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St. Louis Office Building
St. Louis, MO
1964 (approximate)
Project Description: apparently office building; 7-8 stories; designed to be on top of existing (?)           parking structure; 2 basement levels and 1 surface level of covered parking
X-18a & X-18b:  prints of engineering drawings for parking structure; flimsy of concept studies

Sam Peck Motel
Little Rock, AR
April 1955
Associates: Torkelsen, Flood & Snibbe
Project Description:  1 floor of double-loaded rooms; open court in center over 2 floors of parking; friendship between Stone and Peck went back to 1940s when EDS did interior remodeling of spaces in Sam Peck Hotel, including introduction of couch-beds in some rooms; EDS lived there while designing University of Arkansas Medical Center and Fine Arts Building; Stone and Peck were practical jokers and many stories exist (green jello in Hotel bathtubs, etc.); Peck was "accomplished" interior decorator; had many paintings of the masters in his penthouse apartment, and he and EDS enjoyed each other's company; the "fun" drawings mentioned above go back to 1949-1950 when EDS lived there and made a famous "redesign" of the Hotel which included many unmentionable jokes
P-21: schematic design studies, including 3 perspectives; one "fun" drawing: "real permastone," "Peck's Passion Pit," phallic symbols, etc., by "Stone and the Three Little Pebbles"

San Salvadore Hotel
San Salvadore, El Salvadore
January 1952
Associates:  Karl Holzinger, Jr.
Project Description: 10-storey; cellular concrete rooms; single-loaded corridor (for breezes after           El Panama experience); 1-storey lobby; bar; club; swimming, etc.
R-22:  many concept studies, all by EDS (housed in mapcase)
R-22a: many concept studies, mostly plans; few thumbnail perspectives; several sheets schematic design plans
Mapcase:  original drawings

Santa Clara Central Library
Santa Clara, CA
Y-15:  drawings

Schaeffer Residence
Residence of J. H. Schaeffer, Great Neck, NY
November 1945
Associates:  Reese, Knowlton, Stewart, & Holzinger
Project Description: L-plan; low, horizontal, linear hipped roofs; large overhangs; stone main level walls; wood siding upper level
R-24: tracings; 9 sheets schematic design and 3 plan drawings by EDS; 16 sheets working drawings
Mapcase:  original drawings

School of Education, Library Renovation
Los Angeles, CA
Y-4:  24 drawings

Schwartz Residence
Residence of A. H. Schwartz, Lake Placid, NY
April 1947
Associates:  Reese, Knowlton, Sloan & Holzinger
Project Description:  hillside site; entry on upper level; 2-storey pool side; no elevations
R-20:  tracings; 7 sheets schematic design

Schwartz Residence Alterations
Residence of Dr. Plato Schwartz, Location unknown
Associates:  Reese, Knowlton, Sloan & Holzinger
R-20:  4 plan schematic design (1 plan sketch by EDS)
Mapcase:  original drawings

Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation
La Jolla, CA
October 1973
R-21:  prints of site development; architectural and food service working drawings

Sheraton Hotel
Lima, Peru
March 1970
Associates:  EDS and Associates; Ricardo J. Malachouski, Associate Architect
S-3:  prints, sepias of preliminary working drawings; prints, sepias of schematic design
S-4:  sepias of structural working drawings
S-4a & S-4b:  sepias of mechanical and architectural working drawings

Sherwin Williams House
Location unknown
1948 (approximate)
Associates:  Reese, Knowlton, Sloan & Holzinger
Project Description: 1-storey; ordinary L-plan; low pitch, thin roof edge; horizontal wood siding; horizontal projected wood windows; 4' glazing grid
J-36:  many flimsy sheets schematic design plans and elevations; 2 pencil perspectives

Shey Residence Addition
Residence of Ira M. Shey, Ivy, VA
Project Description:  addition to dressing room
M-26:  3 plans on flimsy

Sigma Nu Fraternity House, University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR
January 1949, June 1957
Associates:  Ernest E. Jacks
Project Description:  addition dates to June 1957
X-29: tracings; schematic design drawings and complete working drawings; architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical

Sinclair Community College
Dayton, OH
November 1968
Associates:  EDS and Associates; Yount, Sullivan & Lecklider, Dayton, OH, Associate Architects
T-11:  whiteprints (marked) of electrical working drawings
T-12:  sepias of schematic design; presentation drawings; mylars of design development drawings
T-13a & T-13b:  whiteprints of electrical and plumbing working drawings
T-14:  whiteprints (marked) of plumbing and working drawings
T-15:  sepias; complete architectural (and reflected ceiling plans) working drawings

Skouros Residence
Residence of Spyros Skouros, Greenwich, CT
June 1964
Project Description:  stone and battened terne roofing; 3 hexagonal pavilions
S-1a & S-1b: tracings complete working drawings; several sheets of schematic design drawings        (February 1964) for completely different house: remodeling of existing house; rectangular, large gable roofs; some flat areas

Smart Residence
Residence of Felix Smart, Pine Bluff, AR
October 1950
Associates:  Karl Holzinger, Jr.
Project Description: flat site; 190' long house; screen porch; teed off living room; brick box           repetitive elements with doors or glazing between; 8'-8" planning module; medium pitch hipped roof with attic; some vertical siding
R-23:  tracings; 10 sheets concept studies and concept design; 10 sheets working drawings

Spiegel Penthouse Apartment
Residence of San Spiegel, New York, NY (475 Park Avenue)
July 1958
Project Description: 2-storey apartment in part of top floor and penthouse of existing apartment           building; Spiegel was producer of many well-known movies such as "Bridge Over the River Kwai;" apartment includes professional projection facilities, etc.; Spiegel bought many artifacts from his extensive travels
C-10:  tracings of working drawings; sepias of existing apartment building

Standard Oil Company (Indiana) Building
Chicago, IL
November 1970
Associates:  EDS and Associates; Perkins & Will, Chicago, IL, Associate Architects
U-1a & U-1b:  prints interior details; furniture layouts; "tenant" details
U-2:  prints and sepias; interior finishes, colors, etc.
U-3a, U-3b & U-3c: reduced mylars and tracings of schematic design and design development
U-4:  sepias and mylars of interior finishes, colors, etc.; "tenant" plans
U-5:  prints of "tenant" plans; furniture layouts, etc.
U-6a & U-6b:  prints of "tenant" plans, furniture layouts, etc.
U-7:  prints of "tenant" layouts
U-8a & U-8b:  prints of "tenant" layouts
U-9a & U-9b:  sepias of furniture layouts
U-10a & U-10b:  prints of furniture layouts
U-11a & U-11b:  sepias of furniture layouts
U-12: sepias of layouts of lower levels: parking and partitions
U-13: mylars of lower level schematic design; sepias of auditorium layouts/details
U-14: sepias of lower-level landscaping plans/details
U-15: mylars; sepias; prints; layouts of computer spaces
U-16a & U-16b:  sepias and flimsy sketches; cafeteria layouts
U-17: sepias of interior elevations and auditorium details; sepias and flimsy sketches for interior  spaces design development
U-18: sepias; plaza details; fountain, etc.; reduced negatives and prints of some design development; auditorium details, etc.
U-19: mylars of original schematic and design development; prints and sepias of landscape/plaza layout and details; furniture layouts; upper levels
U-20: sepias; early typical office arrangements; some total floor office layouts (office assignments, etc.); mylars; some sepias of schematic design and design development; some sepias and mylars of landscaping details, etc.
U-21a & U-21b:  sepias

Stanford University Medical Center
Stanford, CA
Z-1: Edwards Building (formerly Rehabilitation Center)
Z-2: architectural details
Z-3a & Z-3b:  drawings
Z-4: interior elevations
Z-5: architectural West Pavilion; Nursing (formerly Palo Alto Pavilion) East Pavilion; Nursing    (formerly Stanford Pavilion)
Z-6: structural central core (extra set)
Z-7: structural central core (extra set)
Z-8: architectural
Z-9: structural (extra set)
Z-10: plumbing, mechanical, electrical whiteprints central core
Z-11: Boswell Building elevations and plans
Z-12: civil: site and work utilities
Z-13: central core facilities
Z-14: Neurology Addition to central core
Z-15: Edwards Building: plumbing, mechanical and electrical

State University of New York
Albany, NY
February 1964
U-18a: large mylar site studies
U-19a: tracings; sepias; preliminary site; grading; parking; some architectural preliminary working drawings for Dormitory and Dining
U-20a: blueprints; complete architectural working drawings for Health and Physical Education    Building; prints of schematic design
V-1: blueprints; complete electrical and mechanical working drawings for Health and Physical Education
V-2a & V-2b: blueprints; architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical of working drawings;          Dormitory and Dining
V-4: tracings; site plans; level of west podium extension (including Infirmary); tracings of schematic design
V-5a & V-5b: tracings (mylar); mechanical/electrical working drawings for Dormitory and Dining
V-6a & V-6b: tracing; sepias; schematic design and preliminary working drawings for Social Science, Education Building, Chemistry and Physics
V-7: mylars and sepias; preliminary and final architectural working drawings for Dormitory and Dining
V-8: tracings; preliminary and final working drawings for Accelerator space
V-9: tracings; sepias; schematic design for academic complex
V-9b:  prints of schematic design; some working drawings of marked housing (1970)

Stech Residence
Residence of David Stech, Armonk Village, NY
June 1949
Associates:  Holzinger & Johnson
Project Description:  4' structural grid; 3 x 6 posts; 3 x 8 beams; cemesto panels
X-15:  working drawings

Stern Residence
Residence of Alfred K. Stern, Lewisboro, NY
June 1948
Associates:  Reese, Knowlton, Sloan & Holzinger
Project Description: L-plan; partial second floor; 4' non-structural grid; brick lower level;
     horizontal wood siding upper level; flat roof with tapered ends
S-6:  tracings; thorough schematic design and working drawings

Stone Office Building Apartment Alteration
New York, NY (50 E. 64th)
December 1945
Project Description: alterations to ground-floor apartment below office and 4th/5th floor           apartments above office as living quarters for EDS and Mrs. Stone
M-27:  tracings and prints of working drawing elevations and details

Stranahan Residence
Residence of M. Stranahan, Toledo, OH
November 1947
Associates:  Reese, Knowlton, Sloan & Holzinger
Project Description: U-plan; enter through enclosed garden court which becomes ice rink in           winter; similar plan to Maduro residence; Colonial exterior; very open planning
M-14: tracings; 14 sheets schematic design with several ink interior sketches; 1 plan probably by EDS
Mapcase:  original drawings

Stuart Pharmaceutical Company
Los Angeles, CA
October 1956
Associates:  Torkelsen & Flood
Project Description:  manufacturing plant; offices and employees facilities; highly publicized
Q-12: sepias of complete architectural working drawings; structural working drawings of poolside pavilion (plywood hyperbolic paraboloid)

Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer
Grand Island, NE
July 1963
S-7: whiteprints of complete working drawings; whiteprints of large overall site plan; landscape plan
S-8: sepias of complete working drawings; tracings of structural, mechanical and electrical

Sullivan County Community College
Fallsburg, NY
July 1970
Associates:  EDS and Associates
T-2a & T-2b: prints; architectural working drawings, including landscaping drawings
T-3a & T-3b: prints; architectural, including landscape and kitchen equipment working drawings; prints, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, kitchen, some landscape working drawings

Sullivan Residence
Residence of Robert J. Sullivan, Reading, PA
October 1938
Associates:  Muhlenberg, Yerkes & Muhlenberg, Reading, PA, Associate Architects
Project Description:  house called "Sheerlund;" large scale; 2-storey brick
K-14:  tracings; 15 sheets working drawings

Sun Island Development
Location unknown
1945 (approximate)
Associates:  Reese, Knowlton, Sloan & Holzinger
Project Description: recreational development on narrow piece of land (island?) with Atlantic          Ocean on south side, Great Bay on north side; long, narrow apartment buildings on stilts with movie theatre, cafeteria, bar lounge, shops, etc., including L.S.T. Landing platform; 4 x 4 planning grid; 8' 0" structural grid; panel walls; low pitch roof (corrugated?)
K-6: flimsy: plans, site, interior and exterior perspectives; 1 photo (?) of water color aerial perspective

Symbol for School of Theology
Claremont, CA
February 1970
Associates:  EDS and Associates
F-18:  flimsy concept studies; tracings and sepias of schematic design
Y-14:  5 drawings dating from 1968

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