Knovel - EndNote

  1. Search for the desired item. Click on item record to view the table of contents for the book.
  2. On the left hand side of the page, underneath the picture of the book/journal in which you're searching, click the Citation button.
  3. A new window appears displaying the citation. Insert the page numbers of the section you viewed in the blank box above the citation, then hit the Export link.
  4. A drop down menu appears; select EndNote.
  5. A new window appears prompting you to find, save, or cancel. Save the file as an RIS (.ris) file.
  6. Login to EndNote Web.
  7. Under Collect, select Import References.
  8. Click Browse to locate and attach the saved text file.
  9. Under Filter, select ProCite RIS.
  10. Select the group where you would like the citation to be placed, then hit Import.

Want to know more about EndNote Citation Manager?