Pt-Au and Pd-Au bimetallic heterostructures using mask assisted seeded growth

by Crane, Cameron Cowgur; Chen, Jingyi


The application of multifunctional nanomaterials to complex problems in biomedicine and alternative energy is tempered by the challenges arising in the design of synthetic approaches to produce segmented surfaces -esp. in the size range of ten nanometers. We expand upon a strategy that utilizes partially masked seed particles, restricting noble metal growth to a single side of the seed particles, to produce asym. segmented nanoparticles. This seeded-growth strategy was demonstrated with silica as a mask, directing the growth of Pt and Pd, yielding segmented Pt-Au, Pd-Au, and Pt-Pd-Au particles. Recent progress has expanded to include non-noble metal components, extending the impact of the mask assisted seeded growth approach.