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Listed below are collections with finding aids or descriptions online. Other collections are only described by typescript finding aids that are not yet online, but are available on-site in our reading room. Contact us if you have questions about any collection.

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MC 2238 112 Fletcher Avenue Materials (Finding Aid)
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MC 1182 Acklin, Lucius Jewel. Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 1580 ACLU of Arkansas. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 611 Act 10 Petition (Finding Aid)
MC 869 Act to Change Wording of Arkansas Laws (Finding Aid)
MC 735, 889, 935, 1080 Aerial Photographs of Arkansas (Finding Aid)
MC 935 Aerial Photographs of Arkansas Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 889 Aerial Photographs of Arkansas Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1080 Aerial Photographs of Arkansas Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1449 Affirmative Action Plan. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2270.UA Agape, UA Christian Journalists Publication (Finding Aid)
MC 1673 Alamo, Tony. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 623 Albin, Edgar A. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1695 Albrecht, Harold Denton. Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 1295a Albright, Gus. Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1295 Albright, Gus. Scrapbooks; The Buffalo River (Finding Aid)
MC 1010 Aldridge, Nathaniel Madison. Records (Description)
MS AL1 Alexander, Henry MacMillan. Research Files (Description)
MC 502 Alexander, Henry. Papers, 1963-1970 (Finding Aid)
MC 1379 Alexander, Peter Wellington (Col. C.S.A). Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 2320 Allured, Janet. Oral History Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1122 Altrusa Club of Fayetteville Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1841 Alund, Theodore E. Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 1397 American Association of University Women, Fayetteville Branch Scrapbooks (Finding Aid)
MC 733 American Association of University Women, Fayetteville Branch, Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1510 American Guild of Organists Northwest Arkansas Chapter Records (Finding Aid)
MC 993 Ancient Order of United Workmen (Finding Aid)
MC MS 3 357 Anderson, James Powell. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1581 Angel Flight Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 454 Archer, Laird. Papers, 1918-1981 (Finding Aid)
MC 2342 Arkadelphia Methodist College Student Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1712 Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 643 Arkansas and Texas Journal (Finding Aid)
MC 942 Arkansas Archives of Public Communication (Finding Aid)
MC 1174a Arkansas Association Extension of Home Economists Records. Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1174 Arkansas Association of Extension Home Economists Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1282 Arkansas Audubon Society Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1282a Arkansas Audubon Society Records Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1246 Arkansas Audubon Society Trust Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1406 Arkansas Biography Project. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1814 Arkansas Centennial Celebration. Materials (Finding Aid)
MS Ar4cen 351 Arkansas Centennial Commission Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1947 Arkansas Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 652 Arkansas Children's Home Society Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 650 Arkansas College Receipt (Finding Aid)
MC 1341 Arkansas College Typescript, The (Finding Aid)
MC 432 Arkansas Colonial Papers (Finding Aid)
MS Ar4com 328 Arkansas Commemorative Commission Oral History Transcripts (Finding Aid)
MC 1250 Arkansas Committee Records (Finding Aid)
MS Ar4 ACHR Arkansas Council on Human Relations Records, 1955-1963. (Finding Aid)
MC 2372 Arkansas Delta Oral History Project Records (Finding Aid)
MS Ar4eb AETN 405 Arkansas Educational Television Network. "Battle of Prairie Grove" (Finding Aid)
MC 884a Arkansas Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 884 Arkansas Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs Scrapbooks, 1933-1938 (Finding Aid)
MC 672 Arkansas Female College Broadside, 1882-1883 (Finding Aid)
MC 1569 Arkansas Gardening Catalogs. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1585 Arkansas Girls State Materials (Finding Aid)
MS Ar4t Arkansas Gubernatorial Thanksgiving Proclamations (Finding Aid)
MC 1024 Arkansas Historical Association, Gingles and Westbrook Contest Entries (Finding Aid)
MC 757 Arkansas Historical Association. Gingles and Westbrook Contest Entries (Finding Aid)
MC 1793 Arkansas History Teaching Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 762 Arkansas Industrial University Announcement, 1892 (Finding Aid)
MC 999 Arkansas Industrial University Military Form (Finding Aid)
MC 941 Arkansas League for Nursing Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 476 Arkansas League of Women Voters Records (Finding Aid)
MC 934 Arkansas League of Women Voters Records Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 966 Arkansas League of Women Voters Records Addendum II (Finding Aid)
MC 600 Arkansas Lumber Company Photographs, 1906-1907 (Finding Aid)
MS Ar4 7.5 Arkansas Military Board Ledger (Finding Aid)
MS R245 Arkansas Music Collection, 1921-1980 (Finding Aid)
MC 932 Arkansas Native Plant Society Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1825 Arkansas Newspaper Project Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1444 Arkansas Pearl Harbor Veterans and Survivors Association Membership Roster, 2001 (Finding Aid)
MS P759 Arkansas Political Township Boundaries Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2188 Arkansas Postcard and Photograph Collection (Finding Aid)
MS Ar4 7.1 Arkansas Quartermaster General Circular (Finding Aid)
MC 698 Arkansas Railroad Depot Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 2073 Arkansas Rock Band Memorabilia: A Good Fight, the Plaid Jackets, and Specialty (Finding Aid)
MC 2240 Arkansas Sesquicentennial Commission Materials (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Arkansas State Grange. Clipping, c 1874. (Description)
MS Ar4 13 Arkansas State Highway Audit Commission Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1273 Arkansas State Horticultural Society Records (Finding Aid)
MC 440 Arkansas State Music Teachers Association Records (Finding Aid)
MC 602 Arkansas State Nurses Association District 9 Records (Finding Aid)
MC 644 Arkansas State Provost Marshall Circulars (Finding Aid)
MS Ar4s HPRC 251 251A-D Arkansas State Review Committee for Historic Preservation Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1830 Arkansas State Society Daughters of the American Revolution Records (Finding Aid)
MC 50 Arkansas Traveler Music and Dialogue (Finding Aid)
MS Ar4w 352 Arkansas Woman's Suffrage Association Records (Description)
MC 865 Arkansas Writers Conference Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 47 Arkansas. Board of Finance (Finding Aid)
MS Ar4 Con 89, 89A-D Arkansas. Constitutional Convention, 1969-1970. (Finding Aid)
MS Ar4 CRSC 7, 25, 70, 89 Arkansas. Constitutional Revision Study Commission Records, 1967-1968. (Description)
MS Ar4 7.1 Arkansas. Quartermaster General. Broadside, 1861. (Description)
MS Ar42s-MC 418 Arkansas. University. University High School. Scrapbooks (Finding Aid)
MC 2465 Arkansas: Then and Now Photograph Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 866 Arkansas-Oklahoma Boundary Information (Finding Aid)
MC 642 Arlington Hotel Lecture Broadside (Finding Aid)
MC 1779 Armitage, Ambrose. Journals (Finding Aid)
MC 1764 Army Specialized Training Program. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1377 Art Department, Notes on Faculty and History (Finding Aid)
MC 1666 Ashley Cockrill Family Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2210 Ashley County Extension Homemakers Club Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 707 Atkinson, Etna McGaugh. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1235 Atteberry, Minnie E. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1685 Avera, William F. Memoirs (Finding Aid)
MC 766 Award of Merit, 1949 (Finding Aid)
MC 1858 Aydlett Brothers Grocery Company Ledgers (Finding Aid)
MS qL58 .F77 Ayers. William Norton. Papers (Description)
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MC 684 Babcock, Barney. Reminiscences (Finding Aid)
MC 2186 Babcock, Bernie. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 133 Badgett Family. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1322 Baerg, Eloise Farris. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 953 Baerg, William J. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 548 Bailey, Joseph M. Memoir (Finding Aid)
MS B156 Bailey, William Worth. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1385 Baird, W. David. Research Files (Finding Aid)
MS B171 350 Baker, Jeremiah Asa Invoice Book and Sales Journals (Finding Aid)
MS B177 314 Baker, Virgil Lyle Theater Records (Finding Aid)
MC 702 Baker, Virgil Lyle. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 19 Baker/Eubanks Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 882 Baldwin Church of Christ Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1256 Bales, James David. Papers, 1914-1995 (Finding Aid)
MC 875 Ball, Leerie. Papers, 1924-1969 (Finding Aid)
MS B21 Balla, James Family. Papers, 1763-1824. (Description)
MS B229L Baptists. Arkansas. Little Rock Association of Regular Baptists Minutes (Finding Aid)
MS B229 Sup. Baptists. Arkansas. Missionary Baptists Records, 1837-1971 (Description)
MS B229Wh 233E Baptists. Arkansas. White River Church Proceedings (Finding Aid)
MC 709 Bardwell Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 1112 Barnes, Emma Byrnes. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1435 Barnett, Mary Antionette. Diploma, 1876 (Finding Aid)
MC 619 Barr, Ida G. Scrapbook (Description)
MC 1687 Bartlett, Vernie L. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1849 Barton, Loy E. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1541 Barton, T.H. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS B29 Basham, Robert Harold Illustrations from A History of Cane Hill College in Arkansas (Finding Aid)
MC 1113 Bass, T. L. Video and Audio Cassette Tapes (Finding Aid)
MC 594 Bates, Clinton Owen Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 582 Bates, Daisy. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1667 Battle of Fort Pillow Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1657 Bauxite Historical Association and Museum. Register (Finding Aid)
MC 2330 Bax, Charlotte Ellen Lea. Memoirs (Finding Aid)
MC 1114 Baxter, Joseph. Papers, 1841-1902 (Finding Aid)
MC 1795 Beals, Melba Pattillo. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 780 Beam, John M. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1059 Beam, John M. Papers. Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1734 Beaty, Martin Elbert and Virgie. Journals (Finding Aid)
MS B38 Beaver, Mary Elizabeth Brandon. Papers (Description)
MC 912 Bebee, Margaret. Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 2224 Beckett, Samuel. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2353 Bedell, Calvin Wallis Journal (Finding Aid)
MS B39 Bedell, Conaly. "The Terror in Fayetteville" Typescript (Finding Aid)
MS L58 .B39 Bedford, Benjamin W. Account Book, 1879. (Description)
MS B392 Beebe, John S. Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 1942 Bell, Bunn and Louise Shores. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 507 Bell, S. Nadean Riley. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 2265 Benham, Jessie Angeline Evans Papers (Finding Aid)
MS B446 316 Bentley, R. C. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1577 Benton County Court Records (Finding Aid)
q MS B45 Benton County Horticultural Society Records (Description)
MC 20 Benton County Justice of the Peace Court Dockets (Finding Aid)
MC 1189 Bentonville Business and Professional Women's Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1035 Bentonville College Record Book (Finding Aid)
MC 997 Bentonville Railroad Executive Committee Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1372 Berry, Dickinson, Peel Family. Papers, 1833...1890-1960...1977 (Finding Aid)
MC 812 Berry, Evalena. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 100 Berry, James Henderson. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MS B459 Berry, James Russell Memoir (Finding Aid)
MC 744 Berry, Mary. Hon. James H. Berry Essay (Finding Aid)
MC 1508 Berry, Trey. Interviews, 1987 [Clinton, Faubus, McMath] (Finding Aid)
MC 1758 Besom, Bob and Patty. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1351 Bethlehem Church Records (Finding Aid)
MC 614 Biggers, R.S. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Billingsley, John. Letter, 1876. (Description)
MC 1149 Bird, Irene. Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Birney, James Gillespie Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MS B54 Bishop, Albert Webb. Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 378 Bishop, Charles E. Speeches (Finding Aid)
MC 1915.UA Black Americans for Democracy. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1171 Black Studies Program Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1482 Black, Charles R. Jr. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 892 Black, Emma Stevenson Collection Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 759 Black, Emma Stevenson. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 608 Black, M. Graham. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1632 Blair, Diane D. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 622 Blair, Herbert. Papers, 1934-1972 (Finding Aid)
MC 317 Blanks, William. Diaries (Finding Aid)
MS B61 Bliss, James M. Correspondence, 1871. (Description)
MC 1228 Bliss, Jessie C. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1364 Blossom, Virgil T. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 928 Boatright, David Russell. Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 1852 Bobo, John A. Military Commendations (Finding Aid)
MC 1388 Bodcaw Lumber Company Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2119 Boewe, Charles. Papers, 1959-2016 (Finding Aid)
MC 2376 Bogy, Jesse Stock Certificate Collection (Finding Aid)
MS B638 Bolding. C.P. Oath, 1863 (Finding Aid)
MC 2283 Bolger, Ray. Letter (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Bolls, Mat. Letter, 1838. (Description)
MC 1665 Bonar, Kent. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1665a Bonar, Kent. Materials Addendum (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Bonneville, Benjamin Louis Eulalie de. Papers (Description)
MC 807 Boone County Abstract Company Records, 1873-1922 (Finding Aid)
MC 1396 Booneville Sanatorium Project Records (Finding Aid)
MS C9128 Boonsboro, Cumberland Presbyterian Church Records (Description)
MC 1195 Booth, W.P. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS B64 Borland, Frank L. Reminiscence. (Description)
MS B644 Borland, Solon. Letters, 1848-1850. (Description)
MC 1643 Boyce, Sam. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1124 Boyd, Milton P. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1677 Boyett, Tom. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 1747 Bracken, Ben O. Photograph Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1918 Bradfield-Clifton Family. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 692 Bradley County, Arkansas Businesses and Road Overseers, 1855 (Finding Aid)
MC 1141 Bradley County, Arkansas Estate Sale of Slaves (Finding Aid)
MC 1794 Bradley, Arthur, Jr. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1257 Bragg, John S. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS B72 391 Braly, Amanda Malvina Fitzallen McClellan. Papers (Description)
MC 814 Brander, Jennie E. Letter (Description)
MC 280 Branner, John Casper. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 978 Brantley, Joseph K. Memorandum Book (Finding Aid)
MC 1713 Brickell, Beth. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2317 Brickell, Beth. Research Materials on Maud Crawford (Finding Aid)
MC 1058 Brickey, I.C. Letter, 1851 (Finding Aid)
MC 43 Briggs, H. J. Oath of Allegiance (Description)
MC 1339 Briggs, Margaret Virginia. Collection (Finding Aid)
MS B774 Brisco, Mary Susan High Casey "The Story of My Life" Autobiographical Sketch (Finding Aid)
MC 834 Britt, Hugh D. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1238 Britt, Maurice "Footsie." Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 2388 Brody, Myron Papers on the Fulbright Program (Finding Aid)
MS Im8 Bronson, William. Warrant, 1833. (Description)
MS B791a Brooks, Gordon "Arkansas: Its Architectural Heritage, 1800-1861" Videotape (Finding Aid)
MS B791 Brooks, Gordon and Patricia O'Leary "The Arkansas Connection" Videotape (Finding Aid)
MC 2080 Brough Family Photographs (Finding Aid)
MS B79 Brough, Charles Hillman. Papers, 1895-1935. (Description)
MC 1060 Brown, J.P. Booklet, 1897 (Finding Aid)
MC 2228 Brown, Jack. Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 475 Brown, Kent. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS B81 Brown, Lola. Diary (Finding Aid)
MC 1549 Brown, Richard J. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1200 Brown, Walter Lee. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 804 Browne, Leroy W. Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 1089 Broyles, Frank. A Tribute to Coach Frank Broyles (Finding Aid)
MC 888 Brucellosis Control Survey (Finding Aid)
MC 2361 Brush and Palette Guild Yearbook (Finding Aid)
MC 1361 Bryan, Frank. Manuscript (Finding Aid)
MC 444 Bryan, Horace Paul. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 2040 Bryant-Blakemore Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 1393 Buchanan Family History (Finding Aid)
MS B85 Buchanan, Herbert Earle Family Papers. (Finding Aid)
MC 1204 Bumpers, Betty. Childhood Immunization Project Papers. (Finding Aid)
MC 1490 Bumpers, Dale. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2205 Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (CU) Research Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 468 Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Historical Collection, CU (Finding Aid)
MC 1638 Burgin Valley School Register (Finding Aid)
MC 1069 Burr, Edward Everett. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1996 Burrow Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 456 Burt Family Papers, 1865-1966 (Finding Aid)
MS B96 Bush, Frederick W. Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 1064 Bushey, Jewell Hughes. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1876 Butler, Harold J. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1086 Butler-Coulter Family Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 1086a Butler-Coulter Family Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 514 Butler-Paisley Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 632 Butler-Paisley Photograph Albums (Finding Aid)
MC 960 Butterfield, Washington County Extension Homemakers Club Records (Finding Aid)
MS B99 Byington, Cyrus. Letters, 1819-1861. (Finding Aid)
MC 634 Byroade, Mary Virginia Vincenheller. Papers (Finding Aid)
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MS C114p Caddo River Lumber Co. (Finding Aid)
MS C114 329 Cadwalader, Lewis and Martha Photograph Album (Finding Aid)
MS C127 209 (MC 209) Caldwell, Arthur Brann. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 482 Caldwell, Arthur Brann. Supplementary Materials. (Finding Aid)
MC 572 Calhoun, John Caldwell Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 727 Call, Cora Pinkley. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1090 Call, Cora Pinkley. Papers. Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1622 Callahan, Martha M. Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 1375 Camden, Arkansas, Civil War Record Book (Finding Aid)
MC 546 Camp Family Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 1932 Camp Joyzelle. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1340 Camp Ouachita National Historic District Feasibility Study (Finding Aid)
MC 1340a Camp Ouachita. Materials Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1392 Campbell, Booth. Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 549 Campbell, James M. Letter (Description)
MC 1300 Campbell, Rebecca Ann Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 1427 Campbell, William Simeon. Photograph Albums and Papers, 1896-1960 (Finding Aid)
MC 1006 Cane Hill College Catalog, 1876/77 (Finding Aid)
MS C16 Cane Hill College Catalogues, 1858, 1878, 1884. (Description)
MC 1252 Cane Hill, Arkansas, Missionary Society Records (Finding Aid)
MS C9130 Cane Hill, Arkansas,Cumberland Presbyterian Church Records, 1845-1922 (Description)
MS G12 Cantrell, Ellen Maria Harrell. Manuscripts (Description)
MS C176f Caraway, Forrest Familial Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MS C176 Caraway, Hattie Wyatt. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 671 Caraway, Thaddeus H. Letters (Finding Aid)
MS C18 Cardwell, William Harper. Papers, 1849-1866. (Description)
MS C21 Carnahan, Peter. Letters, 1858-1860. (Description)
MC 705 Carney, Lettie Comstock. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1694 Carr, J.W. Letter (Finding Aid)
MS C23 Carr, Ruth [pseud.] Scrapbook (Description)
MC 1458 Carrigan Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 833 Carrigan, Arlie. Photographs (Finding Aid)
MS C236 Carroll County Arkansas School District Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1346 Carroll County Home Demonstration Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1659 Carroll, John C. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS C25 Carter, Albert Howard Manuscript (Finding Aid)
MC 2113 Cartwright, Colbert S. and Nathaniel Griswold. Manuscripts. (Finding Aid)
MC 1026 Cartwright, Colbert S. Scrapbooks (Finding Aid)
MC 742 Case of the Missing Professor (Finding Aid)
MC 2423 Case, Robert Ridgway, Sr. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS C28 Cate, Jennie Land Patent and Charter (Finding Aid)
MC 784 Cates, Lorna Lack. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1843 Caudle, Charles Edd. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS C31 Caughey, Annie M. Theatre Programs and Playbills (Finding Aid)
MC 1419 Cave City Literary Society. Minutes (Finding Aid)
MC 1669 Cazort Family. Memoirs (Finding Aid)
MC 1489 Cazort, Alan and Cazort, Mary Japanese Interment. Files (Finding Aid)
MC 873 Center Street Church of Christ Records, 1897-1986 (Finding Aid)
MC 795 Chambers, Milton P. Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 1970 Chandler, Carolyn Clinehens. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1970a Chandler, Carolyn Clinehens. Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 545 Charlton, Jesse Laurence Charlton (Finding Aid)
MC 256 Chase, James S. Arkansas American Revolution/Bicentennial Celebration Papers (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Cheatham, Elijah. Letter, 1844. (Description)
MC 1904 Check's Corner Library. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1660 Cherry Family Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 426 Chi Omega, Psi Chapter Records (Finding Aid)
MC 765 Chicago Defender Award, 1951 (Finding Aid)
MC 2470 Chicago Historical Society Collection of Arkansas History Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 2469 Chicago Natural History Museum Photographs of Native American Displays (Finding Aid)
MC 580 Chicken of Tomorrow Contest Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 529 Chicot County History (Description)
MC 1178 Chidester, Francis B. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2122 Child Study Group Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1928 Choate, Bruce Neal. Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 688 Church of the Living God Papers (Finding Aid)
MS C47 Church, Ira A. Letter and Photograph (Finding Aid)
MC 1484 Cincinnati Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Records (Finding Aid)
MS C49 Citizens' Councils of America Literature. (Description)
MC 558 City Grocery Record Book (Finding Aid)
MC 2421 City of Eureka Springs Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1418 City Roller Mills. Ledger (Finding Aid)
MC 2363 Clark, Alida Clawson Diary (Finding Aid)
MC 576 Clark, August Barnwell. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 704 Clark, August Barnwell. Papers. Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1328 Clark, G. Thomas. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1536 Clark, Joe Marsh. Trail Album (Finding Aid)
MS C54 Clark, Sam A. Address (Finding Aid)
MC 620 Clarke, Albert O. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 792 Clarke, Clyde Nuell. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS C554 Clarke, James Freeman Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 740 Class Prophesy, 1876 (Finding Aid)
MC 1554 Clayton, Powell. Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 398 Cleburne, Patrick Ronayne. Papers (Description)
MS L34 Clemens, Samuel Langhorne. Postal Card, 1880 (Description)
MC 2349 Clements, William M. - Vance Randolph Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 2222 Cobb, William Henry Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 818 Cochran, Robert. Vance Randolph Research Materials, 1865-1980 (Finding Aid)
MC 915 Coffin, Maude K. and Fairy Coffin Lynd. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1537 Colburn, Rebecca Jane Tackett McAlister. Diary (Finding Aid)
MC 345 Cole, Danford D. Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 1773 Collison House. Documentation (Finding Aid)
MC 1651 Colonial Garden Club. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 981 Combs Chapel Extension Homemakers Club of Washington County (Finding Aid)
MC 657 Commissioner's Sale Notice (Finding Aid)
MC 690 Commonwealth College Auction Broadside (Finding Aid)
MC 689 Commonwealth College Auction Broadside (Finding Aid)
MC 1323 Commonwealth College Files, Federal Bureau of Investigation (Finding Aid)
MC 1453 Compton Family Papers, 1807...1840-1980 (Finding Aid)
MC 1091 Compton, Neil. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS C84 Confederate States Army. Military Orders. (Description)
MC 48 Confederate Veterans Camp List (Finding Aid)
MS C76 Congressional Obituaries (Finding Aid)
MC 1661 Connally, Drury. Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 1411 Conway League of Women Voters Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1696 Conway Post Office. Ledger (Finding Aid)
MS Ar4 3.2 Conway, Elias Nelson. Broadside, 1860 (Description)
MS C77 Cook, Gertrude Fallin. Family Papers, 1830-1878 (Description)
MC 1770 Cooperative Emergency Outreach. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2345 Cordell, Cotton Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 1380 Core Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1636 Cosmos Club. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 353 Cotnam, Florence Brown. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1342 Couch Family. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 703a Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) Records Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 703 Council for International Exchange of Scholars, CIES Records (Finding Aid)
MC 537 Counts, George Daniel, MD. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1028 Court Records, Jackson Township, Little River County, 1897-1942 (Finding Aid)
MC 758 Covey, Richard C. Research Paper on "Coin" Harvey (Finding Aid)
MC 1417 Cravens and Smith Ledger (Finding Aid)
MC 2344 Cravens, Ben Letter (Finding Aid)
MS L58 .C85 Cravens, J. J. Business Records (Description)
MC 3 Cravens, John Park. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 701 Creation Science Papers (Finding Aid)
MS C86 Creekmore, D. H. Broadside (Description)
MC 443-A Criser, Josephine. Notebook (Finding Aid)
MS C884 354 Cross, Edward Political and Familial Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1076 Cross, James E. Scrapbooks (Finding Aid)
MC 2435 Cross, John Fuller Oral History Interview (Finding Aid)
MC 979 Crosswell, Micah S. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 550 Crouch, W. A. Letters (Description)
MS C88 Crowder, Clara Humphrey Broadside (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Crowell, M. S. Letters, 1864-1865 (Description)
MC 845 Crump, Josephine B. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 846 Crump/Garvin Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MS C91m Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Arkansas Records (Description)
MC 1098 Cummings, Kibble Carr. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS L65 Cupples, Robert B. Broadside, 1847 (Description)
MC 713 Currie Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 900 Currie, James B. Ledger (Description)
MC 1154 Curtis Congregation (Finding Aid)
MC 1065 Curtis Family Papers (Finding Aid)
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MC 956 Daggett, C. E. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 956A Daggett, C. E. Supplementary Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 731 Dailey, Daphne. Papers, 1923-1947 (Finding Aid)
MC 679 Dancing School Broadside, [1910s?] (Finding Aid)
MC 1835 Daniel, Harriet Bailey Bullock. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 815 Daniels, Mary T. Receipt (Finding Aid)
MC 2415 Daughters of the American Revolution, Gilbert Marshall Chapter Year Book (Finding Aid)
MC 541 Davidson, Rebecca Stirman. Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MS D281 Davidsonville, Arkansas Map, 1818 (Description)
MS D28 Davies, Samuel W. Historical Sketches (Description)
MC 1813 Davis Family Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 334 Davis, Daniel M. Scholastic Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 718 Davis, Jeff. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1150 Davis, Jefferson. Letter, 1888 (Finding Aid)
MC 660 Davis, Wallace Political Leaflet (Finding Aid)
MS Ar4 15 De Moss, Henry S. Song (Finding Aid)
MC 1719 Dean Family. Materials (Finding Aid)
MS D344 414 Deane, Ernie Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 1181 Deane, Ernie. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS D34 Deas, James Sutherland. Land Papers, 1825-1877 (Description)
MC 837 Decatur All-America City Award (Finding Aid)
MC 1025 Decker, "Peg Leg." Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 1082 Deeter, Zula Zanzibar Oral History Typescript (Finding Aid)
MC 1258 DeGoeijen Scrapbook Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 1679 Deisch, Peter. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 977 Dellinger, Samuel C. Arkansas Archaeology and Anthropology (Finding Aid)
MC 204 Dellinger, Samuel C. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1425 Dellinger, Samuel C. Papers. Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1656 Delphian Club. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 551 Delta Delta Delta, Delta Iota Chapter Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 575 Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, Iota Chapter Records (Finding Aid)
MC 575a Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, Iota Chapter Records, Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1383 Demeter Garden Club. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 821 Developmental Child Care Association of Northwest Arkansas (Finding Aid)
MC 777 DeWitt Mothers' Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2289 Dial, Isaac S. Slave Bill of Sale (Finding Aid)
MC 2329 Dickson, Mildred Crowley. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS D58 Dillard, Tom W. Collection, ca 1967-1970 (Finding Aid)
MC 1177 Dinsmore, Hugh Anderson. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 924 Dinwiddie, James and Belle. Architectural Drawings, 1926-1956 (Finding Aid)
MC 975 Dixon, A. Freight Bill (Finding Aid)
MS D651 Dobbins, Archibald S. Collection (Description)
MC 835 Dodson, D. Edward. Diploma (Finding Aid)
MC 2379 Dodson, James R., Jr. Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 683 Dogwood Tree Broadside (Finding Aid)
MC 445 Dolan, Thomas F. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 489 Dollar, Clyde D. Fort Smith Historic Building Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 218 Dollar, Clyde D. Political Convention Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 294 Dollar, Clyde D. Wounded Knee Oral History Collection (Finding Aid)
MS D714m Donaghey, George Washington. Miscellaneous Material (Finding Aid)
MC 1443 Donovan, Timothy. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS D738 Dorsey, Stephen Wallace Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 800 Douthit, George C. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1408 Doyle, Arthur Conan. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 1480 Drake, Noah Fields. Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 2286 Drayton, William. Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 134 Dresbach, Beverley Githens. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS D81m Dresbach, Glenn Ward Modern Poetry Collection Photoduplicates (Finding Aid)
MS D81 Dresbach, Glenn Ward Papers (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Drew, Thomas L. Letter, 1860 (Description)
MC 700 Dudney, Minnie. Autograph Album (Finding Aid)
MC 1485 Dulan, Harold A. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 44 Dunaway, James Henry. Receipts, 1876-1877 (Finding Aid)
MC 1560 Duncan, Maud Dunlap. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2066.UA Duncan, William. Autograph Book. (Finding Aid)
MS D92 Dunlap, Albert. Ledgers, 1861-1870 (Description)
MC 955 Durham Canning Company Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2053 Duskin, Adelbert W. World War II Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1212 DuVal, Benjamin T. Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MS D95 DuVal, Elias Rector. Birth Records (Description)
MC 1934 Duvally, Leland and Letty. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Dwight, John Sullivan. Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 681 Dyer Methodist Church Dedication (Finding Aid)
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MC 768 Ear Training (music manucscript. ca. 1945) (Finding Aid)
MC 192 Earle, Fontaine Richard. Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 68 Earle, Fontaine Richard. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 189 East, Henry Clay. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS E63 Eberle, Edward Walter. Invitation, 1884 (Description)
MC 2156 EcoCenter Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1242 Edmonson-Thomas Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1044 Edwards, Leslie W. Jr. Photographs of Pike-Fletcher-Terry House, Little Rock, 1976 (Finding Aid)
MC 469 Egger Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 178 Einstein, Albert Marginalia (Finding Aid)
MC 1409 Elder, Jacob. Civil War Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 1542 Election Research Council Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1856 Electromap Business. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 982 Elkins Extension Homemakers Club of Washington County (Finding Aid)
MC 1272 Elliott, Blanche Hanks. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 326 Ellis, Clyde T. Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 1162 Ellsworth Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 793 Elms Planting Company (Finding Aid)
MC 1343 Elsass, Nannette Elizabeth Williams Genealogical. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 806 Elsass, Nannette Williams. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 806a Elsass, Nannette Williams. Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1635 Elsken, Gregory "Jack". Memoir (Finding Aid)
MC 1315 Enfield, William H. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 554 Engels-Kinnibrugh Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1422 Engels-Kinnibrugh Family Papers, Addendum (Finding Aid)
MS En6 Eno, Clara B. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS En89 Environmental Defense Fund, Inc., et al., Plaintiffs Records Relating to Civil Action, 1871, v. U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (Finding Aid)
MC 1735 Episcopal Bishops of Arkansas Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 1630 Erfurth, Jewell Swaim. Scrapbooks (Finding Aid)
MC 1151 Estes, Ida. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1769 Eureka Springs Railway Research. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2157 Evans, Patricia D. (Finding Aid)
MC 992 Excelsior White Lime Company (Finding Aid)
F Back to Top
MS F15 Fair, Charles Ernest Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 996 Far West Chapter of the Royal Arch Masons Records (Finding Aid)
MC 646 Farmers and Merchants Bank Folder (Finding Aid)
MC 670 Farmers' Educational and Co-Operative Union Broadside (Finding Aid)
MS F27js 301 Faubus, John Samuel. Correspondence and Miscellaneous Records (Finding Aid)
MC 467 Faubus, Orval E. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1034 Faubus, Orval E. Speech [Buffalo River] (Finding Aid)
MC 922 Faubus, Orval Eugene Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1324 Faubus, Orval Eugene. Federal Bureau of Investigation (Finding Aid)
MC 512 Faubus, Orval Eugene. Interview (Finding Aid)
MS F27 301 FAUBUS Faubus, Orval Eugene. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 832 Faucette Family Papers (Finding Aid)
q MS F27 Faulkner County, Arkansas, Office of County Clerk Records (Description)
MS F273 Faultless Starch Company Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1138 Favrot, Leo M. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 883 Fayetteville Business and Professional Women's Club Scrapbooks, 1929-1946 and 1964-1984 (Finding Aid)
MC 1500 Fayetteville Business College Fan, ca 1940 (Finding Aid)
MC 1420 Fayetteville City Council. Minute Book (Finding Aid)
MC 1308 Fayetteville City Hospital Auxiliary (Finding Aid)
MC 916 Fayetteville Council of Garden Clubs Records (Finding Aid)
MC 926 Fayetteville Evergreen Cemetery Association Records, 1885-1988 (Finding Aid)
MC 603a Fayetteville Garden Club Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1225 Fayetteville Garden Club History Collection, 1932-1950, 1991-1992 (Finding Aid)
MC 603 Fayetteville Garden Club Records, 1955-1987 (Finding Aid)
MC 1055 Fayetteville Noon Kiwanis Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 910 Fayetteville Outlook Club Records, 1925-1978 (Finding Aid)
MC 823 Fayetteville Perennial Garden Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 638 Fayetteville Photostamps (Finding Aid)
MC 2247 Fayetteville Sister Cities Program Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1682 Fayetteville Society of Friends. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1401 Fayetteville Townfolk Portfolio (Finding Aid)
MC 390 Fayetteville Wastewater Management Study Records, 1971-1981 (Finding Aid)
MC 2022 Fayetteville Women's Library Feminist and LGBT Publications (Finding Aid)
MS F878 Fayetteville, Ark. Freemasons Speech (Finding Aid)
MC 647 Featherstone, E. H. Letter (Finding Aid)
MS L63 Fellows, Homer F. Commission and Bond, 1861 (Description)
MS F38 Ferguson, John Lewis. Historical Sketch [of the Arkansas Penitentiary] (Description)
MC 384 Ferguson, John Lewis. Literary Manuscript (Finding Aid)
MC 870 Fernandez, Alina. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1001 Fernandez, Alina. Papers. Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 539 Field, J. H. Photographs, 1899-1931 (Finding Aid)
MC 539 Field, J.H. Photographs (Finding Aid)
MS F456 434 Field, Julius Herman Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 1627 Fine Arts Center 50th Anniversary. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1535 Finger, Charles J. Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 639 Finger, Charles J. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 640 Finger-Keddie Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 449 Finger-Stone Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 1954 First Christian Church of Fayetteville (Disciples of Christ). Records (Finding Aid)
MC 725 First Christian Church, Rogers, Arkansas. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 950 First Presbyterian Church, Bentonville, Arkansas, Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1626 Fisher and Southall Dry Goods Ledger (Finding Aid)
MC 1495 Fisher, George. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 500 Fisher, Isaac. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 973 Flannery, Isaac Bill of Sale (Finding Aid)
MC 283 Fletcher, Charlie May. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2248 Fletcher, John Gould - Edward J. O'Brien Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MS F63 Fletcher, John Gould. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS F637 Fletcher, Susan Bricelin. Reminiscence, c. 1908 (Description)
MC 172 Floyd, William P. Journal (Finding Aid)
MS F Folklore Collection (Description)
MC 461 Folklore Collection. Supplement (Finding Aid)
MS F75s 436 Ford, Archie Washington. Scrapbooks (Finding Aid)
MC 848 Ford, Edsel Letters (Finding Aid)
MS F75 Ford, Edsel. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS F751 Ford, Forrest Manuscript (Finding Aid)
MC 1249 Ford, Horace J. Diary (Finding Aid)
MC 1311 Fordyce Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1428 Fordyce, Col. John R. Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MS L34 1939 Foreman, Grant Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 1787 Foresman, Lela Sailor. Materials, 1960-1978 (Finding Aid)
MC 1726 Fort Gibson 7th Infantry. Documents (Finding Aid)
q MS F771 Fort Smith and Interurban Railroad Company Incorporation Records, 1910 (Description)
MC 1121 Fort Smith Business and Professional Women's Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 658 Fort Smith Business Men's Club Leaflet (Finding Aid)
MC 659 Fort Smith Commercial League Booklet (Finding Aid)
MC 1912 Fort Smith Country Club. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 775 Fort Smith Fortnightly Club Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 216 Fort Smith National Historic Site Records (Finding Aid)
MS F77 Fort Smith, Arkansas Collection, 1848-1908 (Description)
MC 885 Forum Church of Christ Records, 1925-1971 (Finding Aid)
q MS L58 .F81 Foster, Samuel and Company. Sales Journal, 1836-1841 (Description)
MC 1881 Foundation for International Exchange of Students. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1674 Fowler, Herb Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1407a France, Isabel Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1407 France, Isabel. Papers, 1906-1963 (Finding Aid)
MS F853 Frankenberg, Theodore Thomas. Theater Collection (Description)
MC 1073 Franklin County Home Demonstration Clubs Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2102 Freedom of Speech Periodical Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1297 Freund, Louis and Elsie. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1297a Freund, Louis and Elsie. Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1774 Frick, Margaret. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 408 Friedlander, Jay. "A Place Called Rohwer" (Finding Aid)
MC 1518 Friends of Lake Wedington (Finding Aid)
MC 1518a Friends of Lake Wedington Records Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1119 Frost, Wayne Worthy. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 325 Fry, Charles William. Notebook (Description)
MC 1492 Fulbright Alumni Association. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2121 Fulbright at Fifty Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1698 Fulbright Experience Project Materials, The (Finding Aid)
MC 281 Fulbright Family Business Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1527 Fulbright Institute Symposium Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2426 Fulbright, J. William Interview Transcripts (Finding Aid)
MC 2369 Fulbright, J. William Letter to Ray Adams (Finding Aid)
MC 2373 Fulbright, J. William Memorial Materials (Finding Aid)
MS F956 144D Fulbright, J. William Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MS F956 144C Fulbright, J. William Post-Senatorial Papers (Finding Aid)
MC MS/F956/144/Fulbright Fulbright, J. William. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1279 Fulbright, J. William. Foreign Scholarship Board. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2371 Fulbright: The Defining Hour Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1473 Fulks, Clay. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 645 Fuller, Claude A. Campaign Brochure (Finding Aid)
MC 37 Funk, Erwin Charles. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2104 Funkhouser, Jacob. Collection. (Finding Aid)
MC 1783 Furbush, William Hines. Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 543 Futrall Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 746 Futrall, John C. Memorial (Finding Aid)
MC 228 Futrall, John Clinton Papers (Finding Aid)
MS F98 Futrall, Thomas Andrew. Academic Papers (Description)
MC 1662 Futrell, J.M. Materials (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Futrell, Junius Marion. Letter, 1913 (Description)
MC 1298 Future Farmers of America, Des Arc, Arkansas (Finding Aid)
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MC 323 Gaines, Major John P. Diary (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Gaither Gaither, Zella Hargrove Manuscript (Finding Aid)
MC 1057 Gallaher, Rhyne, and Wilkerson Family. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1261 Ganner, John H. Ganner Studio Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 2033 Gant, Glenn. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1966 Gaps in Services to Marshallese Task Force Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1117 Garland County Extension Homemaker's Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2278 Garland County Historical Society Collection (Finding Aid)
MS D757 Garland Downum Collection of Picture Postcards (Finding Aid)
MC 1543 Garland, Augustus H. Letter (Finding Aid)
MS G18 Garland, Augustus Hill. Letters (Finding Aid)
MS G21 and MS G18 Garland, Augustus Hill. Letter, 1886 (Description)
MC 1914 Garvan, Verna Cook. Papers. (Finding Aid)
MS G38 Gatewood. Willard Badgett, Jr. Photographs of African American Legislators in Arkansas (Finding Aid)
MC 1395 General Federation of Women's Clubs of Arkansas Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1344 General LaFayette Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution (Finding Aid)
MC 708 Gentry Store Day Ledgers (Finding Aid)
MC 767 German Club Certificate, 1904 (Finding Aid)
MC 1907 German P.O.W. Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 1846 Ghostley, Alice. Materials (Finding Aid)
MS G35 Gibbons, John Rison. Diary, 1862-1863 (Description)
MC 443 Gibbs, Thomas. Ballads and Story (Finding Aid)
MS G357 Gibson, Claude Louis "An Annotated Index to the Frank Arthur Swinnerton Correspondence" (Finding Aid)
MC 1168 Gibson, Richard. Servitude Indenture, 1754 (Finding Aid)
MC 52 Gilbert, Olive Stewart Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 190 Gilbert, William A. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1833 Gilchrist, Ellen. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1301 Gillespie, Nancy Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1653 Gilleylen-Eley-Stokes Family (Finding Aid)
MC 844 Gilstrap, Marguerite. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 844a Gilstrap, Marguerite. Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 51 Gist, Ariel Idella Hottel. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS G44 79-B Gist, Thomas Hottel. Business Records, 1898-1954 (Description)
MC 2183 Glenn, Ollace Property Title Abstract (Finding Aid)
MC 1332 Goldenrod Club and Junior Civic League Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 980 Goldenrod Extension Homemakers Club of Washington County (Finding Aid)
MS G591.300-E Good Good Government League Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1772 Good, William J. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2176 Goodbar, Richard Loewer. Huguenot Research Materials. (Finding Aid)
MC 1271 Goodwin, George Oral History Project (Finding Aid)
MC 232 Gordon, Frank N. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1004 Gordon, Nathan. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS B223 Goshen Baptist Church Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2292 Goshen Extension Homemakers Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2335 Gosnell, Jan Political Cartoons (Finding Aid)
MC 728 Gosnell, Jan C. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS G752 259 Grabiel, John Wellington Political Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2346 Graham, Josephine Card (Finding Aid)
MC 595 Graham, Maxine Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1604 Grapevine Newspaper Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1137 Graves, Irwin and Gaynelle Parker. Family and Business Records, 1899-1943 (Finding Aid)
MS D45 Graves, James O. Land Patent (Finding Aid)
MC 1618 Gray Family. Materials (Finding Aid)
MS Ar4 20.3 Gray, Charlotte Maria Obituary (Finding Aid)
MC 734 Green County Petition (Finding Aid)
MC 1803 Green Party of Arkansas. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 948 Greer Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MS G75 Greer, Benjamin Finis Family Reminiscences (Finding Aid)
MC 967 Greer, Dane Manson. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1563 Greer, David. Reminicences (Finding Aid)
MC 2295 Greer, Martin. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1350 Greer, Scott Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1128 Greers Ferry Extension Homemakers Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 842 Greeson, Jim. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1000 Gregg Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1897 Gregory, Ernest D. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1179 Griffee, Carol. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2419 Griffith Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 809 Griffith, Clara Parks. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 836 Grigory Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 959 Growing 59ers Extension Club Records (Finding Aid)
MS G99 Gwaltney, Francis Irby. Literary Manuscripts (Description)
MS G995 429 Gwaltney, Francis Irby. Papers (Finding Aid)
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MC 1684 Habberton Extension Homemakers Club. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1460 Hale, Harrison. Papers, 1924 (Finding Aid)
MC 1550 Haley, Alex. Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 588 Haley, Mary Jane Haley. University Memorabilia (Finding Aid)
MC 183 Hall, B. Clarence. Manuscript (Finding Aid)
MC 675 Hall, C. G. "Crip" Campaign Folder (Finding Aid)
MC 1847 Hall, C.G. "Crip" Materials. (Finding Aid)
MC 1505 Hall, Orville, Sr. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2140 Hall, Wendell Materials. (Finding Aid)
MC 560 Hamilton, Don. Arkansas Wilderness Act Papers (Finding Aid)
MS H21 Hamilton, William Jefferson. Daybook and Memoirs (Description)
MC 1230 Hammerschmidt, John Paul. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1488 Hancock, Hank. Razorback Sketch, ca 1925 (Finding Aid)
MC 860 Haney Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1335 Hanks, James Millinder. Diaries (Finding Aid)
MC 1270 Hanks, Wilbur G. Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 507 Hanor, Bert. Sketch (Finding Aid)
MC 753 Hanson, Minnie G. Memo (Finding Aid)
MC 1039 Hantz, Harold D. Collection. Act 10 and AAUP Papers, 1959-1968 (Finding Aid)
MC 1365 Hantz, Harold D. Collection. University of Arkansas Honors Program (Finding Aid)
MC 2257 Haralson & Mott And Mann & Wanger Architects Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1318 Hardgrave, John Davis. Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1771 Hardgraves Family Research. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 531 Harding, Arthur M. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 531a Harding, Arthur M. Papers. Addendum. (Finding Aid)
MC 1865 Hardin-Stark Family. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 945 Hardy, Fannie. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS H24 Hare, Jewel Sigman. Papers, 1940-1960 (Description)
MC 1412a Hargis, Billy James Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1412 Hargis, Billy James. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 573 Harkins, Peter Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1111 Harmonial Vegetarian Society Land Sale Indenture (Finding Aid)
MC 2277 Harper Family Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 346 Harris, Albert. Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 2387 Harris, George L. Memoir (Finding Aid)
MC 138C Harris, Oren. Supplementary Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 786 Harrison Businesses, 1930s (Finding Aid)
MC 686 Harrison Chamber of Commerce Material (Finding Aid)
MC 487 Harrison, William Neal. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 913 Hart, M. Blair. Papers, 1925-1987 (Finding Aid)
MC 2311 Harter, Carole. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1557 Hartzog, Henry S. Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 604 Hartzog, Henry Simms. Biographical Sketch (Description)
MS H26 Harvey, William Hope. Biographical Sketch and Reprints (Description)
MC 630 Hathcock, P.L. and Sue Kelton. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1023 Haun, F. Eugene. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 2370 Hawkins, James Collection of Food Cooperative Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1562 Hawkins-Walker Family. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 756 Hawn-Knight Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MS H32 Hayes, George Winfield. Certificates and List (Finding Aid)
MS H334 Hays, Brooks Letter and Memorandum (Finding Aid)
MS H334p Hays, Brooks. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1164b Hays, Brooks. Papers Second Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1164 Hays, Brooks. Papers. Addenda (Finding Aid)
MS H334s Hays, Brooks. Supplementary Papers (Finding Aid)
MS H321 Hays, George Washington. Miscellaneous Papers, 1881-1927 (Finding Aid)
MS L34 1897 Heard, George M. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 1706 Heard, Shirley. 4-H Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 1130 Hebron Home Demonstration Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1203 Hedges, Margaret. The Justice Douglas Trip, 1962 (Finding Aid)
MC 2398 Hedges, Z. T. Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 983 Heerwagen Student Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2147 Hegyi, Charlotte B. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1896 Heinke, Rosa A. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 682 Helena Women's Library Association Program, 1894 (Finding Aid)
MC 1544 Hemenway, Albert. Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 1142 Hempstead County, Arkansas Register's Office (Finding Aid)
MS H347 Hempstead, Fay. Petition and Warrants, 1861, 1871 (Description)
MC 2360 Hendrix-Kral, Connie Photograph Collection (Finding Aid)
MS H38 Hendry, Alexander. Land Records, 1858-1873 (Description)
MS H396a Henry & Cunningham Co. Journal (Finding Aid)
MS H396 Henry, Eugene B. Military Commission, 1874 (Description)
MC 49 Henry, John D. Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 1621 Henry, Lois DuPree. Memior (Finding Aid)
MC 542 Henry, Morriss M. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1146 Herman Melville's Thought after 1851 (Finding Aid)
MC 587 Hewen, E. S. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2118 Heyen, Beverly. NAFSA Region III Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1533 Highlands Chapter of the Ozark Society. Records (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Hill, A. G. Letter, 1840 (Description)
MS H55 Hill, Claud Leland (Finding Aid)
MC 662 Hill, Tom A. Campaign Leaflet (Finding Aid)
MS H62 Historical Records Survey. Arkansas. Records Inventory Files, 1935-1942 (Description)
MC 2368 History of Arkansas Motor Freight Lines, Inc. Typescript (Finding Aid)
MC 1051 History of the Fayetteville Country Club by Hugh Brewer, 1990 (Finding Aid)
MC 710 History of the First United Methodist Church, Warren (Finding Aid)
MC 1356 Hobbs, Harlan. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Hodges, John. Letter, 1844 (Description)
MC 976 Hoffman, Charles H. Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 938 Holcomb, George and Mary. Scrapbooks (Finding Aid)
MC 1036 Holcombe, Jobelle Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 887 Holcombe, Jobelle. Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 2064 Holmes, George H. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2177 Holt, Richard L., Sr. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS H769 Hoover, Herbert Arkansas-related Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MS E784 355 Hornsby, Lynn. Collection, 1958-1961 (Description)
MC 578 Hot Springs Street Railway Company Journal (Finding Aid)
MC 772 Hovey, Brigadier General Alvin P. Printed Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 2126.UA Howard, Cornelia. University of Arkansas Memorabilia (Finding Aid)
MC 785 Howell, Lula Jane. Papers, 1858-1948 (Finding Aid)
MC 1689 Huber, Richard C. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 428 Huckaby, Elizabeth Paisley. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS H86 Huddleston, V. L. Collection of Administrator's Bonds, 1819, 1829 (Description)
MC 534 Hudgins, Mary D. Arkansas Music Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 534 Hudgins, Mary D. Collection (Finding Aid)
MS H86a Hudgins, Mary Dengler Arkansas Traveller Scores (Finding Aid)
MS H886a Hudgins, Mary Dengler Arkansas Literature and Music Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MS H886g 207 Hudgins, Mary Dengler Gospel Music Research Files and Song Books (Finding Aid)
MS H886 Hudgins, Mary Dengler Research Files (Finding Aid)
MC 2392 Hudson Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1757 Hudson, J.W. Farm Account Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1118 Hudson, James J. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS H868 Hudson, James Jackson. Literary Manuscript (Finding Aid)
MC 1390 Hudson, James Madison Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2190 Hudson, Tom Jim Reminiscences (Finding Aid)
MC 1620 Huffington, Anita. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1155 Huffmaster-Holcombe Family Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2250 Hughes, Charles Lee. Fort Chaffee Photograph Collection (Finding Aid)
MS H87 Hughes, John J. Autograph Album and Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 591 Hughes, Michael A. Research Information on Arkansas Troops in the Civil War (Finding Aid)
MC 909 Hughes, Ruby V. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1087 Hughes, Ruby V. Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1573 Hughes, William "Bill" Wauters Papers (Finding Aid)
MS H874 Hughes, William Blakemore. Letter, 1886 (Description)
MC 1088 Hughes, William H. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 641 Hughes-McDonald Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MS H88 Humphreys, Allan Sparrow. Papers (Description)
MC 466 Hunt, Robert H. War Publicity Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1782 Hunt, Silas. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 726 Huntington Library copies (Finding Aid)
MC 1413 Hurt, Leah Jones. Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 295 Hutcheson Roy G. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1514 Hutchison, John Nelson. Scrapbooks (Finding Aid)
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MC 1376 Idle, Lillian May. Reminiscences (Finding Aid)
MC 474 Irby Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2285 Iris Garden Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1504 Ivy, Ralph, Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1740 Ivy, Robert A. Research Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1205 Izell, Wanda and Joe S. Joyner. Papers (Finding Aid)
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MC 665 J. M. Green Store Accounts (Finding Aid)
MC 613 Jackman, Sidney D. Reminiscences (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Jackson, Andrew. Letters, 1830, 1831 (Description)
MC 771a Jackson, Barbara G. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 771 Jackson, Barbara G. Research Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 460a Jackson, Nannie Stillwell. Diaries (Finding Aid)
MC 460 Jackson, Nannie Stillwell. Diary, 1890-1891 (Finding Aid)
MS In 2 Jackson, Rauf. Lease, 1525 (Description)
MC 1481 Jacoway, Elizabeth. Oral History Interviews, 1976 (Finding Aid)
MC 538 James Warthen Workman Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2425 Japan-United States Educational Commission 50th Anniversary Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 729 Jenkins, Cora Anne Stroud. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 629 Jerome Relocation Center Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 695 Jerome Relocation Center Final Report (Finding Aid)
MC 2194 Jewett, Katie Emrich. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 625 John Rawlings & Co. Cotton Books (Finding Aid)
MC 1032 Johnson and Madison Counties Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1207 Johnson County Extension Homemakers Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1207a Johnson County Extension Homemakers Club. Records Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 2094 Johnson Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Johnson, Andrew. Letter of Pardon, 1868 (Description)
MC 1170 Johnson, Benjamin F. III. Collection (Finding Aid)
MS J63 Johnson, Charles B. Papers, 1859-1866 (Description)
MC 2381 Johnson, Dee Strickland Drawings (Finding Aid)
MC 1913 Johnson, James J. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1275 Johnson, William "Major" and David Wilson Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MS J64 292 Johnston, Andrew Letter (Finding Aid)
MS J75 Johnston, John Diary (Finding Aid)
MS J71 Jones, Coulter W. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 523 Jones, Dorsey D. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1619 Jones, Douglas C. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1305 Jones, Dudley Emerson Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2026 Jones, Eddie W. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1672 Jones, Fay Exhibit "Outside the Pale: A Homecoming". Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2408 Jones, Fay Undergraduate Projects Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1373 Jones, Fay. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1738 Jones, Fred T. Family. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1855 Jones, Freida Ann, Scrapbook 1939-1940 (Finding Aid)
MC 1956 Jones, Harvey and Bernice. Papers. (Finding Aid)
MC 322 Jones, Joseph Hubbard. Memoir (Description)
MC 2141 Jones, Norville Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1159 Jonesboro Business and Professional Women's Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2322 Jonesboro Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Floor Plans (Finding Aid)
MS J747 Joplin, Scott Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1316 Jordan, Hazel. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1108 Jordan, Juletta Ashby. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1163 Jordon, Thomas E. Research Paper (Finding Aid)
MC 2356 Junkin, Blanche Chenault Papers (Finding Aid)
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MC 1115 Kaleidoscope Players Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 1312 Kappa Alpha Dance Program (Finding Aid)
MC 173 Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Beta Chapter Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1281 Keddie, James. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1429 Kell, George. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1545 Kellogg, Theodore Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 1432 Kelly, Lucille McCarty. Collection, ca 1910-1930 (Finding Aid)
MC 1424 Kelton, Fannie. Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 1345 Kennedy, William. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 840 Kernodle, George R. Scrapbooks (Finding Aid)
MC 1737 Kimpel, Ben. Biography (Finding Aid)
MC 497 Kimpel, Ben. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS K577 Kindley, Field. Letters and Reports, 1918 (Finding Aid)
MC 741 King Jeff the First (Finding Aid)
MS K58 King, Alfred D. Journal, 1849 (Finding Aid)
MC 1498 Kingston Presbyterian Church. Documents (Finding Aid)
MC 1215 Kingston, Arkansas, Collection, 1917-1931 (Finding Aid)
MS K62 Kinslow, Judy and Alan Rennick Folk Songs (Finding Aid)
MC 985 Kirby, Dr. Henry Vance. Medical Ledgers (Finding Aid)
MC 1030 Kirby, Leonidas, M.D. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1634 Kiser, George E. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2117 Kisor, Lucy Beth. Collection. (Finding Aid)
MS K64 Kitchens, Benton M. Documents (Finding Aid)
MC 2254 Kloethe & Company Advertising Kit (Finding Aid)
MC 648 Knights and Ladies' Mutual Aid Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1247 Knights of Labor, Van Buren Assembly, No. 6307 Records (Finding Aid)
MS An2 Knox, Bertram. Andress Papers, 1889-1898. (Description)
MC 894 Koerner, G. A., Sr. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 2056 Koonce, Mack Certificates. (Finding Aid)
MC 2079.UA KUAF National Public Radio Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2087 Kwas, Mary. Old State House Research Materials. (Finding Aid)
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MC 1529 La Crosse Male and Female Academy Announcement (Finding Aid)
MC 1299 Lakeport Plantation Ledger (Finding Aid)
MC 1209 Lakeport Plantation Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2218.UA Land Grant Centennial Records (Finding Aid)
MS L27 Land Grants (Finding Aid)
MC 879 Land Grants (Finding Aid)
MC 1319 Langston, James H. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1572 Larsen, Leonard. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 1644 Lavallard, Marie Louise. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 607 Lawler, Nan "Westward the Ozark Trails" Typescript (Finding Aid)
MC 1139 Lawrence County, Arkansas Territory Sheriff Notice of Sale (Finding Aid)
MS L462 389 Lea, George C. Contract (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Leeper, Matthew. Letter, 1861 (Finding Aid)
MC 1005 Leflar, Helen Finger. Christmas Cards (Finding Aid)
MC 206 Leflar, Robert A. Papers, 1946-1971 (Finding Aid)
MS L52 Leflar, Robert Allen. War Relocation Authority Papers, 1942-1946 (Description)
MC 1478 Lemke, Walter John. Letters (Finding Aid)
MS L541 Lemke, Walter John. Papers, 1821-1969 (Finding Aid)
MS L54 Lentz, Max Carl Gnther "Justice!! An appeal to the citizens of Arkansas" Advertisement (Finding Aid)
MC 1063 Leslie, William Richard. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1334 Lest We Forget: Memorial Record, WW I for Washington County (Finding Aid)
MC 1780 Letsch Family. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2158 Lewis, Bill. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS L585 Lewis, Brackin. Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 516 Lewis, Daniel W., Sr. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1237 Liberty Hill Friendship Extension Homemakers Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1871 Lichtenstein, Nelson N. Wal-Mart Research Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1369 Liebolt, Frederick Lee. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 779 Lighton Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1559 Lighton, Suzanne. File (Finding Aid)
MC 1455 Lile, Betty E. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 615 Lincoln, Alice E. Scrapbook, 1939-1940 (Description)
MC 946 Linebarger Brothers Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 946a Linebarger Brothers Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Lippincott, L. K. Letter, 1876 (Finding Aid)
MS L727 307 Little River County, Ark. Township and Range Plat Maps (Finding Aid)
MC 1027 Little Rock Central High Integration Crisis, Federal Bureau of Investigation (Finding Aid)
MC MS L72 310 Little Rock Little Rock Desegregation Crisis Oral History Transcripts (Finding Aid)
MC 1077 Little, B. F. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1517 Little, John Sebastian. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1493 Littman, Ulrich Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 359 Lone, Pearl Mary. Scrapbook, 1912-1913 (Description)
MC 2246 Long, DeDe International Education Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 663 Lonoke County Ballot (Finding Aid)
MC 626 Lonoke Tannery Record Book (Finding Aid)
MC 1391 Lost Roads Project, The (Finding Aid)
MC 2341 Lovett, Walter L. Letter (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Lowell, Truxton. Letter, 1836 (Finding Aid)
MC 2052 Lucas, Andrew. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 561 Lucky, Carl F. Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 667 Lucy, Thomas Elmore. Narrative (Finding Aid)
MC 2362 Luneau, Teresa Irwin. "A Critical Biography of Charlie May Simon" Typescript (Finding Aid)
MS L97 Lunsford, T. B. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Luttig, John C. Letter, 1815 (Finding Aid)
MC 2253 Lynett, Rachel. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1703 Lyon, David. Student Activism Materials (Finding Aid)
MS L99 Lyon, J. L. Mining Notes (Finding Aid)
MC 2418 Lyon, Marguerite Essay Book (Finding Aid)
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MC 1640 Mabelvale Home Demonstration Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 261 Mabry, Lynn McWhorter. William Hope "Coin" Harvey (Finding Aid)
q MS L58 .M15 Mabry, M. P. Ledger, 1882-1893 (Finding Aid)
MC 1999.UA Mack-Blackwell Rural Transportation Center Records (Finding Aid)
MC 10 Magnet Cove Missionary Baptist Church History (Finding Aid)
MC 693 Magnolia Joint Stock Company for the Education of Females Records, 1869 (Description)
MC 1551 Magruder, H. Preston. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS M27 Mahan, John. Declaration, n.d. (Finding Aid)
MC 691 Malvern Hoo Hoo Club Letter (Finding Aid)
MS M31 Mankiewicz, Joseph Leo. Screenplay, 1933 (Finding Aid)
MC 1438 Mann, Alice E. Jones. Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MS M315 Mann, George Richard. Memoir, 1937 (Finding Aid)
MC 2161 Manring, Maschil. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 921 Maple Hills Garden Club Scrapbooks (Finding Aid)
MC 483 Marcy, Emma F. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1905 Marinoni, Antonio European Tours. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1330 Marion Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1330A Marion Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution Records. Supplement 1 (Finding Aid)
MS M345 Marmaduke, John S. Correspondence (Description)
MC 540 Marquardt, Kurt W. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1276 Marquess, Mary P. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1530 Marshall, Donovan. Photograph Album, 1903-1960s (Finding Aid)
MC 1741 Marson Home Demonstration Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 859 Martin Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1208 Martin, Benjamin W. Pardon (Finding Aid)
MC 797 Martin, Elihu G. Letter (Description)
MC 963 Martin, Herbert Bradley. Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 425 Martin, James E., Office of the President, University of Arkansas: Speeches 1980-1983 (Finding Aid)
MC 687 Masingill, Brose Leaflet (Finding Aid)
MC 1668 Mathews, Omega Crow. Memoir (Finding Aid)
MC 1066 Mattison, Delia May. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1439 Mattix, America Hamilton. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Mauriac, Francois. Letter, 1928 (Finding Aid)
MC 1742 Maxfield, Allen and McKee Family. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1540 Maxfield, O. Orland Papers (Finding Aid)
MS M452 464 May, John Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 1922 May, Susan-Hays, Marion. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 1935 Mayes, Rick Dickson Street. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1175 Mays, Edward. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1469 McAllister, Max. Reminiscences (Finding Aid)
MC 1506 McCartney, Allen P. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2145 McClintock, Simms. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 451 McClintock, W.S. and Sons Company Records, 1908-1963 (Finding Aid)
MS M13f McCollom, Robert Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MS M134 McComb, Sara Frances Cole Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1650 McCracken Willis R., Diaries (Finding Aid)
MS L34 McCulloch, Ben. Letter, 1861 (Finding Aid)
MC 1753 McCulloch, Lacy. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 1920 McDaniel, Irven D. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1310 McDonald, Claud Bethel. Papers and Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 1697 McDonald, Dorothy. Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 2206 McGehee, Willoughby Fountain McGehee. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2310 McGraw, Catherine Ophelia Babb. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1746 McGuffey's Electric Reader Newspaper Mock-up (Finding Aid)
MC 1434 McHugh, Catherine. Papers, 1946-1969 (Finding Aid)
MC 890 McIlroy Bank Records (Finding Aid)
MC 790 McIlroy Family Papers, 1846-1968 (Finding Aid)
MC 1470 McIlroy Motor Bank Collection, 1900-1972 (Finding Aid)
q MS L58 .M18 McIlroy, William. Account Book, 1874-1878 (Finding Aid)
MS M189 (MC 28) McIntosh, Gerald J. Dime Novel. Collection (Finding Aid)
MS M189v McIntosh, Gerald J. Veterans Affair Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1511 McIvor, Marcia. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS M21 400 McKibben, John H. List (Finding Aid)
MC 2405 McKinnon, Ray Farmstead Plan (Finding Aid)
MS C68 McLendon, Isaac C. P. Oath of Allegiance, 1861 (Finding Aid)
MC 712 McLeod, Walter E. "Story of Lawrence County When Young" Typescript (Finding Aid)
MC 711 McLeod, Walter E. Literary Manuscript, 1945 (Description)
MC 957 McMath, Anne. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 899 McMath, Sidney S. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 899a McMath, Sidney S. Papers. Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 2328 McNair, Matthew Interviews (Finding Aid)
MC 1722 McNally, James. Reminiscences (Finding Aid)
MC 1641 McNeil, Elaine. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS M233 412 McNeil, Gordon Heath. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1325 McRae, Thomas Chipman IV. Personal and professional papers, 1961-2004 (Finding Aid)
MS M244 McRae, Thomas Chipman. Papers, 1879-1938 (Description)
MS M46 Means, Allan O. Historical Monograph (Finding Aid)
MC 694 Means, James H. List of Notes (Finding Aid)
MS M465 Mechin, Gustave V.R. Souvenir Materials, 1894-1921 (Description)
MS M467 Medeairs, Robert Summerfield Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MS M467d 371 Medearis, Robert Summerfield Diary (Finding Aid)
MC 1744 Megginson, W.J. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 984 Mena Woman's Literary Club Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 794 Mena Woman's Literary Club, 1912-1954 (Finding Aid)
MC 878 Meriwether, James B. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1454 Meriwether, Lilbourn Hays. Letters, 1912 (Finding Aid)
MC 1336 Meriwether, W. W. and Sons. Ledgers (Finding Aid)
MC 1810 Merritt, James. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 989 Methodist Church Center Point Circuit Records (Finding Aid)
MC 627 Methodist Episcopal Church, Washington District, Greenville Circuit Report (Finding Aid)
MS Ar4 14 Metzler, George F. Research File, 1963-1965 (Description)
MC 1173 Mexican War Diary (Finding Aid)
MC 666 Midland Entertainment Announcements (Finding Aid)
MC 2070 Mikelic, Sherry Spirituality at Work. Papers. (Finding Aid)
MC 654 Millar, Alexander Copeland Address (Finding Aid)
MC 1140 Miller, Bradley County, Arkansas Township Election Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 820 Miller, E. Joan. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 798 Miller, John A. Letter (Description)
MC 279 Miller, John Elvis, 1888-1981. Oral History Interview (Finding Aid)
MC 1358 Miller, John Elvis. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1131 Miller, Massey, Donaldson, and Johnston Families (Finding Aid)
MS M58 Miller, Minos. Letters, 1860-1866 (Description)
MC 754 Miller, William Read Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 1099 Missouri and Kansas Travel Journal (Finding Aid)
MC 1476 Mitchell, James. Letter, 1874 (Finding Aid)
MC 2308 Mitsuko Kellam Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1148 Mock Family Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 891 Modern Literature Club of Fayetteville Records (Finding Aid)
MC 891a Modern Literature Club of Fayetteville Records Addendum, 1934-1998 (Finding Aid)
MC 1190 Modern Literature Club of Fayetteville Scrapbooks (Finding Aid)
MS M62 Money and Bonds Collection (Description)
MS M78 Moore, Benjamin L. Deed, 1841 (Finding Aid)
MC 1724 Moore, Charles C. Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 593 Moore, Dwight. Papers, 1896-1975 (Finding Aid)
MC 1031 Moose, James S., Jr. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 721 Moose, May Hope. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1844 Morgan, Gordon Papers (Finding Aid)
MS M821p Morgan, James Logan. "A Preliminary Study of the Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ) and Churches of Christ in Arkansas" (Finding Aid)
MC 2174 Morgan, Robert E., Materials (Finding Aid)
q MS M82 Morgan, Thomas Perkins. Literary Manuscripts and Scrapbooks, 1887-1928 (Description)
MS M82 Morgan, Winfield Scott. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS M823 Morgan's Buzz-Saw Newspaper (Finding Aid)
MC 598 Morrilton Pathfinder Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1805 Morris, James G. Accident Report (Finding Aid)
MC 2231 Morris, Lois Lawson. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2232 Morris, Percy Lafayette, Jr., Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1436 Morris, Robert and Elizabeth Morris Walker. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS M83 Morris, Robert Lee Rackinsack Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 668 Morrison Power of Attorney (Finding Aid)
MS M834 Morrow, Mary Hannah Johnson. Papers, 1847-1876 (Finding Aid)
MC 1033 Mortar Board Alumnae Club (Finding Aid)
MS M852 24 Moses Moses, Colter Hamilton Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 761 Moss Scrapbooks, 1910-1914 (Finding Aid)
MC 881 Mudcat's Dixie Dirt Review (Finding Aid)
MC 1129 Mullen, Margaret J. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS M91 Mullens, G. T. Letters, 1874 (Finding Aid)
MC 1116 Mullins, David W. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1461 Mullins, Jefferson Forrest. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1663 Mulloy, Oda. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 62 Mulloy, Oda. Tape (Finding Aid)
MS M928 306 Munson, William O. Letters, 1861-1862 (Description)
MC 636 Murphy, John I. Letter, 1878 (Finding Aid)
MC 1321 Murphy, Sara Alderman. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1253 Murphy, Sara Alderman. Papers. Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1421 Muster-Out Roll, Captain Francis Marion Ward's Company G, First Arkansas Cavalry, USA 1865 (Finding Aid)
MC 547 Muster-Out Rolls (Description)
MC 1676 Myers, Margaret. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 925 Myers, Robert Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 893 Myers, Robert. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 920 Myers, Robert. Papers (Finding Aid)
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MC 715b NAFSA: Assocation of International Educators. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 715 NAFSA: Association of International Educators Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1950 Nagle. J.E. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 490 Nancarrow, Conlon. Interview (Finding Aid)
MS N16 Napoleon, Arkansas, Ordinances, 1841-1843 (Description)
MC 914 National Collegiate Association for Secretaries. University of Arkansas Chapter Records, 1967-1975 (Finding Aid)
MC 1491 National Council for International Visitors Records (Finding Aid)
MS N213 National Greenback Party, Arkansas. Broadside, 1879 (Description)
MC 1655 National League of American Pen Women, Northwest Arkansas Branch. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1389 National Organization for Women Arkansas Chapter and Northwest Arkansas Chapter Records (Finding Aid)
MS N31 Neis, Anton. Oath (Finding Aid)
MC 1678 New York Zinc and Lead Company Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1497 Newberry, Joan Esther Broadaway. Materials (Finding Aid)
MS N44 Newell, Robert W. Autograph Album, 1891 (Finding Aid)
MC 2367 Newsom, Eugene Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1266 Newth, Rebecca Arkansas Voices Oral History Interview Collection (Finding Aid)
MS N487 Newton, Samuel. Broadsides, c 1884 (Description)
MC 1370 Nichols, Guerdon David. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1370a Nichols, Guerdon David. Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 986 Nineteenth Century Arkansas Legal Documents (Finding Aid)
MC 816 Noble, Marion M. Manuscript (Finding Aid)
MC 1900 Noel, Maude Vincent. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 1236 Norrell, William F. and Catherine D. (Finding Aid)
MC 535 Norris, Mary Virginia. Scrapbook, 1922-1925 (Finding Aid)
MC 1575 North Arkansas Symphony Society. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 802 Northwest Arkansas Churches of Christ (Finding Aid)
MC 951 Northwest Arkansas Library Association Audiocassette (Finding Aid)
MC 773 Notes on History of Arkansas Baptists (Finding Aid)
MC 2315 Nutrition Research Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1637a Nutt, Frances Barton and Carnall Hall Alumnae. Papers. (Finding Aid)
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MS J68 O'Neill, John. Receipts and Invoices, 1831 ... 1959 (Description)
q L58 .F77 2 O'Shea, Patrick. Daybook, 1893 (Description)
MC 1823 Oak Grove Cemetery Interments. Record. (Finding Aid)
MC 1106 Oak Grove Extension Homemakers Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1431 Oakley, J. F. Memorabilia (Finding Aid)
MC 732 Oates. Willie. Papers, 1928-1985 (Finding Aid)
MC 1280 Obsitnik, Larry. Photo Archives (Finding Aid)
MC 601 Office of Dr. John C. Carter History (Finding Aid)
q MS L58 .Og2 Ogden, John B. Account Book, 1848-1851 (Description)
MC 764 Old Main Letter, 1876 (Finding Aid)
MC 1456 Oldfield, William A. Letter, 1909 (Finding Aid)
MC 1007 Oldfield, William A. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1850 Omni Center for Peace, Justice, and Ecology. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1850a Omni Center for Peace, Justice, and Ecology. Records Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1440 One Hundred Years, 1856-1956, by Vera Hooker Hood (Finding Aid)
MC 1949 Opera in the Ozarks/Inspiration Point Fine Arts Colony Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1775 ORFEO Production at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Materials (Finding Aid)
MS Or 14 Organized Independent Women Scrapbooks, 1947-1957 (Description)
MS Ar4 2.1 Orme, William Ward. Correspondence, 1838-1865 (Description)
MC 2160 Orton, Marion. Posters. (Finding Aid)
MC 574 Osborne, Molsie A. R. Papers (Description)
MC 677 Osburn, Pleasant M. Bill of Sale, 1847 (Finding Aid)
MC 2327 Osceola Drainage District Office Materials (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Oser, Nathan. Letter, 1939 (Description)
MC 1625 Outlaws Research. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 590 Overland Trail Journal (Finding Aid)
MC 952 Ozark Folksong Transcripts (Finding Aid)
MC 801 Ozark Gardens Records, 1956-1967 (Finding Aid)
MC 252 Ozark Institute Records (Finding Aid)
MC 995 Ozark Lumber and Spoke Company Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1811 Ozark Society Foundation. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2162 Ozark Society Sugar Creek Chapter Records (Finding Aid)
MS Oz1 219 (MC 219) Ozark Society. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 477 Ozark Society. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2355 Ozark StageWorks Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1792 Ozarks Regional Library System Records (Finding Aid)
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MS P12 Pacts of World War II Axis Nations Facsimiles (Finding Aid)
MS P14 Page, John Herbert. Notebook and Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MS P15 Pahotski, Minnie. Essay, n.d. (Description)
MC 446 Park, Hugh. Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 1512 Park, Neil Hamill. Papers. (Finding Aid)
MC 1887 Parker, Edward. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MS P226 Parker, Isaac Charles. Correspondence and Employment Contract, 1885, 1888 (Finding Aid)
MS P229 Parker, W. A. Letter and Photograph, 1886 (Description)
MC 723 Parks, Myrtle McCormick. Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MS F Parler Folklore Collection (University Folklore Collection) (Description)
MC 1501 Parler, Mary Celestia. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 896 Parler, Mary Celestia. Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 897 Parler, Mary Celestia. Randolph Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 776 Parnell Springs Resort Photographs, ca. 1906 (Finding Aid)
MC 80 Parnell, Harvey Speeches (Finding Aid)
MS P24 Parnell, Harvey. Speeches and Clippings (Finding Aid)
MC L34 Patterson Patterson, J. S. Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 903 Patterson, Ruth Polk. Papers, 1954-1988 (Finding Aid)
MC 903a Patterson, Ruth Polk. Papers. Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 609 Payne, S. H. Journal (Finding Aid)
MC 1750 Peace Links of Tennessee Records (Finding Aid)
MC 907 Peace Links Records (Finding Aid)
MC 907a Peace Links Records, Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 907b Peace Links. Records Second Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 585 Peel, David W., Jr. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 927 Peel, John Wilson. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS P344 407 Peel, Zillah Cross Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 781 Peel, Zillah Cross. Papers, 1898-1980 (Finding Aid)
MC 2049 Pennington, Art. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 947 Pennywit and Company Bills of Lading (Finding Aid)
q MS L58. P37-39 Pennywit, Phillip. Business Records, 1853-1878 (Description)
MS L34 1861 Pennywit, Phillip. Telegram, 1861 (Description)
MC 661 People's Party Broadside (Finding Aid)
MC 2299 Perry, Barbara Rondelli. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 811 Petentes Women's Club Records, 1928-1973 (Finding Aid)
MC 1158 Peter, Lily. Interview (Finding Aid)
MC 917 Peters Family Papers (Description)
MC 1314 Peterson, Elizabeth Hilliard. Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MS P463 411 Peven, Michael "Snatches," or "Man Made Wonders" (Finding Aid)
MC 1799 Phillips County. Levee Construction Film (Finding Aid)
MC 1648 Phillips, Ethyl Louise Harper. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1102 Phillips, George. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2323 Phillips, Peter. Memoranda Book (Finding Aid)
M 621 Philomathic Club Records, 1888-1892 (Description)
MC 1834 Pierce, Carole. Travel Diaries (Finding Aid)
MS L34 1844 Pierson, Benjamin H. Letters, 1844 (Description)
MC 743 Pig Parade Script (Finding Aid)
MC 1442 Pike, Albert. Albert Pike Memorial Temple Photograph (Finding Aid)
MS P63 Pike, Albert. Correspondence, Literary Manuscripts, Photographs, 1866-1889 (Description)
MC 1736 Pike, Albert. Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 904 Pine Bluff League of Women Voters Records, 1952-1983 (Finding Aid)
MC 1309 Pipkin Family Narratives (Finding Aid)
MS P681 Pitchlynn, Peter Perkins Printed Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 673 Pittman, Samuel Pinckney. Memoir (Description)
MS St7 Pitts, Almyra B. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 813 Plaster, L. Oscar. Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 612 Poe, Troy H. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 680 Poetry Day Broadside, 1948 (Finding Aid)
MC 2400 Pomeroy & McGowin, Inc. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1721 Pond, Leroy. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 805 Pope, Mabel Scurlock. Photo Album (Finding Aid)
MC 1430 Pope, Marion G. Photograph Album, 1919-1920 (Finding Aid)
MC 1144 Porter Township, Crawford County, Arkansas Booklet, 1905 (Finding Aid)
MC 1515 Porter-Ogilvie Family. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 1043 Pottsville Extension Homemakers Club (Finding Aid)
MC 1048 Pound, Julia E. Greeting Album (Finding Aid)
MC 1313 Powell, James O. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2394 Powell, Lee Riley Typescripts (Finding Aid)
MC 724 Prairie Grove Telephone Company Records (Finding Aid)
MC 839 Presley, Lora B. D. Musical Scores (Finding Aid)
MS P93 Price, Delia Wagner Family History Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 988a Price, Florence Beatrice Smith. Papers. Addendum. (Finding Aid)
MC 988b Price, Florence Beatrice. Papers Second Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 988 Price, Florence. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2187 Prichard, Anne Collection of Ozark Natural Foods Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2307 Pritchett, Louis A. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1789 Providence Baptist Church. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1903 Prudden, Halsey. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 336 Pryor, David H. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 739 Public School System of Arkansas, 1936 (Finding Aid)
MC 2146 Pulaski County Collector's Bond (Finding Aid)
MC 1126 Pulaski County Democratic Central Committee Records (Finding Aid)
MS P97 Purdue, Albert Homer Professional Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2407 Purdue, Albert Homer Postcard (Finding Aid)
MS P97c 255 PURDUE Purdue, Albert Homer, Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 327 Purdue, Albert Homer. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 214 Purdue, Albert Homer. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS P972a Purdue, Ida Pace Autograph Book (Finding Aid)
MS P972r Purdue, Richard Howell. Papers (Description)
MC 1452 Putman Family Papers, 1900-1990 (Finding Aid)
MC 1628 Pyeatt Family. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS P99 Pyeatt, John Rankin. Letters, 1848-1850 (Finding Aid)
MC 722 Pyles, Lida W. Papers (Finding Aid)
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MC 1831 Quapaw Tribe. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1003 Quesenbury Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MS Qu3 Quesenbury, William Minor. Receipt and Letter, 1864-1865 (Finding Aid)
MC 1448 Qui Vive Club. Materials (Finding Aid)
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MC 902 Ragland, Lorraine Blore. Collection, 1863-1981 (Finding Aid)
MS R12 Ragland, Nathaniel Madison. Papers, 1860-1946 (Description)
MC 1329 Ragsdale, John Gails. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1227 Rainey, Leo. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS R13 Raley, Martin O. Letters, 1918 (Finding Aid)
MS R152 372 Randolph, Vance Letters to Marion N. Waldrip (Finding Aid)
MC 1009 Randolph, Vance. Collection (Finding Aid)
MS R15 Randolph, Vance. Letters, 1941-1971 (Description)
MC 920 Randolph, Vance. Manuscripts (Finding Aid)
MC 1468 Rankin, Milton M. Collection. (Finding Aid)
MC 2304 Rapoport, Bernard. Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 1441 Ray, W. S. Letters, 1905-1906 (Finding Aid)
MS R18 Ray, William Andrew. Literary Manuscript, 1950 (Finding Aid)
MS R211r Ray, William Stephen. Memoir c. 1915 (Description)
MS R19 Rayburn, Otto Ernest Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1570 Razorback Band Research Files (Finding Aid)
MS R22 Read, Lessie Stringfellow. (Description)
MC 755 Reagan Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1307 Reagan, Elizabeth. Journal (Finding Aid)
MC 1307a Reagan, Elizabeth. Journal Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 868 Real Estate Bank Case Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2352 Rector, Nancy Mooney Memoir (Finding Aid)
MC 1861 Reed, Roy. Oral History Interviews with Fay Jones (Finding Aid)
MC 1083 Reed, Roy. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2055 Remmel, Harmon L.,Jr. Papers. (Finding Aid)
MC 605 Remmel, Harmon Liveright, Jr. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS R23 Remmel, Harmon Liveright. Papers, 1879-1927 (Description)
MC 597 Remmel, William Papers (Finding Aid)
MS R29 Reynard, Alphes. Letters, 1862 (Finding Aid)
MS R32 Reynolds, Daniel Harris. Papers, 1861-1892 (Description)
MS R33 Reynolds, John Hugh. Photographs, c 1879-1910 (Description)
MC 783 Reynolds, Margaret. Collector: <i>Alluring Arkansas</i> (Finding Aid)
MC 770 Reynolds/Thomas Research Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 895 Rhodes Chevrolet Company (Finding Aid)
MC 931 Rhodes, Rabie Guthrie Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1631 Riales, Roy. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1161 Rice Millers' Association Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1161a Rice Millers' Association Records Addendum 1985-1995 (Finding Aid)
MS B225 Richland Baptist Church (Madison County, Ark.) Records (Finding Aid)
MC 27 Richmond, Holman. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1218 Richmond, Holman. War Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 1283 Ricketts, Willis. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1521 Riddle, Almeda. Letters (Finding Aid)
MS R45 Riley, Susan B. Research Records, 1916, 1963 (Description)
MC 1277 Rinne, Katherine. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 485 Risley, Eleanor de la Vergne. Papers, 1895-1945 (Finding Aid)
MC 571 Riverland Ranch Appraisal (Finding Aid)
MC 1499 Roberts, Roy. Memoirs (Finding Aid)
MC 1796 Robinson, Joseph T. Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 1959 Robinson, Joseph T. Research Materials (Finding Aid)
MS R563s 368 368a Robinson, Joseph Taylor Papers Supplement (Finding Aid)
MC MS R563 Robinson, Joseph Taylor. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1193 Robinson, Joseph Taylor. Papers. Supplement 2 (Finding Aid)
MC 1822 Roe, Walter R. Reminiscences (Finding Aid)
MS R71 Rogers, Samuel E. Land and Business Records, 1836-1887 (Description)
MS G88 257 (MC 257) Rohwer Relocation Center. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1382 Romans, Bess Wolf. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1882 Roose, Bessie Griffin. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MS R679 348 Roots Family Papers, 1842-1907 (Description)
MC 2432 Rosa, Arkansas School Register (Finding Aid)
MS R72 Rose, Uriah Milton. Correspondence and Literary Manuscript, 1881-1910 (Description)
MS R73 Ross, John. Correspondence, 1839 (Description)
MC 1587 Ross, Margaret Smith. Papers, 1813-2002 (Finding Aid)
MS W51 Rosseter, Mary E. Wellman. Correspondence, 1832-1833 (Description)
MS R74 Rothrock, Thomas "Fayetteville's City Hospital" Manuscript (Finding Aid)
MC 2293 Rowland, Diane Research Materials on Bernie Babcock (Finding Aid)
MC 458 Rowland, Hardy "Spider." Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1109 Rowland, Walter E. Faubus, Arkansas and Education Typescript (Finding Aid)
MC 1394a Roy, Elsijane T. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1394 Roy, Elsijane Trimble. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 990 Royston, Grandison D. Indenture (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Royston, Grandison Delaney. Correspondence, 1863 (Description)
MC 1053 Rural Arkansas Community Development Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1777 Rural Home Economics Home Demonstration Club Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 898 Russell, Andrew J. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2276 Russell, Bill and Gladys. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1895 Russell, George W. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 581 Russell, Ira. Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 1727 Russell, M.H. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1096 Russellville Home Demonstration Clubs Records (Finding Aid)
MS R993 Rutherford, Joseph Robinson. Papers (Description)
MC 847 Rutherford, Julia. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1958 Rutte, Martin. Spirituality in the Workplace. Materials (Finding Aid)
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MC 1201 Saint Agnes Episcopal Church, Morrilton, Arkansas Record Book (Finding Aid)
MC 1079 Saint Paul's Episcopal Church. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1136 Sanders, George M. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 2416 Sartin, Ulysses S. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1526 Savage, Robert L. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1169 Savoy Extension Homemakers Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1836 Sawyer, Sylvester. Correspondence, 1863. (Finding Aid)
MC 1184 Sayger, Bill. A DeValls Bluff Remembrance, 1990 (Finding Aid)
MC 1183 Sayger, Bill. Brasfield Remembered, 1990 (Finding Aid)
MC 2357 Scandinavian Society of Northwest Arkansas Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1222 Schaer, Kathleen Candler (Finding Aid)
MC 1378 Schafer. Lothar. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1718 Schmitz, Elsa Juhre. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS Sch69 297 Schruben, Francis W. Materials on John Calvin Rooks (Finding Aid)
MC 2309 Schuldt, Walter John. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1197 Scotton, John B. Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 1269 Scruggs, Mary C. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2397 Scurlock, Stella Oral History Interview (Finding Aid)
MC 1525 Seal, Barry. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 637 Seamster, Lee A. Papers, 1880-1981 (Finding Aid)
MC 1046 Searcy County Extension Homemakers Clubs Records (Finding Aid)
MC 424 Sebastian County Coal Mining Records (Finding Aid)
MS Se21 318 Sebastian County, Arkansas Land Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1186 Segraves, Warren D. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2404 Seidel, Virginia Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 2377 Seitz, Berta Lena Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 867 Selective Service Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2365 Selzer, Louis and Elizabeth Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1211 Sesame Club of Fordyce, Arkansas, Records (Finding Aid)
MS Ar4 3.1 Sevier County, Arkansas Voter Registration Lists, 1868 (Description)
MS Se89 226 Sewell, James Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 1331 Shane, Cecil. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2038 Sharp, Roy Franklin. Papers. (Finding Aid)
MC 1715 Sharum, Charles. WWII P.O.W. Diary (Finding Aid)
MC 1759 Shaver Family. Materials (Finding Aid)
MS Sh26 Shaw, Joe C. Map of Faulkner County, Arkansas Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2403 Sheer, Mrs. Eugene Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 930 Sheid, Vada Webb Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1248 Shelton, John Land Patent (Finding Aid)
MC 488 Shelton, William J. FBI Report (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Sherff, John. Correspondence, 1842, 1847 (Description)
MS Sh61 Shibley, William Henry Harrison. Papers (Description)
MC 954 Shipley Baking Company (Finding Aid)
MC 1462 Shipley, Raleigh J. Civil War Diary, 1865 (Finding Aid)
MS Sh64 Shipman, John N. Deeds, 1852-1920 (Description)
q MS Sh6 Shipman, Truman G. Scrapbook, 1923-1930 (Description)
MC 635 Shreve Family Papers, 1810-1900 (Finding Aid)
MC 2142 Shroll, Jess E. Ledger. (Finding Aid)
MS Sh92 410 Shuford, Emma Eugene Ramsaur. Papers, 1850-1900 (Finding Aid)
MC 1075 Shugart Plantation Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2406 Shuld, Daisy Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 1574 Sigma Alpha Iota. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 937 Sigma Delta Chi Videotape (Finding Aid)
MC 1743a Sigma Nu Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 1743 Sigma Nu. Photograph Album (Finding Aid)
MC 2339 Simon, Charlie May Hogue Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 1134 Simon, Charlie May Hogue. Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 738 Simonds Reminiscences (Finding Aid)
MC 1107 Simpson, Ethel C. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1143 Sisk Mining Company Prospectus (Finding Aid)
MC 664 Skillern & Mulherin Account Sheets (Finding Aid)
MC 2214 Skillern, Audley Anderson. Land Grant, 1851 (Finding Aid)
MC 1239 Skoney, Rachel. Research Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 536 Skull and Torch Society Records (Finding Aid)
MS SL4 Slavery Documents (Finding Aid)
MC 697 Smith, Alfred E. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1176 Smith, Alice Upham. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 592 Smith, Arthur M. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 610 Smith, Chester Dane. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1702 Smith, Cynthia Rodes. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 2096 Smith, David. Photograph Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 2124 Smith, Edwin B. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1812 Smith, Gerald L.K. Materials (Finding Aid)
MS Sm6 Smith, Jacob M.J. Journal, 1844-1886 (Description)
MC 1097 Smith, John I. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 633 Smith, Jonathan K. T. Map (Finding Aid)
MC 1423 Smith, Kenneth L. Papers (Finding Aid)
qMS Sm6 135 Smith, Lavon University Elementary Training School Notebook (Finding Aid)
MS Sm62 370 Smith, Lucille Isabelle Papers, 1905-1912 (Description)
MC 6 Smith, Maggie. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 6b Smith, Maggie. Collection Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 2436 Smith, Nancy K. Postcard Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1837 Smith, Ray S. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 653 Smith, Reverend Wesley Broadside (Finding Aid)
MC 736 Smith, Sara Jane. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 313 Smith, William J. Muster Roll (Finding Aid)
MC 586 Smith, Zella B. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 628 Smithville Academy Philomathesian Society Record Book (Finding Aid)
MC 406 Snelling, Lois. Collection: William "Coin" Harvey (Finding Aid)
MC 1531 Socialist Party. Documents (Finding Aid)
MC 929 Society of Sigma Xi Records, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Chapter (Finding Aid)
MC 2290 Sons of Confederate Veterans Postcards (Finding Aid)
MC 971 South by Southwest Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 706 Southern Forest Experiment Station, Ozark Branch Collection (Finding Aid)
MS So88 386 Southern Hotel (Fort Smith, Ark.) Guest Register (Finding Aid)
MC 1029 Southern Memorial Association of Washington County, Arkansas Records, 1897-1934 (Finding Aid)
MC 577 Southland College Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1558 Spain, Richard Leon. Papers 1916 - 2004 (Finding Aid)
MS Sp4 Sparks, Mitchell. Family Papers, 1935-1909 (Description)
q MS L58 .Sp34 Spencer, Thomas L. Account Book, 1884-1885 (Description)
MC 799 Spore, Florence Cypert. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1231 Sprague, Samuel Letters (Finding Aid)
MS Sp8 Springdale Arkansas Mayor's Court Record (Finding Aid)
MC 1371 Springdale Business and Professional Women's Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1751 Sprinkle, Robert M. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 2036 St James United Methodist Church Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1467 St. Paul, Arkansas Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 1079a St. Paul's Episcopal Church Records Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 905 Stafford, Glaphyra Wilkerson. Scrapbook, 1917-1926 (Finding Aid)
MC 2059 Stair, Albert P. Diary (Finding Aid)
MC 1487 Stall, James A. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 324 Star, James H. Letter, 1865 (Description)
MC 877 Staton, Edward E. Letters (Finding Aid)
q MS St3 Stebbins, Albert Howard , Jr. (Description)
MC 876 Steele, Frederick. Papers, 1862-1863 (Description)
MC 717 Steele, Marion A. , M.D. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS St5 Steele, Marion Dekalb. Diary and Journal, 1855-1863 (Description)
MC 1354 Stevenson/Boyce Family. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 803 Steward, Glenn. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2237 Stibili, Edward. Pietro Bandini: Missionary, Social Worker, and Colonizer Research Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1233 Stice, James Lincoln. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1125 Still, William Grant and Verna Arvey. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS St54 L187 Still Still, William Grant, Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 1797 Still, William Grant. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1416 Stockley, Harry F. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2417 Stockslager, Farrell "The Railroad in Harrison" Report (Finding Aid)
MC 1785 Stokenbury-Brashears Family Photograph. Albums (Finding Aid)
MC 2143 Stolen Water, Forgotten Liberties Research Materials (Finding Aid)
MS St71/236 Stone and MC 340 Stone, Edward Durell. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS St71 236 (MC 236) Stone, Edward Durell. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1398 Stone, James Hicks. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 974 Stone, M. E. Freight Bill (Finding Aid)
MC 1589 Storey, Frank A., Jr. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2192 Stout Lumber Company Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1516 Strange Scenes in the Ozarks (Finding Aid)
MC 1104 Streepey, George W. Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 1645 Strickler Family. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1210 Strong, Nathan. Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1221 Strong, Nathan. Family Papers. Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1845 Stubblefield , John Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2088 Stuck, Dorothy D. (Finding Aid)
MS M821 Stuckey, Michael Martin, Jr. Papers, 1885-1913 (Description)
MC 763 Student Activities Ticket and Photograph (Finding Aid)
MC 1041 Stuttgart Woman's Club (Finding Aid)
MC 651 Subiaco College Concert Program (Finding Aid)
MS Su5 Sulphur Spring Institute Program, 1857 (Description)
MC 1433 Sulphur Springs Home Demonstration Club Records (Finding Aid)
MS Su6 Sulzer, William. Scrapbook, 1905-1923 (Description)
MC 1857 Summers, Steven. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 1496 Sutherland, Cyrus. Papers. (Finding Aid)
MC 1101a Swartz, Sylvia. Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1680 Swereda, Peter. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 1451 Swift Family Papers, 1876-1976 (Finding Aid)
MC 808 Swift, Lilly Little. Post Card Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 972 Swinnerton, Frank Arthur. Letters to Norah Hoult (Finding Aid)
MS Sw62 Swinnerton, Frank Arthur. Papers, 1899-1964 (Description)
MC 1056 Switzler, William F. Typescripts, 1836-1837 (Finding Aid)
MS Sw74 Swor, W. John. Letters, 1859-1869 (Description)
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MC 2255 Tackett, Donothy K. Photograph Album (Finding Aid)
MC 416 Tappan, Thomas E., Jr. Steamboat Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1710 Taylor, Kerry. Elaine Race Massacre Research Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1815 Taylor, Rupert. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1556 Taylor, William Minor. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Taylor, Zachary. Letter, 1842 (Description)
MC 678 Teachers' Institute Form Letter, 1883 (Finding Aid)
MS T22 Tebbetts, Clinton Hale. Letters, 1891-1907 (Description)
MC 1553 Tebbetts, Jonas M. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1355 TeleVision for Arkansas Videocassette Tapes and Transcripts (Finding Aid)
MC 356 Temple, Latane Correspondence with John Gould Fletcher (Finding Aid)
MC 1404 Templeton, George. Research Files (Finding Aid)
MC 2343 Tenney Family Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 631 Terry, Adolphine Fletcher. Memoirs (Finding Aid)
MC 596 Thatcher, Herbert K. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1285 The Personal Journal of a Clod-Kicking Entomologist by Charles Lincoln (Finding Aid)
MC 1763 Thirteenth Illinois Regiment Diary (Finding Aid)
MS T366 Thomas, Reuben R. "Attorney-General Garland and the Pan-Electric Scandal" Essay (Finding Aid)
MS T362 12 Thomas, David Yancey. Collection, 1901-1938 (Description)
MC 437 Thomas, Herbert L. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 249 Thomas, Herbert L. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1917 Thomas, Maymie. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 1474 Thomas, Roy Edwin Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 465 Thomas, Roy Edwin. (Finding Aid)
MC 2159 Thomas, Ruth Harris. Materials. (Finding Aid)
MC 824 Thomas, Ruth Harris. Papers, 1948-1975 (Finding Aid)
MC 886 Thomsen, Marnelle. Papers, 1922-1973 (Finding Aid)
MS T39 Thornburgh, George A. Scrapbooks, 1875-1923 (Description)
MC 1964 Thornton, Ray. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 180 Three Creek General Store Ledger (Finding Aid)
MC 1457 Tidball, Virginia. Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MS T348 274 Tidball, Virginia. Papers, 1942-1944; 1959 (Description)
MC 994 Tilley, J. C. Mercantile Company Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1317 Tillman, Annie. Report Cards (Finding Aid)
MC 939 Tinney Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1047 Tinney Family Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 2227 Tisdale, Mildred Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 1387 Todd, D. D. and Miller Williams. Collection, 1950-1995 (Finding Aid)
MS T61 Toney, James R. Land Papers (Finding Aid)
MS T649 331 Tovey, Henry Doughty Scrapbooks (Finding Aid)
MC 1652 Tovey, Henry Music Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 616 Towell Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2032 Towers, Marjorie Zeglin. Papers. (Finding Aid)
MC 2334 Town Club Records, The (Finding Aid)
MC 1038 Trapp, E. Philip. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1909 Trapp, George F. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 462 Travel Diary (Finding Aid)
MC 557 Trimble, James W. Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1965 Trulock Family. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1160 Trulock Family. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1224 Tual, Irma Fitch. Scrapbook, 1941-1945 (Finding Aid)
MC 556 Tucker Plantation Records (Finding Aid)
MC 696 Tucker Plantation Records Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1690 Tucker, Jim Guy. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1784 Tulip, Arkansas General Store Ledgers (Finding Aid)
MC 438 Turner, Bolon B. Materials (Finding Aid)
MS T85 Turner, Jesse. Correspondence, 1831-1887 (Description)
MC 1132 Turner, Lewis M. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS T92 Twiford, Ormie Diary (Finding Aid)
MC 817 Tyler, Virginia. Papers, 1946-1987 (Description)
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MS Un4ce 373 U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Little Rock District "All along the Arkansas: The McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System" Materials (Finding Aid)
MS Ar4 7.3 U. S. Army Superintendent of Volunteers Recruiting Service, Little Rock Circular (Finding Aid)
MC 1565 U.S. Civilian Conservation Corps Photographs and Album (Finding Aid)
MC 1902 U.S. Civilian Conservation Corps, Company 1732. Photograph Album (Finding Aid)
MS Unlc 263 CCC (MC 263) U.S. Civilian Conservation Corps. Arkansas. Photographs (Finding Aid)
MS Un3p U.S. Congress House Published Documents (Finding Aid)
MS Un4j 360 WRA U.S. Jerome Relocation Center, Denson, Arkansas Records (Finding Aid)
MS Un4r 452 U.S. War Relocation Authority, Jerome Relocation Center Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1790 U.S.S. Arkansas and Its Silver Service in Historical Context Manuscript (Finding Aid)
MC 1819 Union Baptist Church. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1646 Union National Bank. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 788 Uniontown Christian Church (Finding Aid)
MC 1071 United Daughters of the Confederacy, Mildred Lee Chapter No. 98 (Finding Aid)
MS Un3h United States 15th Congress, 2nd Session, House Legislative Bill (Finding Aid)
MS Ar4 7.4 United States Army. Department of Arkansas, Broadside, 1864 (Description)
MS Ar4 7.2 United States Army. District of Eastern Arkansas. (Description)
B4-174 United States Army. Volunteers Recruiting Services, Little Rock. Broadside, 1864 (Description)
MS W56 United States District Court. Arkansas, Western District. Correspondence, 1872-1901 (Description)
MC 499 United States Farm Security Administration. Photographs of Arkansas, 1935-1939 (Finding Aid)
MS Un3r (MC 184) United States Federal Emergency Relief Administration. Records (Finding Aid)
MS Un3f 286 (MC 286) United States Forest Service. Ozark-St. Francis National Forest. Photographs (Finding Aid)
MS Un3nps 367 (MC 367) United States National Park Service. Hot Springs, Arkansas Bathhouse. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1268 United States Weather Bureau. Daily Weather Map Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1267 United States Weather Bureau. Record of River and Climatological Observations, Arkansas (Finding Aid)
MS Un3 (MC 104) United States Work Projects Administration. Arkansas. Administrative Files (Finding Aid)
MC 1284 United States. Army. Colored Infantry Regiment, 81st, 1865. (Finding Aid)
MS Un1 University Dames Scrapbook, 1945-1951 (Description)
MC 2131 University Heights Neighborhood Association Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1691 University High School. Materials (Finding Aid)
MS Un3 University Infirmary Association Minutes, 1895-1908 (Description)
MC 1693 University of Arkansas 4-H House Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 747 University of Arkansas Accreditation Records (Finding Aid)
MC 510.UA University of Arkansas Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Department Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1979.UA University of Arkansas Alumni Association Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2445.UA University of Arkansas Asian Studies Records (Finding Aid)
MC 338 University of Arkansas Associated Student Government Records (Finding Aid)
MC 532 University of Arkansas Associated Student Government. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1880.UA University of Arkansas Athletic Department, Women's Athletic Director. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 589 University of Arkansas Athletic Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 2002.UA University of Arkansas Bands Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1437 University of Arkansas Baseball Photographs, 1911 (Finding Aid)
MC 2112.UA University of Arkansas Black Alumni Society and Multicultural Center Records (Finding Aid)
MC 14 University of Arkansas Board of Trustees Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1921.UA University of Arkansas Board of Trustees, Branch Normal College Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1995.UA University of Arkansas College of Agriculture Honors Theses (Finding Aid)
MC 2195.UA University of Arkansas College of Agriculture Records (Finding Aid)
MC 158 University of Arkansas College of Arts and Sciences Office of the Dean Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1879.UA University of Arkansas College of Business, Office of the Senior Associate Dean. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 130 University of Arkansas College of Education Faculty. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 163 University of Arkansas College of Education. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1145 University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service Records (Finding Aid)
MC 136 University of Arkansas Coordinator of New Construction. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 168 University of Arkansas Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Records (Finding Aid)
MC 399 University of Arkansas Director of Libraries Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2196.UA University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Records (Finding Aid)
MC 260 University of Arkansas Division of Information Scrapbooks, 1943 (Finding Aid)
MC 496 University of Arkansas Division of Information Services Records (Finding Aid)
MC 752 University of Arkansas Division of Information Services Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1761 University of Arkansas Dormitory Scrapbooks (Finding Aid)
MC 1983 University of Arkansas Geology Club. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2009.UA University of Arkansas Graduate School Records (Finding Aid)
MC 309 University of Arkansas Judo Club. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 84a University of Arkansas Library Director Building Dedication Records (Finding Aid)
MC 82 University of Arkansas Library Floor Plans (Finding Aid)
MC 2281.UA University of Arkansas News Bureau Scrapbooks (Finding Aid)
MC 81 University of Arkansas Office of the Business Manager, University Property Appraisals (Finding Aid)
MC 59 University of Arkansas Office of the President. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2133.UA University of Arkansas Printing Services Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1605.UA University of Arkansas Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1606 University of Arkansas Records (Finding Aid)
MC 745 University of Arkansas Report Card (Finding Aid)
MC 2008.UA University of Arkansas School of Architecture Honors Theses (Finding Aid)
MC 75 University of Arkansas Sociology Department Records (Finding Aid)
MC 265 University of Arkansas Student Army Training Corps Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2028.UA University of Arkansas Teaching and Faculty Support Center Records (Finding Aid)
MC 147 University of Arkansas University Club. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1864.UA University of Arkansas University Relations Records (Finding Aid)
MC 60 University of Arkansas University Senate Commencement Committee. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 31 University of Arkansas University Senate Library Committee (Finding Aid)
MC 85 University of Arkansas University Senate Records (Finding Aid)
MC 211 University of Arkansas Vice President for Academic Affairs Records (Finding Aid)
MC 341 University of Arkansas Vice President for Governmental Relations and Public Affairs Records (Finding Aid)
MC 154 University of Arkansas Vice President for Student Affairs Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1842 University of Arkansas Women Faculty Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1157 University of Arkansas. Campus Photographs, 1907-1911 (Finding Aid)
MC 1403 University of Arkansas. Campus Photographs, 1942 (Finding Aid)
MC 2144 Unti, Oreste V. (Finding Aid)
MC 197 Upchurch Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1548 Upham, D.P. Research Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 420 Upper Eleven Point River Association Records (Finding Aid)
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MC 2011 Van Dixon, Erma Papers. (Finding Aid)
MC 583 Van Hoose Family Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1243 Van Winkle Hotel Register (Finding Aid)
MC 1399 Vancleave Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2364 Vancleave, Fannie Cookbook (Finding Aid)
MC 674 Vandershire, D. Account, 1837-1838 (Finding Aid)
MC 62 Vann, Mary Elizabeth Birnie Coster. Papers, 1853-1869; 1874 (Description)
MS V453 402 Vater, Robert W. Records Pertaining to Proposed Buffalo National River (Finding Aid)
MC 901 Vaughan, Jeanette R. Scrapbook, 1869-1879 (Finding Aid)
MC 1367 Velma and J. O. Powell Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1188 Vernacular Architecture of Arkansas: Photographs by Geoff Winningham (Finding Aid)
MC 1362 Vestal, Frances Snedecor. Scrapbooks (Finding Aid)
MC 961 Vick, Dorris. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 579 Vieg, Elizabeth Lam Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 863 Von Berg, Charles L. Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 1264 Voth, Donald E. Papers (Finding Aid)
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MS L58 Si5 W. M. Simpson Co. Ledger (Finding Aid)
MC 737 Waggener, W. J. Letter, 1909 (Finding Aid)
MC 1337 Waggoner Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 838 Wagner, Constance Tapes (Finding Aid)
MC 838a Wagner, Constance. Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1868 Wair, Thelma Mothershed. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 584 Walker Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 649 Walker, David Receipt (Finding Aid)
MS W15 (MC 584) Walker, David. Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 1802 Walker, George D. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 11 Walker, Sue H. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1196 Walker-Stone House Proposals (Finding Aid)
MC 2399 Wallace Institute Board of Directors Materials (Finding Aid)
MS W18 Wallace, Cecil T. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1760 Wallace, Edward Tatum. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1766 Walls, Joseph Edward. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1127 Walnut Hill Home Demonstration Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2336 Wappel, Anthony Postcard Collection (Finding Aid)
MS W21 Ward, A. M. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 669 Ward, Britten. Estate Records (Finding Aid)
MC 508 Ware, George W., Jr. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 871 Ware, George W., Sr. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1555 Ware, Maximillian. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 720 Warner, Kenneth O. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1229 Warren Musical Coterie Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1752 Warren Quartet. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1042 Warren Woman's Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1042b Warren Women's Club Records Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1042a Warren Women's Club Records Addendum (Finding Aid)
MS W25 Washburn, Cephas. Literary Manuscript, c 1860 (Description)
MC 991 Washington County Anti-Horse Thief Association (Finding Aid)
MC 906 Washington County Extension Homemakers Council Records, 1916-1987 (Finding Aid)
MC 936 Washington County Extension Homemakers Council Records, Addendum A, 1942-1989 (Finding Aid)
MC 1368 Washington County Historical Society Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1483 Washington County Land Grants, 1839-1843 (Finding Aid)
MC 965 Washington County League of Women Voters Records Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1008 Washington County League of Women Voters Records Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 606 Washington County League of Women Voters Records, 1920-1983 (Finding Aid)
MC 570 Washington County Medical Society Records (Finding Aid)
MS W276 305 Washington County, Arkansas Superintendent of Schools Reports (Finding Aid)
MC 1286 Washington Willow Historical District Oral History Collection (Finding Aid)
MS W312 362 Waterman, Julian Seesel Speech Notes (Finding Aid)
MC 774 Waters-Pierce Oil Company Photographs, [1890?] (Finding Aid)
MC 782 Watkins, Lewie A. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1692 Watkins, Norma. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 248 Watkins, V. S. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1739 Watson Family Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 1052 Watson, Damon Marie. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1709 Watson, Sedgwick. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 911 Watts, Clayton. School Notebook (Finding Aid)
MC 1223 Watts, Victor M. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1916 Wayland Family. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1232 Weast, George C. Ledger (Finding Aid)
MC 1232 Weast, George W. Ledger, 1861-1864 (Description)
MS W383 409 Webb, Pamela Letters and Questionnaires (Finding Aid)
MC 2326 Webber, A. A. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1167 Wednesday Club Records (Finding Aid)
q MS W45 Weisenberger, Royce Stewart. Broadsides, 1945 (Description)
MS W44 Welch, William E. Survey Journal (Finding Aid)
MC 1384 Weller, Cecil Edward. Research Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 791 Wells, John F. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 908 West Fork, Arkansas Regular Baptist Church Records (Finding Aid)
MC 555 West, W. W. Company Records, 1915-1968 (Finding Aid)
MC 656 Western Coal and Mining Company Tally Sheets (Finding Aid)
MC 676 Whetstone, Peter. Contract, 1835 (Finding Aid)
MC 459 White House Church of Christ Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1730 White River Presbyterian Church. Minutes (Finding Aid)
MC 933 White Rock Extension Homemakers Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2149 White, Francis B. Chemical Engineering Notebooks. (Finding Aid)
MC 484 White, Julius. Letter, 1868 (Description)
MC 2163 White, Mildred E. Essay (Finding Aid)
MC 522 White, Ray Lewis Collection of J. William Fulbright Newspaper Clippings (Finding Aid)
MC 2298 Whitehead, James. Joiner Typescript (Finding Aid)
MC 1466 Whitescarver, J. C. Letters (Finding Aid)
MS L58 W59 Whitlow and Lake, Druggists Ledger (Finding Aid)
MC 1804 Whittington, Hiram A. and Granville. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1806 Whitworth, Donna Axum. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1839 Williams Family (Madison County). Materials (Finding Aid)
q MS L58 .W67 Williams, David C. Account Books, 1842-1869 (Description)
MC 559 Williams, Elizabeth Bassett. Papers, 1882-1982 (Finding Aid)
MC 1583 Williams, John Edward Interview (Finding Aid)
MC 716 Williams, John Edward. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1015 Williams, John G. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1749 Williams, Nudie. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 778 Williford Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1624 Williford Family. Photographs (Finding Aid)
MS W69 Wilson, Alfred McElroy Papers (Finding Aid)
MS W691 Wilson, Arabella Lanktree. Papers, 1823-1876 (Description)
MC 2252 Wilson, Arkansas, Photograph Collection (Finding Aid)
MS W692 311 Wilson, Charles Morrow. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1547 Wilson, E. [D.?] Civil War Diary, 1863 (Finding Aid)
MS W693 Wilson, Henry Edward (Description)
MC 1289 Wilson, Lee and Company Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1870 Wilson, R. E. L. Plantation Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 457 Wilson, William. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2137 Winningham, Geoff. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2331 Winslow, Thyra Samter Materials (Finding Aid)
MS W73 Winslow, Thyra Samter Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1304 Winters, Winston L. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1464 Wiseman, Earl R., Sr. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 45 Witness Certificates, 1911 (Finding Aid)
MC 685 Woman's Fortnightly Club Minutes, 1907-1909 (Finding Aid)
MC 843 Woman's Book Club of Harrison Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1110 Woman's Club of Malvern Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2296 Women of the Ku Klux Klan Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 2013 Women's Action for New Directions, Arkansas Chapter Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1234 Women's Charity League Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 1333 Women's Civic Club Scrapbooks (Finding Aid)
MC 1180 Women's Library Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 787 Wood Uniontown Photographs (Finding Aid)
q MS D29 Wood, Carroll David. Broadsides and Affidavit, 1903, 1912 (Description)
MC 1426 Wood, H.R. and Katie. Collection (Finding Aid)
MS W85m Wood, John Shirley "Memoirs and Reflections" (Finding Aid)
MC 1244 Wood, Retha Oral History Interview (Finding Aid)
MC 1524 Woodrow, Arley Ray. File (Finding Aid)
MS L34 1840 Woodruff Woodruff, S. P. Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 655 Woodruff, W. E. Campaign Letter (Finding Aid)
MS L34 1851 Woodruff Woodruff, William Edward Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 1386 Woods, Henry. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1386a Woods, Henry. Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1410 Woods, Randall B. Interview Tapes (Finding Aid)
MC 1402 Woods-Hon Scrapbooks (Finding Aid)
MS W88 Woolverton, Cornelius Decalion Documents Pertaining to Student Life, Arkansas Industrial University (Finding Aid)
MS L34 1967 Wooten, Benjamin Harrison Letter (Finding Aid)
MC 1018 World War I Air Combat Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2054 World War I Army Nurse Photograph Album (Finding Aid)
MS W15 (MC 15) World War I Collected Material (Finding Aid)
MC 509 World War II Prisoner of War Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2303 Wright, C.D. Papers (Finding Aid)
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MC 526 Yager, R. F. Letters, 1864 (Description)
MC 949 Yarrington, Charles C. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 617 Yell, Archibald Papers (Finding Aid)
MS Yo88 Young Women's Christian Association, University of Arkansas, Scrapbook, 1916-1939 (Description)
MC 1327 Young, Jr, Paul Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1891 Young, Richard and Judy Dockrey. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 789 Young, Robert A. and Vivian. Papers (Finding Aid)
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MC 2434 Zeisel, Joann Baxter and Sarah Kathalane Baxter McCool Postcard Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 2037 Zimmerman, David. Research Materials (Finding Aid)
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