GIS Day 2017

GIS Day banner 2017

The Libraries hosted an Open House on GIS Day, Wednesday, November 15, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Arkansas Union room 504. GIS Day is an annual, internationally-recognized event promoting Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology and the importance of geography in society.

The GIS Day event was designed for a student audience, and for those with or without a GIS background. Visitors browsed a book display of new GIS-related books available to borrow from the library, viewed posters of studies and research projects using GIS, enjoyed a celebratory cake, and toured the Air National Guard RAZORBack PAD Trailer.

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Gun Coaty, GIS Technician, City of Fayetteville:
911 GIS for the City of Fayetteville

Forrest Follett, Graduate Student, Classical Studies:
Using ArcGIS to Prepare Data for Display in Unity3D

Dr. Ken Kvamme, Professor, Anthropology:
Archaeological Applications Using GIS

Rachel Linck, Graduate Student, Geosciences:
A Brief Introduction on Using GIS with Agent Based Modeling

Kyle Rowden, Graduate Student, Geosciences:
A GIS-Based Triggerless Approach for Modeling Mass Wasting Susceptibility

Dr. Rhodora G. Vennarucci, Assistant Professor, Classical Studies:
Holistic Approach to Roman Craft Production at Marzuolo

Malcom Williamson, Research Associate, CAST:
Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Arkansas


Taslima Akter, Graduate Student, Civil Engineering:
Use of Anonymous Truck GPS Data to Understand Freight Flows

Dr. Mohamed Aly, Assistant Professor, Geosciences:
InSAR Methods and Applications

Zachary Asbury, Graduate Student, Geosciences:
A Geospatial Study of the Drought Impact on Surface Water Reservoirs: Study Cases from Texas and California

Greg Johnson, Lt Col, Arkansas Air National Guard:
RAZORBack PAD: Remote Air, Zonal Operations, Reach Back - Processing, Assessment & Dissemination

Dr. Jami J. Lockhart, Director, Arkansas Archeological Survey:
Multiscale GIS in Arkansas Archeology

Ken McCown, Professor, Landscape Architecture:
Big Data and Bricolage

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