Data are everywhere. The University of Arkansas campus has a range of services available to meet student, faculty and researcher needs. From creating a data management plan and finding the right kinds of data for your research to software training and assistance, we're here to help you.

Some researchers create their own data; others rely on data from other sources such as governmental agencies. These guides support the discovery and acquisition of data, statistics and datasets for all levels of need.

Researchers often create and represent their own data. These data need to be managed and organized. This section includes practical guides on file management and storage as well as data management plans and data curation.

Guides, tools, and methods for converting your data into information for decision-making and communicating your results.

With data comes power. It is essential that data is given the same considerations as other research output (i.e. journals, books, CDs). These guides are designed to provide guidance, on citing data, on copyright and licensing, and ethical responsibilities related to data.

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Data Services