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Babin-Kuk Hotel Resort
Dubrovink, Yugoslavia
September 1972, 1973
Associates:  Architektonski Biro "Centar 51"
B-1: sepias of design development (plans and elevations only); drawing real indication of materials or finishes
B-2: whiteprints of schematic design (different scheme from B-1)
        Roll  I:   EDS name does not appear, probably by associate firm
        Roll II:   whiteprints of schematic designs; many drawings of different schemes; central facility and room clusters along contours, etc.; several different contiguous (?) sites showing "Luxury Hotel" "Hotel A" "Hotel B" (drawings by EDS office)
B-3:  whiteprints of schematic design, including large master plan; several (5-6) hotel-residential clusters
B-4:  3 rolls whiteprints schematic design by Associate Architects Centar 51 (development of EDS schemes ?)
B-5:    Roll   I: whiteprints of schematic design with comments (by clients ?)
          Roll  II: whiteprints of large master plan; schematic design
          Roll III: whiteprints of cluster
B-6: whiteprints of early concept studies (plans and sections) with various red pencil computations, room counts, etc.
B-7a & B-7b:  whiteprints of preliminary structural, electrical and preliminary working drawings

Banco de America
Managua, Nicaragua
February 1965
Project Description: skylight banking area below surface of paved area-escalator down, canopy over escalator opening
B-23:  tracing showing reflecting ceiling plan and section; schematic design

Bank Americard Center Plaza Level Improvements
Pasadena, CA
Y-12: R. Nilson, no evidence of Stone involvement; drawings from EDS Palo Alto office; 23 drawings

Barkley Lake State Park Lodge
Barkley Lake, KY
March 1967
Associates:  Lee Potter Smith, Associate Architect
Project Description:  wooden timber construction, overlap, bolted gable roofs
A-16: site prints, maps, quadrangle sheets, etc.; large pencil renderings (elevations, sections); one large colored site plan for "Executive Lodge" (different scheme); more pencil renderings, plans, elevations, site, etc.
A-17a & A-17b:  blueprints of complete working drawings

Beckman Auditorium, California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA
February 1960
B-8:  sepias of working drawings
B-9:  concept studies (many in color by Ernest Jacks and Frank L. Doughty); schematic design

Bell Canada Office Building
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
October 1972
Associates:  EDS and Associates
B-10: mylars and sepias (some flimsy sketches) of schematic design; mylars and sepias of "Place Bell, Ottawa, Canada" graphics display stands

Berner Residence
Residence of Robert Berner, Great Neck, NY
1945 (approximate)
Project Description: L plan, usual, medium slope hipped roof, materials not identified, appears to be wood
B-11a:  4 sheets working drawings (unfinished); pencil perspective; several plan drawings by EDS (one shows "final scheme, OK EDStone")
Mapcase:  original drawings

Betsy Head Playground Recreation Center
Brooklyn, NY
November 1946
Associates:  Reese, Knowlton, Sloan & Holzinger; Diego Suarez, Consulting Designer
Project Description: institutional: low podium, 1st floor exposed columns and glass block infill, 2nd floor brick, flat roof, steel projected windows
B-12: tracings; 9 sheets of schematic design and design development; 19 sheets of working     drawings

Beyette Residence
Residence of General Beyette, Coronado, CA
December 1948
Associates:  Reese, Knowlton, Sloan & Holzinger
Project Description: detached carport with garden screening wall and trellis overhead; "California" open planning; interior/exterior flow; large hipped roof; horizontal wood siding; stone walls
B-11b:  tracings; 4 sheets schematic design

Billy Graham Pavilion, 1964 New York World's Fair
Flushing Meadows, NY
December 1963
B-22:  flimsy working drawing sketch and tracing of structural working drawing

Bloomingdale's Department Stores
Garden City, NY
Associates:  EDS and Associates
B-13: tracings; preliminary working drawings; wall sections of parking garage
B-14: prints; superseded HVAC working drawings; prints; superseded plumbing working drawings; sepias; floor plans of working drawings

Bloomingdale's Department Stores
White Plains, NY
July 1973
Associates:  EDS and Associates
B-15a, B-15b, B-15c, B-15d: prints; sepias; flimsy; tracings; concept studies; maps of site; many flimsy plan studies of parking and site; one pencil perspective; large site negatives

Blue Shingles Condominiums (Windsor Towers)
Richmond, VA
November 1973
E-11: tracings; sepias; prints; various schemes of schematic design; some unit development; many overall schemes; some preliminary working drawings; sepias of schematic design; landscape sketches from EDS, Jr.; mylars of beginning working drawings for Sales Office and Model Residence for Carlton Industries

Borge Residence
Residence of Victor Borge, Greenwich, CT
December 1962
Project Description:  remodeling of 3 storey house done originally by Silsbee from Chicago
B-16:  tracings of schematic design and working drawings

Boston Football Stadium
Boston, MA
March 1970
Associates:  EDS and Associates
B-18:  tracings; sepias; prints of schematic design

Boston Mutual Life Building
Canton, MA
March 1972
Associates:  EDS and Associates
B-19a & B-19b: mylars and sepias (some prints) of architectural and landscape working drawings
B-20:  sepias; structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, landscape working drawings
B-21:  sepias of schematic design/design development

B'rith Emeth Congregation Synagogue
Pepper Pike, OH
March 1966
C-2:  blueprints of complete working drawings

Brown Residence
Residence of W. V. Brown, Darien, CT
November 1936
Associates:  Richard B. Snow, Architect
Project Description: International Style house; porch with 2-storey columns one side; forerunner  of one favorite EDS sloping lot house; enter above with bedrooms overlooking living area below
C-3: tracings; 24 sheets of working drawings; 1 flimsy perspective sketch from 2-storey columned side which could be early EDS drawing
Mapcase:  original drawings

Busch Memorial Stadium
St. Louis, MO
October 1962
Associates:  Sverdup, Percel, Schwarz, VanHoefen
C-4a & C-4b:  tracings; schematic design and design development; many paving pattern studies
C-5a & C-5b:  large negatives of schematic design

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