Electrochemistry using permanent magnets with electrodes embedded therein

by Arumugam, Prabhu U.; Fritsch, Ingrid


Devices and methods of enhancing mass transport proximate a surface of an electrode immersed in a liquid are disclosed. One aspect of the device comprises an electrode embedded in a sintered or bonded magnetic material. The device is contacted with a solvent containing a redox material dissolved therein. An external voltage or current is applied to the electrode which external voltage or current is sufficient to enhance mass transport proximate the surface of the electrode. Magnetic field effects can be effectively applied to the microstirring of fluids in conjunction with microelectrochemical systems in a lab-on-a-chip format. Suitable applications include bioassays, drug discovery, and high throughput screening, and other applications where magnetohydrodynamics can enhance chemical detection and/or reagent mixing which otherwise rely on diffusional processes.

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