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Series 12. Records Pertaining to Non-Government and Inter- Government Organizations, 1955-1966. Boxes 442-459.

Correspondence, memoranda, newsletters, telegrams, brochures, clippings and other documents pertaining to various non- government and inter-government organizations that had some contact with or interest for OEF during his years as Governor. Includes patriotic groups such as the American Legion, humanitarian societies such as the American Red Cross, industries such as Borg-Warner Corporation, utilities such as Arkansas- Louisiana Gas Company, church groups, agencies such as the Southern Interstate Nuclear Board in which Arkansas cooperated with other states and a few international organs such as the United Nations. Important correspondents include Thomas Dale Alford, Ross Robert Barnett, Carl Trumbull Hayden, Ernest Frederick Hollings, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., John Little McClellan, Abraham Alexander Ribicoff, Winthrop Rockefeller, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, James William Trimble and George Corley Wallace.

Folders arranged alphabetically by organization, then chronologically. Within folder documents arranged chronologically.

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