Magnetohydrodynamic microfluidic systems including modified electrodes and methods of using the same

by Fritsch, Ingrid; Parette, David; Khan, Foysal Z.


A magnetohydrodynamic microfluidic system and a method of pumping a fluid using a magnetohydrodynamic system are disclosed. The method includes applying at least one of an electric current and an electric voltage to a first modified electrode and a second electrode to generate an ionic current between the first modified electrode and the second electrode and to cause a current carrying species to move to or from the modified electrode, applying a magnetic field perpendicular to an ionic current vector, the magnetic field and the ionic current combining to induce flow of the fluid in a direction perpendicular to the magnetic field and the ionic current vector, and maintaining fluid flow by recharging the modified electrode.

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US 20180238830 A1
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