Series 78. PRESS, 1941-1976

76 boxes + 8 oversized containers
9 subseries
Office file code: uncoded; 76d; 80; 80 gen., a, b; 80c Arrogance of Power; 80 Fulbright of Arkansas, etc., Press; Newsletter; 55; 55 N.Y. Times, Washington Post, etc.; Time, Newsweek, etc.

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, news releases, memoranda, printed reports, and related materials pertaining to newspaper items and other press-related matters of interest to JWF.


Arranged chronologically, some arranged alphabetically and topically.

  1. Press (General), 1959-1974
  2. Requests to Write Articles and Statements, 1963-1974
  3. Newsletter Correspondence and Lists, 1960-1974
  4. Books On or By JWF, 1962-1974
  5. Articles By JWF, 1943-1976
  6. Articles About JWF, 1942-1974
  7. Press Clippings, 1945-1974
  8. Press Research, 1968-1974
  9. Press Scrapbooks, 1941-1974

Subseries 1. Press (General), 1959-1974.

3 boxes.
Office file code: uncoded, 76d, Press, 80, 80 gen.

Records pertain primarily to general press related matters, particularly JWF press releases and press association meetings and rewards. Some records pertain to response to articles, editorials, or television programs relating to JWF.

Subseries 2. Requests to Write Articles and Statements, 1963-1964.

4.5 boxes.
Office file code: uncoded, 80a, 80a Ark Lawyer

Records pertain primarily to requests for JWF to contribute materials for publication, particularly articles, statements, book introductions and reviews. Some records pertain to requests for interviews and for assistance with oral history projects, questionnaires, and school research projects.

Subseries 3. Newsletter Correspondence and Lists, 1960-1974.

5.5 boxes.
Office file code: uncoded, Press, Newsletter, 80 Newsletter, 80-b, 80-d

Records pertain primarily to JWF newsletters, particularly constituent response to newsletters, requests to be added or deleted from mailing lists, sample mailing lists, and JWF efforts to expand mailing lists.

Subseries 4. Books on or by JWF, 1962-1974.

7 boxes.
Office file code: 80c Arrogance of Power, 80c Crippled Giant, 80c Fulbright of Arkansas, 80c Coffin Book, etc. etc.

Records primarily pertain to public and critical response to books on or by JWF. Some records pertain to publisher proof copies, business contracts and sales promotions for JWF books. A few records pertain to writing and editing of JWF books.

Correspondents include: Lyndon Baines Johnson (18.4), Bennett Cerf (18,3).

Subseries 5. Articles by JWF, 1943-1976.

3 boxes.
Office file code: 55, Article by JWF, Sat Eve Post Art, Harper's Article, etc.

Records pertain primarily to articles written by JWF, including some articles originally given as speeches or statements. Some records pertain to constituent response to articles or requests for copies.

Correspondents include: John Foster Dulles (21.4).

Subseries 6. Articles about JWF, 1942-1974.

2 boxes.
Office file code: 55, 80, 55 NY Times, Time, Newsweek Article, etc.

Records pertain primarily to articles about JWF, particularly articles regarding his political activities and views, especially in field of foreign affairs, Some records pertain to correspondence relating to articles about JWF.

Subseries 7. Press Clippings, 1945-1974.

11 boxes.
Office file code: uncoded, 77

Records pertain primarily to newspaper and magazine clippings, press releases, pamphlets and similar materials relating to varied topics, including Little Rock integration crisis, Arkansas affairs, foreign affairs, and Southeast Asia, A few records pertain to correspondence regarding news items or articles.

Subseries 8. Press Research, 1969-1974.

16 boxes.
Office file code: uncoded

Records pertain primarily to background research material, particularly clippings, articles, and reports, for JWF's general information and/or for researching legislation. A few records pertain to correspondence or memos relating to research topics.

Subseries 9. Press Scrapbooks, 1941-1974.

24 boxes + 8 oversized containers.
Office file code: uncoded

Records pertain primarily to scrapbooks of press clippings on topics of interest to JWF, especially Arkansas political affairs, including senatorial campaigns and Little Rock School integration crisis, and JWF's role in foreign policy. Some records pertain to transcripts of JWF interviews.

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