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Appendix 2.  Project Image Index

This index pertains to images of individual projects designed by the Stone firm.  Each project may include one or more of the following: images of bid drawings, renderings, models, sections, elevations, exteriors, interiors; people involved with the projects; publicity images; and construction images. Images are arranged alphabetically by project title.  Within each project, images are arranged chronologically from design phase through construction and dedication ceremony.  Each project may include one or more of the following: photographs, over-size photographs, negatives, one-inch slides or two-inch slides.

The codes for each format are as follows:
Photographs---project alpha-numeric code
Negatives---project alpha-numeric code followed by the letter "n"
Oversize Photographs---project alpha-numeric code followed by the letters "ov"
One-inch slides---project alpha-numeric code followed by the letter "s"
Two-inch slides--project alpha-numeric code followed by capital letter "S"

  A    B    C    D    E    F    G    H    I    J    K    L    M    N    O    P     R    S    T    U    V    W    Y

Unidentified Projects

 Ahmanson Center-Bid Drawings (AC 97-166n)
    Ahmanson Center-Renderings (AC 1-4)
    Ahmanson Center-Models (AC 5-24)
    Ahmanson Center-Proofbook (AC 25)
    Ahmanson Center-Construction (AC 26-40)
    Ahmanson Center-Exterior (AC 41-57, 43n, 46n, 51n, 54n, 55n)
    Ahmanson Center-Exterior (AC 58-83)
    Ahmanson Center-Interior (AC 84-88, 84n, 87n, 94-96n)
    Ahmanson Center-People (AC 89-92)
    Akron Downtown Redevelopment (ADR 1-2)
    Alaska Methodist University (AMU 1-15)
    Alexandria Hotel/Office Complex (AHC 1, 2n, 3n, 4n, 2ov)
    Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity House (AGR 1-2)
    Altschul Library (AL 1-4)
    Arizona Heart Institute (AH 1-3, 1-8n, 4s)
    Armed Forces Hospital Expansion (AFH 1-18, 10-45n)
    Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFI 1-12)

 Babin Kuk Hotel (BK 1-15)
    Badenhop Residence (BN 1-6, 1n, 2n, 4n, 6n)
    Balboa Bay Club (BBC 1-13)
    Banco de America (BA 1-5, 6s)
    Bank Americard (BC 1-7, 1n, 5n, 6n, 8n)
    Bank of America (BAS 1-16, 1n, 2n, 17n, 18n)
    Barkley Lake State Park Lodge (BL 1-10)
    Bay Roc Hotel (BR 1-34, 1-6n, 8-18n, 20-27n, 29-39n)
    Beckman Auditorium (BEC 1-16, 1n)
    Beckman Auditorium-Proofbook (BEC 17)
    Billy Graham Pavilion 1964 New York World's Fair (BG 1-11)
    Blass Residence (BJ 1-13)
    Bloomingdale's, Garden City (BGC 1-14)
    Blue Shingles Condominium (BLU 1-3)
    Boston Mutual Life Insurance Building (BML 1-6)
    Brand Boulevard Development (BB 1-15)
    B'rith Emeth Congregation Synagogue (BET 1)
    Brown Residence (BW 1-2)
    Buffalo Evening News (BEN 1-17)
    Busch Memorial Stadium (BMS 1-18)

 Cairo Multi-Use Tower (CMT 1-6n, 1ov)
    Capitol Grounds Redevelopment (CGR 1-16)
    Carmelita Cultural Center (CCC 1-8, 1n, 8-13n)
    Celanese House (CH 1-4)
    Chatham Motor Hotel (CMH 1)
    Chemical Corn Exchange Bank (CCE 1-3)
    Cherry Point Housing Project (CPH 1)
    Chicago Convention Center (CHC 1)
    Christian Science Pavilion 1964 New York World's Fair (CSP 1-3)
    City Federal Savings & Loan, Plainfield, NJ (CFP 1)
    City Federal Savings & Loan, Union, NJ (CFU 1-15, 1n)
    Cleveland Jewish Community Federation Building (CJC 1-5)
    Collier's House (COH 1-3)
    Collier's House of Ideas (CHI 1-5)
    Commonwealth Plaza (CP 1-7)
    Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula-Renderings (CHX 1-4, 1n)
    Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula-Models (CHX 5-12, 70n, 71n)
    Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula-Plans (CHX 13-19, 14n)
    Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula-Exterior (CHX 20-33, 23n, 24n, 29n, 50n, 72n)
    Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula-Interior (CHX 34-52, 36n, 38n, 39n, 44n, 47-49n, 51n, 73-79n)
    Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula-People (CHX 53-67)
    Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula-Proofbook (CHX 68)
    Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula-Proofbook (CHX 69)
    Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula-Publicity (CHX 80-82n)
    Crestmont Apartments (CRE 1-7n)
    Crofton Condominiums (CRO 1-9)

    Davenport Public Library (DPL 1-6)
    Delaware County Community College (DDC 1-4)

 East River Environmental Protection Center (ERE 1n)
    Eisenhower Medical Center-Renderings (EMC 1-12, 1n, 2n, 4n, 6n, 11n)
    Eisenhower Medical Center-Models (EMC 13-22)
    Eisenhower Medical Center-Plans (EMC 23-36, 23-25n, 27n, 29n, 31n, 33-35n, 150-152n)
    Eisenhower Medical Center-Sections/Elevations (EMC 37-41, 36-38n, 40n, 153n)
    Eisenhower Medical Center-Construction (EMC 42-52)
    Eisenhower Medical Center-Exterior (EMC 53-70)
    Eisenhower Medical Center-Interior (EMC 71-81, 73n, 154-157n)
    Eisenhower Medical Center-Dermatology Building (EMC 82)
    Eisenhower Medical Center-Pathology Laboratory (EMC 83-84, 82n, 83n)
    Eisenhower Medical Center-East Wing Addition (EMC 85-89, 84-88n)
    Eisenhower Medical Center-Logo Design (EMC 90-95)
    Eisenhower Medical Center-Proofbook (EMC 96)
    Eisenhower Medical Center-People (EMC 97-150, 99n)
    Eisenhower Medical Center-Publicity (EMC 158-162n)
    El Panama Hotel (EP 1-22, 23n, 16ov, 23-28S)

 First National Bank, Hot Springs, AR (FNH 1-2, 1n)
    First National Bank, San Antonio, TX (FNS 1-2)
    First National City Bank, St. Louis, MO (FNB 1, 1n, 2n)
    Florida Capitol Center-Renderings (FCC 1-5)
    Florida Capitol Center-Models (FCC 6-24)
    Florida Capitol Center-Plans (FCC 25-36)
    Florida Capitol Center-Elevations (FCC 37-39)
    Florida Capitol Center-Sections (FCC 40-41)
    Florida Capitol Center-Old State House (FCC 42-46)
    Ford Foundation Theatre (FF 1, 2n, 3n,)
    Fort Worth Municipal Building (FW 1-14)
    Four Seasons Shopping Center (FS 1)
    Frankel, Charles J. Residence (FC 1-11, 1-8n)
    Frankel, Paul Residence (FP 1-4)
    Frankfort Civic Center  (FFC 1-14)
    French Hospital (FH 1, 1n)
    Fulbright Furniture (FUL 1ov)

 Garden State Arts Center (GSA 1-15)
    General Motors-Renderings (GM 1-3, 3n)
    General Motors-Models (GM 4-13)
    General Motors-Construction (GM 14-28)
    General Motors-Exterior (GM 29-43, 62n)
    General Motors-Interior (GM 44-54)
    General Motors-AIA Award Entry Book 1970 (GM 55)
    General Motors-Sample Book: Cafeteria (GM 56)
    General Motors-People (GM 57-61)
    Good Housekeeping "House for Moderns" 1946 (GH 1-4)
    Goodyear Residence (GC 1-8, 5ov, 9-13ov)
    Graf Residence (GB 1-9, 10ov)
    Granada Hills Community Hospital (GHC 1-5, 1-4n, 6-8n)
    Grant Residence (GW 1-15, 15ov)
    Greer's Ferry Park (GF 1-5)

 Hallmark Gallery (HG 1-2)
    Hallmark People to People Room (HP 1-5)
    Hamilton College Bristol Campus Center (HC 1-2)
    Hartford Pavilion (HCP 1-2, 3-4S)
    Harvey Mudd College-Exterior (HM 1-17, 21-27n, 28S)
    Harvey Mudd College-Interior (HM 18-19)
    Harvey Mudd College-Proofbook (HM 20)
    Hoffman BMW (HOF 1n)
    Honolulu International Center (HI 1-3)
    Hotel Karachi (HK 1-9)
    House of Good Taste 1964 New York World's Fair (HGT 1-2)
    Hunt & Winterbotham Showroom (HW 1-2)
    Huntington Hartford Gallery of Modern Art (HH 1-28, 7n)

 India Memorial Center (IMC 1-2, 1-4n)
    Ingersoll Utility Unit House (IU 1-6)
    INTERAMA (IN 1-10)
    International College (ICB 1-13, 2n, 14S)
    International Trade Mart (ITM 1-20, 21-22S)

 Janney Residence (JW 1-8)
    Jones Residence (JE 1-4, 1-4n)

 Kaufman & Broad Building (KB 1-6, 1-11n)
    Kennedy Center-Renderings (JFK 1-5, 1n, 87-98ov, 1-3S, 87-90S, 119-120S)
    Kennedy Center-Models (JFK 6-33, 14-17n, 24n, 25n, 27n, 31n, 32n, 117n, 118n, 99-102ov, 125-135S)
    Kennedy Center-Plans & Sections (JFK 34-40, 103-116ov, 121-124S)
    Kennedy Center-Construction (JFK 41-45)
    Kennedy Center-Exterior (JFK 46-48, 136-141S)
    Kennedy Center-Interior (JFK 49-51)
    Kennedy Center-Graphics Brochure (JFK 52)
    Kennedy Center-President & Mrs. Eisenhower with EDS (JFK 53-56, 53n, 54n)
    Kennedy Center-President Kennedy with EDS (JFK 57-60, 57n, 58n)
    Kennedy Center-Mrs. Kennedy with EDS (JFK 61-62, 62n)
    Kennedy Center-Manhattan Savings Bank Salutes EDS & METS (JFK 63-71)
    Kennedy Center-AIA Convention 1968 (JFK 72-75)
    Kennedy Center-Canadian Gift (JFK 76-79, 80n, 81n, 80-83s)
    Kennedy Center-Orrefors (JFK 80-86)
    Kennedy Center-People (JFK 87-89)
    Kempner Residence (KI 1-2)
    Kimmel Residence (KR 1-14)
    Koch Residence (KA 1-4)
    Ku Kui Apartments (KUK 1-2, 3-5n)
    Kuyper Residence (KW 1-7)

 Ladies Home Journal House 1937 (LHJ 1-2)
    La Jolla Hotel (LJ 1-4n)
    Lake Minnewaska (LAK 1-4)
    Levitt & Sons Executive Office Building (LB 1-6)
    Levitt Residence (LR 1)
    Liebman Residence (LC 1-2)
    Life Magazine House 1938 (HWO 1)
    Life Magazine House 1947 (LM 1)
    Life Magazine House 1958 (LMH 1-2, 3n)
    Lighting Model (LIG 1ov)
    Lima General Hospital (LH 1-13, 14-18S)
    Linder Residence (LBR 1-7)
    Los Angeles Public Library (LA 1-41, 7-42n)
    Loyola University Foley Communications Center (LU 1-3, 5n, 4s)
    Lumberman's Building (LUM 1)

 Madison & 94th (MAD 1-9)
    Maduro Residence (MF 1)
    Makaha Valley Condominiums (MH 1-9, 1-14n)
    Marriott La Guardia Hotel (ML 1-3)
    Marshall Residence (MG 1-5, 1ov)
    Martine Residence (MR 1-17)
    Maryland Academy of Science (MAS 1-4)
    Mann Residence (MAN 1)
    Matheson Residence (MC 1-4)
    Meharry Medical College (MMC 1-11, 4n)
    Mepkin Plantation (MEP 1-3, 6-13, 4-5ov)
    Merced Gardens Medical Facility (MER 1-6, 2n)
    Miami Convention Center (MIA 1)
    Midtown Art Gallery Exhibit Room (MID 1)
    Milwaukee Jewish Federation Headquarters (MJF 1-3)
    Mohawk Valley Community College (MVC 1-15)
    Montgomery County Community College (MCC 1-4)
    Morgan Station Post Office (MS 1-5)
    Museum of Modern Art (MOM 1-9, 7-8ov)

 NASA Electronics Research Center (NAS 1-4)
    Nassau County Community College (NCC 1-3)
    Nassif Office Building (NAS 1)
    National Geographic Society Headquarters  (NGS 1-12, 13ov)
    National Homes (NH 1-2)
    National Presbyterian Church (NPC 1-5, 1n, 1S, 3S, 6-8S)
    National Shipping Corporation (NSC 1-5)
    National Tile Council Bathroom (NTC 1-5)
    New Jersey Music Center (NJM 1-2)
    New Town Center (NEW 1-14)
    New York Civic Center (NYC 1-6)
    New York Renewal-West Side (NYR 1)
    New York 1939 Worlds Fair Food Building (NYW 1-2)
    Newport Beach Office Building (NB 1-6)
    Noll Residence (NOL 1-11, 16-21, 12-15n, 12-15s)
    North Carolina Legislative Building (NC 1-18, 19-27S)
    North Carolina Museum of Art (NCM 1-6)

 Olympia & York Office Building (OY 1-3n)

    Paducah City Hall (PCH 1-6)
    Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science (PIN 1-23, 1n, 9n, 23n, 24-26ov, 11S, 27-40S)
    Pakistan International Airways Mosque (PIA 1)
    Pakistan Presidential Palace (PPP 1)
    Pakistan Secretariat (PS 1-8)
    Pakistan State Assembly (PAK 1-6, 7-10n)
    Palm Beach Apartments (PB 1-25, 1n, 2n)
    Palm Beach Apartments-People (PB 26-29)
    Palo Alto Civic Center-Downtown (PA 1-18, 34-37n, 33-34ov, 19-32s)
    Palo Alto Civic Center-Embarcadero Rd (PAE 1-5, 1n, 9-16n, 6-8s)
    Palo Alto Civic Center Proofbook (Downtown & Embarcadero Rd) (PAC 1)
    Palo Alto Main Library (PAL 1-11)
    Palo Alto Office Edward Durell Stone, Inc. (PAO 1-3, 1-3s)
    Palo Alto Public Safety Building (PAP 1-2, 1s, 3-10s)
    Paterno Residence (PAT 1-6)
    Peabody Institute (PI 1)
    Pepsico-Renderings (PH 1-2, 1n)
    Pepsico-Models (PH 3-5, 4n, 6s, 7s)
    Pepsico-Site (PH 8-12)
    Pepsico-Construction (PH 13-23)
    Pepsico-Exterior (PH 24-31, 24-25ov, 27-28ov, 30-31ov, 40-47ov)
    Pepsico-Interior (PH 32-35, 32ov, 35ov, 48ov, 49ov)
    Pepsico-People (PH 36-39)
    Perpetual Savings & Loan-Branch (PSB 1-11, 1n, 5n, 12n, 13n, 12-15S)
    Perpetual Savings & Loan-Main (PSL 1-19, 20-29n, 30v)
    Philadelphia Trade & Convention Center (PHI 1-21)
    Phoenicia Hotel (PHO 1-7, 7n, 9-56n, 8ov)
    Pine Bluff Civic Center (PBA 1-10)
    Pittsburg War Housing (PWH 1)
    Ponce Museum of Art (PM 1-12, 13-15n)
    Popper Residence (PR 1-2)
    Prince George's Town Center (PG 1-3)

 Rayburn Residence (RW 1-12)
    Reef Point Hotel (RP 1-2, 1n)
    Rhode Island State Office Building (RI 1-16)
    Richmond College (RC 1)
    Rittenhouse Square Apartments (RIT 1, 1n)
    Robinson Residence (RG 1-2, 3n, 4n)
    Rose Hall Resort Condominium (RH 1-17)
    Rye Town Development (RYE 1-47s)

 Sacramento Capitol Mall (SCM 1-3, 5-8n)
    Sacramento Capitol Mall-Proofbook (SCM 4)
    St. Andrews by the Sea (SA 1-11, 1n, 12-26n)
    St. Andrews by the Sea-Proofbook (SA 12)
    St. Bartholomew (STB 1)
    St. Louis Competition for Jefferson Memorial (SL 1-2, 3-4ov)
    San Jose Civic Center (SJ 1-17, 1n, 12-14n, 19-22n)
    San Jose Civic Center-Proofbook (SJ 18)
    San Salvadore Hotel (SS 1-3)
    Sandpiper Motel (SAN 1-3, 1n, 4-18n)
    Santa Clara Public Library-Renderings & Models (SCL 1-5, 1n)
    Santa Clara Public Library-Plans Elevations & Sections (SCL 6-10, 6-9n, 33n)
    Santa Clara Public Library-Exterior (SCL 11-19)
    Santa Clara Public Library-Interior (SCL 20-31, 26n)
    Santa Clara Public Library-Proofbook (SCL 32)
    Santa Clara County Transit Facilities (SCT 1-2, 1n, 2n)
    Saudi Arabia Airports (JIA 1-9)
    Saudi Arabia Projects Never Built 100 Bed & 300 Bed Hospitals (SAU 1)
    School of Theology-Renderings (ST 1-6, 1-3n, 29n)
    School of Theology-Models (ST 7-13)
    School of Theology-Plans, Sections & Elevations (ST 14-17, 14n, 15n, 17n, 18n, 20-28n, 30n, 18ov)
    School of Theology-Proofbook (ST 19)
    Scripps Clinic & Research Foundation (SLJ 1-40, 1n, 4n, 8-12n, 19n, 32-34n, 36-48n)
    Scottsdale Conference Center & Housing Units (SCO 1-6n)
    Seaside Civic Center (SCC 1-11, 3n, 13-18n)
    Seaside Civic Center-Proofbook (SCC 12)
    Seattle Office Building (SOB 1, 1n)
    Security National Bank (SB 1-20, 6n, 8-10n, 15n, 17n, 18n, 22-27n)
    Security National Bank-Proofbook (SB 21)
    Shelter Cove Lodge (SHE 1-6, 1n, 2n, 7n, 3-6s)
    Sheraton Hotel, Lima (SHL 1-18, 2n, 2s)
    Sheraton Hotel, Newport Place (SNP 1-10, 1n, 3-7n, 11-13n)
    Sheraton Hotel, Sacramento (SAC 1-2, 3n)
    Sigma Nu Fraternity House (SN 1)
    Simon & Schuster Office (SS 1-4)
    Sinclair Community College (SIN 1-12, 14-19, 2-7n, 1s, 13s)
    Standard Oil-Renderings (SO 1-4, 1n)
    Standard Oil-Models (SO 5-20, 79-95ov)
    Standard Oil-Plans (SO 96-112n)
    Standard Oil-Marble (SO 21-26)
    Standard Oil-Construction (SO 27-35)
    Standard Oil-Exterior (SO 77-78ov)
    Standard Oil-Interior (SO 36-42)
    Standard Oil-Groundbreaking & Sword Presentation 4/6/70 (SO 43-45)
    Standard Oil-People (SO 46)
    Standard Oil Plaza-Models (SO 47-51)
    Standard Oil Plaza-Beautification Committee (SO 52-76)
    Stanford Medical Center-Renderings (SH 1-2, 1n, 2n, 30n)
    Stanford Medical Center-Models (SH 3-5, 3ov, 29ov)
    Stanford Medical Center-Plans (SH 6-9)
    Stanford Medical Center-Construction (SH 10)
    Stanford Medical Center-Exterior (SH 11-26, 13n, 14n, 17n, 18n, 24n, 31n, 32n)
    Stanford Medical Center-Interior (SH 27)
    Stanford Medical Center-People (SH 28)
    Stanford Medical Center Expansion (SHX 1-2, 1-3n)
    Stech Residence (STE 1-4)
    Sterling Forest Gardens Dining Pavilion & Conservatory (SFG 1-2)
    Stone Townhouse (STO 1-13, 12-24ov, 25-30S)
    Stuart Pharmaceutical Company (SP 1-36)
    Stuart Pharmaceutical Company-Proofbook (SP 37)
    Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer-Site (STU 2-3, 1ov)
    Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer-Renderings (STU 4)
    Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer-Construction (5-40)
    Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer-Exterior (STU 41-46)
    Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer-Interior (STU 47-55)
    Sullivan County Community College (SUL 1-2)
    Sullivan Residence (SR 1-2, 3ov)
    SUNY-Renderings (SUN 1077n)
    SUNY-Models (SUN 1-13, 8n)
    SUNY-Plans (SUN 14-19, 14n, 1076n)
    SUNY-Construction (SUN 20-1021)
    SUNY-Exterior (SUN 1022-1046, 1078n)
    SUNY-Interior (SUN 1047-1067, 1066n, 1067n)
    SUNY-Publicity (SUN 1068-1075)

    Thompson Residence (TR 1)
    Thornauer Residence (TH 1-3)
    Time, Fire & Casualty Building (TFC 1-8, 1-8n)
    Tomson Residence (TB 1-2)
    Toronto Office Building (TOB 1-4, 1-3n)
    Trappist Monastery (TA 1, 2-4S)
    Tulsa Civic Center (TC 1-21)
    Tupperware-Renderings (TUP 1, 1n)
    Tupperware-Model (TUP 158-169n)
    Tupperware-Site Models (TUP 2)
    Tupperware-Model Masterplan A (TUP 3-6)
    Tupperware-Model Masterplan B (TUP 7-11)
    Tupperware-Building Model A (TUP 12-16)
    Tupperware-Building Model B (TUP 17-18)
    Tupperware-Plan (TUP 157n)
    Tupperware-Site Plan (TUP 19)
    Tupperware-Site Plan Scheme I (TUP 20, 20n)
    Tupperware-Masterplan A (TUP 21)
    Tupperware-Masterplan A-1 (TUP 22)
    Tupperware-Masterplan B-1 (TUP 23, 23n)
    Tupperware-Masterplan B-2 (TUP 24)
    Tupperware-Masterplan B-3 (TUP 25)
    Tupperware-Masterplan B-4 (TUP 26)
    Tupperware-Main Building Plan (TUP 27, 27n)
    Tupperware-Construction Oct 20, 1969 (TUP 28-40)
    Tupperware-Construction Dec 12, 1969 (TUP 41-59)
    Tupperware-Construction Jan 15, 1970 (TUP 60-75)
    Tupperware-Construction (Various dates) (TUP 76-87)
    Tupperware-Exterior (TUP 88-116, 97ov, 101ov, 139-141ov)
    Tupperware-Interior (TUP 117-127, 118ov, 127ov, 142-154ov)
    Tupperware-Interior Display & Diagrams (TUP 128-138, 155-156ov)

    Unidentified Residential Interior (UNI 1ov)
    Unitarian Church (UC 1-8, 9-20S)
    United States Embassy, London (USL 1-5)
    United States Embassy, New Delhi-Renderings (USE 1)
    United States Embassy, New Delhi-Model (USE 118-122ov)
    United States Embassy, New Delhi-Plans (USE 2, 2n)
    United States Embassy, New Delhi-Construction (USE 3-89)
    United States Embassy, New Delhi-Exterior (USE 90-108, 92n, 94n, 97n, 99n, 100n,
    United States Embassy, New Delhi-Interior (USE 109-117)
    United States Embassy, New Delhi-People (USE 118-131, 132-164n)
    United States Naval Academy (USN 1-9, 5n, 7n)
    United States Pavilion-Renderings (USP1-2)
    United States Pavilion-Model (USP 3-7, 4ov, 3S, 5S, 6S, 51S, 52S)
    United States Pavilion-Plans (USP 8-13)
    United States Pavilion-Exterior (USP 14-25, 19n, 48ov)
    United States Pavilion-Interior (USP 26-33, 26n, 29S, 53S, 54S)
    United States Pavilion-People (USP34-47, 34-38n, 41n, 34S)
    United States Pavilion (USP 1-47, 19n, 26n, 34-38n, 41n, 50n, 4ov, 48ov, 3S, 5S, 6S,
        29S, 34S, 51-54S)
    University of Arkansas Fine Arts Center (UAF 1-15, 10ov, 11ov, 14ov, 16-21ov,
        25-27ov 22-24S)
    University of Arkansas Married Student Housing (UAM 1-2, 1n)
    University of Arkansas Medical Center (UAC 1-9)
    University of Chicago Continuing Education Center (UCC 1)
    University of Hawaii Biomedical Sciences Building (UH 1-6, 1n, 3-5n, 7-11n)
    University of Islamabad (UI 1-8)
    University of Kentucky Dormitory (UK 1-3)
    University of Massachusetts Library (UM 1-5, 6n)
    University of South Carolina Men's Dormitory (UNC 1-4)
    University of South Carolina Library (UNL 1-5, 6-8ov)
    USC Andrus Gerontology Center (USC 1-20, 1n, 3-16n, 18n, 21-26n)
    USC Continuing Education Center (USD 1-4)
    USC Von Kleinsmid Center-Renderings (UKC 1, 1n, 57-59n)
    USC Von Kleinsmid Center-Model (UKC 2-9)
    USC Von Kleinsmid Center-Plans (UKC 10-12, 10-12n, 61-65n, 115n)
    USC Von Kleinsmid Center-Elevation & Sections (UKC 13-15, 13-15n, 66-72n)
    USC Von Kleinsmid Center-Exterior (UKC 16-34, 73-95n)
    USC Von Kleinsmid Center-Court (UKC 35-43, 96-106n, 110n)
    USC Von Kleinsmid Center-Library Court (UKC 44-48, 107-109n)
    USC Von Kleinsmid Center-Tower (UKC 49-51)
    USC Von Kleinsmid Center-Interior (UKC 52-55, 111-114n)
    USC Von Kleinsmid Center-Proofbook (UKC 56)
    USC Waite Phillips Hall (USG 1-8, 9-20n)
    Upland Civic Center (UP 1-7, 1S, 2S)

    Valley General Hospital (VG 1-23, 4n, 5n, 7n, 12n, 17n, 19n, 25-28n)
    Valley General Hospital-Proofbook (VG 24)
    Vanderbilt University (VAN 1)
    Vernon Plaza Office Building (VP 1-3)
    Veteran Administrative Center Core Building (VAC 1-2, 3-7n)
    Victoria Theatre (VIC 1)
    Virgin Island Motel (VIM 1)

    Waldorf Astoria Hotel (WAL 1-4)
    WAPDA House Office Building (WAP 1)
    Wells Fargo, Foster City (WF 1-14, 1n, 2n, 11n, 12n, 16-21n)
    Wells Fargo, Foster City-Proofbook (WF 15)
    Wells Fargo, San Jose (WFS 1-9, 3n, 6-8n, 11-22n)
    Wells Fargo, San Jose-Proofbook (WFS 10)
    Wells Fargo, Santa Rosa (WEL 1-5, 1n)
    Wells Fargo Bank & Exhibit San Francisco Museum (WFE 1-19)
    West Side Apartments (WSA 1n)
    Windham College (WIN 1-10)
    Wohl Residence (WOH 1-10)
    Woman's Home Companion House 1948 (WHC 1-5)
    Woodbury University (WU 1-15, 1n, 2n, 16n)
    Woodlands Inn (WI 1)
    Worcester Science Museum (WM 1-19)
    World's Fair New York Hunt Amusement Center (WNY 1-3)

    Yardley of London (YAR 1-12)

    Unidentified Projects (UNI 1-38, 3n, 46-59n, 60-61S, 39-45s, 62-81s)

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