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Finger-Keddie Correspondence

Letters and articles, 1931-1939

Manuscript Collection 640

The papers pertain to correspondence between the donor's husband, James Keddie of Boston, Massachusetts, and author Charles J. Finger, (1869-1941).  Keddie, a Scotsman by birth, shared Finger's interests in juvenile books, the classics, and bagpipes.

Having read Charles J. Finger's article, "A Note on Children's Books," Keddie wrote to Finger in 1931 for permission to reprint his article in an inhouse monthly publication of Bellows-Reeve, a book publishing company of which Keddie was the eastern distributor.  Keddie's special project for the Bellows-Reeve company was Journeys Through Bookland, a compilation and guide of educational books for children.  Keddie supported the use of adventure and magic in children's literature; he found a defender of his views in Charles J. Finger.

In 1933, Keddie became vice-president of Bellows-Reeve Company, and Charles J.Finger became managing editor.  Finger edited a monthly journal for Bellows-Reeve and answered queries from readers.  He also compiled a supplementary Reading List and Introduction to the Journeys Through Bookland.

The papers pertain mainly to the correspondence of James Keddie and Charles J. Finger from 1931-1934.  Also included is a letter from H. F. Livingstone, granddaughter of David Livingstone, to Charles J. Finger, 1939, and various articles by Finger.

For further biographical information on Charles J. Finger see the Finger-Stone Correspondence (MC 449).

Processed by Norma Ortiz-Karp, Special Collections Division, University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville, Arkansas, July, 1989.


Box 1

 1. Correspondence:  Jan 21, 1931-Dec 24, 1931.
 2. Jan 15, 1932-Dec [1932]
 3. June 8, 1932-Dec 30, 1932.
 4. Jan 2, 1933-May 9, 1933.
 5. May 15, 1933-Sept 26, 1933.
 6. Sept 29, 1933-[1933].
 7. Jan 4, 1934-June 7, 1934.
 8. July 2, 1934-Oct 8, 1934.
 9. Oct 10, 1934-Dec 26, 1934
 10. Letter from H.F. Livingstone to Charles J. Finger concerning Finger's book on David Livingstone, 1939.
 11. ca. 1934.
 12. Articles, mailing list for All's Well, and other papers, ca. 1934.

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