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Series 9. Movies, Video and Audio Recordings. Box 55.

The movies mainly pertain to the political career of Orval Faubus. The videotapes (one Betamax, the rest 3/4" cassettes) are of campaign spots for Faubus or demonstration tapes for Beth). The sound recordings (both reel-to-reel and cassette tapes) include campaign material for Faubus (including sound from the Info '68 television spots), demonstration tapes for Beth, taped letters, and many recordings of Kim and Ric singing, sometimes with Beth.
Box 55


  1. Fourth inauguration of Orval Faubus as governor, 16 mm, color, no sound, about 13 minutes (leaving mansion, going to church, swearing-in, speech, receiving line and guests).
  2. Sixth inauguration, 16 mm, color, no sound, about 12 minutes. Original is 2a, copy is 2b.
  3. Copy from television of funeral of Orval Faubus's father, Combs; 16 mm, black and white, no sound, about 2 minutes.
  4. Unidentified film, 8 mm, color, people looking at Air Force jet, unknown length.
  5. Unidentified film, 8 mm, black and white, couple dancing, unknown length.

    Video Cassettes

  6. "Orval Faubus for Governor Campaign Spots" for 1986 primary, 3/4" videotape cassette, about 10 minutes total: Grand Gulf spot (30 seconds), prisons spot (30 seconds), insurance (60 seconds), a longer Grand Gulf spot (30 seconds), and 5-minute speech (includes spots on Grand Gulf and insurance, plus commentary, plus spots on Clinton's failure to bring in industry and keep plants open). Produced by Sweet, Inc., Cabot, Arkansas.
  7. "The Voice," 3/4" videotape cassette, demonstration tape for Beth, bad sound, about 2 minutes.
  8. "The Voice and the Body," Betamax tape, demonstration tape for Beth, about 2 minutes.

    Audio Recordings, Reel-to-reel

  9. "Faubus For Us, For Governor, For All," campaign speech, 1974, 15 minutes (against drugs, on education and busing, utility rate structure, governor's office).
  10. "Rev. Jones for Faubus," campaign speech, 1974?, 12 minutes.
  11. "Bob Allen for Faubus," campaign speech, 10 minutes.
  12. "Faubus for Governor," campaign ads paid by Paul Hanson, 5 minutes.
  13. "Faubus for Governor," 1974, 1 minute.
  14. "The Invasion of the South," by Abbott Kinney and Herschell Parent, radio station KVSA; campaign support for Faubus, 5 minutes.
  15. Info '68, Beth Faubus, sound recorded from television programs, November - December 1987, 30 minutes.
  16. Beth Faubus, interview about Info '68, December 1967, 5 minutes. Also on tape, Beth and (very young) children singing, 25 minutes.
  17. Beth, "The Voice" (demo for radio or television voiceovers), 3 minutes. Original (17a; with card with rates) and copy (17b).
  18. Beth Faubus, demo, various ads, about 4 minutes.
  19. Beth Faubus, Rivermont ad demo, 2 minutes.
  20. Kim Faubus singing two songs (demonstration tape?), 5 minutes.
  21. Kim and Ric Faubus singing, 60 minutes.
  22. Kim Faubus, demo tape, April 13, 1976, 6 songs, 30 minutes.
  23. Kim Faubus, demo tape, May 1976, same 6 songs as #22, 30 minutes.

    Audio Recordings, Cassettes

  24. "Faubus for Governor," by Donald Turner, on local radio station a day before the primary elections, 1986, 10 minutes.
  25. Orval Faubus speech, Madison County Bicentennial, August 23, 1975, 20 minutes.
  26. "Gov. Orval Faubus, Arkansas' Next Governor," spots, 2 minutes. Produced by Glen Martin, Moffett Production, Inc., Houston, Texas.
  27. Taped letter, J. E. Thompson (Beth's father) and Marge Thompson (her stepmother) "To the Faubus Family," 1972, 60 minutes on side 1. On side 2, Kim Faubus talks about summer camp, her friends, songs, July 1972, 60 minutes.
  28. Taped letter, Beth to J. E. Thompson (her father) and Marge Thompson (her stepmother), October 1975, 1.5 hours total (45 minutes per side).
  29. Beth Faubus singing with recorded instrumentals, 12 minutes on side 1. On side 2, Kim and Ric Faubus play and sing.
  30. Kim Faubus singing 2 songs, 4 minutes.
  31. Kim and Ric Faubus performing 4 songs, talent show, 1975, 15 minutes.

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