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Description: The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, now a component of Oxford Music Online, is universally acknowledged as the unsurpassed authority on all aspects of music. Along with full text of the printed Grove, Oxford Music Online also includes these additional reference works:
  • The Encyclopedia of Popular Music, 4th Edition
  • New Grove Dictionary of Opera, 2nd edition
  • New Grove Dictionary of Jazz, 2nd edition
  • The Oxford Dictionary of Music, 2nd edition
  • The Oxford Companion to Music, rev. edition

New features of Oxford Music Online include:
  • links to sound recordings in the Classical Music Library database (under the "Related Content" tab)
  • links to the RLIM database (from the top of each article's Bibliography section)
  • more than 500 new audio samples
  • hundreds of illustrations, including portraits, score manuscripts, and more
  • external links to related articles in the Dictionary of National Biography and American National Biography
  • musical timelines
  • topical guides
  • citation tool for generating citations in MLA, APA, and other formats
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