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Series 11.  Architectural Drawings

This series consists of drawings produced by the Stone firm.  Included are concept design studies; schematic designs; architectural, structural, electrical, and mechanical working drawings; site plans; master plans; flimsy sketches; renderings; perspectives; elevations; sections; details; specifications; programs; notes; blueprints; whiteprints; tracings; sepias; mylars; and negatives.

Drawings are arranged alphabetically by project title.  Projects are described by project title, location, date, associates, project description, and drawing identification and description.  Drawings have been placed in tubes and are stored at the library's off-site storage facility.  Each tube is identified by an alpha-numeric code which corresponds to project drawings inventory.
Identifications and descriptions are by Professor Ernest E. Jacks.  Professor Jacks, a colleague of Stone, worked in the New York office of Edward Durell Stone & Associates, as well as the Arkansas field office, throughout the 1950s and into the early 1960s.  Due to his familiarity with the Stone office procedures, design concepts, and projects, Professor Jacks contributed valuable information and assistance in the identification, description, and organization of the drawings.

Also included are original drawings by Edward Durell Stone.  These were identified by Professor Jacks and represent only thirty-six projects.  These drawings are housed in flat files in Special Collections.  See Appendix 3 for a complete listing.

For additional information regarding individual projects see also Job Files (Series 2, Subseries 1); Data Forms (Series 2, Subseries 2); Publicity Department Project Files (Series 4, Subseries 5); Brochures (Series 4, Subseries 6); Newspaper and Magazine Articles (Series 5, Subseries 3); and Photographs (Series 6).
Drawings are arranged alphabetically by project title.  Please click on the letter that corresponds to the project title you wish to view.

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