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Series 2. Africa. Boxes 96-142.

Some materials were grouped as "Africa" (or sometimes "Africa and the Arab World"); some were differentiated by country. The apparent original arrangement has been maintained so far as possible, except that similar materials (from all years) available at the time of processing were consolidated (and divided by country when appropriate) and then arranged by year.

Files in boxes 95-122 include materials pertaining to the region as a whole or to more than one country. Broad groups of items (descriptions, nominations, requests for scholars) were usually kept together (frequently in notebooks) by year. Some documents pertain to the region as a whole, some to more than one country or to an unidentified country, and some were further separated into individual countries. Such materials include:

No attempt was made to separate such materials for filing under individual countries.

Some items were originally filed by the name of the country. Under individual countries are filed:

In a few cases, there are also Program Books, Annual Reports and other papers pertaining to Commissions and Scholars-in-Residence Programs. Each group of materials is arranged by year. Records pertaining to scholars who visited more than one country are filed under the name of the first country as it would appear in an alphabetic listing.

Most North African countries were originally included (and have been left) in the Middle East-South Asia region. Countries with their own sections included in Africa are: