Microcavities and micropores for electrochemical analysis.

by Holsten, Nicole D.; Bowen, Benjamin P.; Vandaveer, Walter R.; Henry, Charles Sherman; Fritsch, Ingrid; Lenihan, Timothy G.

Two configurations of multielectrode microsystems are described that are constructed by patterning alternating layers of metal and insulator. This layering technique confines two or more electrodes in a small space so that self-contained electrochem. can be performed in a small vol. (µL to pL). Application of microcavity devices, contg. a copper tubular nanoband electrode to amino acid anal. in alk. solns. is discussed. Conditions were optimized 1st for cyclic voltammetry at vapor-deposited copper macroelectrodes on silicon substrates. The sensitivity at the microcavity electrodes was the same order of magnitude as that for macroelectrodes. Construction and characterization of arrays of micropore devices (~400 pores cm-2) on a flexible substrate are described for the 1st time. The fabrication is much simpler than that of the microcavity devices. Analyses of single and multiple drops of solns. of 5 mM Ru(NH3)63+ and 0.5 M KNO3 suggest possible applications of micropore arrays in electrochem. anal. [on SciFinder(R)]

Proceedings - Electrochemical Society