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Series 4. Records pertaining to Senatorial election campaigns, 1913-1936.

Records pertain to JTR's five successful campaigns for election to the U.S. Senate. Chiefly constituent correspondence, but also correspondence with campaign workers and other politicians. Most correspondents are conveying their personal support or reporting the support for JTR in their area of the state.  5 subseries in 13 boxes (18-31)

Subseries 1. Election of 1913.  5 folders
Subseries 2. Election of 1918. 1 ½ boxes.
Subseries 3. Election of 1924. 1 folder.
Subseries 4. Election of 1930. 8 ½ boxes.
Subseries 5. Election of 1936. 2 boxes

1. Election of 1913.  5 folders.

Records, January 3-February 6, 1913,  pertaining to the election of JTR as U.S. Senator in a special election held, upon the death of Senator Jeff Davis, in the Arkansas General Assembly. Records include the official ballot count, correspondence offering encouragement and campaign aid, as well as petitions encouraging JTR to enter the election and others demanding he finish his term as governor. Arranged chronologically.

2. Election of 1918. 1 ½ boxes.

Records, 1918, pertaining to election of JTR over Stephen Brundige. Includes general correspondence as well as campaign posters, newspaper clippings, speeches, and resolutions. Arranged chronologically and alphabetically.

3. Election of 1924. 1 folder.

Correspondence, 1922-1924,  pertaining primarily to the support for JTR in various parts of Arkansas. Arranged chronologically.

4. Election of 1930. 8 ½ boxes.

Records, July 1929-December 1930,  pertaining to the election of JTR, defeating Tom W. Campbell in a very active campaign for U.S. Senator. Records include speeches, news clippings and releases, schedules, letters concerning JTR support and finances, and election returns by precinct.  Arranged  alphabetically, chronologically, and topically.

5. Election of 1936. 2 boxes.

Records, 1936, pertaining to the support and election of JTR to the United States Senate. Included in the correspondence are discussions of the strong opposition to JTR's election waged by Huey P. Long of Louisiana before his death in 1935. Records also include correspondence, newspaper clippings, itineraries, speeches, and letters of congratulation. Arranged topically and  chronologically.

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