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Appendix 3.  Original Drawings By Edward Durell Stone

This includes sketches, concept studies, schematic designs, perspectives, plans, programs, and notes in Stone's own hand.  Several drawings contain notes which are signed "EDS" or "Ed Stone," while other drawings include the title block initials "EDS."

It also identifies original drawings which may have been drawn by Stone.  These items were identified by Professor Ernest E. Jacks, a colleague of Stone, who worked in the New York office as well as the Arkansas field office throughout the 1950s and into the early 1960s.  Due to his familiarity with Stone's style of drawing and his involvement with numerous projects while working in the Stone office,
Professor Jacks was able to identify several drawings which are likely by Stone.  Mr. Jacks notes that Karl Holzinger, Jr., Stone's nephew and associate, drew in a manner similar to Stone's, making the identification and attribution of the Vanderbilt University drawings questionable.

Projects are listed alphabetically by project title, following the format of the Drawings Inventory.  A brief description of the original item is included, as well as the location number.  Consult the Drawings Inventory for a more complete description of each project and details of Stone's contributions.

Items are housed in flat files following the project alpha-numeric code of the Drawings Inventory.

Berner Residence
Residence of Robert Berner, Great Neck, NY
3 sheets: plans

Brown Residence
Residence of W. V. Brown, Darien, CT
1 sheet: perspective sketch from 2-storey columned side

Clark Residence Alternations
Brownstone of P. J. Clark, New York, NY (3rd Avenue & 55th)
6 sheets: sketches

Doll House
Location unknown
5 sheets:  notes and over sketches

Dunn and Bradstreet Office Building
New York, NY (immediately west of Woolworth Building)
1 sheet: program notes

Embassy of the U.S.A.
New Delhi, India
Ambassador's Residence
2 sheets: plan sketches

Fulbright Furniture
8 sheets: design sketches

Gold Fields Club
Columbia, South America
2 sheets: design sketches

Grant Residence
Residence of W.T. Grant, Greenwich, CT
2 sheets: notes

Greenfield Residence
Residence of A.M. Greenfield, Chestnut Hill, PA
1 sheet: sketch with notes

Hurley Clinic
Muncie, IN
1 sheet: plan with notes

Judd Residence
Residence of Siegel W. Judd, Grand Rapids, MI
3 sheets: plans with note and elevation

Kaul Residence
Residence of Hugh Kaul, Birmingham, AL
2 sheets: concept studies

Kimmel Residence
Residence of S. Kimmel, New Rochelle, NJ
1 sheet: plan

LeGrand Residence
Residence of M. LeGrand, Montgomery, AL
2 sheets: plan and sketch

Leilani Hotel
Honolulu, HI
1 sheet: flimsy overlay elevation

Lyons Residence
Residence of Maxwell Lyons, Little Rock, AR
1 sheet: sketch with notes

Mandel Residence
Residence of Frank Mandel, Palm Springs, CA
2 sheets: plans (Scheme A: foliage,  Scheme B: notes)

Mandel Residence
Residence of Richard Mandel, Mt. Kisco, NY
31 sheets: plans, layouts, details, elevations, and sketches (includes work by Thomas Williams)

Mepkin Plantation
Residence of Henry and Clare Booth Luce, Moncks Corner, SC
3 sheets: concept studies

Meyers Apartment
Apartment of Howard Meyers, New York, NY (125 E. 57th)
1 sheet: couch sketch

Northhaven Shores, Inc., Residential Development
Suffolk County, NY
1 sheet: sketch

Pepsico, Inc., World Headquarters
Harrison, NY
6 sheets: notes, sketches and elevation

Radio Pakistan Broadcasting Station
Islamabad, Pakistan
3 sheets: sketches

Robbins Residence
Residence of Dr. Robbins, Topeka, KS
4 sheets: plans and perspectives

San Salvadore Hotel
San Salvadore, El Salvadore
32 sheets: concept studies, plans and perspectives

Schaeffer Residence
Residence of J. H. Schaeffer, Great Neck, NY
4 sheets: plans and sketches

Schwartz Residence
Residence of Dr. Plato Schwartz, Location unknown
1 sheet: plan

Stranahan Residence
Residence of M. Stranahan, Toledo, OH
1 sheet: plan

Theatre and Office Building
New York, NY
2 sheets: plan and notes

Tile Council of America Exhibition Bathroom
1 sheet: perspective

Tomson Residence
Residence of Bernard Tomson, Great Neck, NY
2 sheets: plan and perspective

University of Chicago Center for Continuing Education
Chicago, IL
1 sheet: sketch

Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN
12 sheets: sketches and plans (possibly by Karl Holzinger)
S-25, S-26

Windham College
Putney, VT
1 sheet: sketch

Yager Residence
Residence of Dr. Yager, Montclair, NJ
2 sheets: sketches

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