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Correspondence, 1837-1869
Manuscript Collection MC 1160


James Hines Trulock, the son of Sutton and Jane Powell Trulock, was born September 22, 1799 in Darlington District, South Carolina. When he was three years old, his family moved to Pulaski, Georgia. Trulock married Amanda Beardsley, the oldest daughter of Nichols and Polly Burton Beardsley on October 4, 1837 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. They settled at "Magnolia Place", Trulock's plantation, located near Blakley in Early County, Georgia. In early 1845 Trulock moved with his family to Jefferson County, Arkansas, settling on Victoria plantation (later called the "Prairie Place") at Victoria landing on the Arkansas River near Pine Bluff, Arkansas. James Hines Trulock died on December 18, 1849. Amanda Beardsley Trulock became the administrator of her late husband's estate. She took charge of the operation of the plantation until the Civil War brought an end to the Trulock farming in 1864. Amanda Trulock returned to Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1867. "Prairie Place" remained in the possession of the Trulock family until about 1915, when it was sold.


James W. Leslie of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, donated the Trulock Family Papers to Special Collections on June 26, 1989.

The papers contain the photocopies of the original letters of Amanda Beardsley Trulock, James Hines Trulock, and Victoria B. Trulock (Davis), 1837-1869.

Processed by Vera Ekechukwu, March 1996. Special Collections Division, University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Contents of Collection (1 container)

The correspondence contains the letters of Amanda Beardsley Trulock written from "Magnolia Place" in Blakely, Georgia (1937- 1844), from Jefferson County "Prairie Place" (near Pine Bluff), Arkansas, and from a few other locations during trips, addressed mainly to Bridgeport, Connecticut, relatives (parents and siblings, and later to her children.); the letters of James Hines Trulock written from his plantations and surrounding towns mainly to his in-laws, Amanda's mother, Polly Burton (1783-1870), her father, Nichols Beardsley (1785-1872), her sister, Marcia (1822-1912), and her brother, Bronson (1817-1898); and the letters of Victoria B.Trulock (Davis) (1839-1869), daughter of Amanda Beardsley and James Hines Trulock, written from her parents' plantation, "Prairie Place" in Jefferson County, Arkansas; New Rochelle, New York; and Hartford, Connecticut, to relatives in Bridgeport, Connecticut. A few were written from Bridgeport to relatives in Arkansas.
Box 1
  1. Amanda Beardsley Trulock Correspondence, 1837-1839.
  2. Amanda Beardsley Trulock Correspondence, 1840-1849.
  3. Amanda Beardsley Trulock Correspondence, 1850-1859.
  4. Amanda Beardsley Trulock Correspondence, 1860-1869.
  5. James Hines Trulock Correspondence, 1839-1848.
  6. Victoria B. Trulock (Davis) Correspondence, 1850-1866.

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