Series 82. JOSEPH R. McCARTHY, 1952-1955, 1960

1 box
Office file code: 85, 85-1, 85 anti-[McCarthy] Arkansas, 85 pro-[McCarthy] Arkansas, no code

Files consist largely of correspondence, both constituent and out-of-state; and other records, including clippings, articles, speeches, pamphlets, and notes, pertaining to Joseph R[aymond] McCarthy. Much of the correspondence, both for and against the Senator, concerns JWF's lone vote against appropriations for McCarthy's investigating subcommittee and the censure resolution. JWF responses are generally routine. Other noted subjects are the Dixon-Yates proposal and the Bricker Amendment. Correspondents include: Philip C[aryl] Jessup, Walter Johnson, and Walter Lippmann. See also BCNs 87 and 88 in the first accession of the papers for other files regarding McCarthy's career.

Arranged chronologically.

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