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Katherine Rinne Papers

Architecture Students' Reports, 1990-1992

Manuscript Collection 1277


The Katherine Rinne Papers were donated to Special Collections by Katherine Rinne on February 7, 1994.
The collection consists of reports created by students in Rinne's Fine Arts and Architecture lecture classes (Fine Arts 1062 and Architecture 1003) in 1990-1992 while Rinne was a visiting Associate Professor in the School of Architecture.  The reports pertain to the history, development, and architecture of Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Reports were prepared by individual students or teams of students assigned to analyze the history, growth, and image of the city.

The collection contains eight reports which include text, photographs, negatives, color photocopies, drawings, sketches, and maps.

Processed by Georgia Ann Kunze, Special Collections Division, University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville, Arkansas, in September 1999.

8 items (1 container)

Reports are arranged alphabetically by author.  Folder 8 is located in Oversize Manuscript Box 15.

Box 1
 1. Images of Fayetteville by Kimberly Allison, Jennifer Isom, Jamie Simpson and Melissa Thomas [25 photographs].

 2. The Image of Fayetteville: Its Elements and Environment by Korri Baseley, Alyse Auernheimer, and Quintin Caudle.

 3. Fayetteville, Arkansas: An Historical and Dichotomic Approach by John Ellis, Melanie Dietzel, Linda Muller, Brian Arnold and Vincent Stevenson [42 photographs]

 4. Fayetteville:  An Analysis of the City by Michael Gawf, Matt Wood and Michael Givens [87 photographs].

 5. Fayetteville  - From a Forty Year Prospective by Eva H. Johnson.

 6. An Analysis of the City of Fayetteville, Arkansas by Gary O'Neal, Tim Carlock and Bob Pease [18 photographs].

 7. Team Analysis of: Fayetteville by Michelle A. Sumerwell, Cliff Sward and James Scammahorn [60 photographs].

 8. [Analysis of Fayetteville] by Joe Sanders, Donie Linton and Al DiPietto [50 photographs and color photocopies].

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