17 boxes
5 subseries
Office file code: 77a; 78; 78 a,b; 79; 79 a,b, gen., Watergate; 80, 82 a,c,b, Stevenson

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, news releases, memoranda, printed reports and related materials pertaining to national political affairs, particularly possible presidential or cabinet position for JWF; presidential and senatorial campaigns, Democratic party affairs and Watergate.


Arranged chronologically.

  1. National Political Affairs (General), 1946-1976
  2. National Democratic Party, 1945-1974
  3. Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, 1954-1973
  4. Presidential Campaigns, 1948-1972
  5. Watergate, 1972-1974

Subseries 1. National Political Affairs (General), 1946-1976.

3 boxes.
Office file code: 77a; 78; 78a, b; 79 gen.; 80

Records pertain primarily to political affairs on national level, particularly the possible selection of JWF as Secretary of State 1960; proposed Kennedy-Fulbright tickets in 1968 and 1972; and congressional and presidential anti-war candidates. Some records pertain to 1948 "Dixlecrat" split from the Democratic Party and civil rights. A few records pertain to activities of Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Correspondents include: Harry Scott Ashmore (1.2), Robert Francis Kennedy (2.7), Edmund Sixtus Muskie (3.5)

Subseries 2. National Democratic Party, 1945-1974.

3 boxes.
Office file code: 82, 79, 79a

Records pertain primarily to national party affairs, particularly matters relating to presidential nominating conventions, especially delegate selection; fund raising for the national party; and party organization. Some records pertain to Democratic National Committee fact sheets and research material. A few records pertain to party platforms.

Correspondents include: John Moran Bailey, Larry Francis O'Brien, and Robert S. Strauss.

Subseries 3. Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, 1954-1973.

3 folders.
Office file code: 79b, 77

Records pertain primarily to efforts of the Committee to assist in election campaigns of Democratic senators. Some records pertain to Democratic Committee fund raising activities. A few records pertain to McGovern Commission on party reform.

Subseries 4. Presidential Campaigns, 1948-1972.

10 boxes.
Office file code: 77; 78; 79; 82 a,b,c, Stevenson

Records pertain primarily to presidential campaigns, particularly constituent evaluations of candidates, potential candidates, issues, and party platforms. Some records pertain to JWF role in various presidential campaigns; campaigh tactics; and campaign speeches and materials. A few records pertain to campaigns of congressional anti-Vietnam War candidates.

Correspondents include: Harry Scott Ashmore, George Wildman Ball (11.6), George Stanley McGovern (16.3), Wilton Robert Stephens (15.6), Adlai Ewing Stevenson, Lee Williams (16.2).

Subseries 5. Watergate, 1972-1974.

8 folders.
Office file code: 79 Watergate

Records pertain primarily to public reaction to Watergate affair. Some records pertain to reaction to JWF statement on Watergate. A few records pertain to Vietnam and Cambodia as well.

Correspondents include: Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Jr. (16.4, 17.3).

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