5 boxes
2 subseries
Office file code: 60

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, news releases, memoranda, printed reports and related materials pertaining to development of industrial, economic, and social programs and projects in Arkansas, particularly those funded or assisted by the federal government.

(Other records pertaining to the above subjects are located in Series 67, Arkansas State Projects by County, and Series 69, Statewide and Regional Projects.)


Arranged chronologically.

  1. Arkansas Industries, 1947-1962
  2. Other Arkansas Projects, 1945-1974

Subseries 1. Arkansas Industries, 1947-1962.

1.5 boxes.
Office file code: 60 e

Records pertain primarily to federal policies and programs affecting industrial growth in Arkansas, particularly distribution and sale of public electric power; government policies relating to purchase of strategic materials; letting of government contracts; and establishment of nuclear power plants in Arkansas. Some records pertain to efforts of Arkansas Resources and Development Commission to facilitate industrial growth and to progress of rural electrification program.

Correspondents include: Harvey D[enver] Jones (2.1), Colter Hamilton Moses (1.5), Jack Pickens (1.5), Robert Estes Ritchie (1.1), Douglas Wright (1.5, 2.3).

Subseries 2. Other Arkansas Projects, 1945-1974.

3.5 boxes.
Office file code: 60, 60a, 60a gen, 60c, 6Od, 60 misc, 60 gen

Records pertain primarily to economic planning and development in Arkansas, particularly to federally assisted urban renewal, housing, road, bridge, river navigation, and hospital construction projects. Some records pertain to federally assisted social welfare projects and to establishment of natural wild life areas in Arkansas. A few records pertain to activities of Arkansas Industrial Development Commission.

Correspondents include: Hal Cooper Douglas (5.4).

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