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Series 2. Records pertaining to congressional election campaigns, July 1901-April 1910.

Records pertaining to the campaigns and elections of JTR in the Sixth District of Arkansas in the 58th through the 62d Congress, chiefly of the Democratic party primaries. Five subseries in one box (14).

Subseries 1. Election of 1902. 17 folders
Subseries 2. Election of 1904. 1 folder
Subseries 3. Election of 1906. 1 folder.
Subseries 4. Election of 1908. 1 folder
Subseries 5. Election of 1910. 1 folder.

1. Election of 1902. 17 folders.

Records, July 1901-November 1902,  pertaining to support for and opposition to election of JTR to Congress. Correspondents discuss the political pulse of various counties and the position of area newspapers on the election. Includes correspondence between JTR and his opponent, Sam M. Taylor and letters of congratulation. Arranged chronologically and alphabetically.

2. Election of 1904. 1 folder.

Correspondence, February ... October 1904,  pertaining to the election of JTR as a U.S. Congressman, including discussion of the possible influence of Jeff Davis on the nomination of JTR. Arranged chronologically.

3. Election of 1906. 1 folder.

Correspondence, January ... October 1906,  pertaining to matters of JTR's congressional election, such as fees for entering. Also letters pertaining to support of JTR in various counties. Arranged chronologically.

4. Election of 1908. 1 folder.

Records, October 1907-April 1908, pertaining to individual and county support for JTR in his bid for congressional re-election. Also included are newspaper clippings, a campaign speech by JTR, and two letters by James E. Hogue, JTR's opponent, outlining his campaign efforts. Arranged chronologically.

5. Election of 1910. 1 folder.

Records, January and April 1910,  pertaining to JTR's campaign expenditures and other general matters of his congressional election. Arranged chronologically.

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