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Series 2. Prints, ca. 1880s - 1980s. Boxes 99-110.

Included in this series are drawings, paintings, etchings, engravings, and halftones, as well as photographic prints. In some cases, Hudgins apparently kept photographs as examples of techniques, rather than because of their subject matter. There are a number of long group portraits that have been cut into pieces.

The classification system originally used by Mary Dengler Hudgins has been followed with few alterations. Division into general pictures (Subseries 1) and Army & Navy General Hospital pictures (Subseries 2) has been retained. Pictures from the music files, however, have been incorporated into Subseries 1.

Prints made from glass plate negatives in Series 1 are at the front of Subseries 1. The other pictures are arranged in folders by subject matter, in alphabetical order. In some cases subject headings were changed to conform to the LC Thesaurus for Graphic Materials. Aside from minor changes (for example, "Blacksmithing" rather than "Blacksmiths" and "Genealogy" rather than "Genealogical"), deviations from the original filing system or subject headings are noted by cross-references ("USE . . ." or "SEE ALSO . . .").

The image numbers of prints in the folder are listed beneath subject headings, with any addition information below. In many cases, material originally in a folder has been removed. This is noted as:

[picture correspondence]
means material (including caption or other information about pictures) removed to Series 7, Print and Manuscript Material Pertaining to Pictures (Pictures correspondence and notes files). Folders usually have the same subject headings.
[published picture]
means material removed to Series 7 Print and Manuscript Material Pertaining to Pictures (Published pictures). Folders usually have the same subject headings. Published pictures apparently kept by MDH for their value as images have not been removed to Series 7.
[vertical file: ]
means material removed to the Group II, Series 9, Hot Springs Vertical File; folder title given after colon.
[MDH articles: ]
means material removed to Group II, Series I, Printed Articles by Hudgins; title of article included after colon.
[MDH ms: ]
means material removed to Group II, Series 2, Manuscript Articles by Hudgins; title of manuscript included after colon.
[topical-- ]
means material removed to Group III, Topical Manuscript Collections (collection noted after dash).
[broadside collection]
means material removed to the Broadside Collection.

In some cases, all the material originally in the picture file folder has been removed, so there is no longer a folder in Series 2 for the given subject. Anything originally in the folder, however, may be found through the above notations.

Subseries 1. General pictures.

Box 99
Box 100
Box 101
Box 102
Box 103
Box 104
Box 105
Box 106
Box 107
Box 108

Subseries 2. Army & Navy General Hospital pictures.

Most of Hudgins's files in this group originally had a prefix "Army & Navy" or "A & N"; this has been omitted. See also photographs included with Army & Navy General Hospital press releases in Group III, Topical Manuscript Collections, Series 16, Army & Navy General Hospital, Box 73 (images 3462-3547).
Box 109
Box 110

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