69 boxes
14 subseries
Office file code: 50 FIN

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, printed documents and related material pertaining to tax legislation, trade legislation, social security programs, medicare and national health insurance.


Arranged chronologically and topically.

  1. Finance Committee (General), 1961-1974
  2. Meat Imports, 1964
  3. Medicare, 1962-1974
  4. National Health Insurance, 1971-1974
  5. Pension Reform, 1973-1974
  6. Revenue Sharing, 1971- 1974
  7. Social Security, 1961-1974
  8. Sugar, 1963-1971
  9. Tariffs, 1964-1970
  10. Taxation, 1961-1974
  11. Trade, 1962-1974
  12. Veterans, 1961-1970
  13. Welfare, 1970-1973
  14. Constituent Correspondence, 1972-1973

Subseries 1. Finance Committee (General), 1961-1974.

11.5 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FIN

Records primarily pertain to taxation legislation, particularly income taxes, taxes on savings and loan institutions, tax deductions and exemptions, withholding taxes, especially on dividends and interests, and excise taxes, especially on legitimate theatre; trade and tariff legislation, particularly sugar imports, oil imports and trade expansion program of 1962, especially its effects on Arkansas industries; social security, especially Medicare, and veterans compensation. Some material pertains to unemployment compensation, divestiture of GM-DuPont stock, national health insurance, social services legislation, especially as it relates to Arkansas social welfare system, and U.S. fiscal policies, especially balance of payments problems, ceilings on federal spending and Nixon's impoundment of funds. A few files relate to political advice and support for JWF, especially regarding 1962 Senatorial campaign.

Correspondents include: Roberto T. Alemann (3.4), Charles Stanley Applegate (2.4, 6.4, 12.1), William Benton (5.1), William Harvey Bowen (10.4), Dale Leon Bumpers (12.2), Harry Flood Byrd (3.3, 4.6), William Lockhart Clayton (3.4), Chauncey L. Denton, Jr. (4.6), Clarence Douglas Dillon (2.4, 4.6, 5.5, 6.6), Marriner Stoddard Eccles (4.2, 5.2), James Pryor Evans (4.2), Allan A. Gilbert (5.4), R.D.C. Henriques (3.5), John E. Howell (4.6), James Douglas Johnson (12.4), Peter T. Jones (4.2, 4.6), David M. Kennedy (2.2, 10.1), Clarence L. Landen (3.4), Sidney Jay Levy (5.3), Norman W. Manley (1.2, 3.5), Luis Munoz Marin (4.6, 5.1), Sidney Saunders McMath (10.6), Troy McNeill (3.4), Chancellor Garland Melton (4.4), Wilbur Daigh Mills (5.2, 9.4), Charles Haywood Murphy, Jr. (1.1), Lawrence Francis O'Brien (2.2), Philip Joseph Philbin (9.1), Hoyt Remus Pyle (5.5), Raymond Henry Rebsamen (5.2, 7.8, 9.5), Jackson Thomas Stephens (5.4), Wilton Robert Stephens (5.2, 10.1), Joe Verser (3.3), Henry King Wade, Jr. (3.2, 3.3), Johnnie McKeiver Walters (11.5), Richard C. Waugh (11.6), Adrian Williamson (11.3), Charles Morrow Wilson (4.1).

Subseries 2. Meat Imports, 1964.

0.5 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FIN, Meat Imports

Records pertain to legislation to restrict meat imports; effects of foreign imports on U.S. cattle industry; and JWF's opposition to restrictive legislation (12.6).

Correspondents include: George Washington Adkisson, Jr. (12.6).

Subseries 3. Medicare, 1962-1974.

6 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FIN (2), MED

Records pertain to proposals for federally-financed health care programs for those in need of assistance, particularly the aged. Most material pertains to programs financed through Social Security, particularly King-Anderson Medicare Bill; and, programs financed through public welfare assistance particularly Kerr-Mills Act and Herlong-Curtis Eldercare Bill. Some material relates to opposition of members of Arkansas medical profession to programs financed through Social Security (13.3, 13.4).

Correspondents include: Robert M. Ball (17.2, .4, .6; 18.2, .3), Russell Billiu Long (16.2, 17.4), Hugh D. Means (17.4, .6; 18.3, .6), Walter Frederick Mondale (17.3, 18.5), Joseph Manuel Montoya (16.7, 16.8), Abraham Alexander Ribicoff (16.1, 17.2), Thomas Vail (16.3, 17.2, .4).

Subseries 4. National Health Insurance, 1971-1974.

4 folders.
Office file code: 50 FIN, NHI, Natl Health

Records pertain to proposals for federally-financed national health insurance programs, particularly Kennedy-Griffith Bill, Kennedy-Mills Bill, and Nixon proposal, and their possible effects on health care in Veteran's Administration hospitals and religiously-affiliated hospitals; philanthropy to hospitals; mental health care; the medical profession, especially physical therapists and nurse practitioners; and small businesses.

Correspondents include: Merle T. Carlson (19.4), Peter Fisher (19.2), Peter H. Hobbie (19.2), Joe L. Matthews (19.2), Mary McClellen (19.4), Rudy Moore, Jr. (19.3), Jerry Wurf (19.1).

Subseries 5. Pension Reform 1973-1974.

4 folders.
Office file code: 50 FIN, PEN Reform

Records primarily pertain to proposed legislation relating to employee benefit rights under private retirement and pension plans, especially Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. Some material relates to contributions to retirement plans made by self-employed professionals.

Correspondents include: William H. Hand (19.5), Gerald M. Lowrie (19.8), Norman H. Tarver (19.5), James Strom Thurmond (19.6).

Subseries 6. Revenue Sharing, 1971-1974.

1 box.
Office file code: 50 FIN, Rev Shar

Most records pertain to proposed legislation to provide states and localities with federal income for local needs, especially Revenue Sharing Act of 1972. Some material pertains to use of federal funds by Arkansas localities during 1973 (20.6).

Correspondents include: Sam Melville Gibbons (20.3), F. Nolan Humphrey (20.1), John Little McClellan (20.5), Charles William Sandman, Jr. (20.2), Thomas Vail (20.1, .2, .3).

Subseries 7. Social Security, 1961-1974.

7.5 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FIN 2, Soc Sec

Records pertain to legislation affecting Social Security coverage, benefits and financing, particularly, Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance, and Health Insurance, especially medical are for the aged.

Correspondents include: Charles Stanley Applegate, Jr. (23.6, 24.2, 25.5), Russell Billiu Long (25.6, 26.1, 26.3), Rupes Benjamin Robins (21.2), James Isaac Teague (25.1).

Subseries 8. Sugar, 1963-1971.

0.5 box.
Office file code: 50 FIN

Records pertain to legislation regulating domestic and foreign sugar trade.

Subseries 9. Tariffs, 1964-1971.

5 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FIN, Tariffs, Imports

Records pertain to tariff provisions of trade legislation, especially Tariff Schedules Technical Amendments Act of 1965 and Trade Act of 1970; proposals to impose import quotas on U.S. commodities, particularly textiles, steel, oil (31.4, .5), and footwear (32.4, .5, .6); effects of tariffs and import quotas on foreign relations and U.S. exports, especially agricultural products.

Correspondents include: Edward William Brooke (30.4), Roy Dikeman Chapin, Jr. (33.3), Everett McKinley Dirksen (29.6), Vance Rupert Hartke (29.4, 30.3, 31.1), Maxwell Joseph Lyons (29.5, 29.6), Margaret Chase Smith (30.2, 31.2), Stuart William Symington (30.4).

Subseries 10. Taxation, 1961-1974.

24.5 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FIN (3), Taxes

Records pertain to proposals to remove inequities in tax structure, particularly those affecting business, including suspension of investment tax credit, equalized taxation of banks, savings and loan institutions and mutual savings banks, reduction in oil depletion allowance, and removal of various excise taxes; methods to provide tax incentives for such programs as economic expansion, family limitation, and higher education; measures to raise revenue and ease energy crisis; and comments regarding economic policies, especially deficit spending and 1971 wage and price freeze.

Correspondents include: Harry Scott Ashmore (46.5), Leonard Ladell Baxter (33.6, 48.4), Dale Leon Bumpers (55.4), Orval Eugene Faubus (44.4), Henry Ford II (43.4), Arthur Joseph Goldberg (49.4), Mary Dengler Hudgins (57.3), Charles Stewart Mott (48.5), David Wiley Mullins (40.5, 44.2, 45.4, 49.3, 52.4), Charles Haywood Murphy, Jr. (38.5), Edward R. Murrow (37.7), Julian Louis Reynolds (37.1), Richard S. Reynolds, Jr. (48.1, 51.6), Abraham A. Ribicoff (39.5, 40.4), James M. Roche (44.1), John Davison Rockefeller, 3rd (42.2, 49.5), Winthrop Rockefeller (46.5, 54.5), Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr. (49.5), Wilton Robert Stephens (48.6), and Stuart William Symington (40.2).

Subseries 11. Trade, 1962-1974.

1.5 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FIN, Trade

Records pertain primarily to legislation regulating international trade and investment, especially Trade Expansion Act of 1962; Trade Act of 1970, particularly as it relates to import quotas on shoes and textiles; soybeans, cotton and rice exports; Foreign Trade and Investment Act of 1972, particularly as it relates to multinational corporations; and Trade Reform Act of 1973.

Correspondents include: Gerald Gidwitz (59.2), Henry Alfred Kissinger (59.3).

Subseries 12. Veterans, 1961-1970.

3 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FIN

Records pertain to proposals for legislation to increase veterans' benefits, particularly those applicable to World War I veterans.

Subseries 13. Welfare, 1970-1973.

2.5 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FIN, Welfare

Records pertain to welfare legislation, particularly Family Assistance Act of 1970 and Social Security-Welfare Reform Bill. Some material pertains to opposition of Arkansas constituents to increasing benefits for welfare recipients.

Correspondents include: Dale Leon Bumpers (64.5), Lester Maddox (62.6), Winthrop Rockefeller (63.7), Preston Glenn Smith (64.5).

Subseries 14. Constituent Correspondence, 1972-1973.

5 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FIN

Records pertain to topics of interest to Arkansas constituents, particularly President Nixon's budget cuts in domestic programs to finance Vietnam War, especially impoundment of funds designated for El Dorado schools, Rural Electrification Administration, Rural Environmental Assistance Program, and soil conservation; energy crisis, including fuel shortage and gasoline taxes; trade legislation, especially provisions affecting dairy poultry and timber industries; and ethical questions, including Supreme Court's decision on abortion, plight of American Indians, and amnesty for draft resisters.

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