Hollow nanocages dispersion and its photothermal properties

by Lisunova, Milana; Norman, Justin; Wei, Xingfei; Jenkins, Samir V.; Chen, Jingyi; Roper, Donald Keith


The bimetallic Au and Ag alloyed nanocages, and Ag and Au core-shell structure, and Au-pitted silver nanocubes had been studied in different surrounding mediums, such as liq. and polymer matrix. The DDA simulation found to be a powerful tool to characterize a colloidal dispersion of the plasmonic nanoparticles. The effect of the medium around the cages on the surface plasmon resonance spectra (SPR) had been suggested based on the DDA simulations. The phothothermal response strongly relies on the optical properties and plasmonic peak position. The highest photothermal response was obsd. at wavelength close to the plasmonic peak. Such senstivitiy could be potentially sufficeint for fabrication photothermal detectors.