft, ca. 1959
 9. Miscellaneous notes
 10. Memorabilia

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