Series 73. MISCELLANEOUS SPEECHES, 1940-1973

27 boxes
3 subseries
Office file code: 55, uncoded (by date)

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, news releases, memoranda, printed reports, speech notes and drafts, and related materials pertaining to miscellaneous JWF speeches and speech materials.


Arranged chronologically topically, and alphabetically.

  1. Research Material, 1944-1966
  2. Unidentified Speeches, n.d.
  3. Unindexed Speeches, 1940-1973

Subseries 1. Research Material, 1944-1966.

9 boxes.
Office file code: 56, uncoded

Records primarily pertain to research and reference material used in writing speeches. Some records pertain to material used for JWF's general information. A few records pertain to material sent to JWF by constituents.

Correspondents include: Jerome Frank (5.7), Harry Frederick Kern (5.1), Carl Milton Marcy (5.6).

Arranged topically and alphabetically.

Subseries 2. Unidentified Speeches, no dates.

2 boxes.
Office file code: uncoded

Records pertain to speeches, speech fragments, drafts of speeches, and speech notes of unidentified origins and dates.

Arranged topically and alphabetically.

Subseries 3. Unindexed Speeches, 1940-1973.

16 boxes.
Office file code: 55, uncoded (by date)

Records primarily pertain to unindexed speech-related materials, particularly articles and statements authored by others and inserted in the Congressional Record by JWF, minor items inserted in the Record in the course of Senate debate; press releases; and statements made at committee hearings. Some records pertain to unindexed 1944 JWF campaign speeches. A few records pertain to articles written by JWF.

(Other JWF 1944 campaign speeches may be found in Series 84, JWF campaigns of 1942 and 1944.)

Correspondents include: Tristram Coffin (27.1), Cyrus Stephen Eaton (27.1), Alfred A. Knopf (27.1), David Franz Schoenbrun (27.1).

Arranged chronologically.

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