69 boxes
19 subseries
Office file code: 50 FR

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, newspaper clippings and related material pertaining to the relations of the United States with other nations and international organizations and movements.


Arranged chronologically, topically and alphabetically.

  1. Foreign Relations Committee (General), 1944-1974
  2. Constituent Views--Arkansas, 1959-1962
  3. Committee Administration, 1964-1974
  4. Nominations, 1964-1974
  5. Treaties, 1961-1974
  6. Sub-committees, Hearings, Studies, Investigations, 1961-1974
  7. Special Committee of the President on the C.I.A., 1961-1974
  8. A.I.D., 1959-1974
  9. International Organizations, 1961-1974
  10. Africa, 1960-1974
  11. Asia, 1960-1974
  12. Canada, 1960
  13. Europe, 1961-1974
  14. Latin America, 1960-1974
  15. Middle East, 1961-1974
  16. U.S.S.R., 1961-1974
  17. Vietnam--(General Materials), 1966-1975
  18. Vietnam--Correspondence, 1963-1973
  19. Vietnam--Cambodian Invasion, 1970

Subseries 1. Foreign Relations Committee (General), 1944-1974.

11 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FR

Records pertain primarily to treaties, particularly Consular Treaty with Soviet Union and Nuclear Test Ban Treaty; foreign aid, especially Mutual Securities Act and Alliance for Progress; foreign trade, especially wheat sales to Soviet Union; international organizations, particularly United Nations and various interparliamentary organizations; defense and disarmament, particularly Hatfield-McGovern Amendment to Military Procurement Act; nominations and confirmations, particularly nominations of Henry Alfred Kissinger as Secretary of State, and Brooks Hays as Presidential Congressional liaison; Committee hearings; and international crises, particularly Berlin Wall, border disputes between India and Pakistan, Arab-Israeli conflicts and Vietnam War, especially Tonkin Gulf. Some material pertains to statements relating to Committee administration; cultural exchange programs; impeachment and/or censure of Richard Nixon (11.1); and, JWF's prepared trip to Southeast Asia (11.2).

Correspondents include: Conrad Adenauer (1.3), Chester Bliss Bowles (6.3), McGeorge Bundy (9.1), Tristram Coffin (9.1, 9.2), Henry Steele Commager (8.4, 10.2), Clarence Douglas Dillon (11.2), Lewis William Douglas (5.4), Cyrus Stephen Eaton (2.3), Marriner Stoddard Eccles (3.1), Dwight David Eisenhower (1.1), Erich Fromm (3.1), Marcus B. George (1.3), Arthur J(oseph) Goldberg (10.1), Theodore Francis Green (1.3), Ernest Gruening (5.5), Willard Alvin Hawkins (3.1), Jesse Helms (11.2), F. Wellford Hobbie (11.2), Bob Hope (9.4), Hubert Horatio Humphrey (2.1), Henry Alfred Kissinger (11.2), Alfred A. Knopf (10.1), J.B. Lambert, Jr. (11.1), Melvin R. Laird (9.4), Carl Milton Marcy (1.1, 1.2, 7.2, 9.2), Bryan J. McCullom (5.4), Walter M. Pincus (10.3), Webster E. Pullen (11.2), Bernard Robert Rapaport (10.3), Elliott Lee Richardson (11.2), David Rockefeller (3.1), Winthrop Rockefeller (3.1), William Pierce Rogers (11.1), Elmo Burns Roper, Jr. (3.2 5.4), Dean Rusk (10.2), Arthur (Meier) Schlesinger, Jr. (11.1), Harold Morrow Sherman (7.1), Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr. (2.3), Frank Smathers, Jr. (7.1), Benjamin (McLane) Spock (8.4), William Stuart Symington (2.2), Herbert L. Thomas (2.1), Ruben R. Thomas (9.3), William Royall Tyler (2.3), Henry Merritt Wriston (5.5), Samuel William Yorty (5.4) and Lloyd Young (10.1).

Subseries 2. Constituent Views — Arkansas, 1959-1962.

4 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FR

Records pertain primarily to JWF's constituents' reactions to various foreign policy affairs, particularly; foreign aid, especially Alliance for Progress, Act for International Development Loan Fund, UNESCO, and Mutual Security Act; U.S./Soviet Union relations, especially regarding U-2 incident, Bay of Pigs invasion, Cuban missile crisis, U.S. trade relations with communist countries, primarily Cuba and Yugoslavia, and expansion of communism; U.N. affairs, especially U.S. financial involvement, admittance of Red China and Outer Mongolia, Indian invasion of Goa and Katanga province rebellion. Some material pertains to Spanish suppression of Jehovah's Witnesses, U.S. aid to education in Colombia, and Jordan's denial of visa to Ralph T. Henley of Church of Christ.

Correspondents include: Joseph C. Barrett (12.2, 13.1), Lawrence Hedrich Derby (13.2), William P. Engle (12.9), John C. English (14.6), Mrs. George Ripley Holcomb (13.4), Walter Hupaylo (12.5), C.L. Justin (12.6), Charles J. McGinn (13.6), Dorothy Sorel (12.3), Robert Edward Lee Wilson III (15.6).

Subseries 3. Committee Administration, 1961-1974.

3 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FR, Admin

Records pertain to working procedures of Senate Foreign Relations Committee and its professional staff. Subjects to which material primarily pertains include requests for assignment to Committee from senators; organization of Committee, particularly sub-committee structure; and role of Committee, especially its relationship with Executive branch, State Department and C.I.A. Some material pertains to public or executive hearings, especially those resulting from war in Vietnam, such as Tonkin Gulf Resolution, disclosures made by publication of Pentagon Papers, and Henry Alfred Kissinger's role in wire tapping. A few files relate to such diverse topics as Indian Rupee question, U.S. mineral exploration in Antarctica and interparliamentary conferences.

Correspondents include: Frank Forrester Church (17.1), Clark McAdams Clifford (17.1), Tristram Coffin (16.5, 17.4, 18.1), William Colby (18.3), Henry Steele Commager (16.4), John Sherman Cooper (16.5, 18.2), John Dean III (18.3), Thomas Francis Eagleton (17.4), Milton Stover Eisenhower (17.4), John Kenneth Galbraith (17.1), Harold Sydney Geneen (18.2), Arthur J(oseph) Goldberg (16.4), William Averell Harriman (16.3, 18.1), John Edgar Hoover (16.4), Hubert Horatio Humphrey (17.1, 17.4), Eliot Janeway (17.4), Lyndon Baines Johnson (16.5), Henry Alfred Kissinger (17.1, 18.3), Melvin R. Laird (17.4, 18.1), Douglas MacArthur II(16.3), Eugene Joseph McCarthy (16.3), Robert Strange McNamara (18.2), Michael Joseph Mansfield (16.3, 17.3), Karl Augustus Menninger (17.1), Richard Milhouse Nixon (17.1, 18.1), Linus Carl Pauling (16.4), Herbert Claiborne Pell, Jr. (16.2 18.3), William Pierce Rogers (17.4, 18.1, 18.2, 18.3), Elmo Burns Roper, Jr. (17.1, 17.4), Dean Rusk (16.3, 16.4, 18.2, 18.3), Richard Brevard Russell (16.3, 16.4), Hugh Dogget Scott (18.1, 18.2), John Jackson Sparkman (17.1), John Cornelius Stennis (17.4), James Strom Thurmond (18.2), Elmo Russell Zumwalt, Jr. (18.3).

Subseries 4. Nominations, 1964-1974.

1 box.
Office file code: 50 FR

Records pertain to confirmations of ambassadors, ministers, and high-ranking officials by Foreign Relations Committee, particularly nominations of Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr. as ambassador to France; G. McMurtie Godley as Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs; Walter Annenberg as ambassador to Great Britain; Henry Alfred Kissinger as Secretary of State; and, James William Fulbright as ambassador to Great Britain.

Correspondents include: Tristram Coffin (19.3), Fagan Dickson (19.4), Thomas Francis Eagleton (19.4), Cyrus Stephen Eaton (19.1, 19.2, 19.3), Marriner Stoddard Eccles (19.4), John Kenneth Galbraith (19.1, 19.3), Vernon J. Giss (19.2, 19.4), Eliot Janeway (19.4), Walter Johnson (19.1), Charles Haywood Murphy, Jr. (19.2), Herbert Claiborne Pell, Jr. (19.3), Raymond Henry Rebsamen (19.3), George Miller Reynolds (19.3), Dean Rusk (19.1), Achilles N. Sakell (19.2), Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr. (19.1).

Subseries 5. Treaties, 1961-1974.

4 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FR, Treaties

Material primarily pertains to the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, Consular Treaty with U.S.S.R., Outer Space Convention, Human Rights Conventions, Non-Proliferation Treaty and other treaties submitted for consideration to Foreign Relations Committee. Some material pertains to negotiations for new Panama Canal treaty, return of Okinawa to Japan, international wheat agreements, Formosa and Mutual Defense Treaty and Foreign Relations Committee's jurisdiction over treaties made with American Indians.

Correspondents include: William C. Baggs (20.2), Bernard Mannes Baruch (20.4), Dale Leon Bumpers (20.2), Dwight David Eisenhower (20.3), Arthur J(oseph) Goldberg (22.3), Nicholas DeBelleville Katzenbach (22.1), Michael Joseph Mansfield (20.4), Richard Milhouse Nixon (23.3), Andrew Russell "Drew" Pearson (22.1, 22.2), Charles Harting Percy (22.2), William Proxmire (23.1), Dean Rusk (22.1, 22.5).

Subseries 6. Sub-committees: Hearings, Studies, Investigations, 1959-1974.

5 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FR

Records pertaining to findings of studies, hearings, and investigations of various consultative, oversight and ad hoc sub-committees of Foreign Relations Committee. Subjects include: U.S. security agreements and commitments abroad; militarism; biological and chemical warfare, especially dumping of foreign gases and use of Pine Bluff, Arkansas Arsenal as stockpile for biological warfare material; international organizations and disarmament, particularly anti-ballistic missile system and nuclear non-proliferation; cultural exchange with other countries and U.S. Information Agency; East/West trade and its effect on foreign policy; Biafra, particularly concern and aid for starvation victims; economic aspect of energy crisis, particularly its effect on Arkansas truck operators and farmers; foreign service, particularly nominations, appointments and criticisms of ambassadors, delegates to U.N. General Assembly, and foreign service officers, and, regulations governing activities of U.S. government employees abroad; role of multinational corporations and their relationship to U.S. foreign policy, especially International Telephone and Telegraph's activities in Chile and foreign policy implications of offshore developments by major U.S. oil companies; non-diplomatic representatives and abuses of private lobbying for foreign interests; Peace Corps; Pentagon Papers; U.S. assistance for population control in foreign countries; American prisoners of war in North Vietnam, particularly Son Tay raid and constituent response to plight of POW's, especially Lt. James Teague of Harrisburg, Arkansas; North Korean capture of U.S.S. Pueblo, especially letter to JWF from Arkansas member of captured crew; and, Congressional approval of commitment of U.S. troops abroad, especially as regards Tonkin Golf incidents.

Correspondents include: Francis Vernon Willey Barnby (25.3), Dewey Follette Bartlett (25.2), Edward William Brooke (25.1), Clifford Philip Case (24.4), Frank Forrester Church (26.5), Tristram Coffin (24.1, .5; 25.1, 26.4, 27.3), William Henry Draper, Jr. (27.3), Jack Jonas Dreyfus, Jr. (24.4), Frederick Gary Dutton (25.1), Vincent Walker Foster (25.3), Christian Archibald Herter (26.2), Hubert Horatio Humphrey (25.3, 26.2), Lyndon Baines Johnson (25.3, 26.2), Melvin R. Laird (24.3, 24.5), Ulysses Andrew Lovell (25.1), Richard Dean McCarthy (24.2), John Jay McCloy (25.1), Robert Strange McNamara (28.3), William Frederick Martin (25.5), Owen Calhoun "Cul" Pearce (24.5), James O. Powell (27.4, 27.5), Wilton Robert Stephens (25.5), William Stuart Symington (24.1, 28.2), James Guy Tucker, Jr. (27.3), Jerome B. Weisner (24.3), Otto Henry Zinke (25.5).

Subseries 7. Special Committee of the President, on the C.I.A., 1967.

1 folder.
Office file code: 50 FR, Spec Comm

Material primarily pertains to President's Committee to review relationships between Central Intelligence Agency and private, overseas American voluntary organizations, especially U.S. National Student Association. Other material relates to inquiries received by Foreign Relations staff member concerning Mexican participants in Interparliamentary Conferences.

Correspondents include: Raymond Henry Rebsamen (28.4), and Dean Rusk (28.4).

Subseries 8. A.I.D., 1959-1974.

3 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FR, For. Aid

Records pertain primarily to U.S. foreign aid programs; especially annual appropriations debate, criticism of foreign aid, and proposed reforms of foreign aid programs.

Correspondents include: George David Aiken (31.4), Chester Bliss Bowles (29.3, .4; 30.2), William H. Drever, Jr. (31.5), Paul Gray Hoffman (29.1), Pat M. Holt (29.4), Hubert Horatio Humphrey (29.1), John Norvill Jones (31.4), Carl Milton Marcy (30.4), Daniel Parker (31.5), Morris H. Rubin (31.4), Dean Rusk (30.1), Joseph Sacks (29.2), Wilton Robert Stephens (31.2), Adlai Ewing Stevenson (29.2).

Subseries 9. International Organizations, 1961-1974.

2 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FR 2, Int. Org. 47, 47-a

Records primarily pertain to U.S. participation in international organizations, particularly North Atlantic Treaty Alliance; Atlantic Union; World Court; International Monetary Fund; Organization of American States; and United Nations, especially U.S. nomination of delegates to U.N., U.S. financial and legal obligations, and admission of Red China to U.N. Some material pertains to foreign aid programs, role of International Telephone and Telegraph in Chilean politics, U.S. Information Agency, especially funding of U.S.I.A. and domestic use of U.S.I.A. films; and public reaction to JWF's criticisms of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty.

Correspondents include: Joe C. Barrett (32.2), Benjamin F. Butler (32.2), Cyrus Stephen Eaton (33.3, .5), Anice Tatum Henry (32.4), David Lambert (33.4), William H. McLean (33.4), Diane (Mrs. Yehudi) Menuhin (33.3), John P. Powelson (32.2), James N. Rosenberg (32.2), Pedro A. Sanjuan (33.2), Frank Shakespeare (33.4), Clarence Kirshman Streit (32.1, 33.1), Dr. M.S. Sugarman (33.3).

Subseries 10. Africa, 1960-1974.

1 box.
Office file code: 50 FR, 8 Africa

Records primarily pertain to major African crises, particularly Congo crisis and crisis in Rhodesia; and, U.S. and United Nations policies in Africa. Some material pertains to Nigerian civil war, drought in West Africa, educational projects in North Africa, and apartheid in South Africa.

Correspondents include: Dana Brown (34.1), John Albert Fogelman (34.1), F. Wellford Hobbie, (34.3), Huey G. Huhn (34.2), Carl Milton Marcy (34.1, 34.2), Robert E. Lee Masters (34.1), David Allen Nixon (34.3), Asa Philip Randolph (34.1), Moise Tshombe (34.1), Artemus Ford Wolf (34.3).

Subseries 11. Asia, 1959-1974.

2 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FR, Asia

Records primarily pertain to U.S. policy in Far East, especially U.S. relations with Communist China and expanding U.S. role in Vietnam. Some records pertain to economic aid and development in India, U.S.-Korean relations, U.S. Japanese relations, "neutralization" of Southeast Asia, "Jung War" of 1967, Iranian oil policies, and refugee problems in Bangladesh.

Correspondents include: Jamaluddi Abubaker (36.4), Chester Bliss Bowles (35.1, .2; 36.3), Tristram Coffin (36.5), Henry Steele Commager (36.5), Cyrus Stephen Eaton (36.3), Armand Hammer (36.6), John Norvill Jones (35.5), Mostafa Kamel (35.2), James G. Lowenstein (35.3), Carl Milton Marcy (35.2, 35.5), Hans Joachim Morgenthau (35.2), Fred Warner Neal (35.1), Gaylord Anton Nelson (35.1), David Gulick Nes (35.5), John Newhouse (35.1), Andreas George Papandreou (35.5), Charles Taylor (35.3), Allen Seuss Whiting (36.5), Keith Young (35.1).

Subseries 12. Canada, 1960, 1963.

1 folder.
Office file code: 50 FR

Records pertain to Canadian-American agreements concerning sale of Canadian uranium to U.S., and U.S.-Canadian flood control agreements.

Correspondents lnclude: Wayne N(orviel) Aspinwall.

Subseries 13. Europe, 1961.

1 box.
Office file code: 50 FR, Eur

Records pertain primarily to U.S. diplomatic, economic, and military relations with European countries, particularly France, Greece, Eastern Europe, and West Germany, especially concerning Berlin and NATO. Some records pertain to floods in Florence, Radio Free Europe, Atlantic Union concept, and violence in Northern Ireland.

Correspondents include: Henry Steele Commager (37,2), Cyrus Stephen Eaton (37.3, 37.4), Gene Farmer (37.2), Oscar Fendler (37.1), Hugh Greene (37.4), Edward Moore Kennedy (37.4), James G. Lowenstein (37.2, 37.3), Michael Joseph Mansfield (37.2), Carl Milton Marcy (37.2), Melina Mercouri (37.2), Francis Pickens Miller (37.1), Fred Warner Neal (37.2), Charles Harting Percy (37.4), James Barrett Reston (37.1), James Schwartz (37.2), Stuart William Symington (37.1), Henry J. Tosca (37.4)

Subseries 14. Latin America, 1960-1974.

2 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FR

Records primarily pertain to U.S. relations with Latin America, especially Cuba, Dominican Republic, Panama, and Peru; and, internal conditions of various Latin American countries, especially Chile, Brazil, Haiti, Colombia, and Venezuela. Some records pertain to Alliance for Progress, Organization of American States, role of multinational corporations in Latin American politics, and the "soccer" war between El Salvador and Honduras.

Correspondents include: Cyrus Stephen Eaton (39.2, 39.3), Marriner Stoddard Eccles (39.2), Barry Morris Goldwater (38.1), Fred R. Harris (39.3), R.D. Heinl, Jr. (38.6), Pat M. Holt (38.4, .5, .6; 39.1, .2, .3), Jacob Merrill Kaplan (38.1), Carl Milton Marcy (38.5), George Crews McGhee (38.1), Wayne Lyman Morse (38.1), Teodoro Moscoso (38.2, 38.4), Luis Munoz-Marin (38.3), Peter R. Nehemkis, Jr. (38.2), James O. Powell (39.1), Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller (39.2), Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Jr. (38.4, 38.6), Norman Matton Thomas (38.6), Francis R. Valeo (39.3), Charles Morrow Wilson (38.6).

Subseries 15. Middle East, 1961-1974.

2 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FR, Mid East

Records primarily pertain to U.S. relations with countries of Middle East, particularly Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon; and, Arab-Israeli wars of 1967 and 1973. Some records pertain to Iranian petroleum policies, oil embargo, U.S. petroleum policies in Mid East, economic and political developments in India and Pakistan, and political repression in Turkey.

Correspondents include: James G. Abourezk (40.5), Howard Henry Baker, Jr. (40.1), Luclus D. Battle (40.1), Chester Bliss Bowles (40.1), Tristram Coffin (40.4), Fagan Dickson (40.2, .3, .4; 41.1, .2), Erich Fromm (40.3, 41.1), Jacob Koppel Javits (40.1), Mostafa Kamel (40.1, 41.2), Harry Frederick Kern (40.1, 41.3), Henry Alfred Kissinger (41.2), Carl Milton Marcy (40.1), John J. McCullen (41.2), Hisham M. Nazar (40.5), David Gulick Nes (40.4), Abraham A. Ribicoff (40.2), Gerald Lyman Kenneth Smith (41.2), Jackson Thomas Stephens (41.1), Barbara Wertheim Tuchman (40.3), Ardeskir Zahedi (40.5).

Subseries 16. U.S.S.R., 1961-1974.

1 box.
Office file code: 50 FR, Russia

Records pertain primarily to U.S. relations with Soviet Union, especially regarding trade, diplomacy, "cold war," and Soviet debt to U.S.; and, U.S. concern with Soviet treatment of Jews, particularly relating to right of emigration. Some materials pertain to sports exchanges, scientific cooperation, arms control, and internal economic conditions.

Correspondents include: William Brock (42.3), McGeorge Bundy (42.2), Tristram Coffin (42.1, .2), Anatoliv Fedorovich Dobryin (42.3), Cyrus Stephen Eaton (42.1), Marriner Stoddard Eccles (42.5), John Kenneth Galbraith (42.1), Katherine Graham (42.3), Charles Haywood Murphy, Jr. (42.1), Fred Warner Neal (42.1, .2, .3), Jack Pickens (42.1), Abraham A. Ribicoff (42.1), Dean Rusk (42.3), Sydney H. Scheuer (42.3), Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Jr. (42.1), John Scott (42.1), Llewellyn E. Thompson, Jr. (42.1), Robert Edward Lee Wilson III (42.1).

Subseries 17. Vietnam--(General Materials), 1965-1974.

4 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FR, Viet Nam

Records pertain to miscellaneous materials concerning Vietnam War, particularly articles, position papers, speeches, correspondence and transcripts of Foreign Relations Committee hearings and interviews. Most material relates to Committee investigations of Vietnam War and peace efforts. Some files pertain to administration policies on Vietnam.

Correspondents include: Frank Forrester Church (46.1), Tristram Coffin (45.1), Thomas Francis Eagleton (45.3), Cyrus Stephen Eaton (46.1), Marriner Stoddard Eccles (43.1, 44.3), Rupert Vance Hartke (43.1), Harold Everett Hughes (46.2), Jacob Koppel Javits (44.2), Warren Grant Magnuson (45.3), Carl Milton Marcy (45.1, 46.1, 46.2), George Stanley McGovern (46.2), Edmund Sixtus Muskie (46.2), Andrew Russell (Drew) Pearson (43.2), Mathew Bunker Ridgeway (43.1), Stuart William Symington (44.4, 45.2), Strom Thurmond (45.3), William Childs Westmoreland (45.2).

Subseries 18. Vietnam--Correspondence, 1966-1974.

19 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FR, Vietnam

Records primarily pertain to Vietnam War, especially Committee efforts to investigate American policy relating to Vietnam; and public reaction to JWF's position on War.

Correspondents include: Harry Scott Ashmore (47.1, 51.1, 54.1, 59.1), William Calhoun Baggs (47.2, 51.2), Chester Bliss Bowles (59.3), Tristram Coffin, Ernest Cecil Deane (56.4, 59.5), Cyrus Stephen Eaton, Oscar Fendler (48.1, 54.5), Jerome David Frank (48.1), Erich Fromm (51.5, 54.5), Felix Greene (48.2), Louis Joseph Halle (56.6), Rupert Vance Hartke (48.3, 52.1, 62.4), John Norvill Jones (48.1), John F. Kerry (62.5), Henry Alfred Kissinger (56.7), Alfred A. Knopf (62.5), Charles Haywood Murphy, Jr. (49.2, 55.1), Fred Warner Neal (55.2), Gaylord Anton Nelson (53.1, 65.4), Kenneth P. O'Donnell (61.1), James O. Powell (57.2), Herbert R. Rainwater (63.3), Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Jr. (50.1, 52.3, 61.4, 65.5), Prince Norodom Sihanouk (63.3), Benjamin McLane Spock (50.1, 50.2), Wilton Robert Stephens (50.2, 61.4, 63.3, 65.5), Barbara Wertheim Tuchman (50.3), Stephen M. Young (55.5, 57.5).

Subseries 19. Vietnam--Cambodian Invasion, 1970.

4 boxes.
Office file code: 50 FR

Records pertain to JWF's constituents' responses to 1970 Cambodian invasion.

Correspondents include: James B. Breazeale (69.3), Thomas J. Prendergast (66.3).

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