A C ^N cycloplatinated(II) fluorido complex: photophysical studies and Csp3-F bond formation.

by Hu, Jiyun; Nikravesh, Mahshid; Shahsavari, Hamid R.; Aghakhanpour, Reza Babadi; Rheingold, Arnold L.; Alshami, Mia; Sakamaki, Yoshie; Beyzavi, M. Hassan


This work reports the synthesis and characterization of a new C ^N-based cycloplatinated(II) fluorido complex [Pt(ppy)(PPh3)F] (2, ppy = 2-phenylpyridinate), involving a Pt-F bond. The new complex is highly luminescent in green area with a high quantum yield of 94.6% at 77 K. A comparison study of the heavier of halogen derivs. reveals a descending emission quantum yield order of F > Cl > Br > I. Time-dependent d. functional theory (TD-DFT) calcns. ascribe the decreased emission efficiency to the decreasing trend of ILCT transition from F to I, which accounts for the major radiative pathway. Besides, 2 is capable of the Csp3-F bond formation of alkyl halides at room temp. [on SciFinder(R)]