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Series 7.  Microfilm

This series contains microfilm of drawings of several projects designed by the Stone firm and microfilm of corporate financial ledgers.

Reels 1 through 7 include specifications, bid drawings and as-built drawings of Ahmanson Center,
Granada Hills Community Hospital, Riconada Park, School of Theology Chapel, School of Theology Library, Tupperware, and Upland Civic Center.

Reels 8 through 15 include ledgers which compile financial records from all companies within the Stone firm, as well as ledgers of individual companies.  These cover the period from 1945 to 1970.

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Reel 1.   Ahmanson Center
                 Addendum No. 3

Reel 2.   Granada Hills Community Hospital

Reel 3.   Riconada Park

Reel 4.   School of Theology Chapel
                 Addendum No. 2

Reel 5.   School of Theology Library
                 Addendum No. 3
                 Addendum No. 2
                 Addendum No. 1

Reel 6.   Tupperware

Reel 7.   Upland Civic Center
                 City Hall
                 Library and Fire Station
                    Addendum No. 1
                    Addendum No. 2

Reel 8.   All Companies
                 Daily Cash Balance 1966
                 Daily Cash Balance 1967
                 Daily Cash Balance 1968
                 Payroll Cards 1958-1962
                 Payroll Cards 1963
                 Payroll Cards 1965

Reel 9.   Edward Durell Stone & Associates
                 Accounts Payable A-Z

Reel 10. Edward Durell Stone & Associates
                Cash Book 1946-1952
                Cash Book 1949-1951
                Cash Book 1951-1954
                Cash Book 1955-1957
                Cash Book 1957-1959
                Cash Book 1959-1961

Reel 11. Edward Durell Stone & Associates
                Cash Book 1959-1961 (continued)
                Cash Book 1961-1962
                Fees Journal 1964-1966
                General Ledger 1961-1970

Reel 12. Edward Durell Stone & Associates
                General Ledger 1961-1970 (continued)
                Invoice Journal 1966
                Payroll Book 1965
                Petty Cash 1945-1948
                Petty Cash 1961-1963
                Purchase Journal 1945-1951
                Purchase Journal 1959-1961
                Purchase Journal 1964
                Purchase Journal 1965

Reel 13. Edward Durell Stone, Inc.
                General Journal 1955-1960
                General Journal 1961-1963
                Job Cost Reports A-Z
                Payroll Book 1956
                Payroll Book 1964
                Payroll Book 1965
                Project Ledger 1955
                Purchase Journal & Cash Book 1965-1966

Reel 14. Hicks Drafting Company
                Accounts Payable
                Cash Book 1958-1962
                Cash Book 1963
                Check Registry 1963
                Check Registry 1965

Reel 15. Hicks Drafting Company
                General Journal 1964-1966
                Invoice Book 1964
                Payroll Cards 1964
                Petty Cash 1965

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