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Lothar Schäfer Collection

Manuscript Collection 1378

Lothar Schäfer, Distinguished Professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, donated materials pertaining to his interest in the interrelation of science and humanistic learning in February 1998.
The documents in the collection include articles and speeches on the subject, as well as earlier treatments intended for publication as a book, and finally a manuscript version of In Search of Divine Reality: Science As a Source of Inspiration by the University of Arkansas Press in 1997.

Box 1

 1. "Background Material to the Book." 3 p.
 2. "In Support of the Humanities: The Importance of Unifying Perspectives and Interdisciplinary Studies," Arkansas, the Magazine of the Arkansas Alumni Association, Winter 1990, p. [14]-15. [photocopy]
 3. [lecture on science and humanities] "One of a Lecture Series Organized by Robert Neralich in Honor of Ben Kimpel," September 1983. 13 p.
 4. "Some General Thoughts on the Nature of Science and Human Knowledge." Commencement Lecture, College of Arts and Sciences, May 1986. 16 p.
 5. Chapter 1 "of a book originally planned to follow the title 'The Challenge of Reality' started in the late eighties and never finished." 13 p.
 6. "Science as a Source of Inspiration: The Emergence of Ancient Philosophical Views in Twentieth Century Physical Science." Old Main Dedication Lecture, April 2, 1992. 16 p.
 7. "Some Philosophical and Moral Implications of Modern Science." September 21, 1976. A public lecture in honor of the Nation's bicentennial, University of Arkansas. [photocopy of the published version]
 8. "Asymmetrical Fields." Paintings, University of Arkansas Gallery, March 1969. [photocopies]
 9. "Zut Stellung der Humanistischen" Bildung in einer Naturwissenschaftlich-Technischen Welt." [essay written by invitation for the 450th anniversary of the Goerres Gymnasium, Dusseldorf, Germany, 1995] German text. 5 p.
 10. "Science as a Source of Inspiration: In Search of Divine Reality." Variously paginated.

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