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Series V. Papers.  1881...1907...1911-1960.  (Boxes 33-39)

Arranged by topic. Described in a folder-level inventory.

Contents of this diverse series include official documents and certificates, biographical data on Florence Emily Fletcher, records relating to JGF's personal finances and details of his income and activities as a writer, including a visiting lectureship at University of Arkansas; his family history, childhood, and early life, the message announcing his father's death, JGF's withdrawal from Harvard and residence abroad; records of his death, burial, memorials, etc., with a signed typescript of Donald Davidson's article written in his memory.

Also in this series are clippings and scrapbooks of reviews of his work, including his first five books; articles, reviews, and a few poems by JGF, including his Ode of the Harvard Class of '07; reviews of anthologies, and literary criticism including JGF; interviews, lecture notices,tributes; documents pertaining to Arkansas, folklore, and items of general interest; manuscripts, some anonymous but chiefly of works  by other writers sent to JGF; some correspondence of Charlie May Fletcher and letters forwarded to JGF by others; a few mementos, and a list of the books and magazines that made up the John Gould Fletcher library presented to the University Libraries.

1.  Official documents, professional and financial records, and other miscellaneous items.
2.  Clippings.
3.  Scrapbooks.
4.  Manuscripts of literary work by other authors.
5.  Miscellaneous Correspondence.

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1.  Official documents, professional and financial records, and other miscellaneous items (691 items in 14 folders)  (Box 33)

1. Official documents: Certificates, passports, permits, etc. including biographical data on Florence Emily Fletcher. 1917-1935 ... 1942-1949. (17 items)

2. Personal tax records, including statements of income. 1902 ... 1928-1950. (71 items)

3. Invoices, statements-of-account, etc., related to purchases (books excepted), personal expenses, household management. 1911-1912, 1920-1950. (55 items)

4. Invoices, statements, receipts for purchase of books and for stenographic services for preparation of MSS. 1911. ... 1924-1938, 1949. (34 items)

5. Other records relating to personal finances. 1916...1934-1950. 49 items. 1 packet of canceled checks (135)

6. Records relating to withdrawal from Harvard. 1907. (2 items)

7. Records pertaining to personal health. 1914...1924-1926 .. . 1934. (7 items)

8. Records relating to copyright matters. 1915 ...1937-1949. (11 items)

9. Records relating to literary career: publication contracts, royalty statements, permissions, etc.  1914-1920 ... 1925-1951. (152 items)

10. Records relating to other professional activities: honors; memberships; lecture contracts including details of University of Arkansas lectureship, and report on the Mattie Morrow Wilson Award; and remuneration for lectures and book reviews. 1916...1935-1950. (29 items)

11. Programs in which JGF participated or his work was used or for events which he assisted in arranging. Included is the program for the ceremony in which he was inducted into the National Institute of Arts and Letters, May 27, 1949. 1929-1952. (54 items)

12. Records of cultural and civic organizations including Constitution and some records of the Ozark Folklore Society, 1949; a few Minutes of the Little Rock Philharmonic Society, and the Urban League of Greater Little Rock 1948-1949; Louis Freund's proposal for decorating the Capital building. 1936-1949. (10 items)

13. Familial-personal records, including artifacts and mementos relating to the Fletcher family with the message of his father's death, to his childhood and early life, to his residence abroad.82 items. See Box 39, folders 83 and 84, for pressed flowers, locks of JGF's hair, and Amy Lowell's cigars.

14. Records relating to his death, burial, memorials, etc., including a 14-page signed typescript of Donald Davidson's article written in memory of JGF. 1950-1952. (45 items)

2.  Clippings. 2 boxes. (Box 34-35)

15. Articles by JGF.

16. Reviews by JGF.

17. Poems by JGF.

Reviews of the following works by JGF:

18. A Sparrow Falls.

19. Arkansas.

20. Branches of Adam.

21. The Black Rock.

22. The Burning Mountain.

23. The Crisis of the Film.

24. Paul Gauguin.

25. Japanese Prints.

26. John Smith--also Pocahontas.

27. Life is My Song.

28. Parables.

29. Edgar Allan Poe (pamphlet).

30. Preludes and Symphonies.

31. Selected Poems.

32. South Star.

33. The Tree of Life.

34. XXLV Elegies.

35. The Two Frontiers.

36. Translations: The Dance Over Fire and Water by Elie Faure; The Reveries of a Solitary, by J-J. Rousseau.

Reviews of miscellaneous works by others:

37. Reviews of musical performances using JGF's poetry

38. Reviews of general anthologies

39. Magazine columns on poets.

Reviews of the following books:

40. I'll Take My Stand.

41. Imagism and the Imagists: Hughes.

42. Imagist Anthology: Aldington.

43. Poets and Their Art: Monroe.

44. Poetry and Poets: Lowell.

45. Moult's Best Poems.

46. The Lyric South: Hibbard.

47. Modern American Poetry: Untermeyer.

48. Lays of the New World: Charlie May Simon.

49. Chief Modern Poets of England and America: Sanders and Nelson.

50. American Caravan: Kreymborg.

51. Reviews of works of other writers that include JGF.

52. Reviews of magazines.

53. 2 posters for the Egoist.

54. Letters to editors, opinions of JGF; responses and criticisms of JGF; quotations.

55. Interviews.

56. Tributes.

57. Pulitzer Prize write-ups.

58. Harvard tercentary materials

59. Arkansas, folklore, and general interest items.

3.  Scrapbooks. 4 items in 2 boxes. (Boxes 36-37)

60. Scrapbook, 1913-1917. Reviews of JGF's works; photographs and reviews of some contemporary writers; 1 letter from Amy Lowell; reviews of his first five published books.

61. Scrapbook 1911-1927. Largely reviews.

62. Scrapbook 1936-1937. Partially filled book with a few clippings, including his Ode to Harvard Class of '07.

63. Scrapbook 1936-1938. Partially filled book with several clippings regarding Harvard; a biography of his father, with portrait; clipping on the two Dusenbury folk songs he published.


64. Scrapbook 1937-1938. Mostly clippings regarding Life Is My Song.

4.  Manuscripts of literary work by other authors. Mostly typescripts. 41 items. (Box 38)
65. 6 Eye Poems, by Kenneth Beaudoin.

66. An untitled collections and 4 separate poems by Scott Greer.

67. Siderische Beburt (Siderial Birth), by Erich Guttsind.

68. The Long March, a long poem by James Franklin Lewis, and 2 unrelated poems.

69. Selected Poems by John Russell McCarthy.

70. Voices of Mexico: The Corrido, by Luis Monquio. Reprint.

71. Dragon's Blood, by Romer Wilson.

72. Quotations from other authors in JGF's hand.

73. Poems by other writers: Aiken, Conrad; Davis, C. T.; Davis, Katherine Murdoch; Goll, Yvon, with translations by JGF; Guyton, David E.; Jackson, David; Jackson,Dawson; Lewis, James Franklin; Lowell, Robert; Macau, Miguel A.; Malone, Walter; Meyerstein, E.H.L.; Mullins, Helene; Miller, Bob; O'Connor, Norreys Jephon; Percy, William Alexander; Rushing, Marie Morris; Tabb, John Banister; Tappan, Edith Haskell; Turner, Nancy Bird; Williams, Grace K.; Woodson, Mary Blake ; letter from Ray Owen, concerning his work

74. Unidentified poems, some fragments.

75. The Dusenbury Songs, transcribed and annotated by Laurence Powell; with "Rosemary and Thyme" and "The Weak and Rambling One."

76. Folk items on several subjects collected by students, with a few miscellaneous ballads.

77. List of books and magazines presented to John Gould Fletcher collections.

5.  Miscellaneous Correspondence. 153 items. (Box 39)

78, 79  Letters of Charlie Mae Fletcher, chiefly to Tema and JGF concerning personal and  professional activities; letters and messages of condolence; correspondence concerning  JGF foundation award. 1932-1960, undated.

80. Letters to others forwarded to JGF.

81. Anonymous typescripts (letters, folklore, article)

82. Pressed flowers and leaves, part preserved in notebook.

83. Locks of hair from JGF's first haircut. CMF's note: JGF wore long hair until he was nine years of age. His hair was cut and the locks wrapped in the Little Rock papers of that date, August 20, 1895.

84. Amy Lowell's cigars. CMF's note: Two fat, black, Havana cigars in a black leather case.