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User Status: You are currently off-campus.
For access, input your UARK username and password when prompted.
Remote access help is also available.
Mobile version available
Dates: Varies
Full-Text: Yes, from out-of-copyright texts
Operators: Connectors: and is assumed; OR; - = not (e.g., mexico -new); + = item must be present (use for stop words, e.g., museum +of art)
Wildcards: not available
Adjacency: place phrases in quotes
Description: A growing collection of records for both recent and long out-of-print titles. Because a search may retrieve results from the full-text of many books, Google Books is most useful in helping you to identify titles of interest in your research. Results may be in one of four formats:
  • Full view: the full text of this title is available to read freely online. These are usually out-of-print titles.
  • Limited Preview: the publisher has provided a limited number of pages for preview only.
  • Snippets: For copyright reasons, the publisher does not allow the full-text view. However, users can see a few lines of context around their hits. This allows one to identify page numbers of potential interest, similar to an index.
  • No eBook Available: only the catalog information is available and no full-text has been scanned.
Users can locate copies of books through the "Find in a Library" link to WorldCat. A number of popular magazines and government documents have also been added to the Google Books service.
Help: About Google Book Search