44 boxes
Office file code: 60a, Press

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, news releases, memoranda, printed reports and related material pertaining primarily to applications for federal loans and grants for local projects in Arkansas, particularly water and sewage treatment systems, Head Start and day-care programs, job training, public housing and urban renewal, hospital and school construction, economic development programs, and rural electrification. Some records pertain to federal construction projects in Arkansas, particularly post offices and courthouses. A few records pertain to project progress reports. (Other records pertaining to the above subjects are located in Series 69, Statewide and Regional Projects, and in Series 70, Miscellaneous Other Federal Projects.)

Correspondents include: Albert Franklin (23.3), Hal Cooper Douglas (Boxes 39-42), John Elrod (7.3), Oscar Fend ler (23.3), John Alber Fogelman (10.1), Frank Lady (28.1), Dowell Naylor, Jr. (Boxes 29-33), Robert Edward Lee Wilson III (24.1), Dan Wolf (13.4).

Arranged alphabetically and chronologically.

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