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History of Arkansas Razorbacks



One of the most famous symbols in today's intercollegiate sports is the hard-charging, ferocious
Razorback "hawg" of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Equally famous is the
"hawg call" of Razorback fans - - "Whooo-ooooo-Pigs! Sooooo-ie!"

Fittingly enough, both symbol and call developed out of Iegends known throughout the Ozark
hills in which the University is located. There are numerous versions of these legends. Nobody
can say for sure which is correct. This detracts not one whit from the fact that both symbol and
call hold very special spots in the hearts of Razorback fans all over the world.

The author of this booklet has been acquainted with Razorback symbols and "hawgcalls"
since the football season of 1921, and in fact is proud to have been the artist who created the
first "Running Razorback" during his student days at the University.

He is telling this story, and making this booklet available, on the suggestion of his wife, Babe
and of several fellow members ofthe UA Class of '26. Amoung the classmates are Jim and Bernice
Phillips, Charles Morrow Wilson, Ben Coonfield, Helen Mason, Lorraine Apple, and Otho Bennett.
This booklet is dedicated to all the Razorbacks who have graced the halls of this great University.

- - Hank Hancock

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Last updated: December 9, 2015