41 boxes
7 subseries
Office file code: 77, 78

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, newspaper clippings, printed documents and related material pertaining to political campaigns and elections in Arkansas.


Arranged chronologically and alphabetically.

  1. Arkansas Political Campaigns (General), 1947-1974
  2. JWF Senatorial Campaigns of 1950 and 1956, 1946-1956
  3. JWF Reelection Campaign of 1962, 1949-1963
  4. JWF Reelection Campaign of 1968, 1 963-1973
  5. JWF Reelection Campaign of 1974, 1969-1974
  6. JWF Campaign Material by County, 1945-1974
  7. Other Arkansas Campaigns and Elections, 1946-1974

Subseries 1. Arkansas Political Campaigns (General), 1947-1974.

4 folders.
Office file code: 77, 78

Records pertain primarily to political affairs in Arkansas, particularly political strength of various Arkansas political figures, especially JWF, Sidney Sanders McMath and John Little McClellan; and petition campaign led by James Douglas Johnson to recall JWF from office. Some material pertains to non-campaign year political organization work by JWF Arkansas staff.

Correspondents include: J. Wayne Cranford (1.3), Denver L. Dudney (1.1), John L. Erickson (1.2), Thomas Goodgame (1.3), Sam Grundfest (1.1), Clifton R. Hood (1.2), Haroldson Lafayette Hunt (1.4), G. S. Jernigan (1.1), James Douglas Johnson (1.3), Jimmy Karam (1.4), Fred Livingston (1.2) (1.3), James B. McDougal (1.2) (1.3), Carl McIntire (1.3), Joe Martin (1.2), John C. Milum (1.3), D. G. Saad (1.1), Karr Shannon (1.2), George Rose Smith (1.3), Thomas B. Tinnon (1.3), James Guy Tucker, Jr. (1.3), Ardis Tyson (1.1).

Subseries 2. JWF Senatorial Campaigns of 1950-1956, 1946- 1956.

1.5 boxes.
Office file code: 73, 77, 78, 80

Records primarily pertain to JWF campaigns of 1950 and 1956, particularly speculation concerning possible opposing candidates, especially Ben Travis Laney; lack of Democratic opposition; congratulations from supporters; acknowledgements of support by JWF; opposition of labor to JWF in 1950; and explanation of his voting pattern on labor issues (1.6). Some material pertains to campaign speeches; campaign issues, especially segregation, statement signed by Southern senators regarding racial integration orders of Supreme Court, and doctrine of interposition; and JWF's views of Truman (2.2).

Correspondents include: Joe C. Barrett (2.6), Haco Boyd (1.6), Guy Cameron (1.6), M. Hartley Dodge (2.2), Walter Lippmann (2.2), Arthur McDowell (1.6), Sam Peck (2.5), Forrest Rozzell (1.6), James Strom Thurmond (2.6).

Subseries 3. JWF Reelection Campaign of 1962, 1949-1963.

8 boxes.
Office file code: 77, 78

Records primarily pertain to JWF reelection campaign of 1962, particularly JWF campaign strategy, publicity and speeches, and finances (especially contributions); opposition to JWF's reelection, particularly regarding possible Democratic primary candidacy of Orval Eugene Faubus, Democratic primary opponent Winston Chandler, and Republican general election opponent, Kenneth Jones, especially regarding visit of National Republican senators John Goodwin Tower and Barry M. Goldwater to Arkansas in support of Jones' candidacy. Some records pertain to campaign of national, conservative, anti-communist movement to defeat JWF, especially organizations of Billy James Hargis, and Christian Anti-Communist Crusade, Dan Smoot and Haroldson Lafayette Hunt; and state and national political support of JWF, particularly within Arkansas industry and professions, especially agriculture and oil industries, and medical and legal professions. A few records relate to campaign issues, and offers of political support to JWF as volunteer and professional campaign workers.

Correspondents include: William Monroe Apple (3.7), L. D. Blair (6.2), Winston Chandler (3.5), William Lockhart Clayton (5.1), William Edson Darby (8.2), John Dupree Eldridge (5.3) (6.3) (6.4) (7.1), John Lenroot Erickson (4.1), Orval Eugene Faubus (3.1) (8.2), Gus W. Jones (4.5), John Norvill Jones (3.4) (3.8) (4.5) (5.3) (5.4) (5.5) (6.1), Kenneth G. Jones (4.5) (5.3), John Fitzgerald Kennedy (8.3), Robert Samuel Kerr (5.3) (6.4) (8.3), John F. Kraft (4.1), Chester Lauck (8.4), Robert Allen Leflar (5.3) (8.2), J. Fred Livingston (8.2), Robert M. Lowe (3.7) (4.1) (5.5) (7.3), Pat Mehaffy (5.3) (6.1) (7.4) (8.2), Charles Haywood Murphy, Jr. (5.3), H. H. Pickering (3.7), Roy Prewitt (4.4) (4.6), Rufus Benjamin Robins (3.1), Judith Rogers (6. 2), Elmo Burns Roper, Jr. (3.7) (5.1) (7.3), Richard Brevard Russell (8.3), Wilton Robert Stephens (5.3), Harry S. Truman (3.4), Alexander Washburn (6.3), Lee Williams (3.4) (3.5) (3.7) (4.4) (5.2) (5.3), Charles Morrow Wilson (3.4) (3.7) (3.8).

Subseries 4. JWF Reelection Campaign of 1968, 1963-1973.

7 boxes.
Office file code: 77, 78

Records pertain primarily to JWF's reelection campaign of 1968, particularly JWF campaign strategy, especially at county level; publicity and advertising; speeches; offers of financial aid and other types of assistance to JWF's campaign; endorsements of JWF; congratulations upon primary and general election victories; and opposition to JWF's reelection, especially regarding possible candidacies of Orval Eugene Faubus, and Sidney Sanders McMath, official candidacies of James Douglas Johnson, Bobby K. Hayes and Charles Bernard, and alleged involvement of Winthrop Rockefeller and Haroldson Lafayette Hunt in campaigns of JWF's opponents. Some records pertain to campaign issues, particularly JWF's stand on U.S. involvement in Vietnam and firearms legislation, other state elections and candidates, especially Virginia Johnson and Winthrop Rockefeller, and presidential election and candidates, especially George Corley Wallace and Hubert Horatio Humphrey.

Correspondents include: William Joshua Arnold (11.2), Edward Lewis Bartlett (13.7), William Benton (13.3), Charles T. Bernard (16.5), Robert Carlyle Byrd (14.4), Bennett Alfred Cerf (13.5), Tristram Coffin (12.1) (14.4), William Edson Darby (13.3), Thomas Lee Dearmore (11.5), Edwin E. Dunaway (ll.l), Marriner Stoddard Eccles (13.6), (14.3), Orval Eugene Faubus (11.8), George Fisher (15.2), Marcel William Fodor (15.8), Ben Grinage (14.3), Dave Grundfest (15.5), Lawrence Brooks Hays (13.4), Haroldson Lafayette Hunt (14.3) (14.5), Lyndon Baines Johnson (15.8), John Norvill Jones (12.1), Vernon J. King (14.9), Thomas Henry Kuchel (13.6), Jordon Bennett Lambert, Sr. (13.2), James B. McDougal (11.7) (17.2), Sidney Sanders McMath (11.5) (11.8), Robert Strange McNamara (13.6), Joseph M. Montoya (13.1) (13.2), Alfred J. Moss (11.3), Hugh Baskin Patterson, Jr. (14.3), Andrew Russell Pearson (11.3), William Roy Penix (15.1), Jason P. Rouby (15.2), Vernon E. Scott (11.7) (12.1), Jerome John Screeton (11.2), Ray S. Smith (11.6), Wilton Robert Stephens (14.9), William Stuart Symington (14.9), Thomas B. Tinnon (14.9), Don J. Tyson (13.7), Thomas D. Waugh (13.5), Parker Lucas Westbrook (11.5) (11.7), Lee Williams (11.4) (11.6) (11.7) (14.3) (15.1) (15.5).

Subseries 5. JWF Reelection Campaign of 1974, 1969-1974.

8 boxes.
Office file code: 77, 78

Records primarily pertain to JWF reelection campaign of 1974, particularly research conducted by JWF campaign staff on gubernatorial career of Dale Leon Bumpers; synopses of JWF's position and voting record on campaign issues, especially Vietnam war, energy crisis, seniority and inflation; editorials and press coverage of campaigns; campaign strategy; schedules of appearances; and condolences over JWF defeat. Some records pertain to JWF speeches and statements; campaign advertising; and letters offering political support. A few records relate to state and national politics, especially Arkansas gubernatorial campaigns of 1970 and 1972, and presidential campaign of 1972.

Correspondents include: Ben Allen (18.1), Julian Bond (22.2), Dale Leon Bumpers (18.1) (20. 2), John W. Elrod (20. 4) (21.4), Oden Fancher (18.1), Wallace D. Hurley, Sr. (24.4), Chester H. Lauck (20.7), John Norvill Jones (21.3), Matthew Herman Rothert, Sr. (18.2), Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Jr. (20.5), Wilton Robert Stephens (18.2), Edward Durrell Stone (18.1), Deloss Walker (18.1), Parker Lucas Westbrook (21.4), Justin J. Williams, Sr. (20.5), Lee Williams.

Subseries 6. JWF Campaign Material by County, 1945-1974.

13 boxes.
Office file code: 77, 78

Records primarily pertain to JWF senatorial campaigns, particularly evaluations of JWF's political strength in each Arkansas county by key county contacts, and speculation concerning possible opposing candidates, especially Orval Eugene Faubus in 1962 and Dale Leon Bumpers in 1974; lists of supporters, politicians, and officials in each county; and constituent support of JWF's voting record, particularly concerning the censure of Joseph Raymond McCarthy, civil rights, minimum wage legislation, federal aid to education, Vietnam war and county public works projects. Some records pertain to state and federal political campaigns, particularly Arkansas gubernatorial elections.

Correspondents include: Denver L. Dudney (28.2), Orval Eugene Faubus (31.5), Jordan Bennett Lambert (33.1), Robert M. Lowe (27.6) (28.2), Sidney Sanders McMath ( 34.2), Charles Haywood Murphy, Jr. (37.3), William Roy Penix (28.2) (28.4), Roy Prewitt (31.5), Wilton Robert Stephens (35.2) (35.5), Boyd Anderson Tackett (31.7), Herbert L. Thomas (34.2), Horace Eugene Thompson (34.2), Thomas B. Tinnon ( 26.3), Don J. Tyson (38.2), Henry King Wade, Jr. (29.3), Lee Williams (26.3) (30.4) (33.2).

Subseries 7. Other Arkansas Campaigns and Elections, 1946-1974.

3 boxes.
Office file code: 77, 78, 80

Records primarily pertain to Arkansas political campaigns in which JWF was not a candidate, particularly gubernatorial campaigns of Orval Eugene Faubus, Winthrop Rockefeller and Dale Leon Bumpers. Other records pertain to Arkansas Democratic Party politics.

Correspondents include: George P. Branscum (39.1), Joseph Sill Clark (39.4), Angier Biddle Duke (39.5), Clayton Fritchey (39.4), William Averill Harriman (39.4), John Norvill Jones (39.4), R. A. Lile (39.5), Carl Milton Marcy (39.4), Roy Waymon Milum (39.4) (39.5), Clifton H. Scott (39.2), J. A. Speed (39.4), Frank M. Stanton (39.4), Wilton Robert Stephens (41.1), Herbert L. Thomas, Sr. (39.4), Harry Lee Williams (39.4), Lee Williams (41.1).

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