Collagen binding domains (CBD) fused to novel therapeutic proteins: Expression and isolation of CBD-parathyroid hormone

by Fruchtl, McKinzie S.; Moreland, Hannah; Beitle, Jr, Robert R.; Sakon, Josh; Martin, Ralph E.

Recent interest in the expression of a recombinant protein consisting of collagen binding domains and a parathyroid hormone has increased due to the therapeutic capabilities of the fusion as applied to the repair of eardrum tear / perforation. The prodn. of this construct was investigated by testing both batch and fed batch cultures of Escherichia coli combined with glutathione-S-transferase (GST) affinity chromatog. Different medium formulations were tested in order to develop a defined medium lacking yeast ext. or other difficult to validate materials. GST chromatog. was optimized to provide purified product. Data indicate that high productivity of this novel fusion protein can be achieved by combining this expression and isolation strategy.