Synthesis of Pd-Fe3O4 hybrid nanoparticles with controllable interface for enhanced catalytic activities of CO oxidation

by Chen, Jingyi; Chen, Shutang; Si, Rui; Taylor, Eric C.; Janzen, Jonathan


Palladium is an important catalyst for many industrial processes and chem. reactions. The conjunction of Pd and metal oxide is of particular interests for improving the catalytic performance in heterogeneous catalysis. Here we report the synthesis of Pd-Fe3O4 hybrid nanoparticles with controllable interface and the evaluation of their catalytic activities. The synthesis involves a seed-mediated process in which Pd nanoparticles serve as seeds, followed by the deposition of the Fe3O4 layer in soln. phase. The adhesion of the oxide layer to the metal surface is through the reduced form of Fe. The Fe3O4 layer is evolved from complete- to partial- coverage of the Pd core surface during thermal annealing. This process also accompanies with increased crystallinity of Fe3O4. The resultant partically-Fe3O4-covered Pd nanoparticles shows synergistic enhancement of CO oxidn. activity by both components at low temp., less than 400 K.