Series 9. Awards and Decorations

Boxes 63-66

Files consist of six folders of correspondence regarding awards and decorations, especially those from Japan, Germany, England, Egypt, Denmark, France, and the United States. Important subjects are Honorary Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (October 1975), the Benjamin Franklin Medal of the Royal Society of Arts (October 1978), and the Presidential Medal of Freedom (May 1993). Included also are three boxes of medals and decorations from around the world.

Box 63 Correspondence

  1. Honorary Degrees.
  2. Awards and Decorations.
  3. Honorary Knight Commander (Civil Division) of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, October 10, 1975.
  4. Benjamin Franklin Medal—Royal Society of Arts, October 1978.
  5. Kennedy Center, Washington D.C., March 12, 1990.
  6. Presidential Medal of Freedom, May 1993.

Box 64 Awards and Decorations

  1. Cross of the Knight Commander of the Royal Order of the Phoenix. Conferred by King Paul of the Hellenes, Greece, June 28, 1957.
  2. Royal Order of St. Olav. Oslo, Norway. February 9, 1960.
  3. Daimler Benz Medal. 1961.
  4. Cross of the Knight Commander of the Order of Merit. Federal Republic of Germany, May 29, 1975.
  5. Order of the Republic of Egypt, March 3, 1976.
  6. Grand Cross of the Order of the Lion of Finland, June 22, 1976.

Box 65 Awards and Decorations

  1. Commander of the National Order of the Legion of Honor. Republic of France, July 26, 1976.
  2. Commander's Cross of First Class of the Order of Dannebrog, Denmark, September 29, 1977.
  3. National Technical University of Athens Medal. Athens, Greece, May 7, 1978.
  4. Benjamin Franklin Medal, Royal Society of Arts. London, England, October 24, 1978.
  5. University of Arkansas College of Arts and Sciences Medal, 1981.
  6. National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges Medal, November 1987.
  7. University of Arkansas Fulbright College Honors Scholar Medal, May 7, 1988.
  8. Athinai Prize for Man and Mankind. Onassis Public Benefit Foundations. Athens, Greece, April 20, 1989.
  9. Clark Kerr Medal. Awarded by the Academic Senate of the University of California at Berkeley, June 10, 1989.
  10. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Freedom from Fear Award. Hyde Park, New York, October 13, 1989.

Box 66 Awards and Decorations

  1. University of Siena Medal. Siena, Italy. October 1989. Special medal commemorates the Fulbright Program.
  2. Moscow State University Medal. Moscow, USSR. June 1990. Honorary degree.
  3. James Madison—Dolley Madison Medal, 1990.
  4. Kyoto University Medal. Kyoto, Japan, September 30, 1990. Medal commemorates senator's visit to university.
  5. University of Helsinki Medal. Helsinki, Finland, April 1992.
  6. Key to the City of Houston.
  7. St. Thomas Acquinas Medal.
  8. Unidentified, No. 1-3.

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